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WOTC’s Extra – Magickal Activity Honoring Valentine’s Day

Miscellaneous & Cute Valentines Day Comments

Magickal Activity Honoring Valentine’s Day

A Love Box

Items You Will Need:

A small heart-shaped box painted pink
Love Drawing Oil
One pink votive candle
A Small square of parchment paper
A lock of your own hair
Red ribbon
One rose quartz

Begin by drawing a heart in the center of the parchment paper. Inside the heart inscribe your name and the name of the one you desire or love. Wrap the parchment paper around the lock of your hair and secure it with the red ribbon. Place the parchment, along with the rose quartz, inside the box and close the lid.

Using a pin or sharp object inscribe your name and the name of the one you desire (or love) into the pink candle. Pick up the candle and anoint it with the love-drawing oil as you chant:

“May the God of love hear my plea,
And bring everlasting love to me.”

Set the candle on top of the box and light it. Gaze into the flame of the candle and visualize the one you love loving you in return. Chant the following seven times:

“Hail to thee, great God of Love,
Shine down on me from far above.
Bring the one I desire to me,
That we shall ever love. So Mote It Be.”

Just before the candle burns out drip some of the wax around the lid of the box to seal it shut. On Valentine’s Day, present the box to the one you desire as a token of your love and friendship.

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Mother Nature Can Be Fickle

Winter Comments & Graphics

Mother Nature Can Be Fickle

Winter’s cold is Mother Nature’s way
Of saying, lie with me now, lay your head on my breast
It’s snow, a blanket under which to lay
Neath a crystal cover, enjoying winter’s cold caress

Frost rimed windows … Mother Nature’s art
Icy abstractions painted with frosty finesse
Crystalline concoctions that form only a part
Of Mother Natures wonderful winter largesse

Ice coated limbs of slope shouldered trees
droop drowsily down as if fallen asleep
Unable to sway in winter’s frigid breeze
Appear as white mounds, when the snow drifts deep

The stillness one hears on cold winter nights
Broken by the sudden crack of ice laden boughs
The ethereal essence of undulating northern lights
Headlights in the sky for Nature’s snowplows

All is withdrawn, in awe of Nature’s might
Willingly waiting, deep neath frozen ground
Safely sequestered, from winter’s cruel bite
In warm tunnels and burrows, til spring comes around

Mother Nature invites winter into her domain Cohabits with coldness, wantonly sleeps with Jack frost
Yet finds cold winter quickly falls to disdain
Invites in the spring…and tells winter to get lost

Mother Nature is fickle…and also the boss!

—–David Whalen

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Wakey, Wakey, It’s Tuesday Morning, Time To Get Up!

“The Mother’s Prayer”

“Our Mother, whose body is the Earth,
Sacred is thy being.
Thy garden grow.
Thy will be done in our cities, as it is in nature.

Thanks be this day for food, and air, and water.
Forgive us our sins against Earth, as we are learning to forgive one
And surrender us not unto extinction, but deliver us from our folly.
For thine is the beauty, and the power, and all life, from birth to
death, from beginning to end, forever.

So be it,
Blessed be.”

1989 by Henry Horton


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The WOTC Wishes You & Yours A Very Blessed Friday!

Ancient Mother

Ancient Mother, you guide my footsteps,
Ancient Mother, you ease my fears.
Ancient Mother, you hear my questions,
Ancient Mother, you heal my wounds.

Ancient Mother, you hear me calling,
Ancient Mother, you hear my song.
Ancient Mother, you hear my laughter,
Ancient Mother, you taste my tears.

In your arms I know my safety,
In your heart I find my song.
In your voice I hear my wisdom,
In your love I find my joy.

Ancient Mother, I hear you calling,
Ancient Mother, I hear your song.
Ancient Mother, I hear your laughter,
Ancient Mother, I taste your tears

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Shine Your Blessings Down Upon Us Today, Tuesday, May 21st

Days Of The Week Comments
Good Morning, dear family and friends! I hope with all my heart all of your loved ones are safe and sound. I watched the tragedy last night and again this morning. Seeing images like those being shown on TV will depress the best of us. Really. Just over and over again. I know, turn off the damn TV. I changed the channel simplest thing to do.


I was thinking this morning here recently we have been doing a lot of praying on this site. Haven’t we? I know some might see it as odd especially on a Witchcraft site. But to me, praying to my Goddess is very comforting. I can feel Her Warmth and Love. It is just like my mind is wiped cleaned for a minute. Nothing to think about, I am at peace with myself and the world. I have forgot all the problems that exists. The tears in my eyes are replaced with a sparkle of Her Love. She fills the void of hopeless in my life. With Her all things are possible.


If you think there is too much prayer on this site, I am sorry. But you see now the Goddess is my rock, She is my All. For without Her, I am nothing. She is my Almighty Mother with whom all things are possible.


Goddess Bless You & Yours,

Lady A

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Keep The 19 Shooting Victims & Their Families In Your Prayers!

