What is Smudge?

Smudge sticks are tied dried bundle of herbs that are lit at one end. The ensuing smoke is then directed towards whatever is to be empowered, cleansed or released into the cosmos. Large dried leaves can also be burned without charcoal in its abalone shell with holes in the base or in a flat clay dish.

Smudge stick do not burn for as long as herbs on charcoal, but this can be ideal for a shorter spell. Strictly, incense contains resin and is usually burned on charcoal. In practice the overlap between incense and smudge is considerable and incense can be cast on fires and some pure smudging herbs do need charcoal to burn.

The following herbs are good for smudging, whether you buy the sticks or leaves ready prepared or make your own sticks or leaf mix. Evergreen trees and bushy herbs are popularly used; rosebuds and lavender can be added to the center of it smudge stick, but generally smudge is not floral.