Alban Elfed

“the air is different today
the wind sings with a new tone
sighing of changes
the harvest gathered
a flower, a nut
some mead, and bread
a candle and a prayer
returning the fruits
in thanksgiving
to the grove
and receiving
it’s blessing
– Rhawk, Alban Elfed

Happy Mabon To Everyone That Is Celebrating Today!

Happy Mabon To Everyone! I could say “Happy Mabon September 21st to September 23!” Before we get into my thinking I must apologize for running so late. You see, I am an old-school Witch. I celebrate Mabon on September 21st. When I grew up (and it wasn’t that long ago either, lol!) All the Equinoxes were on the 21st. You had Spring Equinox, March 21st, Summer Equinox on June 21st and so on. They all fell on the 21st. Now whoever was the smart individual who decided to change everything, Who Knows? I wonder, people change the calendar dates, they also change the dates we celebrate certain holidays, they change the time schedule for daylight savings time, what next? The changes don’t necessary benefit us but are for more our comfort and convenience than anything else. Don’t get me wrong at all, I have no problem with change and I sure don’t have a problem with comfort and convenience. But I have to stop and think, with all these changes do we lose a part of ourselves. Do we forget the significance of a date or time when it is changed? Do we remember why that date was so important to us to begin with? In other words, do we lose our heritage and a little bit of who we are when we tamper with things. I guess that is just human nature though, by changing this and changing that, we are striving to improve things, make’em better. That is all fine and dandy but what happens when the older generation dies out. And there is no one left to tell the tales or history associated with these dates. The dates suddenly become meaningless and our beliefs and rituals are tossed aside and the day becomes another ho-hum day. Think about, are some changes really good for us?

Didn’t mean to preach there, it was just something I was thinking about last night as I celebrated Mabon. Yes, like I said I am an old-school Witch and grew up September 21st was Mabon for me. When it is possible I love to do all my rituals and spellcrafting outside. Last night, started out rather “iffy.” When I first went out there, you couldn’t see anything but clouds. I came back in for a little bit and mixed up my incense recipe. I finished that I decide to give Mother Nature one more look and I was glad I did. The clouds had parted where you could see a wonderful set of stars. My, they were beautiful. I just sit down on the porch and stared up at them. On any Sabbat, there is magick in the air. It engulfs you and takes you to a new high. The feeling or sensation is unbelievable. But looking up at the stars, it was like the first time I had ever seen them. They were simply breath-taking. While taking in the beauty of the stars, a thought hit me. We are the most blessed people on this planet. We have the opportunity to celebrate Mabon four times (Sept. 20 – 23). Who else has the opportunity to celebrate and thank their Gods and Goddesses, four days, for all the bountiful harvest we reap. NO ONE!!!!! Personally, I think some sort of token of our appreciation and gratitude should be expressed every day. Even though, I had my main celebration of Mabon last night, I will continue to express my gratitude and love to the night of the 23rd. Who knows, on the night of the 23rd I might throw a big bash then, lol! But seriously, now is the time to thank the God and Goddess for our bountiful harvest. Make Mabon a good celebration for yourself. The Harvest now comes to an end and the long, dark days are quickly approaching as the Wheel turns to Winter.

May you have a Very Blessed and Prosperous Harvest this year,

Lady A