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Simple Altar Set-Up


One example of a simple, basic altar.

This is one way of setting up a simple altar for spellwork and rituals being done in a sacred circle. Some Witches leave their altars set up at all times and some do not. It is a personal choice whether you do or not. You can set your altar on a table, the floor anywhere you can walk completely around it to make your sacred circle. As you get more comfortable on your path it will reflect in how you do your altar and what you put on it.

We will start at the top or North/element of Earth – here you need a bowl of dirt or regular table salt or stones or a piece of wood or a green candle.

Next going clockwise (dorsil) is East/element of Air – here you need incense or feathers (real ones not store bought ones) or a yellow candle.

Moving to the bottom is South/element of Fire – here you need either a red or orange candle or a lighter or some matches. The above illustration shows a charcoal burner, but you don’t need that yet and it might be you never use one.

Next is West/element of Water – here you need a bowl of water or some sea shells or a statue of some kind of sea or ocean life or a blue candle.

For spirit, they have a God and Goddess candle. You can also use a statue or something that to you show the element of Spirit and you can put just one thing in either between Water and Earth or Between Earth and Air.

At this point, you might not have a wand or Atheme (ceremonial knife) yet which is fine. So do even concern yourself with that part of this above illustration. If you do have one then place them as shown on the altar.

You should have one taper candle that you have inscribed your name on, this is your personal candle. You need to cleanse it before inscribing it of all energy but your own (there is a post up on here about how to do that) If you have an Atheme use that to do the inscription. If not a favorite sharp kitchen knife will work. It sets on the altar one side of Fire or the other. It should be on the side your power hand is on. Your power hand is the one you write with. You will use it to light the incenses and/or other candles on the altar from.

Have your Book of Shadows and something to write with; with you always when doing spellwork and/or a ritual so you can either read the spell or ritual from it or want to write down something that happened in your circle. This sets on the opposite side of Fire from your personal candle.

Copyright 2015 Carla Schultz-Ruehl

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Is There an Interest for Online Coven Gatherings in Southern Hemisphere?

I would like to hold an online coven gathering for Samhain for those in the Southern Hemisphere. We need to find a time where I am not waking up in the middle of the night to do the gathering, yet at a time when the most people there will be available. This is a little trickier than I thought between the time difference and the international date line. The times for me respectfully would be 10:00 PM and 2:00 PM. I am sorry, but other times do not fit in with my home life.

You are also welcome to attend the Northern Hemisphere celebration of Beltane on May 1st at – time to be announced.

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Flashback Samhain (pronounced sow-en) 2000

Samhain 2000


At this time of year, the Sun is in Scorpio, a  sign often associated with death, finality, and endings. Every ending leads to rebirth, the process belongs to Pluto, ruler of Scorpio. Although he’s known as the God of the Underworld, Pluto also represents regeneration, transformation, and reincarnation. He asks us to celebrate death instead of fearing it, to understand that death is only the step before birth, and to trust in the immortality of the life-force. Pay homage to this dark God by honoring the spirits of those who have crossed over during the year. They have completed an evolutionary lesson and are now preparing for their journey back to the world of the living, refreshed and renewed. The candles we place in our windows help to guide them home, and burying an apple at the foot of a tree gives them nourishment for this leg of their journey. On this sacred evening when the veils between worlds are at their thinnest, celebrate the “graduation” of souls who have left us. Rejoice in their lives, instead of mourning their deaths.

 Copyright Kim Rogers-Gallagher Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2000

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A Little About Moon Phases


The Moon goes through four different phases every 29 days.

The full (Mother) Moon-this lasts from one night before until one night after the date the Full Moon is shown on a regular calendar. A full Moon is used to bring things to you. A good time for spells for your income to increase, protection for yourself, someone else or your home, etc. It is the best time to consecrate a Ritual tool, hold a Handfasting, marriage or Wiccaning.

Next comes the Waning Moon. This period lasts from the second night after the full Moon until one night before the New Moon. During this period, it is a time to send things away from you such as a build up of negativity around you or to charm an object to help you control a bad habit.

Then comes the New (Crone) Moon. This phase is from one night before until one night after the date the New Moon appears on a regular calendar. This is the time when being able to banish or send away bad habits, negative energy, do a house cleansing, etc.

Lastly is the Waxing Moon. This is a time of new beginnings and to bring good things to you. Use it to start a new project or job or getting to know someone better, etc. It is also a good time for a marriage or Handfasting. To charm an object to carry with you for protection or to do a house blessing, etc.

While I have only listed a very few things that work out better if done during the correct Moon phase. They are meant as a guideline to get you thinking about what else you may do during the correct phase.

Remember every time you do a spell or charm an object what energy you send out comes back to you three times as strong-The Law of Three.

Copyright 2011 Carla Schultz-Ruehl

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How to Write a Spell

When writing a spell the one thing that will effect it the most is the intent you have when writing and chanting it. There are certain things every spell should have in it. A spell also does not just effect the person casting it but has long-range effects you may never know about. This is why I will never do a spell that effects another person or living thing’s free will, such as a spell to make someone fall in love with a specific person.

You should never cast a spell, even a healing spell, for or on someone without their permission and/or knowledge.

Before casting a spell have what you desire it to do firmly in your mind, even visualize the outcome if you can. This helps the spell be stronger and gives it more chance in coming to fruition.

