The Path Of The Air Witch (Part 4)

The Path Of The Air Witch

(Part 4)

Water rules creation, earth rules rebirth, and air rules the cross over a threshold-in other words, the gates of death. The Air Witch has a decidedly dark side and a complex character. Her focus is more on the death side of nature, due to her realm, which includes death, along with sustaining life. You can only survive a few minutes without air, but if you breathe the wrong air, such as poisonous gas, you will die immediately. Air brings disease, death and destruction side by side with life.

The Air Witch is very insightful in the realm of past-life discovery, because time itself belongs to her element as well.

At the same time, air cannot create or re-create life on its own. An Air Witch needs her sister element earth to recycle her winds (through plant life) and water and fire to aid growth. Air Witches may have trouble in the areas relating to menstruation and reproduction. Other potential health problems include spinal conditions or a bad back, asthma, or hearing loss.

Air rules the mental processes and Air Witches often have a few problems in that area. They are frequently nervous, jittery types, prone to panic attacks. In nature, we find crosswinds, tornadoes and hurricanes it seems that wind itself has an insane pattern. The Air Witch is the same. When angered or hurt, she can easily cross the line into the realm of madness. She may entertain notions of revenge, but since she changes her mind constantly, she rarely sees them through. The windy Air Witch is easily depressed and is known to go into a funk over the smallest of things. However, she rarely stays down for long.

The winds are important to the element of air, but they are not the element itself. However, the two are inseparable. The element of air encircles the globe; it is the atmosphere. Every sunrise and sunset takes place in its domain. In this manner we discover how the Air Witch connects to the earthly elements-she incarnates the aura of them, the same way the atmosphere is the aura of the planet. Often, the Air Witch is the catalyst needed to create a change. She is mysterious nd unpredictable.

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“The Elemental Witch”

Author: Tammy Sullivan

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  1. I have no clue what element witch I am. All the elemental witches that I’ve read up on so far, they match me perfectly at some points and horridly at others. I’m a Gemini and the personality part of the air witch is right but my inherent abilities I’ve had since a child is that I am an empath and I dream walk very easily. The empath thing goes so much deeper than I’d like though because even though I’ve hardly ever seen spirits, I can feel them. So strongly that I can double over in pain because my heart and my solar plexus feel so much emptiness and hurt. No particular element has matched up to me so far and without an element to kind of ground me I really have no clue where to start being able to control my gifts. I’m 17 and my mom and her mom and farther up the line the women have all been empaths too. My mom can dream walk at will and my grandma has an inner knowledge on who needs help and when. I myself am deeply connected to everyone I meet and I find myself getting told life stories and bringing a lot of people back from the brink of suicide. Specifically many people who self harm or are suicidal come into my life in a very big way and then once they are in a clearer state if mind I never hear from them again? I have no clue where to start or what I am and so I need help. If you don’t mind of course…


    1. It is a misconception that witches are drawn to certain Elements because of their birth signs. I am a Pisces. My affiliation should be the Water Element but it isn’t. My Element is Fire. I believe you need to start again by studying the Elements. This time listen to each one of them, see which one calls to you and you find an attraction too. You can also tell which Element you are attracted to by the type of spells and rituals you cast.

      I went back and re-read your comment. I believe I have found your element for you. You mentioned “so far and without an element to kind of ground me,” did you catch that as you wrote it? Ground, the Earth. All witches go to the Earth for healing, as far myself, I use the Earth to ground. Perhaps you already have your Element and didn’t even realize it. Since you are familiar with the Earth, why not try working with it for a bit and see how it goes. Let me know what kind of progress you have.
      Lady A

