White Light Meditation (Blood/Harvest Moon)

White Light Meditation

(Blood/Harvest Moon)

Before you go to sleep, turn on soft instrumental music. Lie back and get comfortable. Slowly inhale, filling your insides with air. Hold your breath momentarily before exhaling until all the air has left your lungs. Do several more deep breaths, each time becoming more relaxed and aware of your inner sensations.


Let your mind move like a spotlight searching out any negative energy that you may be harboring from the day. Gather up all these troubled feelings and move them downward into your legs and feet. With your mind, open up the drain at the tips of your big toes, and begin letting all those negative feelings drain out of you.


Now plug up the hold in your feet and open a larger hole located on the top of your head. Steams of white light pour into the crown of your head and begin pouring down into your throat and heart areas. Soon your entire body is filled with this white light that can transform into anything you need from courage to love. As you drift to sleep, imagine being filled with this white light.


Elemental Shape-Shifting (Blood/Harvest Moon)

Elemental Shape-Shifting

(Blood Moon) 

In this spell, you will use the different elements to help you shift shapes into different animals and magickal beings.

You will need a clear quartz crystal, cedar incense, a green candle and a chalice of water. Begin by staring deep within the crystal. Merge (become one) with it and say:

Elemental powers of earth

Transform and shift within me

So Mote It Be!


Light the incense, and merge with the smoke as it glides lightly through the air, while you say:

Elemental powers of air

Transform and shift within me

So Mote It Be!


Light the candle and merge into the flame as you say:

Elemental powers of fire

Transform and shift within me

So Mote It Be!


Stare deep within the chalice of water. Merge with it and say:

Elemental powers of water

Transform and shift within me

So Mote It Be!


Lie back and meditate as the power of the elements shifts you into different animals. You become a bear emerging from its cave, a bird spreading its wings on the wind, a dragon breathing fire out of its nostrils, and a water sprite frolicking in the mist of a waterfall.

Sweet Dreams Sex Magick (Blood/Harvest Moon)

Sweet Dreams Sex Magick 

When you are deeply and passionately in love, it seems you are always thinking about the one you love. Your mind just keeps wandering back to your beloved, back to the way you feel when you look him or her in the eyes, when you embrace, and the shivers you get when you kiss, and the explosive power of your love making. Just before you go to bed with your lover, look him or her in the eyes, and say:
With your love, so many dreams become reality
All I desire is to be your special friend
All I dream is to be your passionate lover.
Sweet dreams become reality.
Blessed Be!
Make passionate love. As you drift to sleep, repeat to yourself:
Sweet dreams become reality.
Blessed be!

Blood/Harvest Moon Ritual Mist

Blood/Harvest Moon Ritual Mist

Use this mist to fill you with the vitality of the Goddess.
You will need one cup of distilled water, three drops of lavender essential oil, one drop of rose essential oil, one drop of chamomile essential oil, and a white candle. Mix all the ingredients together in a spray bottle. As you shake the bottle, chant:
Great Goddess of eternal life
Invigorate this liquid with your divine light.
Light the candle and place the bottle of mist in front of the candle so that the light shines through it. Stare deep into the liquid and merge with it. Energize the mist with the vitality and divine life force of the bright Goddess. Close your eyes and spray the mist over your face. As your spray it on yourself, sense the light of the Goddess glowing within you and all around you.

Blood/Harvest Moon Dream Bath

Blood/Harvest Moon Dream Bath

Take this bath to magickally cleanse and purify your body.
You will need three tablespoons of sea salt, three tablespoons of baking soda, three drops of lavender oil, and three drops of rosemary oil.
Fill the bathtub with warm water. As you add the sea salt to the bath, say:
“With this salt from the sea
I banish all negativity.”
Add the baking soda and say:
“This soda cleanses all energy
That has in any way attached to my body.”
Add the three drops of lavender oil and three drops of rosemary oil while saying:
“Sweet oils of the giving Goddess
Fill this bath with your divine goodness.”
Take your hand and mix the salt, soda, and oil into the bath water. Lie back in the tub and sense the healing effects of the salt and soda as it neutralizes any acid on your skin while cleansing your body of any built up energy. Let the effect of the oil recharge your being and refresh you with a feeling that is divine.