When writing the spell the things it should include are:

Who – Who is the spell for or who is it going to effect

What – What specifically is the spell for and what do you want the outcome of it to be

When – When do you want the spell to start working – immediately, tomorrow, next week, etc

How – How is the spell suppose to work – is it suppose to bring something to you or send something away?

Always ask yourself WHY am I writing this spell. What do I want the end result from it to be. When do I want it to happen. Who do I want it to happen to and how do I want it to happen. If  you are a novice Witch if you copy nothing else from this post into your Book of Shadows please copy the preceding two sentences. It gives you all the parts you need to include in a spell.

Copyright 2015 Carla Schultz-Ruehl

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Greet and Meet Coven Gathering


Solitary, Experienced or new to the Craft whatever traditions you follow it doesn’t matter all are invited to come! The first coven gathering is just to meet other witches who have an interest in coming to online coven gatherings and/or want to become a novice witch studying under Lady Beltane. Come at anytime and leave whenever you’d like.


Monday, March 30, 2015

3:00-5:00 PM CDT Midwestern States, USA

Tuesday, April 1, 2015

7:00 -9:00 AM AEDT Sydney, Australia


WOTC Chatroom

You will need to make an account to get into the chat room. You can either sign in through Facebook or Twitter or use this link to set up an account just for the chat room:

If you need help figuring out what your local time will be, this is a link to an online free time converter program (no download needed):

Copy and paste links into your browser.

Any questions please leave a comment or write Lady Beltane at

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Native American Comments & Graphics



Another important distinction which you need to make from the beginning is that although the terms ’Witchcraft’ and ’Wicca’ have long been used interchangeably, they don’t mean exactly the same thing. Witchcraft is used to describe a number of different practices from all around the world and although it’s popular use amongst modern Pagans may seem to indicate that all Witches are also Pagan, this is not entirely true.

“A Hebrew Witch, a Pagan Witch, a Lapland Witch, an Indian Witch, a Protestant Witch, and a Popish Witch, are different from one another; some in Honour, and some in Disgrace.”

Practitioners of Witchcraft in a global sense may follow any number of spiritual paths and some even claim to be atheists. Long before the Christian Church villainised those who practiced the Old Religions, the term was being used to describe those who used the magickal arts for negative and malignant ends. Witches were despised even by the Priesthoods of the pre-Christian Pagan Gods – in Greece, Rome, Egypt and all over the ancient world. But for one reason or another it is the term that became used by people like Margaret Murray and subsequently Gerald Gardner, for both many of the practices now associated with the modern Pagan movement, as well as for the spiritual beliefs related with it.

The term has taken on a modern meaning, which although historically imprecise, has meaning to those using it today. Due to the confusion the term may cause and to distinguish themselves from those with other spiritual practices, many Witches who have Pagan spiritual beliefs, but who may not share in the same beliefs or practices as Wiccans, use the term ’Pagan Witch’ to describe themselves, whilst others prefer to simply use the term ’Witch’. This is ultimately a personal choice. If you practice Witchcraft, you are a Witch after all!

Although Wicca contains aspects of what may be considered Witchcraft, it also contains a number of other elements – such as for example the celebration of the seasonal Sabbats, a Goddess and a God and healing. Wicca also draws from classical Paganism (in particular that of Rome and Greece) and the Western Mystery Tradition (including from Ceremonial Magick, Qabalah and Hermetic sources).

Towards the Wiccan Circle: A self-study beginners course in modern pagan witchcraft / Wicca

Sorita d’Este

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Let’s Talk Witch – The Goddess

Egyptian Comments & Graphics

Let’s Talk Witch – The Goddess


The Goddess is the universal mother. She is the source of fertility, endless wisdom and loving caresses. As the Wicca know Her, She is often of three aspects: the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone, symbolized in the waxing, full and waning of the Moon. She is at once the unploughed field, the full harvest and the dormant, frost-covered Earth. She gives birth to abundance. But as life is Her gift, She lends it with the promise of death. This is not darkness and oblivion, but rest from the toils of physical existence. It is human existence between incarnations.

Since the Goddess is nature, all nature, She is both the Temptress and the Crone; the tornado and the fresh spring rain; the cradle and the grave.

But though She is possessed of both natures, the Wicca revere Her as the giver of fertility, love and abundance, though they acknowledge Her darker side as well. We see Her in the Moon, the soundless, ever-moving sea, and in the green growth of the first spring. She is the embodiment of fertility and love.

The Goddess has been known as the Queen of Heaven, Mother of the Gods that Made the Gods, the Divine Source, the Universal Matrix, the Great Mother, and by countless other titles.

Many symbols are used in Wicca to honor Her, such as the cauldron, cup, labrys, five-petalled flowers, the mirror, necklace, seashell, pearl, silver, emerald.-.. to name a few.

As She has dominion over the Earth, sea and Moon, Her creatures are varied and numerous. A few include the rabbit, the bear, the owl, the cat, dog, bat, goose, cow, dolphin, lion, horse, wren, scorpion, spider and bee. All are sacred to the Goddess.

The Goddess has been depicted as a huntress running with Her hounds; a celestial deity striding across the sky with stardust falling from Her heels; the eternal Mother heavy with child; the weaver of our lives and deaths; a Crone walking by waning moonlight seeking out the weak and forlorn, and as many other beings. But no matter how we envision Her, She is omnipresent, changeless, eternal.

Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner

Scott Cunningham

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