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Elder’s Meditation of the Day – November 20

Elder’s Meditation of the Day – November 20

“Money cannot buy affection.”

–Mangas Coloradas, APACHE

In these modern times we put too much emphasis on material things and on money. We believe that money is power. If we have money, people will respect us. If we have money, people will admire us. If we have money, we can have anything we want. Maybe we can purchase anything in the material world, but we cannot purchase anything in the Unseen World. The Unseen World is not for sale. It can only be given away. Love, affection, admiration, trust, respect, commitment — these must be earned or given away. If we use these things from the Unseen World, we are using real power.

My Creator, let me demonstrate Your power today. Let me be loving to all I meet.

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Elder’s Meditation of the Day – November 18

Elder’s Meditation of the Day – November 18

“Power is not manifested in the human being. True power is in the Creator.”

–Oren Lyons, ONONDAGA

The Old Ones say the only true power is spiritual power. Sometimes our egos tell us we have power but really we don’t. Great Spirit power is called by other names such as love, forgiveness, intelligence, life, principles and laws. When the Creator uses this power to make the human being powerful, we must stay humble. We should constantly acknowledge that we are who we are. We do what we do because of the power of the Great One.

Great One, guide me to use Your power well. I will use it only to serve the people.

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Let’s Talk Witch – What Is Meditation?

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What Is Meditation?

For many people, the word meditation conjures up images of Buddhist monks sitting cross-legged, intoning “ooooommmm.” However, meditation in one form or another has been a part of every major religion throughout the world. In the past few decades, conventional Western medicine, professional sports, correctional facilities, and the business world have also discovered the benefits of meditation. Meditation is sometimes described as listening to God, whereas prayer is talking to the Divine.

When you meditate, you empty your mind of all thoughts and become receptive, allowing impressions and inspiration—from your subconscious or from a higher source—to flow into your awareness. The body’s processes slow down. You feel calm, relaxed, and centered.

According to Jeremy Taylor, a seventeenth-century English prelate and author, “Meditation is the tongue of the soul and the language of our spirit.” Perhaps that sounds somewhat lofty, but meditation isn’t a high-and-mighty process, and you don’t need to be a monk to do it. In time, with a little practice, virtually anyone who wants to can learn to meditate.

Meditation enables you to contemplate ideas at a deeper level and better comprehend them. In meditation, you can explore the great mysteries that have engaged human hearts and minds for eons. Some people choose to ponder a single concept, word, or image, such as the Zen saying “one hand clapping,” during meditation. This technique strengthens your mental muscles and expands your perception.

Witches find meditation useful because it helps them gain mental and emotional clarity. Daily meditation clears the clutter from your mind, balances the relationship between the inner and outer worlds, disperses tension, centers the spirit, and creates a positive atmosphere for working magick. From this hushed state of the body and soul, you can channel energy more easily. Stress and anxiety dam up flow of creative energy. As practitioners you know, a clear, still, focused mind and a quiet heart are necessary to perform effective spells.

Excerpts from:
The Everything Wicca and Witchcraft Book: Rituals, spells, and sacred objects for everyday magick (Everything®)
Skye Alexander
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Elder’s Meditation of the Day – November 10

Elder’s Meditation of the Day – November 10

“The battle for Indian children will be won in the classroom, not on the streets or on horses. The students of today are our warriors of tomorrow.”

–Wilma P. Mankiller, CHEROKEE

The world is constantly changing. One of the strengths of Indian people has been our adaptability. In today’s world, education is what we need to survive. We need doctors, lawyers, teachers, scientists. We can become these things and still live in a cultural way. We need to live in two worlds; the educated world and the Indian cultural world. Education will help protect our land, our people’s health, and provide knowledge for our people. We must teach reading, writing and arithmetic. Also, we must teach the language, the culture, the ceremony and the tradition of our people.

Creator, let me remember You are my teacher.

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Elder’s Meditation of the Day – November 3

Elder’s Meditation of the Day – November 3

“A sundance woman is like the morning star, filled with spiritual beauty, wisdom and knowledge. Men and women are the most powerful of the polarities. We walk beside men as equal partners. It takes men and women who have respect and love for one another to live within the embrace of Father Sky and Mother Earth.”

–Dr. Henrietta Mann, SOUTHERN CHEYENNE

Our ceremonies bring out the best in us. It’s in the ceremony that we find the place of honor and respect for each other. The place where the men honor the women and the women honor the men. We dance for each other. The ceremony helps us remember our responsibility toward each other. Men and women need to be strong, to love one another and be faithful. Only by doing this can we give our children knowledge of good relationships.

Great Spirit, today I will notice the power of the women; today I will notice the power of the men.

