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Worksheet for Spells and Formulas

Worksheet for Spells and Formulas



Type of Spell or Formula: __________________________________________________


Date and Time made: ______________________________________________________


Reference: ______________________________________________________________


Astrological Phases: _______________________________________________________


Specific Purposes_________________________________________________________


List of Ingredients and or Supplies needed: ____________________________________




Specific Location required: _________________________________________________



Date, Time, and Astrological phase when used: _________________________________


Results (Include if spell or formula worked, how long it took to manifest, time limit. of formula, any specific results, etc.): ___________________________________________



Deities invoked during preparation and/or use: __________________________________



Step by step instructions for preparation and/or use: ______________________________


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wondering magic bring to me, in this life the luck I need,
so all my angles can be seen, and thus fulfill my every dream,
combined earth and fire, bring forth my hearts desire,
guardians of the sea, keep all harm from me.
This should be done while lighting 4 candles 1 at each side of u repeat the
above words 3 times to bring good luck and obtain your hearts desire.

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Say “What is dark be filled with light, remove this spirit from my sight.”
Before starting place your hand before you, and start the flow of power out of your hand
and then say the words, letting the envisioned blue-white light from your power hand
fill the room or house or any other place that you might be.

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This is best used at the end of a spoken or written spell.
This adds a certain boost to the releasing of energy.
It also works best if you are wearing a Pentagram you have attuned to yourself.
Speak these word with all the fibers of your body while releasing the spell’s energy:
By the Pentagram I wear,
Water, Fire, Earth, and Air,
Ruled by Spirit as All should be
As I speak
So Mote It Be!

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Break Another Witches Spell

Break Another Witches Spell

This spell will help to undo a hex or spell that has been put on you by another witch.

You Will Need

A Length Of Silver Cord Or String

Your Boline (Magickal Knife Used For Cutting) Or A Pair Of Scissors

The Spell

Tie one knot in each end of the silver cord, as you do this visualize one knot representing you and the other person who has cast the spell or hex.

Cut the cord in the centre, chant the following, and see the spell breaking:

“From you to me this spell I break, This was not right for you to make. It’s path I will abruptly end, And back to you the spell I send”

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Confidence Spell

Confidence Spell

Buy or make a charm that resembles a lions head.
Pass it three times through the flame of a yellow candle, meditating on your esteem and the
respect you deserve. Infuse then the charm with your energy by anointing with essential oil of
rose, orange or hazel. Wear it on a chain, band, or in your pocket. Whenever you touch it,
feel the confidence building within you.

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