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Your Animal Spirit for Nov. 22nd is Raven

Your Animal Spirit for Today
November 22, 2013


Raven has long been known as the magical bird—the one who carries our messages and our prayers to spirit. Raven has been called a shape-shifter, and his message to you today is one of change—expect the unexpected, but know that Raven is flying close and will help you transform life’s challenges into life’s greatest blessings.

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Let’s Get Crafty – Making a Smudging Stick

Making a Smudging Stick

Be aware of any dangerous chemical reactions or allergies to the plants being used. If you intend to burn a plant in a smudge stick do your research into the plant first to ensure that what you are burning is not dangerous to your health. Always find out if you are allergic first, and have another person on hand or ready to help you if something goes wrong. Call 911 or the appropriate telephone number if a dangerous condition occurs.

Always be careful of how you burn your smudge stick, ensuring that you do not burn yourself. Always use proper fire preventative measures; place burning objects within or upon the appropriate fire burning apparatus. Be aware that holding the smudge stick within your hands can result in burning your hands.

When wrapping the bundle, you should be careful to wrap tightly enough to hold the stems and leaves in place, but not to cut them.

Humidity is a factor in dry time, ensure that your bundle has dried fully before attempting to burn it.

Ensure that there is no mold/mildew growth upon your bundle before burning it.


  • Herb(s) appropriate for the smudging
  • String that will safely burn, such as jute line or cotton string


  1. Select your fresh herb from the plant (unless you can get long stems of plants elsewhere).
  2. Cut the plant according to size. Plants which are more leafy should be cut in smaller sections, and those that are less leafy can be cut in larger sections.
  3. Cut the string to a good length, such as five to six feet.
  4. Place the pieces according to like, stems to stems and leafs to leafs.
  5. Wrap string around the base, leaving a few inches of string loose.
  6. Wrap up from stems to leafs, then back again in a crisscross pattern.
  7. After returning to the base, tie the few inches from before to the end of your string.
  8. Trim if necessary to give a uniform look.
  9. Place your bundle in a place where it shall dry.
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Daily Specials

Elegant Chrome Candle Snuffer


A beautiful, light-weight tool that is handy to have around at any  altar, this Chrome Candle snuffer can just as easily be used as a  decorative accent within your home as it could be used to smother the  flame of candles without spilling wax. Measuring approximately 10″ long, one end features the classical bell design that is used to smother the  flame of your candle. From here it arches back into a spiraling,  easy-to-grip handle that ends its spiral upon a large ball-shaped knob.

With Shipping & Handing @ $5.95 = Your Price of $15.90


Spell Breaker 7 Day Jar Candle

For only $8.95

Standing 8″ tall, this black jar candle is intended to aid you in breaking whatever spell or curses have been laid on you. Burn it in ritual use it to get rid of those spells and charms that plague you like curses, or simply use it in ritual to help remove those beneficial spells that you have worked before when you decide you have no need for them anymore.

With Shipping & Handing @ $5.95 = Your Price of $14.90


Easy Tarot Reading


After learning Tarot card meanings and basic spreads, the next step  for beginners is fitting all of these pieces into a cohesive, insightful reading. Josephine Ellershaw, the author of the international  bestseller Easy Tarot, presents an easy, effective, and enjoyable way for anyone to learn to do amazingly accurate, helpful readings with Easy Tarot Reading.

Ellsershaw illuminates the Tarot reading process by inviting you to  virtually sit in on her readings with ten individuals. Card by card,  spread by spread, she reveals her thought process behind each  interpretation and decision, and tells how to make the connections that  add clarity and depth to a reading. These compelling and memorable  accounts of ten  very different readings, along with follow-up  documentation of how relevant each reading proved to be, result in a  powerful and completely unique approach to learning to do tarot  readings.

Easy Tarot Reading

also includes tips on the following topics:

  • Ethical guidelines and responsibility
  • Conducting email and telephone readings
  • Delivering bad news
  • Seeking involvement and icebreakers
  • Frequency of consultations
  • Indicator of success, secrets, and skullduggery

With Shipping & Handing @ $5.95 = Your Price of $20.90


Blue Sage Smudge Stick 3 Pack


Offering a bargain for anyone who enjoys smudging, this 3-pack of blue  sage smudge sticks is quite a steal! Smudging is the sacred art of  burning sage and similar herbs to create a purifying smoke that can be  used to remove negative energies from individuals and places. Made  specifically for this purpose, each of these smudge sticks is a 1″  diameter and 4 3/4″ long bundle of tightly packed blue sage, offering  you a convenient way to fill your sacred space with its cleansing smoke.  Please allow for exact sizes to vary slightly. Made in the USA.

