Oh glorious morning, Spring is in the Air!

Good morning dear friends! Happy Spring to you all! Happy and Blessed Ostara (depending on where you are) to you all!

I must apologize to you for yesterday. I know my postings ended rather abruptly. It was my birthday and he whisked me off for the day. I have to admit it was probably one of the best birthdays I have ever had. We went to all my favorite stores and I purchased a couple of things. Then later on that evening, we went out to eat with all the kids. Surprised me, my son brought both of his little girls. The older one (she is 4) has started to wear glasses. She looked so cute. She won’t have to wear the glasses the rest of her life. My son’s wife told us that she has a stigmatizam (might be spelled wrong) and the glasses should correct it. The baby (almost a year) didn’t give a hoot about anything.  She was passed around from one person to the next and the little devil enjoyed every minute of it. She can have the biggest smile on her face. The next minute, she is picking something up and throwing it or pulling her sister’s hair. I was watching them while we ate supper. When they told one of the kids “no,” they would play at telling them “no.”  Like goofy sounds, then they would say, “no.” To me, that just confused the child. Outside my son’s wife told us that the kids were going to drive her crazy and she was serious too. After my son goes to work, her grandmother comes down to the house to help her take care of the kids??? I don’t get! I would never seriously stand up and tell someone my kids were going to drive me crazy. I believe that is what they have a butt for. I never beat my kids but I did pop their butts and tell them no. And they knew I meant no. I know the oldest child of their was out here at the house. We were sitting in the floor playing and she got up and just slapped me in the face. My daughter told me, she thought I was going to pick her up and bust her butt. I told her, “We were through playing.” got up and went outside to smoke a cigarette. Neither my son or his wife did nothing. But if they don’t start making them mind, they are going to have some wild childs on their hands.

Enough of my birthday festivities, now in celebration of Ostara and Spring Equinox, the Witches are going green for a day.  I haven’t exactly figured out what I am going to put on here but it will be green for sure. I can cover ecology to fairies. I thought it might be something you would like and it would be different. Whether you like it or not, remember it is just for the day. I do hope you enjoy it and find something useful.

Happy & Blessed Ostara! Happy Spring!