The Path Of The Air Witch (Part 2)

The Path Of The Air Witch

(Part 2)

If you are friends with an Air Witch, prepare to be inspired. She wants her friends and loved ones to achieve their desired level of success just as badly as they do. The Air Witch gives herself to her friends selflessly. However, once betrayed, she will never trust that person again. The Air Witch is all about movement and she refuses to get caught in other people’s hand-ups. She is not one to give second chances. Because of her willingness to please, and the fact that she strives to make all things just, she may actually say that she will grant someone a second chance and then try to, but rarely can she do it in her heart. Once trust is gone for her, it is gone. She moves on.

The Air Witch is optimistic and energetic. She always starts off strong, even if her efforts dwindle later. It is the same in all areas of her life. Her first magick is the strongest, and she usually instinctually knows her element instantly. The only part of her life where this factor does not enter into the equation is in the case of first love. Once a relationship is over for her, it is over. The Air Witch does not live in the past, but in the present. The love she has now is the only one that matters.

The Air Witch can maintain her stamina to complete a project if she perceives it to be a challenge. Telling an Air Witch that she can’t do something is a sure way to see to it that she does. However, if she guesses that she is being manipulated in this fashion, she will erupt into a tantrum. She despises manipulative games and tends to see through them quickly, due to her own manipulative nature.

Because the air blankets the Earth and water, the Air Witch frequently has a large ego. She sees herself as above others and counts on her sister elements  to keep this ego in check. A key lesson for the windy ones is learning that they are not the only creatures that count. However, this position also grants the Air Witch the ability to see all sides of a situation. She is very just.

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