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Herb Lore And Magick (Herbs A thru L)

Herb Lore and Magick


Acacia – Protection, Psychic Powers
Adam & Eve Roots – Love, Happiness
Adders Tongue – Healing
African Violet – Spirituality, Protection
Agaric – Fertility
Agrimony – Protection, Sleep
Ague Root – Protection
Alfalfa – Prosperity, Anti-hunger, Money
Alkanet – Purification, Prosperity
Allspice – Money, Luck, Healing
Almond – Money, Prosperity, Wisdom
Aloe – Protection, Luck
Aloes, Wood – Love, Spirituality
Althea – Protection, Psychic Powers
Alyssum – Protection, Moderating Anger
Amaranth – Healing, Protection, Invisibility
Amber – Success, Love, Insipration
Ambergris – Psychic Ability, Viions
Anemone – Health, Protection, Healing
Angelica – Exorcism, Protection, Healing, Visions
Apple – Love,Healing, Garden Magic, Immortality
Apricot – Love
Arabic Gum – Purify negativity and evil
Arbutus – Exorcism, Protection
Asafoetida – Exorcism, Purification, Protection
Ash – Protection, Prosperity, Sea Rituals, Health
Aspen – Eloquence, Anti Theft
Aster – Love
Avens – Exorcism, Purification,Love
Avocado – Love,Lust, Beauty
Bachelor’s Buttons – Love
Balm, Lemon – Love,Success, Healing
Balm of Gilead – Love, Manifestations, Protection, Healing
Bamboo – Protection, Luck, Hex-Breaking, Wishes
Banana – Fertility, Potency, Prosperity
Banyan – Luck
Barley – Love, Healing, Protection
Basil – Love, Exorcism, Wealth, Flying, Protection
Bay – Protection, Psychic Powers, Healing, Purification, Strength
Bayberry – Properity
Bean – Protection, Exorcism, Wart Charming, Reconciliations, Potency
LoveBedstraw/Fragrant – Love
Beech – Wishes
Beet – love
Belladonna – astral projection *DEADLY POISON*
Benzoin – Purification, Prosperity
Bergamot – Focus, Manifestations
Bergamot, Orange – Money
Be-Still – Luck
Betony wood – Protection,Purification,Love
Birch – Intution,Empathy, Protection, Exorcism, Purification
Bistort – Psychic Powers, Fertility
Bitter Almond – Peace, Meditation
Bittersweet – Protection, Healing
Blackberry – Healing, Money, Protection
Black Pepper – Energy, Strength
Blackberry – Money, Healing, Protection
Bladderwrack – Protection, Sea Spells, Wind Spells, Money, Psychic Powers
Bleeding Heart – Love
Bloodroot – Love, Protection, Purification
Bluebell – Luck, Truth
Blueberry- Protection
Blue Flag – Money
Bodhi – Fertility, Protection, WIsdom, Meditation
Boneset – Protection, Exorcism
Borage – Courage, Psychic Powers
Bracken – Healing, Rune Magic, Prophetic Dreams
Brazil Nut – Love
Briony – Image Magic, Money, Protection
Bromeliad – Protection, Money
Broom – Purification, Protection, Wind Spells, Divination
Buchu – Psychic Powers, Prophetic Dreams
Buckeye – Divination, Money, Wealth
Buckthorn – Protection, Exorcism, Wishes, Legal Matters
Buckwheat – Money, Protection
Burdock – Protection, Healing
Cabbag – Luck
Cactus – Protection, Chastity
Cajeput – Healing
Calamus – Luck, Healing, Money, Protection
Camellia -Riches
Camphor – Chastity, Health, Divination
Caper – Potency, Lust, Luck
Carawy – Protection, Lust, Health, Anti-theft, Mental Powers
Cardamon – Lust, Love
Carnation – Protection, Strength, Healing
Carob – Protection, Health
Carrot – Fertility, Lust, Grounding
Cascara Sagrada – Legal Matters, Money, Protection
Cashew – Money
Cassia – Stimulant
Castor – Protection
Catnip – Cat Magic, Love, Beauty, Happiness, Psychic Development
Cattail – Lust
Cedar – Healing, Purification, Money, Protection
Celandine – Protection, Escape, Happiness, Legal Matters
Celery – Mental Powers, Lust, Psychic Powers
Centaury – Snake Removing
Chamomile – Money, Sleep, Love, Purification
Cherry – Love, divination
Chestnut – Love
Chickweed – Fertility, Love
Chicory – Removing Obstacles, Invisibility, Favors, Frigidity
Chili pepper – Fidelity, hex Breaking, Love
China Berry – Luck
Chrysanthemum – Protection
Cinchona – Luck, Protection
Cinnamon – Spirituality, Success, Healing, Power, Psychic Powers, Lust Protection, Love
Cinquefoil – Money, Protection, Prophetic Dreams, Sleep
Citron – Psychic Powers, Healing
Citronella – Beauty, Enjoyment
Civit – Lust, Sexuality
Cloth of Gold – Understand animal languages
Clove – Protection, Exorcism, Love, Money
Clover – Protection, Money, Love, fidelity, Exorcism, Success
Club Moss – Protection, Power
Coconut – Purification, Protection, Chastity
Cohosh,Black – love, courage, protection, potency
Coltsfoot – Love, Visions
Columbine – Courage, Love
Comfrey – Safety during travel, Money
Copal – Love, Purification
Coriander – Love,Health, Healing, Happiness
Corn – protection,luck, divination
Cotton – Luck, Healing, Protection, Rain, Fishing Magic
Cowslip – Healing, Youth, Treasure Finding
Crocus – Love, Visions
Cubeb – Love
Cuckoo-flower – Fertility, Lover
Cucumber – Chastity, Healing, Fertility
Cumin – Protection, Fidelity, Exorcism
Curry – Protection
