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Astrology Notes for Monday, December 15th

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Astrology Notes for Monday, December 15


On the 15th, Uranus square Pluto is exact for the sixth time out of seven total squares with the final square occurring on March 16, 2015. The chart for the square (see below) places Uranus in the Seventh House where it is a divisive influence on relationships; it is conjunct the South Node of the Moon showing a focus on independence and freedom. Pluto in the Fourth House shows changing circumstances and changes that go to the root of a problem. It may be time that you finally get rid of what is old, worn out, and no longer working effectively so that something new and more useful and efficient can take its place. After all is said and done, the above concept has been the central theme of Uranus square Pluto since it first began in 2012. Stop and think about all the things that you’ve replaced since it all started— I’ve replaced so much that I wonder what’s possibly left.

2014 FORECAST: Your Astrological Almanac for the Year Ahead
Sandra Walker

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Uranus Square Pluto: What’s the Fuss?

Uranus Square Pluto: What’s the Fuss?

Get the scoop on the biggest Astrology event of the year

Tarotcom StaffTarotcom Staff on the topics of uranus square pluto, uranus, pluto, astrology


Master Astrologers have been generating a lot of buzz about the current series of epic Uranus-Pluto squares, the next of which takes place on Monday, December 15, 2014 — and the last of which happens in 2015.

This series of seven exact squares between Uranus, the planet of radical change, and Pluto, the planet of transformation, signals a period of great change on a personal and global scale.

Next, let us break it all down for you:

What is Uranus square Pluto?

A square is a 90-degree aspect between two planets, and when this happens it creates conflict — or as we like to call it, an opportunity for much-needed change. When revolutionary Uranus squares transformative Pluto in the zodiac signs of Aries and Capricorn, the primary effect is the sweeping out of old ways of thinking and doing things, which creates an environment of revolution — and eventually a rebirth to a new way of life.

What dates will Uranus square Pluto?

  • June 24, 2012
  • Sept. 19, 2012
  • May 20, 2013
  • Nov. 1, 2013
  • April 21, 2014
  • Dec. 15, 2014
  • March 16, 2015

Has Uranus ever squared Pluto before?

Yes. The last series of squares between Uranus and Pluto took place between 1932 and 1934, during which time we saw the world face a great deal of transformative upheaval — i.e. the Great Depression, the invention of the atomic bomb and the rise of Adolph Hitler.

In 1966 and 1967, Uranus and Pluto joined each other three times — but those were conjunctions, not squares. Still, while joined in the ’60s, Uranus and Pluto sparked cultural and social revolutions around the globe, adding passion and power to the liberation movements and the social shifts that followed.

What will happen when Uranus squares Pluto in 2012 – 2015?

We are standing on the edge of a historical shift. We’re already getting a taste of big changes to come: The housing, insurance and bank failures, the Occupy movement, the Tea Party, concern for the environment and overall economic uncertainty. These things signal the beginning of a shift toward a great awakening of consciousness. There will likely be much upheaval on the road to progress, but it will be for the ultimate good.

Some large institutions may fail, while other big corporate interests may consolidate and increase their power. We may witness political uprisings and social and religious revolutions. It could, in fact, mark an evolutionary leap for our entire species in terms of social and technological advancements. Stay tuned, it’s going to be wild to watch!

How can we prepare for Uranus square Pluto?

The good news is you’re already getting prepared, just by reading this article! The key to success in the next few years is to face your fears and keep moving forward. This is the time to break bad habits and old patterns, and be open to the coming changes. It all starts with the individual — if you and you and YOU change the way you think and see the world, the world will change for the better, too.


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Astrology Notes for Wednesday, November 19

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Astrology Notes for Wednesday, November 19

On the 19th, the Sun in Scorpio semi-square Pluto in Capricorn may get you back on track with needs and what’s practical . Pluto in Capricorn is as ambitious and determined as the Sun in Scorpio so these should work well together while the semi -square generates the energy to meet challenges and do research. On the same day, Venus parallel Pluto centers on fairness, justice, equality, and respect in relationships, cooperation, financial affairs and investments; they may bring you a second chance to correct an error or to do something the way it should be done.



