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Mercury in Sagittarius

Mercury in Sagittarius

Expand your mind with mental Mercury in sunny Sagittarius

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Open your mind, but hold your tongue — that’s the best advice we have over Thanksgiving dinner, when communication planet Mercury moves back into bold and sometimes reckless Sagittarius on November 27, 2014.

Mercury is a bit of wild-card in Sagittarius. That’s because Mercury is all about thoughts and words, and Sagittarius is all about action. This translates into a time when we may find ourselves speaking too soon, accidentally saying rude things, or spouting off things that aren’t true.

If you’re prone to telling tall tales or getting your facts wrong, or if you know anyone like that, it’s going to be exacerbated now. We’re all advised to try harder to think before we speak and to consider others’ feelings more. But there’s an upside to Mercury in Sagittarius, too.

Because Sagittarius is so open-minded and adventurous, our thoughts will become more expansive, too. We might start thinking about travel or going back to school or starting a new job. Sagittarius is a visionary, so our minds will wander far and wide during this time.

Make big plans for December! With Mercury in Sagittarius until December 16, it’s a great month for feeling confident, thinking positive and doing something exciting.

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Wednesday Is Ruled By Mercury

Celtic Comments & Graphics

Wednesday Is Ruled By Mercury


Wednesdays are wild and wacky days. They are for communication, change, cunning, and the arts. This is a Mercury day, and just its patron god this day is full of contradictions, change, and excitement. Some suggestions for Wednesday enchantments would include:

•Pulling a little Wednesday color magic into your life by wearing purples or orange

•Carrying a multipurpose agate with you and tapping into its various charms

•Working with magical plants such as the fern for protection. This plant will also boost the power of any other magical plants with which it is arranged.

•Incorporating lavender into charms and spells for transformation

•Using the charming scent of lily of the valley to improve your memory, or working with the aspen tree for communication

•Calling on Athena, patron of arts and crafts, for inspiration for a new project

•Fanning out a Tarot spell to increase you creativity

•Calling on Hermes on a Wednesday night to bring movement and good luck into your life

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Tasha’s Day By Day Planner For Best Use Of The Energy Of The Day!

Mermaid Comments & Graphics

Tasha’s Day By Day Planner For Best Use Of The Energy Of The Day!

Tue. 11/25 Diligent Capricorn Moon gets lots done. Mercury conjunct Saturn facilitates important communication.

Wed. 11/26 Effective Capricorn Moon polishes off the morning duties. Eclectic Aquarius Moon highlights unique, unusual choices as Venus trines Uranus and Sun squares Neptune.

Thu. 11/27 Friendly Aquarius Moon shines on all. Mercury into Sagittarius helps education clarify communication.

Fri. 11/28 Inventive Aquarius Moon seeks unique solutions.

Sat. 11/29 Sweet Pisces Moon embraces troubled souls.

Sun. 11/30 Spiritual Pisces Moon brings insights into meditation. Mercury square Neptune suggests relying on intuition, not logic


Courtesy of Granny Moon’s Morning Feast

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Get a Jump on Tomorrow, Your Horoscopes for Tuesday, Nov. 25th

It’s time to get serious now and acknowledge our limits under the stabilizing influence of stern Saturn. The mentally constraining Mercury-Saturn conjunction shows us the weak links in our thinking. Fortunately, the calculating Capricorn Moon helps us revise our plans. Mercury’s connection to potent Pluto motivates us to convey our deepest concerns. Although we may hesitate, it’s still useful to get our point of view out into the open.

Aries Horoscope

(Mar 21 – Apr 19)

Although you may decide to suppress your desires now, it’s only because you realize that sharing them could create more problems. You have a good sense of what is real and you are moved to talk your walk today. You might not be sure how to proceed, but this isn’t a valid reason for inaction. You must speak the truth that previously existed only within your imagination. People will be more likely to engage you honestly if you can push past your fears and express what’s in your heart.