Cyclamen – Fertility, Protection, Happiness, Lust
Cypress – Longevity, Healing, Comfort, Protection, Grief
Daffodil – Love, Fertility, Luck
Daisy – Lust, Luck
Damiana – Lust, Love, Visions
Dandelion – Divination, Wishes, Calling Spirits
Datura – Hex Breaking, Sleep, Protection
Deerstongue – Lust, Psychic Powers, Love, Fedility
Devils Bit – Exorcism, Love, Protection, Lust
Devils Shoestring – Protection, Gambling, Luck, Power, Employment
Dill – Protection, Money, Lust, Luck
Dittany of Crete – Manifestations, Astral Projection
Dock – Healing,Fertility, Money
Dodder – Love,Divination, Knot Magic
Dogbane – Love
Dogwood – Wishes, Protection
Dragons Blood – Love, Protection, Exorcism, Potency
Dulse – Lust, Harmony
Dutchmans Breeches – Love
Ebony – Protection, Power
Echinacea – Strengthening Spells
Edelweiss – Invisibility, Bullet-Proofing
Elder – Exorcism, Protection, Healing, Prosperity, Sleep
Elecampane – Love, Protection, Psychic Powers, Strengthening
Elemi – Grounding
Elm – Love
Endive – Lust, Love
Eryngo – Travelers Luck, Peace, Lust, Love
Eucalyptus – Healing, Protection
Euphorbia – Purification, Protection
Eyebright – Mental Powers, Psychic Power
Fennel – Protection, Healing, Purification
Fenugreek – Money
Fern – Rain Making, Protection, Luck, Riches, Eternal Youth, Health, Exorcism
Feverfew – Protection
Fig – Divination, Fertility, Love
Figwort – Health, Protection
Fir Balasm – Expansion, Success
Flax – Money, Protection, Beauty, Psychic Powers, Healing
Fleabane – Exorcism, Protection, Chastity
Foxglove – Protection
Frankincense – Protection, Exorcism, Spirituality
Fumitory – Money, Exorcism
Fuzzy Weed – Love, Hunting
Galangal – Protection, Lust, Health, Money, Psychic Powers, Hex breaking
Galbanum – Purification
Gardenia – Love, Peace, Healing, Spirituality
Garlic – Protection, Healing, Exorcism, Lust, Anti-Theft
Gentian – Love, Power
– Fertility, Health, Love, Protection
Ginger – Love, Money, Success, Power, Protection
Ginseng – Love, Wishes, Healing, Beauty, Protection, Lust
Goats Rue – Healing, Health
Goldenrod – Money, Divination
Golden Seal – Healing, Money
Gorse – Protection, Money
Gotu Kola – Meditation
Gourd – Protection
Grain – Protection
Grains of Paradise – Lust, Luck, Love, Money, Wishes
Grape – Fertility, Garden Magic, Mental Powers, Money
Grass – Psychic Powers, Protection
Ground Ivy – Divination
Groundsel – Health, Healing
Hawthorn – Fertility, Chastity, Fishing Magic, Happiness
Hazel – Luck, Fertility, Anti-Lightning, Protection, Wishes
Heather – Protection, Rain Making, Luck
Heliotrope – Exorcism, Prophetic dreams, Healing, Wealth, Invisbility, Opens Chakras
Hellebore,Black – Protection *POISON*
Hemlock – Destroy sexual drives *POISON*
Hemp – Healing, Love, Vision, Meditation
Henna – Healing
Hibiscus – Lust, Love, Divination
Hickory – Legal Matters
High John the Conquerer – Money, Love, Success, Happiness*POISON*
Holly – Protection, Anti-Lightning, Luck, Dream Magic
Honesty – Money, Repelling Monsters
Honeysuckle – Money, Psychic Powers, Protection, Peace
Hops – Healing, Sleep
Horehound – Protection, Mental Powers, Exorcism, Healing
Horse Chestnut – Money, Healing
Horseradish – Purification, Exorcism
Horsetail – Snake Charming, Fertility
Houndstongue – Tying dogs tongues
Houseleek – Luck,Protection, Love
Huckleberry – Luck, Protection, Dream Magic, Hex Breaking
Hyacinth – Love, Protection, Happiness, Self Confidence, Grieving
Hydrangea – Hex Breaking
Hyssop – Purification, Protection
Indian Paint Brush – Love
Iris – Purification, Wisdom
Irish Moss – Money, Luck, Protection
Ivy – Protection, Healing
Jasmine – Love, Money, Prophetic Dreams, Meditation
Jobs Tears – Healing, Wishes, Luck
Joe-pye weed – Love, Respect
Juniper – Protection, Anti-theft, Love, Exorcism, Health
kava-Kave – Visions, Protection, Luck
knotweed – Binding, Health
Ladys mantle – Love
Ladys slipper – Protection
Larch – Protection, Anti theft
Larkspur – Health, Protection
Lavendar – Love, Protection, Sleep, Chastity, Longevity, Purification, Happiness, Peace
Leek – Love, Protection, Exorcism
Lemon – Longevity, Purification, Love, Friendship
Lemon Balm – Clearing, Success, Love, Healing
Lemongrass – Repel snakes, Lust, Psychic powers
Lemon Verbena – Purification, Love
Lettuce – Chastity, Protection, Love, Divination, Sleep
Licorice – Love,Lust, Fidelity
Life Everlastin – longevity, Health, Healing
Lilac – Exorcism, Protection
Lilac (Blue) – Inner Harmony
Lilac (White) -Purification
Lily – Protection, Breaking Love spells
Lily of the Valley – Mental Powers, Happiness
Lime – Healing, Love, Protection, Energy
Linden – Protection, Immortality, Luck, Love, Sleep
Liquidamber – Protection
Liverwort – Protection
Liverwort – Love
Looestrife – Peace, Protection
Lotus – Protection, Lock-Opening
Lovage – Love
Love Seed – Love, Friendship
Lucky Hand – Employment, Luck, Protection, Money, Travel