2014 FORECAST: Your Astrological Almanac for the Year Ahead
Sandra Walker




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Daily Cosmic Calendar for Sunday, November 16th

It is foolish to make believe that yesterday’s Neptune station and turn into direct motion is a fait accompli. This important outer planet is barely moving for the next several days and the archetypal themes indicated in yesterday’s calendar entry remain exceedingly strong. In the meantime, Venus enters fiery, ebullient, and goal-oriented Sagittarius (11:05AM) until December 10. Plus, the innermost planet of our solar system — Mercury — is about to make a command performance over the next 48 hours by forming six alignments, two today and four on Monday. Mercury forms a supportive, 60-degree sextile link with Pluto (5:58AM) and unites with Pallas (7:51PM) at 13 degrees of Scorpio. Today’s duet by Mercury can function as an enormous boost for studying psychology and arcane subjects while also enhancing your problem-solving and detective skills. A fairly rare Ceres-Pluto parallel (6:22PM) is a reminder to zero in on your dietary and nutritional needs. Reflect carefully about parent-child relationships in order to focus on family matters with greater sensitivity and empathy. Be industrious on the home front — as an efficiency master and organizational wizard — while the Moon continues its monthly transit through perfection-oriented Virgo. [Note to readers: All times are calculated for Pacific Standard Time. Be sure to adjust all times according to your own local time so the alignments noted above will be exact for your location.]

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Something to Believe In

Something to Believe In

Lucky Jupiter steps in to ease the stressful Uranus-Pluto square

Maria DeSimoneMaria DeSimone on the topics of uranus square pluto, jupiter, blogs, astrology


It’s rough out there. Life can sometimes overwhelm even the most buoyant, resilient soul among us. Even if you’re not going through a personal crisis, the very act of listening to the world news can suck anyone into a pit of sorrow that seems inescapable.

Everyone seems to be fighting, everything seems to be falling apart — and it’s maddening to grapple with some of the darker manifestations the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square leaves in its wake.

For those of you following the timeline behind this rare planetary alignment, there IS good news: it’s almost over. Since 2012 we’ve been experiencing exact hits between revolutionary Uranus in independent but sometimes reckless Aries, to Pluto, the planet of eradication, moving through ambitious, structured Capricorn. Thankfully, we are officially down to the wire now. There are only two more squares to go: December 15, 2014 at 13 degrees, and once more on March 16, 2015 at 15 degrees. After this, the Cardinal signs will begin to breathe again and the world will finally stop throwing a tantrum.

It won’t happen overnight, but it will get calmer. In fact, the astrological patterns we’ll experience between 2017 and 2020 will be peaceful compared to these last few years. Recovery and healing will happen. Believe it.

But that’s a few years away … what about now? What about the next year? What are we supposed to do WHILE the glass houses we all live in are being shattered beyond recognition?

A light in the darkness

We call on Jupiter. The planet of faith, philosophy, and blessings is now in creative, passionate, open-hearted Leo. And with Jupiter’s upcoming trines to Uranus in Aries, he will encourage us to take a risk … in ourselves!

On September 25, 2014, March 3, 2015 and June 22, 2015 we’ll enjoy these beautiful alignments between expansive Jupiter and innovative Uranus. Sure, this combination of planets can increase the surprises in our lives. Since it’s a trine (an easy flowing aspect) however, it appears that those surprises will be ones that encourage and support our lives rather than add to any chaos.

In fact, with the trine in March 2015 close to the final Uranus-Pluto square, I can’t help but wonder if that time will be especially empowering — individually and collectively. April 4, 2015 also holds a Lunar Eclipse at 14 degrees of Libra which will likely punctuate the breakdown and chaos we’ve all been enduring on some level. And then guess what? Once the dust settles, we get to connect the dots that rise from the ashes. Even better? We get to connect them on our own terms; shaping brand-new lives that most of us can’t even imagine from where we sit today.

I don’t believe we need to fear that pocket of time ahead in the spring of 2015; I truly feel that it will symbolize a dedicated, fiery reliance in our capacity to take a bold personal risk and go in a new, promising direction.

Yes, I’m looking ahead — looking to the future. It’s my job. And with a natal Moon-Neptune in Sagittarius it inspires me … it keeps me going. I may not know much about a lot of things in this world, but the one thing I do know is this: I NEED something to believe in. Don’t we all?