Taurus Horoscope

(Apr 20 – May 20)

You wish that all your relationship dreams could come true, but this may not be possible now. Fortunately, you can still be happy with your current lot in life since you prefer knowing the unvarnished truth than wandering around lost in a fantasy. But awareness works in both directions and it’s your responsibility to communicate honestly, even if your message is a difficult one. Although you might feel as if you’re engaged in an uphill battle, the climb is well worth the effort. A heart-to-heart talk with a close friend or lover sets the stage for future happiness.

Gemini Horoscope

(May 21 – Jun 20)

You are preoccupied with your thoughts today, but it may be difficult to keep your mind on the sunny side of the street. Your key planet Mercury joins karmic Saturn, making you an intellectual force with which to be reckoned. Instead of falling back on your clever wit, use your considerable communication skills to dig into the mysteries hidden in the shadows. Although you might want to make light of a heavy situation, Saturn expects you to be serious when it comes to maintaining your integrity.

Cancer Horoscope

(Jun 21 – Jul 22)

If you find yourself stuck in an emotional funk today, you might believe there’s no easy way out. Your current situation could be bothering you enough now that it is apparent to everyone around you. There’s no need to pretend when it comes to your inner process. Those who love you don’t want you to hide; they want to know the real you. Taking a risk and sharing what’s in your heart may seem like a scary thing to do but it’s the only way to deepen a meaningful relationship.

Leo Horoscope

(Jul 23 – Aug 22)

An intense wave of self-awareness washes over you today, but the results are uncharacteristically sobering. It’s not that you have lost your legendary confidence; it’s just that you’re not feeling very lighthearted now. Your natural tendency is to downplay negativity, but that could just make things worse. A more radical approach is in order. Invite someone special inside for a peek into your private world. Revealing your vulnerability is not the easiest path, but it could lead to the biggest transformation.

Virgo Horoscope

(Aug 23 – Sep 22)

You might not know whether to stand on your soapbox and shout your truth or grit your teeth, swallow hard and keep quiet. Either way, you may wish you took a different route as your key planet Mercury bumps into Saturn’s finality. There is no magical solution but you have to decide whether you can run with your ideas now or should acquiesce to someone in control. The answer to this dilemma is not as straightforward as it seems. The wisest strategy is to simply live with this paradox for a while longer. In the meantime, count your blessings; try not to take life so seriously.

Libra Horoscope

(Sep 23 – Oct 22)

You’re not willing to bury your feelings today just to keep the peace. You Libras are known for your innate diplomatic skills and your natural propensity for putting the needs of others in front of your own. However, a close friend or family member might push you too far, prompting you to do some serious thinking as you reshuffle your priorities. You are at a tipping point; channel your emotional intensity into clarifying your position and then take a stand. Speak your truth and let the chips fall as they may.

Scorpio Horoscope

(Oct 23 – Nov 21)

It’s all too easy to work yourself into a corner today as heavy Saturn leans on mental Mercury in your sign. Thankfully, you intuitively realize that you have the power to manifest the changes that are needed no matter how much effort it requires. Your self-criticism and self-judgment aren’t productive now — nor are they necessary. You are only restrained by the limitations of your own thoughts rather than by external circumstances. Give yourself new options by simply opening your mind.

Sagittarius Horoscope

(Nov 22 – Dec 21)

You may be secretly struggling against the lessons that taskmaster Saturn is teaching you now. The good news is the hardest work is probably already completed. The time for scheming is over; whatever you do today establishes the direction for your next journey. Although you might erroneously believe that you must show progress toward your goals, forward movement isn’t necessarily part of your current curriculum. Instead, accept the temporary restrictions being placed on your plans while sticking to your convictions.

Capricorn Horoscope

(Dec 22 – Jan 19)

You might be resigned to tear down any walls that are currently standing between you and your goals. You know that you’re capable of reaching your destination, but you’re tired of being the one who bears the final responsibility. For once, you wish you could just let it all fall apart. Rest assured that common sense will come to your rescue while mental Mercury works in tandem with your key planet Saturn today. Proceed with determination instead of aggression for the best results.

