Magickal Focals

Focals are used for amplifying, focusing and concentrating magickal energy. They should blend with the potion you are making or spell you are casting. You can use many focal blended together. You will find that focals like food, music, scented oils, candles, incense and decoration, all add more power to your magick. The following is a list of focals used in magick.

Visual Focals—-Sight. Things you look at. Examples include: photographs, symbols, drawings, paintings, statues, flowers.

Auditory Focals—-Sound. Thing you hear. Examples include: music, singing, chanting, drumming, humming, breathing, ocean, fountains, birds.

Gustatory Focals—-Taste. Things you taste. Examples include: food, beverages, and the salt on your skin.

Kinesthetic Focals—-Touch. Things you can touch. Examples include:  skin, plants, fabrics such as velvet, carved chalices, shells and crystals.

Olfactory Focals—-Smell. Things you can smell. Examples include:  scented oils, scented candles, foods and incense.

Intuitive Focals—-Psychic. Sense. Things you can sense intuitively. Examples include: ritual jewelry and talismans.