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WOTC Special Mini-Series Part 1 – Wheel of the Day


NE – It is just before sunrise. You begin to wake. For a moment you may wonder what day it is or even feel confused about where you are. Your mind is still in an open slate.

EAST – During sunrise or a bit after you are preparing for the day. In your mind you begin to plan. What will you get done this day and how will you do it?

SE – It is mid morning now. As you begin to carry out your plans you demonstrate ‘who you are’ in this day. You choose if you are going to display a positive or negative attitude.

SOUTH – It is noon and early afternoon. You are occupied in the activities of your day. Now is when you carry out your responsibilities to your family and your community.

SW – As your afternoon continues you realize that you cannot get everything done that you planned. You decide what you will do tomorrow. It is a time for finding balance in your day.

WEST – It is evening, The sun goes down. The active part of your day is done. You sit back and evaluate your day considering what went well and what you would do differently next time.

NW – As you retire for the night you gradually let go of thoughts about the day. Your mind becomes more receptive. You may drift between sleep and wakefulness for a while.

NORTH – It is deep in the night now. You sleep and dreams bring renewal that prepare you for the coming dawn when you will begin to travel another wheel of another day.

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Daily Feng Shui News for Jan. 3rd – ‘Festival of Sleep Day’

After a hectic holiday season it’s not surprising that today is ‘Festival of Sleep Day.’ But if you’re of the many living with insomnia, then sleep may be elusive. If so, sleep on cotton sheets in order to invite the Sandman to bed every night. According to eco-author Debra Lynn Dadd, polyester-cotton blend sheets are coated with formaldehyde, a harmful substance known to contribute to sleep problems. Sweet dreams.

By Ellen Whitehurst for

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The First Yule

The First Yule

Author:   Serenity Starbright Dilsworth (Owl)  

Once upon a time … before your mother was born … and before her mother was born …and even before your mother’s mother was born …. when the world was new and the Earth and the Sun gave birth to the first beings …the very first people … the very first animals … and the very first plants.

It was the season of Spring, which celebrates new life, and the Sun shone warm and smiled down upon the world from his lofty perch in the sky while Earth took pride in all her newborns and nurtured them tenderly and with love. It was a time of great joy!

The Moon waxed and waned and traveled the night skies and Earth’s Children grew healthy and strong through the warm Summer season. They laughed and worked, played and danced and The Earth and Sun watched over them lovingly.

Then came the Autumn season …and the Earth began to sleep longer with every passing day. She grew so tired and was not able to feed her children any longer. She did not have enough strength to bring forth new life. High overhead … the Sun grew distant … and took longer and longer to return each morning. The nights grew longer and cold winds replaced the gentle breezes of the Summer.

Then …one very cold day …the Earth went to sleep. She laid her head down upon a pile of fallen leaves and nestled under a pure white blanket of snow. And she slept … and she slept … and she slept and nothing the Children could do would disturb her Winter slumber. The children called and called to her, but she did not wake up.

The children looked to the skies for advice and comfort from the Sun … but he was so distant that he could no longer be seen at all …and the children were frightened and sad … it was the Longest Night they had ever known.

The people wept and wondered what would happen to them now for it was bitterly cold and the bounty from Spring and Summer was depleting. They were afraid that they would starve and freeze with Father Sun so far away and Mother Earth sleeping.

They went to the Moon … sister to the Sun … with all their concerns and worries … entreating her to have the Sun return and Moon listened quietly.

The Moon gazed upon the children and advised them gently:” Do not fear little ones … go climb the tallest of trees and the highest of mountains … turn your voices to the sky and yule a mighty song to reach the Sun.”

The children had never heard of a yule or a song. (In the Ancient Tongue, to yule means to yell or yodel … to call out loudly in song.) And they asked Moon to explain what it is because they very much wanted to reach the Sun in hopes he could wake the Earth.

The Moon smiled gently. “Look deep within yourselves and find your magick …find that thing that makes you the special person you are … find the thing that brings you joy …take your dreams and your desires … your hopes and your love … and weave all of that together into sound.”

