Talking Trees Divination (Blood/Harvest Moon)

Talking Trees Divination

(Blood/Harvest Moon)

At the sacred grove of Dodona dedicated to the great god Zeus, ancient Greeks would practice a form of wind scrying. This technique involves listening to the voice of wind as it moves through the branches of the trees. The wind talks in a language that is all its own, and in order to understand it, you have to listen carefully and become One with the spirit of Wind. When you do this, you will begin to understand what the wind is saying to you.

To perform this divination, you’ll need a quiet place where you can hear the wind moving through the trees. First write down in our journal the question or problem you want to talk about tonight with the wind.

At dusk, go outside and find a quiet place among the trees. If you can’t hear the wind, hang wind chimes or other things from the branches so you can hear it. (Or you may need to go out just after 2:00 a.m. when the wind picks up just before dawn.) 

Call to the wind three times:

Divine spirits and elemental beings
Come let your voices sing.

Repeat your question or problem aloud three times so the wind can hear it. Now, sit down and begin merging with the sound of the wind. Become One with the Air element and as you do, understand the language of the wind. Listen as it speaks to your spirit, telling you the answer to your problems. Write down the messages you receive from the wind.

Saucer Meditation (Blood/Harvest Moon)

Saucer Meditation

(Blood/Harvest Moon)

Before you go to sleep, turn on some soft meditative music. Lie back and begin breathing rhythmically by inhaling and counting to three and exhaling and counting to three. Each time you take a deep breath, imagine your lungs filling with the energizing white light of the stars and moon. As you exhale, sense all of the stress and tension in your body being cast out with your breath. A wave of tranquil bliss envelopes you being, sending it into a state of relaxed awareness. At the same time that you are becoming more relaxed, you are becoming more aware of your senses. Your mind is aware of all things at all times.

In your mind’s eye, imagine traveling on a saucer-shaped ship. Before you there is a giant portal and through it you view the many approaching stars. Sirius, Orion’s Belt, and the stars of Big Dipper fly across the portal as you watch with relaxed awareness. A large bluish-green planet comes into view. Its image grows lager on the screen as your flying saucer gets closer, and closer, and closer to it.

You watch as an alien world fills the screen with images that seem foreign but familiar. Alien beings with aqua-colored skin and right golden hair float lightly on emerald-green waves. They smile at you with smiles that send a warm glow through your entire being. You sense a Oneness with them that moves beyond physical barriers and mental limitations. They are your alien friends who you can visit anytime you want in meditation and dream. As you drift to sleep, imagine exploring the universe and all the magickal beings within it.

Puzzle Play Sex Magick (Blood/Harvest Moon)

Puzzle Play Sex Magick

(Blood Moon) 

You will need a puzzle with a maximum of twenty pieces, your favorite scented oil, two pens, and two sheets of paper.

Anoint the edges of the puzzle box with a bit of the oil, too. Hold the puzzle box in your hands, and say:

These pieces join us together as one

Ayea! So be it! Blessed Be!

Next, number the sheets of paper with as many numbers as you have puzzle pieces. Write down the love treat you would like from your partner when you match the puzzle pieces after each number. Have your partner do the same on his or her sheet of paper. For example, list a five-minute foot massage, a three-minute kiss, and a strip tease dance. You can take it from here! Next , spread out all the puzzle pieces, mix them up and begin. Whoever finds the first puzzle match wins his or her love treat. Whoever finds the second puzzle match wins his or her second love treat, and so on and so on. The biggest challenge is to actually finish putting the puzzle together before you join together in passionate love. Direct your sexual energies toward a shared dream or magickal goal.

Opening The Ancestral Doorway (Blood/Harvest Moon)

Opening The Ancestral Doorway

(Blood Moon) 

The dark and new phase of the Blood Moon offers you a perfect opportunity to get in touch with the power and wisdom of your ancestors. This is another of those times when the doorway between worlds becomes momentarily opened. The Old English world “blod” stems from the root meaning “bloom” defined as “flourishing” or “vigorous.” With regards to genetic memory, your blood, specifically the DNA in your blood, is like a mega filing system for ancestral wisdom and power. In this spell you are contacting the spirit of one of your ancestors. It works best if your pick a particular ancestor, but if you don’t know one, you can call on your ancestors as a whole.


You will need a blue candle, three drops of amber-scented oil, and frankincense incense.