With Shipping & Handing @ $5.95 = Your Price of $15.90


*There is a PayPal Button on this page (Donations) that you can use for purchases. At the bottom of your payment, please specific which item you are purchasing. Thank You!*

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Lady A’s Spell for May 6th – Garden Blessing (Perfect for this time of year)

Fantasy Comments & Graphics

Garden Blessing

Goal: To bless a magickal or mundane garden

Optional extras:

Green or brown candle;

pot of soil (if you can’t be outside);

packet of seeds or flowering plant/herb;

picture of your ideal garden or your garden plan;

sage smudge stick;



Notes: This can be done inside with the above extras prior to the gardening season, or it can be done outside with just the sage and the salt and water (mixed). If you are inside, visualize the garden and go through the symbolic act of planting something. If you are outside, you can walk the perimeter of your garden space, wafting the sage and sprinkling the salt/water around the edges of the area you want to bless (be careful not to use too much salt, since it can damage plants). You can say the spell as you are doing this, before, or after.

This spell is best done on a sunny day.

“Green and growing, full of life
Bless this garden mine
A calm oasis free from strife
Touched by gifts divine.”
“Let this garden grow and thrive
Be free of weed or pest
Through seasons changing and alive
Like nature’s treasure chest.”
“Whether herb or fruit or flower
Let plants and seedlings grow
Strong and healthy, filled with power
Beneath the sun’s bright glow.”
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The Witches Spell for March 26th – Avoiding Annoying People Spell

Witchy Cat Graphics & Comments

Avoiding Annoying People Spell

Goal: To protect against annoying people

Optional extras: Black candle; black ribbon or cord; mirror; sage smudge stick

Notes: This spell is an homage to Dr. Seuss. Perform it whenever it is needed-before going to work if there is a problem there, or before going to a party or other large gathering.

Lay the ribbon down around you in a closed circle. Smudge the ribbon, then yourself. Visualize yourself surrounded by a protective white light, and aim the mirror out and away from you to deflect what you don’t want. Then say the spell with enthusiasm.

God and Goddess

I ask your protection

From those whose manners

Could use some correction

Aid me in staying

Away from those few

Who act without thinking

And don’t have a clue

Keep me safe from the ditty

The irksome, the fools

Who can’t behave well

And won’t follow the rules

The clingers, the gabbers

Who talk without ceasing

The ignorant ones

With opinions far-reaching

Protect me from jerks

Who will ruin my good day

With a shield of white light

That will keep them away.

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May the Glorious Full Moon’s Blessings Shine Down Upon All My Family & Friends!



Well did you think I had run off? Not quite. It has been a rough week. I decided to really get laid back today. I slept late, didn’t get up to 11:00. Said “Good Morning to the beautiful Sun.” Perhaps it is because I haven’t seen the Sun in so long. It seemed exceptional bright today.

I wanted to rest and relax today because tonight is the Full Moon. I hope everyone has planned out what they are going to do. Remember your power is at its fullest. So that spell that needs a little extra zip to it, do it now. For myself, I am going to do a little Moon meditation. Then recharge my battery. After that I am going to bless the outside of my home and also the refuge. Then I will go inside each and smudge every window and door in both places. Then I was also do a warding at my home.

Let’s talk a little Moon magick and about being a witch. Ok, ok! You might wonder why I go to all this trouble every Full Moon. It is simple I am a Witch. The Aura of a Witch is especially bright. It is like you are a 100 watt light bulb on the planet for everyone and everything to see. There are some things that you don’t want to see your Light bulb (Aura). Like not so good witches, psychic vampires and other entities that are not so nice. As long as your light bulb is showing, you are leaving a direct path to you and your home. So you much hide your light bulb. You must protect it.You should know the main way of doing this when you are out and about on the town, is by shielding. Since we shield ourselves, we need a place we can sort of relax. So we bless our homes. We go outside each Full Moon and walk the perimeter of our homes. Asking the Powers of the Universe to protect our homes and keep all evil and negativity without. Then when we are through with the outside, we do to the inside.

