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The Witches Correspondences for Wednesday, February 10th




Magickal Intentions: Communication, Divination, Writing, Knowledge, Business Transactions, Debt, Fear, Loss, Travel, Money Matters

Color: black, light blue, brown, gray, green, magenta, orange, peach, purple, red, silver, turquoise, violet, white, yellow; orange is the primary color

Number: 3, 5

Metal: mercury

Charm: distaff, rod, runes, staff, iridescent garments

Stone: moss agate, amethyst, bloodstone, emerald, hematite, lapis lazuli, lodestone, pearl, ruby, sapphire, sodalite, all blue stones

Animal: bear, dog, fox, magpie, swan, weasel

Plant: almond, bayberry, chamomile, cherry, cinnamon, cinquefoil, clove, coltsfoot, ginger, hazel, hazelnut, jasmine, lavender, millet, oak, peppermint, periwinkle, rosemary, sage, St. John’s wort, sweet pea, tamarind, lemon verbena, violet

Incense: cassia, cedar, cinnamon, clove, frankincense, jasmine, lavender, mastic, mint, rosemary, sage, sandalwood, storax, dried and powdered citrus peel, and all incense made from aromatic bark, wood, and seeds

Goddess: Carmenta, Hecate (Queen of Crossroads), Hel, Ishtar, Ma’at, the Morrigan, Nike

God: Anubis, Bragi, Elath-Iahu. Enki, Garuda, Hermes, Maximon (Black Magician), Mercury, Nebo (Wise God of Wednesday), Odin, Shango, Ullr, Vishnu, Wayland, Woden

Evocation: Agrat Bat Mahalat, Michael, Miel, Raphael, Seraphiel, Tiriel

Courtesy of Moonlight Musings

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Astrology of Today – January 17, 2016







Astrology of Today – January 17, 2016


Mars is near the midpoint of a Venus-Jupiter square. This is a very sociable, fertile, relationship-oriented time, but can also be a time of some indulgence and excess. Entertaining can be in focus. Competitive feelings experienced now can be stimulating and invigorating. Feelings of elation in love or with regards to the pleasures of life can lead us to overdo, overindulge, overspend, and overstate our feelings. Mars is moving into a trine with Neptune, however, which can soften the rough edges. Creative energy is strong now.

  • The Moon is in Aries all day until 12:48 AM.
  • The Moon is void until 12:48 AM (since 6:26 PM yesterday).
  • The Moon is in Taurus from 12:48 AM forward.
  • The Moon is waxing and in its First Quarter phase.
  • A First Quarter Moon occurred yesterday, and a Full Moon will occur on the 23rd.
  • Mercury is retrograde (Mercury is retrograde from January 5-25).
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Let’s Talk Witch – The Gods

wiccan in the woods

The Gods


Witchy practices often focus on the goddess, especially during lunar rituals such as full moon and new moon. But let us not forget her consort, the god, the masculine half of the deity. Like the goddess, the god comes in many different forms, with many different names, and he changes shape throughout the course of the year.

We draw on the same mythological pantheons for the names we call the gods as we do for our goddesses. Greek and Roman gods are often well known (Neptune, Saturn, Pluto, Mars, and Mercury… now where have I heard those before?), as are some Celtic, Norse, and Egyptian gods (among others). Even the names of the days of the week come from the names of Norse gods, such as Thor (Thor’s day became Thursday) and Woden (Wednesday).

Zeus was the father of the Greek gods and ruled from high atop Mount Olympus. (And when they say he was the father of the gods, they aren’t kidding-the guy seriously got around.) The modern-day Olympics are based on a Greek festival that was held in his honor.

Jupiter was Zeus’s Roman counterpart, and like Zeus, he was known for throwing thunderbolts bolts at those who pissed him off. This was true of Thor as well, who was a god of justice. I guess you can figure out what happened to those who didn’t play nice … (ouch, sizzle).

Many Witches like to call on gods from the Celtic pantheon, especially Cernunnos and Herne, both of whom were usually depicted as the figure of a man with stag’s antlers. It is likely that these gods were the origin, at least in part, of the Green Man and Horned God that play such an important part in Pagan worship. We also call on the sun god Lugh, especially on Lugh- nasadh, the holiday we celebrate in his honor.