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Elder’s Meditation of the Day – October 30

Elder’s Meditation of the Day – October 30

“My children, you have forgotten the customs and traditions of your forefathers. …You have bought guns, knives, kettles, and blankets from the white man until you can no longer do without them; and what is worse you have drunk the poison firewater, which turns you into fools. Fling all these things away; live as your forefathers did before you.”

–Pontiac, ODOWA

We need to think as our forefathers did. They knew the culture and the customs. The culture taught them how to live in harmony with each other. We need to think like this again. We must because God-reliant. We don’t need the firewater. This liquid is very destructive to our native people. It kills our spirit. Our Indian people are happiest when we are spiritual. When we depend on anyone or anything else, we get off track. We need to talk to the Elders and find out what the old ways were. We need to ask them to teach us the culture, the tradition and the customs. This will help us become whole again.

My Maker, guide my path as you did my ancestors.


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Lets Talk Witch – Trance: Traveling the Divine Matrix

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Trance: Traveling the Divine Matrix


While we previously explored the beneficial properties of meditation, trance work takes those basic techniques and builds on them to transport you further down the magical path. While the purpose of meditation is to quiet the mind and relax the body, trance work begins at the point where the effective meditation is actualized. In trance work, you are seeking not only mere relaxation, but also information and insight, even prophecy and a glimpse at things to come— images from the deep recesses of your mind.

Once a meditative state is achieved, it is possible to introduce ideas into the open and relaxed mind that will move the practitioner into a much deeper state of self-awareness. Because a trance can sometimes be difficult to control , it is important to verbalize what you are hoping to learn by allowing yourself to enter into a trance like state. This is similar to the creative visualization, wherein you suspend disbelief and entertain imagination as reality. However , the trance differs in that the symbols and images you encounter will be generated by your own mind and not introduced into your consciousness by an outside source. A trance journey can be a very powerful experience, leading the practitioner to a deeper level of understanding of his or her own spirituality. It can illuminate the dark areas of the soul that we seek to embrace without fear. It can teach us why we choose the things that we do, why we seem to call in certain energies and not others.

Trance is a state of complete relaxation and trust as well as cognitive lucidity. In your meditative practice, you may have discovered the challenge of maintaining your energy level while simultaneously trying to relax. Maintaining lucidity is extremely important. A trance is not a nap or a daydream, but a concentrated effort to explore areas of the mind normally associated with dreaming while awake. Clarity will allow you to access the far corners of your mind. You may be surprised by what you discover there. Some people experience memories of a past existence. Others find a recurring problem illuminated in such as way as to achieve resolution. Some find inspiration through the removal of creative blockages.

Whatever your goal in entering a trancelike state, you will surely discover some dormant aspect of your mind or personality that will aid your magical workings. By committing your consciousness to traveling to a place beyond time, you are undertaking shamanic work, the work of the spiritual realm, and this is never to be taken lightly. You are, in essence, exploring the world of the deities, one that remains mostly hidden from us on the earthly plane of existence. How you experience this journey will be determined by your frame of mind. When you face the unknown with respect instead of fear, you open yourself to esoteric knowledge that would otherwise be unattainable.

A symbol often used in magic is that of the six-pointed star, composed of two overlapping triangles, one pointing up, one pointing down . Also known as the Star of David, this symbol , in addition to its association with Judaism, is regarded as the magical symbol for the upper world and the lower world: “as above, so below.” It is a highly charged conduit for psychic intent. We seek knowledge of the world beyond while maintaining our connection to the earth. We seek communion with the spirits without having to permanently leave our bodies. We seek comprehension of the afterlife while we keep our life on earth. It is the line between these worlds that you are choosing to walk when you enter a trance . It is much more than something that can be conjured by your imagination alone. Your encounters along the paths between the worlds are powerful images.

One of the most immediate challenges you will face when beginning your trance work is letting go of intellectual reasoning. This is the voice that has you convinced that imagination is not reality and that experiences outside of the laws of reason are not to be trusted. You must first leave this voice behind.

A Witch’s Grimoire: Create Your Own Book of Shadows
Judy Ann Olsen

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Elder’s Meditation of the Day – October 29

Elder’s Meditation of the Day – October 29

“Mothers must protect the lives they have helped to bring into the world.”

–Haida Gwaii, Traditional Circle of Elders

Every child is subject to the seeds each adult plants in his/her mind. If we plant praise and “you can do it”, the child will grow up with certain predictable behavior patterns. If we plant ideas that there’s something wrong with you or you’re good for nothing, the child will grow up with predictable behavior patterns. We need to honor and respect the mothers who protect the children and plant positive seeds for their growth.

Great Spirit, bless each mother and give her courage and faith

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