Goddess Comments & Graphics

Our Hearts and Prayers goes out to the 19 people wounded in New Orleans. Let us say a prayer for them today and light a candle. That they will all make a speedy recovery and bless their families during this trying time.

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The Trees I Have Started to Grow

The Trees I Have Started to Grow

Author:   Mentis Amor 

To Bridgitte and Brieanne, my two beautiful girls,

I have thought about how to raise you as a pagan parent. I have so far tried to raise you as strong secure women so that when you are grown will you look back and see your mother as a blessing and you will you remember my teachings and grow from there.

I see you both as trees, just saplings now. If I cultivate your spiritual and mental needs, you will grow up strong and secure. You will be straight, always looking towards the sky. But if I do not succeed, you grow up without enough strength and you will bend to others opinions. You will reach up crooked, not knowing your path because you did not know which way to grow. This is my fear. So how do I teach you; how do I help you grow?

I thought a long time about what this means to raise two girls and to teach them and still be respectful of their individuality because they may not choose my path. But I would hope for them that they choose something that will fulfill them as I have found something that filled my spiritual needs.

So I researched and read all sorts of different articles, books and opinions, sifting through the many theories regarding pagan parenting. I came to this one night while talking with my grandmother about all of the different things that being a mother required. All the while, she sat there with a knowing look on her face and a silent regard to what I had to say.

Then she said, “ Try this. This is how I did it and how your mother did it and how my mother did it.” She had said something so simple I had not even thought of it before. I had to take a good look at myself and how I do things and how my mother did them and how her mother did it. I was looking at a long line of healers and teachers and parents who have grown trees of their own, each one hoping that their child would reach to the sky.

That does not mean I come from a long line of witches. My grandmother happens to be very dedicated to Christianity and one of the few people I know who lives kindly and loving every day of her life. My mother is very into the Native American traditions. She prays to the spirits and trusts the wisdom of the earth.

They taught me about healing naturally without drugs. Using tea to heal an infection and using baking soda to cure a bee sting… or that ginger will (9 times out of 10) cure an aching belly. It is what they taught me about the many different methods that were passed down generation to generation, each one teaching the next of the natural healing, love, respect for the earth, cycles of life, and to set their children’s feet on a spiritual path filled with compassion.

My mother taught me to respect the spirits. Sometimes they will speak to me, so I must listen carefully. Thus, I learned to trust my intuition.

My grandfather taught me that all life is sacred and should be respected. When I kill an animal for food, I must be thankful for it and not waste the blessing.

And my great grandmother taught me that herbs can cure, but they must be treated with care and grown with love. When it comes time to take what I have sown, I am to be thankful for the blessing.

So, I carry on with what I was taught and what I have learned, teaching my children about the wonders of nature. And through the natural healing that comes from my teachings, they are cured — like I was cured — without being medicating into an dulled state of mind.

And yes, I still get the scoff “You don’t take them to the doctor for every little sniffle and cough?” No, I do not. Chicken broth worked for me; it will work for them.

I teach them about the tarot and the wheel of the year and how every living thing on this planet is connected. Everything I have learned as a pagan. I tell them we must not hide from our shadow selves, but learn to be at peace with it. And most importantly, to be grateful of the blessings that we are given and to never take for granted our daily miracles.

To love themselves for who they are and also to love others for who they are because you never know someone until you have seen life through their eyes. To stand up for themselves and to be strong. Just because they are understanding does not mean that others will be understanding.

When my girls have grown and read articles, opinions, and books on their own, I hope that they will look back on the many different teachings of their family and find the wisdom here at home.

I pray to the creator that they will learn from the people that came before them and trust that the spirits of their grandfathers and grandmothers are guiding them.

Girls, your mother loves you and wishes you the best in this world. Fill it with your own light and love and you will be at peace. Do not care what others say. If they are mean, it is only because they don’t understand.

Grow tall and strong. Hold your head up and keep your back straight. Do not easily bend to another’s opinion. Learn as much as you can before making up your mind.

Remember, my little ones, I will always be here for you and I will tell you the same thing I was told:

This is how I did it and how your grandmother did it and how her mother did it.

Be happy and fruitful, my blessings!

Your Mama Bear

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Daily Feng Shui Tip for May 12th – ‘Happy Mother’s Day’

Few words in any language can evoke the same emotion with the same intensity as those that this day celebrates. Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers on this planet, the ones who gave birth and the ones who have chosen to nurture other people’s children. And if you’re one of those children wondering what magical gift to give to Mom on this day, Feng Shui says that a statue of an elephant will bring her both fortune and luck. This tradition also tells that a white elephant will deliver her heart’s desire within a short amount of time. As well, jade jewelry is believed to bring healing, health and longevity to her life while a live rosemary plant will gift her with financial independence. Giving Mom any (or all) of those gifts will definitely give you a leg up in the ‘who’s Mom’s favorite’ debate!

By Ellen Whitehurst for

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