If you are a witch that does a lot of rituals and spells on a regular basis, the inside is very important. Every time you do a spell or ritual, you have a magickal residue left over. If that magickal residue is not gotten rid of, it will built up. It can have an effect on you, your relationships, the feel of the home’s atmosphere and most of all your magick. So it is very important that you smudge your home to get rid of any magick residue laying around. You start in the middle of each room. Say a short blessing of your choice. The start at the corner of the room. If you are like me, the directions of North, South, East and West change from room to room. Smudge clockwise, starting with the corner to your left. Smudge the corner and as you walk to the next corner, continue to smudge along the wall. Do not stop smudging until every room in your house is complete. Then let the smudge stick or incense burn itself out.

Last but not least, do the warding. Warding might sound hard but it is simple. Start in the middle again, say a prayer of your choice (preferably short this time). After you have finished your prayer, make the sign of the pentagram. Working clockwise again, go to your first doorway or window, repeat your little prayer and in midair draw the sign of the pentagram. Do this at each window in the room and the doorway on the way out. Also be sure to include your front entrance and your rear entrance.

Now that we have all that do, we can relax a bit around the house. When I had my group on MSN, I kept my shield up 24/7. Yes, you heard right. There were some nasty witches in that group. The funny thing and they would give their self away. They would bitch because my shield was up constantly. Hmm, how would you know if my shield was up? And beside what business did you have with me that you couldn’t discuss. Instead you are trying to poke in my brain. Tells me a lot, that person is up to no good. So my shield stayed up, all the time. But now, I do let it down occasionally. One of the main reason I can do so comfortably now is because I have a super familiar. She guards me like a hawk and the minute something is trying to get to me, she goes nuts. So she is my security system. Razzy is going to be an excellent alarm system also. I was in the bathroom with her (not on the toilet either, lol!). I was curling my hair and all of a sudden she started taking her paws and swinging at the Air. I really didn’t know what to think but Kiki came running and I then knew what Razzy was doing.

That’s another thing, get you a good familiar. Make a connection with them and your life will be unbelievable. Full of love, companionship, understanding, friendship, I could go on and on.

But I won’t because I have talked more than I was planning on it. I have some articles I am typing up. I had some ladies request a posting on pet’s passing rite. So I am going to try to be a Witch of my word and get that done next.

Remember to get out and enjoy our Lady Moon tonight. Take a moment just to bask in Her Greatness, let your Spirit soar.

The Brightest of Blessings to You and Yours,

Lady A



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The Air Witch & Smudging Ceremonies

The Air Witch & Smudging Ceremonies


Smudging involves burning herbs and using the herbal smoke to cleanse and bless areas or people. It is a common and sacred practice.

Native Americans make use of three primary herbs for smudging: white sage, cedar, and sweet grass. The sage removes negative influences, the cedar cleanses the area, and the sweet grass calls in positive influences. The prayers said during the ceremony are lifted to the gods upon the smoke.

To smudge, place sand or salt in the bottom of a fireproof dish. If you are using a smudging wand, you can carry this dish beneath it to catch any hot ashes. If you are using a dried, crumbled herbal mixture, light a charcoal tablet and place it in the center of the bed of sand. Sprinkle the herbs over the charcoal as you move clockwise from area to area.

As you moved around the space wafting the smoke, say aloud, “Only love and light may dwell here. All other vibrations must leave this house {person, etc.}.” You may direct the smoke into corners and crevices with a feather, a fan, your breath, or your hand. When you have smudged the whole area, sweep the negative vibrations out the door and call in the positive vibrations that you want. Try something along the lines of, “Be gone, worry, pain, misery, and strife! Welcome, healing comfort, love and light!”


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Psychic Protection for the Witch in Everyone!

Psychic Protection for the Witch in Everyone!

Find out more about psychic protection here…

Psychic Protection for the Witch in Everyone!
As part of the launch of my new book, The Witch’s Shield: Psychic Protection and Psychic Self Defense, I wanted to share the techniques that helped me maintain psychic boundaries and a healthy sense of safety. Though few of us learn them when we should, I really think they are basics of psychic hygiene. If you learn to take care of yourself on a daily basis, you can avoid problems in the future. I learned these techniques studying the art and science of witchcraft, hence the book title – The Witch’s Shield. I’ve shared them in classes for both witches and non-witches alike with great success.
Sometimes the word “witch” scares people off. I can understand that. I thought it was silly at first. When my first teacher, a good family friend, revealed she was a witch, I didn’t understand. But I soon found out the spiritual traditions of witchcraft stretch across the globe and throughout time. Witches were the priestesses and priests of the ancient world. They kept the mysteries of magick and psychic ability. A witch is someone who does magick, not only for her- or himself, but for the good of the community. Sometimes the first step in helping our communities, in helping the world, is helping ourselves by finding health, balance, and clarity. Only then can be devote energy to help others.
So, with that in mind, the wisdom of the witch broadens for us. We might not all identify spiritually as witches, but these techniques of psychic protection and magick are universal, and can apply to anyone as long as the person is open to magick, change, and personal responsibility. You will find similar wisdom in the traditions of shamanism, energy healers, ceremonial magicians, and other New Age seekers.