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Your Daily Cosmic Calendar for Monday, November 10

The Moon’s entry into Cancer (12:39AM) — its natural abode in the zodiac — begins a 2+ day cycle when a primary focus is on home and family matters. Cooking, baking, cleaning the kitchen, tending to the needs of children and pets, and learning more about your ancestral heritage are some keynotes of lunar Cancer every month. Tune into visions of the Great Beyond — thanks to Mercury forming a parallel with dreamy Neptune (2:58AM) and while a grand triangle in water signs develops as the Moon trines Mercury in Scorpio (5:06AM) and Neptune in Pisces (9:45AM). Experiment with a digital or video camera. Find time to explore musical and dance improvisations. Today’s two main trouble spots arrive fairly close together when Mars joins forces with Pluto at 12 degrees of Capricorn (3:07PM) followed by a frictional, 45-degree link from Mercury to Vesta (5:47PM). Compared to the storms in the psychic atmosphere that a Mars-Pluto merger can summon, the Mercury-Vesta interaction represents a mild reminder to temporarily steer clear of investment matters that could lead you astray in financial affairs. The Mars-Pluto union only happens approximately every two years and contains a vast amount of emotional firepower. While it is wise to channel this energy into exercise routines and favorite sports, you want to avoid temperamental individuals and any social scene where strangers are numerous or angry outbursts are likely. Some sense of normalcy and even euphoria could develop later on when Mercury makes an inspirational, 72-degree tie with benevolent Jupiter (10:01PM). However, strive for serenity in the remaining hours of the day since the Moon opposes Pluto (10:45PM) and Mars (11:14PM) — pointing toward possible upheavals within primary partnerships that might not be as stable as you think. [Note to readers: All times are calculated for Pacific Standard Time. Be sure to adjust all times according to your own local time so the alignments noted above will be exact for your location.]

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Your Daily Cosmic Calendar for Saturday, November 8th

It may be easy to forget, but this is another day — following the Full Moon of this past Thursday — when you should be disseminating the good cosmic news that arrived on your spiritual doorstep to eager human souls around the world. Gemini Moon can be a helpful psychic backdrop for any of your key correspondence during this 24-hour time-period. If you are more tense than usual, chalk it up to six challenging sky configurations as the Moon opposes Ceres (2:12AM) and squares Neptune (2:22AM), Venus parallels Saturn (2:57AM), Mars forms an abrasive, 45-degree link with Saturn (4:41AM), Juno makes an off-kilter, 150-degree tie with Pluto (5:34AM), and Ceres squares Neptune (7:46AM). The accumulation of turbulent energy is what can create a significant ouch-factor, heightened by fear or confusion — affecting a wide variety of activities and plans. Do all in your power to be an eternal optimist and avoid the trap of pessimistic thinking caused by circumstances outside your control. Only an inspirational, 72-degree rapport from Mercury to Pluto (7:34AM) followed by Mercury entering forceful Scorpio (3:10PM) until November 27 have the capacity to keep you moving forward coherently on a straight and narrow path to success. Antique hunters and collectible aficionados may still be able to find overlooked treasures at estate sales and art fairs. Immerse yourself in a bestseller or literary classic tonight to escape any snares left over from the difficult alignments happening in the early hours. [Note to readers: All times are calculated for Pacific Standard Time. Be sure to adjust all times according to your own local time so the alignments noted above will be exact for your location.]




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The Astrology of Midlife

The Astrology of Midlife

The life-changing effects of the Uranus opposition

Maria DeSimoneMaria DeSimone on the topics of uranus, blogs, astrology


Men and women of every race and culture commiserate with the phase of life we like to call the “midlife crisis.” Believe it or not, there are key astrological cycles we’ll go through during our early 40s that help us move toward a level of individuation we simply could not have achieved until these years. That is, if they don’t drive us crazy first.

But I’ll be honest and admit that up until very recently I didn’t pay much attention to these Astrology cycles. I was a “young” astrologer, and, well … I just didn’t care.

Even though I had clients going through the midlife years I simply couldn’t relate to this generation the same way I could to the 20- and 30-somethings. I was young and cavalier. Maybe a part of me didn’t think those transits could really happen to me one day.