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  2. I absolutely loved this article. Ive always felt a connection to nature my entire life, and I’ve known I was a witch since I was a small child as strange as that may sound because none of my family are. I used to walk through the forest behind my home and hear whispers on the wind; spirits of nature calling out to me. One time I came across a half eaten dead rabbit, I said a few words thanking it for being a part of this world and the circle of life. Then as I walked on I heard whispersnon the breeze calling me in a certain direction deeper into the woods and then the whispers just stopped so i stopped and when I did I heard these little squeaks and not two feet from me were 4 baby rabbits all huddled together and I just knew these were the young of the dead rabbit I had just seen and I was meant to find them.They weren’t newborn, but at least a 2 or 3 months old. I took them out, brought them closer to my house, dug a deep burrow and covered it with a plastic box with holes cut in it. I cared for them for months and even after they left the brrow on their own they would still come up to me and snuggle on my lap. Eventually they never went back to the burrow but for years I saw them every once in awhile around my house. I really practicing and studying up on the craft when I was around 11 years old, but when my mother found out she and my Aunt made me destroy all of my books, candles, etc. and threatened to disown me, send me away to live with my grandmother, or have me institutionalized, and of course they said, “You’ve invited Satan into your soul, our home, and youre no longer a virgin because the devil has been in your bed and taken your purity. She put so much fear in me that it wasn’t until 9 months ago (18 years later) that I started practicing and studying again. For years I had this emptiness inside and I finally could not ignore the pull of the craft. It’s always held onto me and for years and my body and soul has craved for its touch. Anyway, I’ve had trouble finding my path. I’m definitely not a wiccan. I dont like the idea of an electric witch because I feel you’re just picking and choosing what you like from different paths and its like a child picking what they want and don’t want to eat on their dinner plate. There’s always going to be things in every path that a practitioner isnt going to like, but you cant just say well I dont believe in that part because I don’t like it. …its there for a reason. I prefer the traditional and old ways that date back thousands of years, but I’m struggling with finding enough knowledge about those practices. Then I read this article and I feel like a whole new world has been opened up to me. I’m a Gemini, which is an air sign and even though the article said your Elemental sign doesn’t have to match up with what kind of Elemental witch you are mine matches up perfectly. Every word every description everything said about an elemental air witch describes me completely. From personality traits to the belifs, to the way I live my life, to kind of magic I do and want to do is right on the money. I have never felt ao connected to a path as I do right now. I still consider myself to be a traditional witch, but I can also be an Air Witch as well. The elements are a major part of any path wether it be wiccan, electric, traditional, or any other. This article has opened an entirely new door for me at a time when I needed it the most. Ive been feeling stuck and confused for a couple months now because its so hard to find knowledge on the old ways. I have no one to mentor me and there is only one group thats meets once a month where I live, but its really just a group of witches that go to a diner and chat. The more exclusive groups you have to know someone to get invited, but thats not possible for me. So right now I’m completely solitary and trying to make my way through this path without anyone guiding me other than three spirits I’ve bonded with. Anyway, I’m sorry about the length but this article was just what I needed. I meditated last night seeking knowledge from the spirits that would open me up to the universe, increase my understanding as a witch, and I know this article was the answer to that meditation with the spirits. I believe I am and will continue to grow to be a powerful Air Witch. Or here’s a new term “Traditional Witch of the Air”. How does that sound? Thank you again doe posting this article. Any time I’m doubting myself or my abilities something always happens that takes away my doubts and fear. Do you know of any books that are on this topic?


    1. If you will notice on the front page of the site, down on the left hand side. There is a book featured there that contains all the Elemental Witches, Fire Witches, Water Witches, Earth Witches, and Air Witches. It is currently available on sale on Amazon. You can either have the book downloaded to your Kindle device or you can purchase a hard copy of it. The book on the front page is directly linked to where it is being sold. So if you are interested, just click it and you will have your book. It is an excellent book and the author explains everything very thoroughly.

      Your story is a fascinating one to say the least. I practice the Ways of the Old, a Celtic Practitioner, a Solitary and an Eclectic. Never thought about what you said about Eclectic witches. It was just part of my up-bringing. Oh, I forgot to mention, I am a Hereditary also. All the witches I knew walked a particular path but they always kept the Eclectic part open as an option. But my understand of Eclectic and yours differ. I was taught that you take the best from each Path/Religion and use it to fit your needs. I was never taught just to remove something because I didn’t like it. I think being an Eclectic you pull the best from another Path and just enhance it. I do on occasions pull from other Traditions but very rarely. I try my best to stick to my Celtic path. It is full of ancient knowledge. Since it has been around from the very beginning, I feel it is truly the Ancient Ways and see no need to change a thing about it.

      Solitary path is not an easy path to walk. The Goddess or the Divine will assist you in your journey. Just follow your heart and keep your mind open. She will reveal things to you at your own pace. If you need any help, just give me a holler.
      Welcome home, dear sister,
      Lady A


  3. Excuse me, but it appears to me that you actually took this word for word from a book I’ve read?


    1. I don’t know where the article came. I moved it over from our old MSN group. The article had no book or author listed. If you know the name of the book and the author, please let me know. We always give credit where credit is do. It is hard to do if the author and book are not listed.

      Thank you for calling this to my attention. As jut as soon as you let know the information, I will post it on the article.
      Lady A


    2. As I mentioned earlier Skye, I moved the article over from our old site on YUKU. When we were on YUKU, there were five, yes five, different people contributing to the site daily. I do not know who posted this to the site nor when I transferred it, did it have any credits to it. I am moving the information as it is on that site. Now if the person who posted the article did not give proper credit, then I apologize for that. I will ask you again, what is the name of the book and the author? Give me this information and I will give credit where credit is due. As you can see in all my postings, I always give credit to the source. I use a lot of sites on a daily basis and I am grateful for them letting me do so. So there is no reason, I would not give credit from this book or its author if you would simply supply it.
      Thank you,
      Lady of the Abyss


      1. Thank you for setting the record straight, Raven. Like I said it was moved over from our old YUKU site and things do get lost in moving (that’s for sure). I appreciate you letting me know the book. I will give credit to the post this afternoon. Thank you again!
        Lady A


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