Renewal Prayer (Blood/Harvest Moon)

Renewal Prayer

(Blood/Harvest Moon)
For better health and renewed energy, say this prayer before you go to sleep tonight:
Bright Goddess of the mysterious night
With your cape of moon and starlight
Please grant me good health and renewed life
Thank you Lady for your divine energy
I pray my life is always loving and healthy
Here and now, and eternally
In the name of the Goddess, blessed be!

Mari-Morgan (Blood/Harvest Moon)


(Blood/Harvest Moon)


The Mari-Morgans were water faeries known for playing the harp beautifully and riding white, seafoam horses. They travel from their sea palaces on a crystal bridge, and have been known to protect sailors and save shipwreck victims. In this spell, you are calling upon their energy to use the water element to protect your personal space from the dark energies that come out at this time of year.

You will need a white candle, a bell, and a chalice full of water.

Draw a magick circle and call in the elements. Light the white candle and say:

With this flame I bring in the light of Goddess

To shine like a beacon through the darkness.


Beginning in the north point, stand with the bell and chalice of water. Sprinkle several drops of water and say:

Mari-Morgan, Lovely Lady of the sea

Please protect this space for eternity.


Ring the bell three times, and then go to the east, south and west points repeating everything you did for the north.

After you have finished casting the spell, thank the Mari-Morgans for their help and bid farewell to the elements. Pull up the circle, but let the candle burn safely down.

Blood (Harvest) Moon Ritual

Blood Moon Ritual



The Blood Moon is the last of the harvest moons, and the one closest to Samhain, the time when the veil between this world and the Otherworld is the thinnest. Also known as “moon of the changing season” and “failing leaf moon” the Blood Moon represents the death of one cycle and the birth of a new cycle. Blood is the life force that flows through your physical body. The Blood Moon ritual gives you the opportunity to give thanks and celebrate this life force.


For this ritual, you will need a white candle, a red candle, a red apple, a chalice full of cranberry juice, and three daffodil bulbs.

Draw a magick circle and call in the elements. Light the white candle and say:

I light this candle for eternal light.


Light the red candle and say:

I light this candle for eternal life.


Give thanks to the Goddess before eating the apple:

Divine Lady, I thank you for your gift of life.


Place any seeds from the apple on the altar. Take the chalice of juice and go to each of the four directions while calling out:

Oh great and mighty one, ruler of eternal life

Our blood runs together as One on this sacred night.


Thank the Goddess and bid farewell to the elements. Pull up the circle and in the morning, take the three daffodil bulbs and plant them into the ground. They represent the eternal life of the divine Goddess being renewed for the next year. Return the apple seeds to the earth.

