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Protecting The Home


Start by mixing water and salt, two elements of magic. Consecrate them.

Use garlic salt and add powdered rosemary if you need to clear out ghosts or spirits.

Begin at the main entrance of the house or apartment. Sprinkle some of the consecrated water by dipping your fingers in it and making the sign of the pentacle. Say:

Evil shall leave but not enter.

Use a firm voice. Make it a commandment, with all of your power behind it. Proceed counterclockwise through the house, repeating the procedure in every corner of each room, at all the windows, doors and mirrors. Don’t forget telephones, computers with active modems, fax machines,
intercoms, and televisions that are connected to the Internet. It doesn’t hurt to do the mailbox, too.

Make the downward pentacle, with your left hand, if this feels right to you. Or the upward pentacle with your right hand. Either will work. Repeat the spell annually, or whenever you feel in need of it.

It is important to perform a spell like this one on a new home before you move into it.

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WOTC Extra – The Circle visualization Exercise

The Circle visualization Exercise


This is an exercise that will help you learn to intake and channel greater amounts of universal energies to apply to your workings and ritual works.

You may lie down, sit comfortably, or get up and enact this exercise . Face each direction either physically or mentally.

Ground and center, face East, then visualize your athame in your strongest hand and draw an invoking pentacle. See it burning with a pale blue flame. Say “Hail Guardians of the Watchtowers of the East, Powers of Air.”

Walk through the pentacle and see a great wind sweeping across a vast plain of waving grass, breathe deeply and feel the air on your face, in your lungs, through your hair. The sun is rising and in its rays a golden eagle shines as it flies towards you. When you are filled with the Power of Air, say “Hail and farewell Shining ones”
then walk back through the pentacle.

Turn and face the South, again draw the invoking pentacle, visualizing it burning with a red burning flame and say, “Hail to the Guardians of the watchtowers of the South, Powers of Fire.”

Walk through the pentacle; you are in a blazing field under the hot high noon sun . Feel the sun’s fire on your skin and absorb its power, in the distance you see red gold lions sunning themselves. When you feel attuned to fire say “Hail and farewell Radiant Ones” and walk back through the pentacle.

Turn and face the West, and again draw the pentacle, visualizing it glowing with the dark deep blue of the deep sea, and again draw an invoking pentacle saying “Hail Guardians of the Watchtowers of the West, Powers of Water.”

Walk through the pentacle and find yourself standing on a cliff above the pounding surf. Feel the moist spray in the air and on your skin, and feel the unyielding force of the never ending waves . It is twilight, and the blue green waves are edged with violet as the sun slowly drops below the horizon and dolphins and sea serpents play in the foam of the surf as you absorb the energy. When you feel attuned to the power of water say “Hail and Farewell Flowing Ones” and walk through the pentacle.

Turn and face the North, draw the invoking pentacle visualizing it outlined in a flowing verdant green of life and health and say “Hail Guardians of the Watchtowers of the North, Powers of Earth”.

Walk through the pentacle, finding yourself in the midst of a lush fertile landscape on the slopes of a mountain. Around you are green growing herbs nourished by fresh springs, tall silent trees fed by the minerals and nutrients in the earth. In the distant valley you can see grain waving in fertile field and above you can see wild goats cling to the craggy heights while below herds of wild cattle thunder across the plain. The great and little bear circle the North Star, the center point of the whirling wheel of the sky. When you are attuned to the pulse of the power of Earth say “Hail and Farwell, Silent Ones.” And Walk through the pentacle.

Visualize yourself surrounded by the four flaming pentacles then look up and find a golden eight rayed star, breathe deeply and draw in power from the star , let if complete fill you. Feel it flood every cell of your body with light, a cone of light that extends deep into the earth around you . When you are filled completely, and can feel the power vibrating through every speck of your body release the light and power back to its source. You then open the circle by visualizing the pentacles flying off into the space surrounding the star.

The Green Mother’s Book of Shadows
Gwenyfur Draigtanllwyth,

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My Pentacle Is Bigger Than Yours!