Aquarius Horoscope

(Jan 20 – Feb 18)

Your out-of-the box strategy for success may not be as effective as you think today. Instead of drawing attention to what makes you different, surprise everyone by demonstrating your ability to collaborate in a conventional manner. Although you might not get away with being eccentric now, you can break the mold of someone’s expectations by cheerfully adapting to the current situation. But don’t restrain your creativity any more than is necessary or you could lose your edge of brilliance.

Pisces Horoscope

(Feb 19 – Mar 20)

If you are shouldering an emotional burden, you have a rare chance to finally release whatever is bothering you now. It’s just not worth holding on to all your imagined worries that are based upon painful failures or old hurts. Being unnecessarily fearful is not helpful and only prevents you from feeling the love that is waiting for you just on the other side of a wall. All you have to do is open the door and let it in. Don’t limit your future by clinging to your past.

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Your Weekly Astrology for November 24-30, 2014

Weekly Astrology: November 24-30, 2014

The dark clouds are breaking up…

Maria DeSimoneMaria DeSimone on the topics of venus, sagittarius, astrology


Romance gets exciting and communication gets complicated this week.  Here’s the lowdown on the key cosmic events the week of November 24-30, 2014.

Tuesday, Nov. 25: Mercury conjunct Saturn

On Tuesday, Mercury will be conjunct Saturn, forcing us to “sober up” in our thought patterns. You’ll have a studious mind, capable of great concentration. At the same time, you may have a “no mercy” attitude if there’s an important decision you need to make. It’s great to be able to do what you must do, but don’t forget to consider how hard it might be for others to follow suit.

Wednesday, Nov. 26: Venus trine Uranus; Sun in Sagittarius square Neptune

On Wednesday, you’ll have a five-star day for love! Venus in Sagittarius and Uranus will be in an electrifying embrace, opening up the door for sudden love potential if single. If attached, you and your mate will likely decide to explore new horizons together. This new, unplanned adventure is sure to leave both of you breathless! Also on Wednesday, the Sun will square off with Neptune. Your spiritual side will be aroused, but you might not make the most practical decisions on this day.

Thursday, Nov. 27: Mercury in Sagittarius

On Thursday, Mercury enters Sagittarius, where he remains until December 16. Your mindset goes from deep and dark (while it was in Scorpio) to suddenly feeling as if all the clouds have lifted. Optimism and a thirst for knowledge will prevail. You’ll enjoy spreading your personal message and sharing your opinions with others. Just remember to respect theirs in return!

Sunday, Nov. 30: Mercury square Neptune

On Sunday, Mercury squares off with Neptune, and it’s a red flag day for signing contracts or making vital decisions. Something is “off” in the sense that facts are missing, or you simply don’t fully understand what is being asked of you. Wait until this aspect has safely passed before making any type of commitment.

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Daily Cosmic Calendar for Friday, November 21

Do you need some celestial reinforcement to enhance your problem-solving skills? Help is on the way in the form of the monthly Moon-Pallas union in Scorpio (12:23AM). This key conjunction can double as a boost for strategy sessions and innovative work in almost any field of endeavor. Meanwhile, your mind and emotions can coalesce to form a dynamic-duo several hours later when Mercury forms a supportive, 60-degree alliance with Mars (6:02AM). The monthly Moon-Mercury union (10:20AM) — energizing communications across the board — might seem to settle any doubt that today appears to be a winning experience, but almost simultaneously Mars forms a dicey, 45-degree link to Neptune (10:19AM). This Mars-Neptune encounter can ruffle your feathers by creating a rising tide of confusion and chaos in a wide variety of activities. Do your best to think carefully before acting. Rash behavior is taboo. Pallas and Juno forging a frictional square pattern (8:10PM) can also prove jarring, mentally and emotionally. Therefore, cool your heels around this time-period, avoiding over-analysis or brooding about the mood swings of a dear one. This last day of Solar Scorpio concludes with the Moon making a union with Saturn in Scorpio (9:54PM). Learn lessons from respected teachers, mentors, and elders. Be aware that the Moon-Saturn liaison begins a void lunar cycle that lasts until 4:20AM tomorrow when Sagittarius Moon starts in earnest. [Note to readers: All times are calculated for Pacific Standard Time. Be sure to adjust all times according to your own local time so the alignments noted above will be exact for your location.]