Here are seven psychic protection techniques from which anyone can benefit:

1 – Smudging – Smudging refers to passing yourself or an object through sacred smoke as a means of purification. When burned, certain herbs release a high vibrational energy that is used to purify unwanted, harmful forces – what most people call negative energy. Herbs like sage, cedar, sweet grass, pine, and lavender can be burned, as well as incenses such as frankincense, myrrh, and copal. Simply wave the smoking substance around you and make sure you pass through the smoke. Don’t do too much. It’s an energetic process, not a physical one, so you don’t have to feel like you are asphyxiating.

2- Sea Salt Bath – Similar to smudging, taking a sea salt bath can cleanse the physical body as well as the energy. Put two tablespoons of sea salt or kosher salt in your bath water and soak. Imagine all the stress and harmful energy you have accumulated or taken on from others flowing into the water. Sit in the bathtub as its drains and imagine it flowing down the drain, neutralized by the salt and water. I have a friend who puts a spray bottle of sea salt and water and gives herself a little spritz and sponge bath. The salt neutralizes any harmful energies, and then she just wipes it off. It’s a great way to clear yourself if you’re on the run and a bath is too time consuming.

3 – Amulet – Symbols and charms have long been lauded for their protective powers. In almost every culture, there is a tradition of wearing or carrying a particular amulet, often blessed by a priest/tess, to confer the powers of divine protection upon the wearer. Take a symbol you find sacred and divine. Find it in a jewelry or pendant form. If you cannot, try drawing the symbol on a piece of paper or wood, and carrying it with you. If you are Christian, use a cross. If you are Wiccan, use a pentacle. Hindu, try the Ohm symbol. There are a variety of symbols, from the Star of David to the Hammer of Thor. Find the one that speaks protection to you. Smudge the amulet and hold it in both hands. Think about protection and infuse your thoughts into the amulet, activating its power to protect in the name of your divinities. Carry the charm with you to receive its protection.

4 – Protection Stone – Like a symbolic amulet, you can carry a stone known for its protective and grounding qualities with you. Most dark colored stones have magical associations with protection. Some of my favorite choices are hematite, smoky quartz, onyx, obsidian, jet, and aragonite. Other stores that are protective include red jasper, amber, citrine, and clear quartz. Like an amulet, cleanse your stone and infuse your intention into it.

5 – Meditation – Meditation is one of the greatest keys to psychic defense. Regular meditation practice leaves you clear, centered, and in a mental place where you can respond to potential threats, rather than unconsciously react to them. It doesn’t matter the style or tradition of meditation. Regular practice is the key. You will not get the long term psychic protection benefits of meditation by doing it only once every few weeks. It must be like exercise, done regularly. I suggest at least three times a week. If you can do it daily, so much the better.

6- Healthy Emotional Boundaries – Emotional boundaries are not the most esoteric form of psychic defense, but one that quite a few people leave out. Sometimes psychic defense – particularly from people who are harmful to us, intentionally or unintentionally – is the ability to say “no” and stick to it. If someone asks you to do something or go somewhere, and you only say yes because you are afraid of being “mean” or “letting them down” but you know its not a good situation for you, you must learn to say no. As an adult, only you define what is acceptable and unacceptable in your life. Draw those boundary lines and stick to them.

7 – Living Your True Will – The best form of psychic self-defense is to live out your true will. What is your divine purpose? Find it! Then actually live it. If you are doing what you are meant to be doing, the universe will support you and very little anyone else does or says will be able to stop you. You true will, or what some call your magical will, is not your destiny. It doesn’t happen regardless. This your partnership with the divine. You must choose to fulfill it. But once you choose to be a full, conscious partner with the divine, you will have a divine protection that will help you in all of life’s difficult areas.

For more information and an expanded view on these techniques, and a whole philosophy on psychic protection, look to my full length work, The Witch’s Shield: Psychic Protection and Psychic Self Defense. May the divine guide, bless, and protect each of your steps.

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