Witchcraft 101: Directed Imagination

Directed imagination you ask? Yes, a Witch without imagination is like a car without gasoline. It takes imagination to make Magick! And this is the point of lesson three!

Let’s define imagination first:

This is the dictionary definition of imagination:

  • The formation of a mental image of something that is neither perceived as real nor present to the senses.
  • The mental image so formed.
  • The ability or tendency to form such images.
  • The ability to confront and deal with reality by using the creative power of the mind; resourcefulness: handled the problems with great imagination. A traditional or widely held belief or opinion.

Archaic definitions.

  • An unrealistic idea or notion; a fancy.
  • A plan or scheme.

AJ’s definition

Since I write these articles, creative license rules supreme! I define imagination as the power of the mind to concieve ideas and plans from the formless world and to give birth to these ideas in our world of form. The process by which imagination takes shape is mysterious and not well understood, but is dominated by the subconcious and is a potent and useful force for good and change in the world.

On to the lesson!

WitchCraft is the study of forces and movement of energy. In this third moon, we are looking at the means of Magick, what it takes inside of your inner being to bring it to the surface, and how to direct this energy.

As we mentioned in earlier lessons, spells are virtually powerless containers that only serve to contain the forces being directed by the Witch. A spell is like a beaker that brings life giving fluid to the lips of a parched throat. Without the container, the life-giving water cannot be delivered to the parched throat of the drinker, and without the water, the container is just another object in the universe, without true purpose or use, until intent and imagination combine to make the water and the beaker become more than the sum of their parts.

Thus, we find that Magick spells are exciting and actually fun because of the “water” aspect. Spells use the imagination of the Witch. Like water, imagination flows, it is deep, it contains mystery, and no one can quite say where it comes from, where it goes, or can truly contain it for very long.

Imagination can be channeled like water in a river. It can be focused, directed, and refined to laser-like intensity, cutting problems to shreds with it’s sheer force. Combined with the structure of the spell to direct it, the two components become Magick!

Lesson two saw you perform a spell, but I left out a key ingredient!

Before you performed the spell, I ask you this simple question; How did you prepare yourself emotionally, physically, and spiritually before you did the working?

Answer this honestly. You’ll need to go back in your mind, or look at your book of shadows to find out the answers to this question. When you feel you’ve reached that answer, spend time to record the answer to this question in your BOS.

I’ll use my own preparations for Magick as a potential guide to you. Mind you, many people do this differently, but after 14 years of Magickal practice, I tend to use a very tried and true procedure that evolved from my own workings and learning around very experienced teachers. All I know, is that it works for me, and if you see fit to alter it to your special circumstances, go for it. The trick is to use your own sensibilities and comfort levels as the guide to getting your mindset right!



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