My Pentacle Is Bigger Than Yours!

Author: Devon, The Maid Of Epona

I’ve been a practicing solitary witch for a little more than ten years. I have just recently decided to wear my pentacle openly.

Does that mean I’m out of the broom closet? Heavens no! I like to describe myself as having one foot in and the other out of the proverbial broom closet. I believe this to be the smart way to be, living where I live. Hey! Pennsylvania isn’t California!

I’m not a militant pagan although I do have a serious warrior’s streak. But being a warrior also means picking and choosing your fights. I work in the small animal business in one job and in the horse business in the other.

When working in the horse business, keeping your mouth shut about what faith you are, especially if it is an alternative faith that is greatly misunderstood by others, is the wiser way to go.

If I were to be open to everyone about my faith, it would have a detrimental effect on my career. People in the horse business would immediately assume that I was one of those “tree hugging, wackos” and I suddenly wouldn’t get hired or be able to buy or sell horses because gossip runs rampant in stables and sometimes is taken to be truer than the Bible! I also deal with many of the Amish community and I hide my pentacle out of deference to their beliefs.

So I pick and choose when and where to display my symbol of faith openly. I have also made an agreement with myself that, when I wear my pentacle openly, and someone questions my faith, then I must answer truthfully and intelligently.

I tell them that my pentacle stands for the four elements and the element of spirit. I tell them that it is a symbol of wholeness and balance, not of negativity and hatred. And its meaning cannot be twisted by reversing its direction, at least not in my eyes!

The first day I wore my pentacle, I walked about with a heightened sense of awareness, waiting for everybody to judge me. I guess I was expecting the whole world to gasp, point their fingers and declare me a witch in that tone of voice that meant nothing good. The actual reaction of people was much more subdued and confused.

Instead, the only question I had to deal with was, “I didn’t know you’re Jewish!”

Do you know how hard it is not to roll your eyes at someone and exclaim, “What? Can’t you count”?

I took a real risk this past Christmas. My husband had given me two gifts I picked out from our favorite knife catalog; an unusual knife and a pentacle decorated with red gems that I thought was pretty. So what it wasn’t silver!

Well pictures in catalogs can be deceiving!

I thought the pentacle to be modestly sized and the knife to be around the size of a Bowie knife. Well the truth was things were reversed.

The knife was the size of a pocketknife. The pentacle was big. REALLY BIG!

Try a pentacle with some serious attitude and lots of bling to the red gems on it. There was no mistaking it when I chose to wear out. It just reeled you in. Ooooh boy!

Then I decided to wear it out and obvious to a family function. Hey! It was a Christmas gift from my hubby that I still really liked in spite of the size. I wanted to show off my sparkly!

Now, not all of my family knows my religious denomination but most are aware. My parents are a blessing from the Goddess! They approve as long as I don’t go around trying to convert everybody. My brother and sister know and are open minded enough to not make a big deal about such things. My cousins even know and are cool with it.

My uncle? Well, lets just say his religious views scare me! He attends an ultra conservative church that has several ministers, several auditorium sized rooms for worship and boasts an attendance of several thousand people.

I was told to never tell my uncle what religion I was.

He was coming to the party as well.

I probably should NOT have worn the pentacle. But I did.

I also chose to disguise it with my new fashion statement, which was to wear cowboy clothes. You see, in the western horse show world, they have this design that is called a Texas star. It’s like a sheriff’s badge. Hmmm. Guess what? That’s a pentacle!

So I immediately went out and got my western show attire decorated in “Texas Stars”. I’ve got them on my hat and even my horse’s saddle and bridle sport little “pentacles”. No, I won’t wear ten million pentacles on myself but I’ll completely festoon my poor, long suffering horse with them!

Anyway, I showed up at the party with my hunka, big, new pentacle and my “Texas Star” hat. And my uncle showed up later. He looked directly at my new pentacle and then me and my newly dyed, black hair.

And then he asked if I’d had any of the steamed shrimp he brought.

I felt like I had had the rug pulled out from under me. I tried not to laugh my relief.