Apollo was the Greek sun god who was also a god of healing. Traditionally, the sun tended to be the domain of the gods, while the moon fell under the influence of the goddess. This may explain why the god dies during the darkest time of the year and then is reborn at Yule, when the light is beginning to return.

As with the goddess, some Witches call the god by one particular name, or many, or simply use “the god.” It is worth taking the time to explore the many myths and stories surrounding the Pagan gods. Not only are the stories interesting in their own right, but you never know when some god will pop out and call your name, informing you that from that time on, you may call him-and he will answer.


–Deborah Blake, Everyday Witch A to Z: An Amusing, Inspiring & Informative Guide to the Wonderful World of Witchcraft


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Astrology of Today – November 24, 2015





Astrology of Today – November 24, 2015


We may need to face the consequences of letting something go, or wastefulness in some area of life, with Mercury in alignment with Saturn and forming a square with Neptune. Saturn and Neptune are approaching a square, and we’re likely to be feeling some of this energy now. There can be a search for meaning with this influence, as we may need to adjust our goals or refocus. This cannot be done all at once, so it’s important to take the pressure off and simplify so as not to feel overwhelmed.

  • The Moon is in Taurus all day (until Wednesday, November 25th, at 12:15 PM).
  • The Moon is void from 8:25 PM forward (until 12:15 PM tomorrow).
  • The Moon is waxing and in its Waxing Gibbous phase.
  • A First Quarter Moon occurred on the 19th, and a Full Moon will occur tomorrow.
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Astrology of Today – November 19, 2015





Astrology of Today – November 19, 2015



  • The Moon is in Aquarius until 7:21 AM.
  • The Moon is void from 3:19 AM to 7:21 AM.
  • The Moon is in Pisces from 7:21 AM forward (until Saturday, November 21st, at 10:12 AM).
  • The Moon is waxing and in its Waxing Crescent phase until 1:27 AM / the Moon is waxing and in its First Quarter phase from 1:27 AM forward.
  • A New Moon occurred on the 11th, and a First Quarter Moon occurs this morning.
  • Neptune stationed direct yesterday.
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The Wicca Book of Days for Wednesday, November 11th – Peace and Remembrance

Veteran's Day Comments
November 11th

Peace and Remembrance


This is the original cross-quarter day between the autumnal equinox and winter solstice. It is known as Martinmas, after St. Martin, and is observed with a traditional meal of salted(or preserved) food. Peace vigils are held at 11:11 AM to commemorate the 1918 for or meditate on peace on earth. The numerological significance of 11/11 is particularly powerful, since 11 is a “master number,” signifying both good and evil, while the combined numerals give a key of 4, representing the earth, the seasons and the phases of the moon.


Tune In

Harness today’s numerological power by meditating on peace throughout the world. Women should invoke the planets Pluto and Neptune, the element of water and the darkness and silence of the night to connect with the inner goddess, men should focus on their anima or feminine side.



The Wicca Book of Days
Observances, Traditions, and Lore for Every Day of the Year

Selena Eilidh Ash


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Your Weekly Astrology: November 2-8, 2015

Weekly Astrology: November 2-8, 2015

Play well with others

Maria DeSimone is a Daily Insight Group Site

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Your Daily Horoscopes for Monday, August 31st






Your Daily Horoscopes for Monday, August 31st



Aries Horoscope

Emotional impulsiveness can sometimes work in your favor, dear Aries, but only if you’re acting from a place of understanding and heart, not from insecurity. Relationships or projects can be in strong focus today, but past mistakes or challenges may figure strongly in your mind. There could be a disappointment or a misjudgment now which needs correcting. Fortunately, September’s energies are strong for making edits. Energy levels are up and down today. You’re getting a reminder that taking care of mental health is not something to ignore, and that you should aim to respect your natural body energy rhythms instead of challenging them. Love and creativity are emphasized today, particularly on the job. You might decide to turn a hobby into something a little more practical, or a fantasy into something concrete and meaningful. This is a potentially strong day for personal attraction as well.