So the children climbed the tallest trees and the highest mountains and closed their eyes to find the magick within them …they brought forth their hopes, their dreams, their joys and their love and when they opened their mouths … their voices rang across the skies in a symphony or harmony and the Sun heard them …he turned and began his journey back … the better to hear this glorious sound.

The closer he came … the more his warmth spread across the Earth … and the Earth smiled in her sleep and dreamt of Spring… The Wheel turned and hope and joy spread amongst the children.

And that …dear children …is the story of the first Yule.

This is an old story that has been told and retold many times. It is one I used to tell at Winter Solstice in the coven I belonged to when I lived in New England. I put it into writing so that the story may be preserved and enjoyed by others and it is my hope that folks will tell the tale to their children who in turn will eventually tell it to their children.

Yule is a time of joy, of hope, of dreams and wishes. On the Longest Night, it is good to gather with those that we love and cherish and stand upon the Earth as she slumbers and call out to the Sun in mighty song to herald his return and the fulfillment of dreams and wishes.

Rowan Pendragon explains: The winter solstice occurs when the Earth is tilted on its axis farthest away from the sun. This means that when the northern half of the Earth is pointed away from the sun at winter solstice then the southern part of the Earth is going to be tilted closest to the sun. This is why when we are celebrating winter solstice in the northern hemispheres our Pagan friends “down under” are celebrating summer solstice. We often celebrate Yule and the solstice on either December 20th or 21st but the fact is the date varies each year since the holiday is based on an astronomical event; when the event occurs is when the holiday takes place.

When the winter solstice comes we experiences the longest night of the year and the shortest day of light. On the night of Yule we first honor the death of the God and the decline of the sun, something that has been slowly happening from the day after the summer solstice. After we make this honoring we then begin to work acts of sympathetic magick to encourage the sun’s return and to aid the Goddess in her long night of labor as she prepares to birth the Son, the Child of Light, the Young God.


Day 1 of Yule – Preparing for Yule 2011 by Rowan Pendragon
Day 7 of Yule – The Return of The Light by Rowan Pendragon

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Daily OM for October 9th – Restorative Slumber

Restorative Slumber

The Importance of Napping

by Madisyn Taylor

A short nap during the afternoon is common in many countries and can provide an energy boost and clearer senses.

As we focus on the many obligations we gladly undertake in order to create the lives we want, sleep is often the first activity that we sacrifice. We’re compelled by both external and internal pressures to be productive during many of our waking hours. While this can lead to great feats of accomplishment, it also disrupts the body’s natural cycles and leaves us craving rest. Napping represents a pleasurable remedy to this widespread sleep deprivation. Though judged by many as a pastime of little children or the lazy, the need for a nap is a trait that all mammals share and an acceptable part of the day in many countries. It is also a free and effortless way to improve our health and lift our spirits. A nap is relaxing and can improve our mood, vision, reflexes, and memory.

Lack of sleep, whether ongoing or the result of a single night’s wakefulness, puts stress on the body and mind. It can negatively impact your physical and mental health. At one time, napping was considered a natural part of life. In the past hundred years, however, electricity and modern conveniences have provided us with more time to engage in personal and professional activities. Consequently there is now less time for sleep. A mere ten minutes of sleep in the middle of the day can leave you feeling more cheerful and alert. A half-hour long nap can sharpen your senses and refresh your energy reserves, and a shorter nap can even sustain you through a long day. Napping can help you make up for lost sleep and serves as a supplement to your usual sleep schedule. You may need to give yourself permission to nap by making naptime a part of your day.

Feelings of guilt about napping or being preoccupied with other activities can keep you awake when you are trying to take a nap. If you need help, surround yourself with soft pillows and blankets or soothing music. Try to take a nap at the same time each day and use an alarm clock to ensure that you don’t fall into too deep a sleep. Learning to nap and enjoying its benefits can help you reclaim your natural right to nap. You nourish your being every time you take a nap.

