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    1. All you have to do is hit the “Follow” button on the front page and that’s it. Thank you for your interest in joining our site.
      Lady A


  1. Great images! I’d love to promote or use some like this on my Cafepress items. Any ideas for public domain pics I can use?


    1. I know that there use to be a royalty-free site for music and images. Now what’s the name of it, I don’t remember. Heck, when I was using it for music I had to always do a search for “royalty-free” music and the site would pop up. One of the favorite tricks I learned was using Shutterstock(they have changed their named). You sign up and they give you so many credits. You take those credits pick out your images, save them and they are yours to keep. When your trial period is up, you cancel. I know that sounds dirty but the fee is outrageous. I believe when I signed up it was $99.00 a year. These sites have enough expense without adding more to them. But sign up with them, get your photos and cancel. I still have the images I got from them in a photo folder on my computer. Deviant Art is a wonderful place to get images. You have to contact the artist but most of the time, they will give you permission as long as you give them a link back. By using their work, you are helping them sell their work and get exposure. Last, but definitely not least, you can do a search on Bing. When you find an image you like, click on it. Then notice down in the left hand corner the site it came from, click on it. By clicking on it, you might just run into a little known graphic site that offers free graphics. I have did that several times and you would be surprised how many free sites there are. I hope I have gave you a few ideas. I have tons of graphics of my own that are safe. What kind of graphics are you looking for? I might have something you can use.


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