The pentacle was a big hit though.

Two people asked about it and my religious persuasion. I found out that they also were open-minded and we had a lovely evening chatting about esoteric things. Those conversations would have probably never happened if I hadn’t been daring enough to chance wearing it out.

But the real point of the matter is this: A pentacle, or a cross, or a Jewish star, or whatever symbol you choose to wear is nothing but a piece of jewelry unless the belief is behind it to make it more.

Those Wiccans that chose not to wear a pentacle or any other symbol of faith, does that make them any less of a Wiccan? No.

Sometimes I wear my pentacle and sometimes I wear my favorite jade horse pendant. They are both symbols of faith in my opinion and are as important to me as the cross is to someone else.

But I am not a Wiccan because I choose to wear a pentacle. I am Wiccan because that is what language my heart sings.

And no one can change what you feel in your heart. You can only choose whether or not to speak it.

Do you wear your pentacle on your skin or in your heart?

Devon, the Maid of Epona

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Magickal Goody for June 15th – Making Your Own Pentacle

How To Make Your Own Pentacle

Making your own altar tools helps to imbue them with your personal power. Try these methods to make your own altar pentacle.

A pentacle is one of the many common tools one might find on a Witch’s altar. It is named for the pentagram, the five-pointed star, which is a common inscription found on pentacles. It is a flat, usually disc-shaped object that you lay upon the altar to represent the sacred element of earth, or used in ritual to place items for consecration and empowering. They can also be hung on the wall as a symbol of protection. Pentacles are among the altar tools that are easiest to make for oneself.In order to make a pentacle, you will want to obtain a flat object. Ideally, it should be at least 6″ in width so that it is large enough to hold things on your altar during ritual. There are a number of materials that will suffice when you are making a pentagram.

The benefit of using wood is that it is hard to break, yet easy to decorate. Go to a craft store and obtain a flat piece of wood right from the shelf. Round is the most common shape used, however there is no reason you cannot use a square, rectangle, or any other shape you are comfortable with. A slice of a tree trunk can also make a nice pentacle. These are most easily found around Christmas time at stands that sell trees. A slice from the bottom of the trunk is freshly cut for the customer when they purchase a tree, then usually left behind and discarded. Ask the salesperson if you can have one. You’ll probably be able to walk away with several for free.

Plaster is also an easy medium to work with. Mix the plaster as directed on the package and pour it into a mold. Clean, empty plastic food containers, such as those that contain whipped cream  or margarine, make great molds. They are nice and round, make unmolding easy, and can be disposed of when done. Make sure when you finish pouring the plaster into the mold you pick it up and tap the container several times on the counter. This will even out the top and remove the majority of the air bubbles. Allow the plaster to dry, release it from the mold, and leave it in the air to fully set. If the top is uneven or contains small holes from air bubbles, simply sand it down with sand paper.

Another option is clay. Be sure to get a type of clay that can be dried and hardened without becoming brittle or crumbly. Simply roll out the clay on a cookie sheet with a rolling pin until it is approximately ½” to 3/4″ thick. It is very important to get the thickness correct and even. If it is too thick, it may not dry properly. If it is not thick enough or uneven, it may be very fragile and prone to chipping. When you have rolled it to the appropriate thickness and it is smooth, use a cake pan or a bowl as a makeshift cookie cutter. Remove the excess clay around the disk, but leave the disk where it is so that you don’t warp it or make fingerprints on it. You can press shapes into the clay or set small stones or shells in it before the drying process, or you can decorate it when it is dry as you would plaster or wood.

Plaster and clay can make lovely pentacles, but the downfall is that they will be a great deal more fragile than wood. However, if you don’t worry that someone living with you will touch or move your tools around, and if you don’t expect to travel around with your pentacle, you should not be discouraged from using these materials.

A final option is to find a nice, flat stone or crystal to utilize as a pentacle. I’ve seen a nice pentacle made out of a slab of tiger eye, and one made from a slice of amethyst geode. The vibrations that come from crystals and stones are wonderfully powerful. They can’t be carved, but symbols can be painted upon them if you wish (though many people prefer to leave them natural).