Ha. The universe always has the last laugh.

This May I’ll turn 39. Trust me, my attitude has changed. No longer can I deny the stubborn grey hairs assaulting my long, curly mane. No longer can I ignore the under-eye circles and laugh lines etched across my eyes. Thank goodness for friendly camera lighting when I film those videos! Losing weight used to be a matter of exercising more. These days, if I don’t avoid wine and chocolate like the plague and live at the gym, I’ll have no hope of getting back into my “skinny jeans.”

Suddenly, I’m living through midlife transits and it’s different now. It’s real.

It all begins with the Pluto square

Your midlife crisis peaks at around age 40-42, when we all experience the famous Uranus opposition. More on that in a minute, but first let me introduce you to the transit that opens wide the door to midlife for us — kind of like the grim reaper. You know, I must be talking about a Pluto transit and it happens to be called the Pluto square.

For each of us, between the ages of 36-42 (depending on the year you were born), transiting Pluto in the sky will make a square to your natal Pluto placement. This transit forces us to confront what is no longer working in our life. What has died … or is about to die.

Youth as we know it dies at this time while midlife is born. There’s just no denying it — our bodies and lives are rich with maturity and responsibility now. We’re raising kids, building our careers and often in significant relationship transition. There is major internal pressure during the Pluto square to recognize where in your life there is stagnation. If you refuse to change it, the Pluto square makes that area of your life shatter.

Don’t be afraid of it, though: the Pluto square might lead to a symbolic death of life the way we knew it, but you can be certain that it also paves the way for an important new beginning.

During my Pluto square I was going through a divorce and simultaneously building my Astrology career. Loss was certainly everywhere, but now that I’m past the Pluto square I can say without a doubt that the “death” needed to happen in order for me to turn the page in the book of my personal life and begin this next exciting chapter. And so it is with everyone who goes through a Pluto square.

Next up is the Neptune square

Your Neptune square happens at around age 40, and it has a lot to do with a shift in spiritual values — even a sense of confusion about where you are. If you’ve ignored the Neptunian part of life, this time might coincide with a spiritual quest.

If you do this midlife cycle wrong, you might drink too much or practice another unhealthy escapist behavior. You might take stock of your achievements up until now and feel like they’re worthless. A sense of disappointment is possible, and ultimately this will prompt you towards questioning your life and purpose in a deeper way. Ultimately, you will be spiritualized.

Your midlife crisis peaks with the Uranus opposition

Soon after — or around the same time — the famous Uranus opposition happens. THIS is when our world turns upside down. At around age 40-42, transiting Uranus will oppose natal Uranus and we realize that half of our life is behind us and the other half is still ahead. This is a major personal awakening that often results in a restless energy that needs to be externalized. We recognize with a sense of urgency that we only have one more chance at making our lives into what we really want it to be.

THIS is when middle-aged married men buy the red sports car and have an affair with a 25-year-old. This is when the homemaker decides to go back to college, unsettling everyone in her family. This is when the confirmed bachelor gets married and the couple you thought would be together forever announce their divorce.

We’re not old, but we’re no longer young, and this realization leads to a major life assessment. It’s time to either meet or revamp the goals we set when we were in our 20s. This is the cycle we truly individuate and begin to live life on our own terms. Hopefully, we can accomplish this without a rebellious outburst, but it’s usually part of the package. One thing is certain: After this cycle, life is forever changed.

Your Saturn opposition is a reality check

Then, at around age 44 or so, we experience the Saturn opposition, when transiting Saturn opposes natal Saturn. This is when we get a major reality check and need to face the consequences of the choices we made during our Uranus opposition. Remember, this transit will happen after the Uranus opposition and you WILL somehow “pay the piper” if you acted too recklessly during your midlife tantrum.

I haven’t experienced the Neptune square, Uranus opposition or Saturn opposition yet, but I do admit that after living through the Pluto square I am now taking these impending midlife transits very seriously.

They will change my life. They will change yours. And if you’re 20-something and reading this blog, thinking to yourself “Ha! It’ll never happen to me!” … Well, all I can say is that once upon a time I used to be that deaf, dumb and blind, too.

Youth. What a shame it’s wasted on the young.


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