There may be a small disappointment in your social life today, dear Taurus, possibly due to overblown expectations. You may be questioning a situation that is ambiguous, particularly related to romantic and platonic friendships. It’s not a time for coming to a solid conclusion or a point of closure, so it’s better to wait things out. Even though there is increasing energy for creative and romantic matters in your life these days, you could be tired, overworked, or feeling temporarily lacking in inspiration, making it difficult to tap into your creativity just for the moment. This simply means it’s time to take a small break until you regain your composure. Even so, you are certainly magnetic and attractive right now, drawing attention to you. You are especially aware of, and awake to, creative and romantic impulses.



There can be sensitivity when it comes to reputation or career matters today, dear Gemini, or you could be confused about where you stand. Hold off on very important decision making and large purchases if possible. The need to make adjustments and changes in work-life balance can be obvious now, but should be made when you’re more confident. You are searching for more meaning and a stronger direction in life, and paying a little more attention to intuition to guide you as definite answers don’t seem easy to come by these days. While there can be some tendency to get caught up in rumors, there is good, creative energy for communicating, connecting, and sharing or learning. Your heart is ruling your head today, and there can be some level of drama as a result, but it can also take you to creative, interesting places. Emotional excitement is likely today. You are expressing yourself creatively and attractively. Some of you can receive a warm message from an admirer.



There can be some confusion, disappointment, or simply a temporary questioning of motivation experienced today, dear Cancer, and for you, it is likely to revolve around communications, transportation, projects, and learning. Be a little more vigilant if working with facts and figures, and watch that you don’t communicate in a way that can be misinterpreted. Dream and create, but be cautious when it comes to more practical matters, including driving and operating machinery. If someone is trying to get a commitment or definite answer out of you, and you don’t totally feel right about it, try to politely defer it to a more confident time. Even so, it’s a strong day for creative visions. Venus and Mars joining forces in your solar second house can stimulate good ideas, just be sure to fill in the technical details at a later date. Watch for impulsive purchases.



There may be some confusion surrounding financial or intimate matters today as your ruler, the Sun, opposes Neptune, dear Leo. This yearly event can illuminate the need for more attention to your spiritual and emotional needs. There is a stronger focus on the material and physical world these days, and today, experiences may illuminate some level of spiritual discontent. Some of you could be dealing with a situation in which you need to draw boundaries with others who are draining you of time or energy. On practical levels, avoid making larger purchases as well as lending and borrowing, just for now, until you are seeing things more clearly. Some of you could be questioning someone’s intentions or whether you’re being shown the respect you deserve. This is not the time to push for problem solving, nor for making important decisions in the material world. Even so, Venus and Mars joining forces in your sign today point to animal magnetism and extra sparkle.


Virgo Symbol/Glyph

You may be feeling especially sensitive to people’s reactions and comments today, dear Virgo. The Sun in your sign lifts your spirits in general these days, but an opposition to Neptune today, a yearly event, can point to a small disappointment or seeming setback. Someone or something may burst your bubble, or you could be feeling discontent or misunderstood now. You could find that you’re swinging from overly positive to overly negative assessments of yourself and of a close someone, and can’t seem to find the in-between, which is of course where the truth lies. Avoid the trap of hoping that someone else will make you happy – work on making yourself happy. Everything seems to happen at once today, and this can be quite wonderful if you are prepared and organized, or frustrating and offputting if you are not. You have a big need to connect to something spiritual or mystical in order to find more meaning in your life. Blending this with your recent focus on physical concerns will be ideal. Try not to project fantasies onto people and situations, as you may make more of them than they deserve, good or bad. An unusual attraction or discovery on the level of feelings can occur, possibly even from a dream, or a private longing is emphasized now.


Libra Glyph-Symbol

While the day holds creative promise, dear Libra, there can be some lack of clarity to deal with now, particularly related to what is expected of you and what you expect from others. Work and service are in strong focus, but it can be difficult dealing with routine matters if you’re not feeling motivated or directed. There is a lot going on behind the scenes and you may not always feel on top of your game as a result of this general distraction. While energy levels are less than ideal, personal attraction and emotional stimulation are strong now. Your intuition is highly stimulated and increased compassion can motivate you to help someone out or to provide a service. While attractions are strong today, some level of confusion is likely, and it can be difficult to accurately “read” people in your life at the moment. Similarly, while you might envision an exciting project today, it can be difficult knowing how to get it off the ground.