The Daily OM

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Current Moon Phase for July 26th – Waning Gibbous

Moon & Witch Comments & Graphics

Gibbous Moon

(waning /70% illumination)

This is a tremendous time of transmutation. All of the prior elements are coming together for a final burst of creative output. You have seen a clear view of your own needs and the posture of significant others. Now the accumulation of that input is leading to a deep, core change within you. In this phase, you will naturally be inclined to seek higher guidance so that you can emerge from this transformation successfully. The Disseminting Moon favors sharing what you have learned (and are learning) with others.

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Looks Like We Made It! May You Have A Very Blessed Saturday, Dear Brothers & Sisters!

Sorry Images
We have been trying to get on the internet since ten o’clock. We both slept late, we figured it wouldn’t hurt. Besides Lady A was up all night, Kiki was sick. On the other hand, I had a few drinks. I got relaxed and went to sleep. I woke up at 7 which is sleeping late for me, lol!  I saw what time it was an rushed to get ready. It takes me about twenty minutes to get to the office.

I finally got in the car and was on my way. Along the way I stopped at a local convenient store. Lady A loves Donut Sticks and it being Saturday, I decided to surprise her. The convenient store was out of everything for breakfast. What a waste of time. I got to the office and it was locked. Lady A was still asleep. I went and knocked on the cabin door. I liked to have never got her up. She finally woke up and got dressed. She grabbed Kiki and I told her I wanted to walk Razzy. She let me. I love Razzy. We enjoyed our walk to the office. Lady A mentioned she wanted to move an antique hall tree out of it spot today. She is planning on working on it some more. It is beautiful. It is about ten feet tall (seriously), has a huge mirror, brass coat/hat hooks down the side of the mirror. Then it has a very ornate bench and drawer under it. The first time I saw it, it took my breath away.

We got to the office and fixed some coffee. Talked about what we were going to publish today. Then we decided while we were waiting on the coffee to finish, we would move the hall tree. We went back there and we started walking it out. Then I heard Lady A scream, “I can’t tell you what she scream, just imagine.” I asked her, what, what? She told me to look at the back of the hall tree and I did. I started cussing and I can’t tell you what I said either. It looked like a pan they were using to dip their rollers and brushes in had been spilled all over it. Lady A was fighting mad. That part, she had it perfect. You could see every grain in the wood. Beautiful. We walked it out some more then I heard her scream, “THIS IS THE LAST M – F STRAW!” There was a big burn spot in the middle of the carpet. They used the hall tree to cover it up. Lady A told me that the tree was fine. For us to go back up front.

She went and phoned the head painter and told him to get his butt over here NOW! He was here in about 30 minutes. He looked at the floor and the tree. He could not apologize enough. He told Lady A to figure up the cost of labor on the tree and he would pay her. They have now gone to find matching carpet for that room. Lady A told me she wanted me with her as a witness to everything that was said.

They have been gone about an hour. I have been trying to get everything together but I got upset also. When I get upset, I talk a lot. Most of the time, I am quiet. I figured I will do a few daily postings, then put on some information about faeries. It seemed the other day, those posts receive a lot of reader. I must now get busy. I am sorry for being so late. Perhaps one day, our adventures with the painters will be over with. I wish you a very blessed Saturday, dear brothers & sisters of The Craft!


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Herb of the Day for November 7th – VALERIAN


Valerian is one of the most beneficial herbs known to man. It has incredible sedative properties and is very close to valium without chemical dependency or side effects. Although it smells a little like dirty feet, it has a pleasant taste with just a little sugar. It also cures insomnia without causing a drugging effect. Valerian is useful for tension, hysteria, nerves, headaches, insomnia and as a relaxant.

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Is it Friday, YET??? Please let it be Friday! Oh, It’s Just Thursday! Happy Thursday World!

How would you like about 5 of these nasty dudes wake you up at 3:30 in the morning? I pulled this pic off the net. I didn’t have my camera, I had a shotgun instead, lol! But 5 coyotes scratching, chattering and trying to get in were my alarm clock this morning. Oh, by the way, no one got shot during the making of this posting, lol!

Love you, guys!

L. A.

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