Once you have your pentacle disk, you will want to decide what you are going to put on it. Though a pentagram is common and a powerful symbol, it is not necessary to use that particular symbol. You can choose any rune or symbol you feel is appropriate. Celtic knots, Germanic runes, or any personal inscriptions you wish to add will serve you well. The important thing is that your choice should be a symbol of power and hold meaning for you whenever you look at it.

Draw the symbol or design you wish to use on paper, or obtain a photocopy of it if getting it out of a book. A good way to transfer the design to the pentacle is to use carbon paper. Simply place the carbon paper over your disk, carbon-side down, place the picture of your design over it and trace it with a pencil. When you remove the paper, you will have a nice outline of your symbol that you can either paint, carve, or burn on with a wood burning tool.

You may also wish to affix small stones, crystals or sea shells around the edges of the pentacle for a finished look. A hot glue gun is the best way to do this.

Once you have decorated your pentacle, especially if you have painted it, a clear acrylic spray will seal in the design and protect its surface from scratching and peeling. These sprays can be found at most stores that sell arts and crafts. Follow the directions on the can, making sure you cover the area with newspapers and use the spray in a well-ventilated place. Set it aside until dry.

Your pentacle will then be ready for cleansing and consecration, already empowered by the work and care that you put into it.


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Magickal Activities in Honor of Apollo’s Day, May 18th

Witchy Comments=
Magickal Activity for May 18th, Apollo’s Day

Sun Talisman for Personal Power


Items Needed:

Yellow paper or card stock

A gold marker or ink pen

First pentacle of the Sun

This simple rite is best performed at high noon on Sunday. Inscribe the first pentacle of the Sun on the yellow paper using the gold marker. Cut the pentacle out and hold it toward the sun. Feel the power and energy of the sun flower through you and into the pentacleas you chant:

Glory of the Sun, everlasting light,
Bring me power, strength and might.
So Mote It Be!

Carry the pentacle in your purse or wallet.

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Celebrating Spirituality 365 Days A Year – Equirria

Witchy Comments & Graphics
February 27th


The Equirria was an ancient Roman festival of horse-racing held in honor of the God Mars. It was said to have been established by Romulus and held in the Campus Martius on Caelian Hill. There was a similar festival held on March 14 called the Mamuralia.

Mars was originally a God of agriculture and guardian of fields and boundaries, known as Mamers, Maris, or Marmar. He became identified with the Greek God Ares and so assumed the major role of war God. He was regarded as the son of Juno, and the month of March was named after him. He had a succession of festivals in February, March, and October.

Magickal Activity for Equirria

The First Pentacle of Mars

The First Pentacle of Mars is used to invoke the powers of Mars for gaining courage, enthusiasm, ambition, and all physical accomplishments.

You will need:

A square of red card stock
1 Red red votive candle in a glass holder
A small red cloth bag

Inscribe the First Pentacle of Mars on the red square of card stock. Light the red votive candle, and place it on top of the pentacle as you chant:

“Almighty warrior and God of power,
Fill me with courage from this hour.”

Allow the candle to burn completely out. Place the pentacle in the red bag and carry for courage

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To Slow Down Time

Draw a pentacle on your right hand using a blessed blue pen. Visualize a sand
clock as you draw with the sand falling slowly. Say:

Core go round
Power be bound
Interrupt the nature’s course
Time slow down
Cast the spell saidth this words.

The spell will last for 24 hours or until the pentacle is erased, naturally or
washed, so don’t let your hand get sweaty.

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Spell to Speed Up Time


Draw a pentacle on your left hand using a blessed red pen. Visualize a sand
clock as you draw.

Now put your left hand on your forehead or third eye, and say:

Sands of time show me thy way
Turn the nights into days
Rose petals so light and grace
Speed up time now in this place.

The spell will last for 24 hours or until the pentacle is erased, naturally or
washed, so try not to let your hands get sweaty.

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