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Planet Tracker for Today: Mercury in Scorpio, Nov 8 to Nov 27

Planet Tracker

Mercury in Scorpio

Nov 8, 2014 to Nov 27, 2014


This planet of communication gets down to the depths whenever it’s in Scorpio. The mind melds with emotions, descending into the body, into the past and into life’s mysteries. This can be a very powerful period for talking about difficult issues regarding relationships, money and mortality. Psychological awareness is more acute now, as perceptions take us under the covers of the obvious, seeking hidden meaning and motivations.

The dark side of Mercury in Scorpio is represented by the mistrusting mind, one that holds secrets and fears them at the same time. Communication becomes a means of control, rather than connection. However, seeing our fears doesn’t mean that we have to perpetuate them. The opportunities are ripe for discussing heretofore forbidden subjects, resulting in greater degrees of trust and intimacy.

Deep thinkers born with Mercury in Scorpio include Deepak Chopra, Jodie Foster, Carl Sagan, Sylvia Plath and Hillary Rodham Clinton. Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon and John Lennon expressed their deep thoughts in songs.

Martin Scorcese’s Mercury in Scorpio puts the lens on life’s dark side, unlike Jesse Jackson, Prince Charles and John F. Kennedy Jr. Movie star Merc in Scorpios are Winona Ryder, Demi Moore and Richard Dreyfuss, while television brings us Suzanne Somers, Henry Winkler, Susan Lucci and Chris Noth.

Mercury in Scorpios Whoopi Goldberg and John Cleese make us laugh, while Bonnie Raitt and Luciano Pavarotti please our ears. Dr. Bernie Siegel teaches us how to face the fear of disease and transform ourselves through spiritual awareness. This reminds us how changing our perceptions changes our reality.


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Daily Cosmic Calendar for Monday, November 17th

It would be great to report that with Mercury in a heightened mode of expression that the universe is at your beck and call. The fleet-footed Messenger of the Gods planet made two powerful alignments yesterday and now Mercury forms an off-kilter, 150-degree link to its higher-octave planet, lightning-like Uranus (2:05AM), trines healing-maestro Chiron in water signs (2:58AM), makes a potentially frictional contra-parallel with giant Jupiter (2:14PM), and completes today’s quartet by squaring emotional-empowerment expert Juno (3:42PM). Because an 8-hour void lunar cycle in Virgo — from 3:12AM to 11:31AM — is also evoking a sense of uncertainty in the psychic atmosphere, gaining solid traction across the board may not be a slam-dunk. Patience is a cardinal and cosmic virtue under these wavering conditions. Once the Moon skips off happily into airy, affable Libra (11:31AM), the favorable lunar state may provide a greater opportunity to improve the quality of your primary partnerships — particularly with the added benefit coming from a constructive, 60-degree rapport between the Moon and Venus (2:20PM). Watch out for topsy-turvy situations and surprises coming out from left field a few hours later when Pallas makes an off-kilter, 150-degree tie to Uranus (5:20PM). Strategy sessions concerning investment planning look promising tonight — courtesy of a trine between Pallas and Chiron (9:12PM) followed by another trine linking Vesta with Jupiter (11:12PM). Make as much progress as you can this evening since the annual, often restrictive Sun-Saturn conjunction happens early tomorrow (12:51AM). [Note to readers: All times are calculated for Pacific Standard Time. Be sure to adjust all times according to your own local time so the alignments noted above will be exact for your location.]

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