Hecate: Goddess of the Witches, Our Dark Mother

Hecate: Goddess of the Witches, Our Dark Mother
By: Granny Moon, HPS, Order of the White Moon
Kindly old Grandmother, The Crone, a woman of wisdom, Our Dark Mother, she of many names and guises. Goddess of the Crossroads, Queen of the Witches, the Dark Goddess, The TripleGoddess. The protectress of the flocks and the sailors, she is invoked as the bestower of wealth and favor. These are but a few of the names by which she is known. She has been with us from the beginning.
Hecate is the oldest Greek tri-form Goddess. She is at the same time the three-phased Moon, and, in particular, it’s dark phase. She is the Dark Mother, or Crone aspect and a major deity of the Dianic tradition. In the Greek pantheon, Hecate Tri-form is known as Artemis, Persephone and Hecate. Hecate is sometimes seen as the third aspect of the Trinity Persephone/Demeter/ Hecate for it is Hecate who leads Demeter to her daughter. She is a “dark” Goddess, associated with magic and the night. She is often portrayed with 3 heads or with a 3 headed dog. She was worshipped mostly at crossroads where offerings were left for her – these offerings were known sometimes as “Hecate’s Suppers” – and were left there late at night on the eve of the Full Moon. The person leaving the food walked away without looking back, for fear of confronting the Goddess face to face. This was a way of honoring the threefold Goddess where one could look three ways at once. Other offerings included honey, dogs, black ewes and sometimes even humans. Some say she is not originally Greek, she has been classified as Thracian or as a Titan. She may also be linked to the Egyptian Goddess Heket.
She is a Goddess of the Moon, of the Underworld, and of Magick. She is also considered the protectress of flocks, sailors and of course, witches. Hecate is the protectress of far-away places, roads, and byways. She is considered the Goddess of The Crossroads. Statues of her stood at crossroads where travelers were faced with three choices. In latter-day paganism, Hecterions (a form of pillar) depict the Goddess with six arms, three torches and three sacred symbols: A Key, A Rope and A Dagger. With the Key to the underworld, Hecate unlocks the secrets of the occult mysteries and knowledge of afterlife. The Rope symbolizes the umbilical cord of rebirth and renewal and the Dagger or Athame is a symbol of ritual power.
Hecate belongs to the class of torch bearing deities, and carries a burning torch in accordance with the belief that she is the nocturnal Goddess of The Moon. A huntress, she knows her way into the realm of spirits. She is depicted wearing a gleaming headdress of stars. All the secret powers of nature are at her command. She has control over birth, life, and death. Her work includes the world of the dead (just a resting place of the dead), of the night and of the darkness. She is the Mistress of all the Witchcraft and Black Arts.
On her walks at night, Hecate has many accomplices. Her two black, ghostly dogs who have been sacrificed to her, (her priestesses Circe and Medea) are sometimes referred to as being her daughters. At night during the Dark Moon, the Goddess can be seen walking the roads ofGreece with her howling dogs and torches. The black howling dogs at night mean that Hecate is approaching. She and her dogs journey over the graves of the dead to search for souls of the departed and then carry them to refuge in the Underworld. She also haunts scenes of crimes as a Goddess of Expiation and Purification. She can be called on during the Dark of the Moon to banish or render justice.
The women who worshipped her often stained their palms and soles of their feet with henna. An adaptation of this ritual is held on Halloween or Hallowmas held on October 31, to honor Hecate at a time when the veil between the Worlds is the thinnest. In private worship her followers prepare and partake of Hecate’s suppers and the leftovers are to be placed outdoors as offerings to her and her hounds.
Wishing you health, wealth and the magick of the Season!
About The Author: GrannyMoon is a High Priestess and Charter Council Member of The Order of the White Moon. Former staff member and student of the Esoteric Theological Seminary, attended LDS Seminary and is an ordained Metaphysical Interfaith minister with doctoral degrees in Theology and Divinity. Doula, Reiki Master and Lifetime Member of Herbal Healer Academy, Inc. Founder of Sisters of the Burning Branch, dedicated to the Feminine Divine and is currently taking students.

Personal Ritual for the Waxing Moon this Samhain

Personal Ritual for the Waxing Moon this Samhain
(special note: if there are allergies or you wish to change your correspondences- please follow your instincts and do so)
Gather: Mini- Cauldron, spoon, small bottle with tight lid,
Incense [ that invokes a feeling of wisdom within you..your choice!
Red wine, pepper, honey, mint,
one white candle [Goddess energy]
one yellow candle [knowledge, wisdom]
Set up the altar & set other items aside, but within the space.
Begin by purifying yourself with the rose incense.
Create a sacred space or circle utilizing the incense; also focus creating the circle out of love and trust to invoke wisdom and transformation.
“Ceridwen’s cauldron holds many mysteries. What is the mystery of me? What are some of my correspondences?” ßLight white candle
“Cerridwen, I call to Theeßlight yellow candle
“Let this cauldron hold the elixir of me.”
“Red wine to represent my Earthiness and Intellect”ß pour a bit of wine into the cauldron
“Pepper to represent my Zest and boldness”ß put in a pinch of pepper
“Honey to represent my Natural sweetness and clarity of thought”ß put in a few drops of honey
“Mint to represent my Freshness and spontaneity”ßsprinkle in a bit of mint
“I stir this cauldron three times round” ß stir clockwise 3x’s
“Wisdom, Beauty, and Strength to me are bound.”
“Cerridwen, I know that I am the cauldron.
For that which I sought inside myself, I have found.” ßTake a 3 drops of the elixir and place on your tongue.
“I hold the essence, the knowledge of myself,” ßPour rest of elixir into the bottle
“I take it with me wherever I may go”ß put lid on bottle
“Thank you Goddess for your blessings- Hail and farewell!”
Ground, Center, and open circle.
**bottle of elixir may be opened and poured as a libation.
Saying “To the Goddess that I am; for I am an aspect of the Goddess Cerridwen.”
About the Author: Nessa CrescentMoon is an initiate of the WMS, a mother of three and a wife; she also works full time, volunteers year round, and honors the Goddess in her daily life.