The Element of Fire – Symbols and Associations

The Element of Fire

Symbols and Associations
Fire has the qualities of heat and dryness and associations with blood, deliberate movement and passion. In astrology, Fire rules the Zodiac signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. People born under the Fire signs are charming, active, fund, mischievous and easily excitable, and they change emotional states rapidly. They love change, bright colors, and stimulating environments. Fire signs are the leaders and the cheerleaders of the Zodiac. They provide us with much needed inspiration, motivation, and creative energy. Their attention spans are short, but they generally accomplish twice as much as everyone else in half the time. They sometimes shortcut directions because they’re impatient, which can cause problems for their fellow co-workers. They tend to make snap decisions based on gut-level intuitions.
Fire people are extremely passionate, jealous and forceful. They live life to the fullest and have powerful emotions. Everything about them is intense, and if nothing is happening, they will create something, even if it means trouble. They will do almost anything to avoid boredom. Their minds are always active. They are generally quick to anger and quick too forget about it. They also tend to get readily involved but lack the staying power of the other Elements. They are full of zest, are usually brilliant, and live for the moment.
Fire leaps upward and can help carry spells into the clouds and beyond. After all, the Sun and the stars are fire in the sky. The Sun is a God symbol in many pagan religions. Fire ideas can often be very distant and innovative from the ideas of this Earth. Although fire consumes, it also creates new life. Forest fires remove the old and nourish the new. Some plants even wait for the fire to release their seeds. Of all the Elements, Fire captures our attention the most. Fire lives on and above the Earth, so it connects us closely to the God force. Fire is consuming and captivating it creates the new and removes the old.