Basic Spell Template – Recording Spell Notes


*It is a good idea for someone new to the Craft to print several of these till they get the hang of what they are doing and feel comfortable doing it*


*Name of Spell:



*Date and time performed:



*Moon phase:






*How long it took to cast the spell:






*Your state of health:



*Purpose of the spell:



*Deities/Elementals invoked:



*Tools and ingredients required:



*The full text of the spell or ritual:




*Your immediate reaction:



*Short term results:



*Long term results:


Basic Spell Template – Casting The Spell

Casting The Spell

  • Set up

  • Purify

  • Dedicate the space

  • State your purpose

  • Raise and release energy

  • Ground

  • Release the dedicdate space

  • Record the experience

  • Reinforce the spell with action

Basic Spell Template – Crafting The Spell

Crafting The Spell

  • Identify your goal or desire

  • Examine the context of the situation

  • Evaluate the repercussions

  • Refine the specifics of your need or desire

  • Decide on a time

  • Decide on a method

  • Choose correspondences and components

  • Create central symbolic action

  • Write the text of the spell

  • Write the complete list of required materials.