Scorpio Symbol Glyph

You can bring strong people skills and unique creativity to the table today, dear Scorpio, particularly on a professional level. Your reputation can get a boost. Nevertheless, some confusion can surround your relations, attractions, and desires right now. Where you stand with friends or lovers may be a point of confusion, or you could be questioning your own feelings about someone. For some of you, this could be about a project, as you might be temporarily uninspired or questioning its viability. You could be see-sawing between fantasy and reality. It’s possible that someone isn’t being honest with you, but it’s also possible that you are deceiving yourself through wishful thinking. Romance or affectionate feelings can actually be draining today if you don’t know where you stand, but you are also likely to be especially amorous now with Venus and Mars coming to an alignment.


Sagittarius Glyph Symbol

While it’s a strong day for creativity and personal appeal, dear Sagittarius, you may not be feeling on solid ground today with a Sun-Neptune opposition in challenging aspect to your sign. If you resolve to simply go with the flow and accept that you may not need to know everything at this point in time, you’ll be far better off. Even so, listen to any signal that you have been ignoring your more spiritual needs. Confusing energies tend to surround family and career matters. While generally speaking this period is good for career and ambition, today you might be feeling a little insecure or concerned about family and personal matters. There can be vague concerns on the home front, or some temporary less-than-confident feelings experienced now. The day is better used for creative and imaginative undertakings. Adventure and play are in focus with Venus and Mars approaching an alignment in your adventure sector. Share your enthusiasm with others. Your powers of attraction are strong, but you might also be attracting hangers-on or confusing situations.


Capricorn Symbol/Glyph

Neptune opposing the Sun today can temporarily throw a veil over our perceptions, dear Capricorn. You may have felt that you were sailing along relatively smoothly, and now you could be questioning what to believe, and what to believe in. Distractions may not be more plentiful, but you could be more sensitive than usual to them now, and as a result, it can be a challenge to concentrate. Misinformation may be circulating, and there is a tendency for looping conversations that don’t really get you to where you want to go mentally. Be careful not to make a commitment or speak too soon or officially on a matter until the fog clears and until you are certain of the facts. Another influence with you today can also pull up unusual feelings and desires, and some of you could have a sudden urge to act upon hidden or previously buried desires and feelings. The temptation to keep important information from someone (an error of omission) can be strong. Similarly, try not to put too much faith in what you’re told for the time being, as there can be missing, and vital, information. Nevertheless, there is mysterious and sensual energy surrounding you, and meeting up with a past friend is possible now.



With Venus and Mars approaching an alignment today, dear Aquarius, there is spontaneous, creative, and desirous energy around you today. However, the Sun is opposing Neptune, challenging our perceptions, and this requires some caution when it comes to investing energy, time, or resources into iffy situations. Occurring across your resources sector, it’s important to avoid important financial transactions, lending, and possibly even borrowing. Boundaries could be crossed now, and it may be difficult to establish them clearly. Keep in mind that you are bound to bring out strong feelings and reactions in others whether you want to or not. There could be some form of letdown involved with a close relationship, but consider that this may bring you closer to a better understanding of someone, as true friendship is about accepting the real person, not only the image of a person or relationship. For some, a financial or ownership matter can be up in the air just for now. Try not to press for answers and resolve to pay more attention to your spiritual needs while protecting your material ones.



With the Sun and Neptune in opposition today, dear Pisces, it’s unlikely you are seeing people clearly and situations realistically. It’s equally as possible that others are not seeing you correctly, and it’s important not to encourage this. Ultimately, it works against you. There might also be confusion about where you stand with someone or how deep a commitment may be. You might also feel a little resentful if someone seems to be taking the lead or pushing something that you’re not ready for. If there is a letdown today, remind yourself that it’s better to attach yourself to dreams that lift your spirits than those that let you down. Venus and Mars are moving towards an alignment in your work and health sector, however, and this brings spontaneous, creative energy to your life in small ways.
You might be quite effective at combining work and play now. While desires are strong and seem quite urgent at times today, how to fulfill them is the tricky part right now!

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