At midnight, draw a magick circle and call in the elements. Rubs the candle with the three drops of amber-scented oil and place it in its holder on your altar. Anoint yourself with the oil. Wipe any remaining oil from your hands. Light the blue candle while inviting in the energies of your ancestors.


By the power of the divine Mother and Father

Grace this circle with the power and wisdom of my ancestors.


Light the incense and let the smoke fill each of the elemental gates as you move around the circle from north, to east, to south, and to west. Call to each of the elements:

Let the elemental doorway be opened

So that I may connect with the spirits of my ancestors.


Stand in the middle of the circle with your athame in your right hand and magick wand in your left. Raise both your arms and sense the power and wisdom of your ancestors entering into your body through your magickal tools, into your hands, down your arms, and into your conscious awareness. Merge with this energy and become One with it.

Thank your ancestral spirits, bid farewell to the elements and pull up the circle. Remember that the spirits of your ancestors are there whenever you need them. All you have to do is call to them.

White Light Meditation (Blood/Harvest Moon)

White Light Meditation

(Blood/Harvest Moon)

Before you go to sleep, turn on soft instrumental music. Lie back and get comfortable. Slowly inhale, filling your insides with air. Hold your breath momentarily before exhaling until all the air has left your lungs. Do several more deep breaths, each time becoming more relaxed and aware of your inner sensations.


Let your mind move like a spotlight searching out any negative energy that you may be harboring from the day. Gather up all these troubled feelings and move them downward into your legs and feet. With your mind, open up the drain at the tips of your big toes, and begin letting all those negative feelings drain out of you.


Now plug up the hold in your feet and open a larger hole located on the top of your head. Steams of white light pour into the crown of your head and begin pouring down into your throat and heart areas. Soon your entire body is filled with this white light that can transform into anything you need from courage to love. As you drift to sleep, imagine being filled with this white light.

Elemental Shape-Shifting (Blood/Harvest Moon)

Elemental Shape-Shifting

(Blood Moon) 

In this spell, you will use the different elements to help you shift shapes into different animals and magickal beings.

You will need a clear quartz crystal, cedar incense, a green candle and a chalice of water. Begin by staring deep within the crystal. Merge (become one) with it and say:

Elemental powers of earth

Transform and shift within me

So Mote It Be!


Light the incense, and merge with the smoke as it glides lightly through the air, while you say:

Elemental powers of air

Transform and shift within me

So Mote It Be!


Light the candle and merge into the flame as you say:

Elemental powers of fire

Transform and shift within me

So Mote It Be!


Stare deep within the chalice of water. Merge with it and say:

Elemental powers of water

Transform and shift within me

So Mote It Be!


Lie back and meditate as the power of the elements shifts you into different animals. You become a bear emerging from its cave, a bird spreading its wings on the wind, a dragon breathing fire out of its nostrils, and a water sprite frolicking in the mist of a waterfall.

Sweet Dreams Sex Magick (Blood/Harvest Moon)

Sweet Dreams Sex Magick 

When you are deeply and passionately in love, it seems you are always thinking about the one you love. Your mind just keeps wandering back to your beloved, back to the way you feel when you look him or her in the eyes, when you embrace, and the shivers you get when you kiss, and the explosive power of your love making. Just before you go to bed with your lover, look him or her in the eyes, and say:
With your love, so many dreams become reality
All I desire is to be your special friend
All I dream is to be your passionate lover.
Sweet dreams become reality.
Blessed Be!
Make passionate love. As you drift to sleep, repeat to yourself:
Sweet dreams become reality.
Blessed be!

Blood/Harvest Moon Ritual Mist

Blood/Harvest Moon Ritual Mist

Use this mist to fill you with the vitality of the Goddess.
You will need one cup of distilled water, three drops of lavender essential oil, one drop of rose essential oil, one drop of chamomile essential oil, and a white candle. Mix all the ingredients together in a spray bottle. As you shake the bottle, chant:
Great Goddess of eternal life
Invigorate this liquid with your divine light.
Light the candle and place the bottle of mist in front of the candle so that the light shines through it. Stare deep into the liquid and merge with it. Energize the mist with the vitality and divine life force of the bright Goddess. Close your eyes and spray the mist over your face. As your spray it on yourself, sense the light of the Goddess glowing within you and all around you.