From the Website, Coven of the



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The Six Most Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned on My Path as a Witch

The Six Most Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned on My Path as a Witch

Author: Northern Dreamer

I know, I know: who cares, right? Everyone’s experiences, everyone’s path, everyone’s lessons are different- it’s all based on where we came from and where we’re going. But I refuse to believe that I’m the only one who has benefitted from these lessons, these self-discoveries, and I put them out there in the hopes that someone may read them, then smile softly and subtly to him or herself as they remember the truth of the lesson, whether painful or joyful, and when he or she learned it. I also hope someone may get inspired to make a head start on their lesson learning. I’ve been practicing the craft in some form or other for nearly 20 years; much of it was self taught until I was lucky enough to find a wonderful coven and extended spiritual/Witchy family.

1. Don’t form or hold onto idealized versions of people. No matter how much someone excels in one area, he/she is only human, and will have flaws in other areas. This applies to our High Priests and Priestesses, our teachers, our coven members or others in our Pagan community whom we hold in high esteem, and even our own family, spouses, or significant others. I don’t say this to sound jaded. The person who taught me this lesson taught it to me quite unintentionally. I love her deeply, am thankful for her and everything she is and isn’t to me. But for a while I thought she was the best thing since sliced bread, and she was going to work with me, and show me the way, and she was the perfect combination of light and dark that I was looking for in a teacher. She had the spunk, knowledge, and humor that fit perfectly with my own personality. She was ready to teach and I was ready to learn, and advance farther than I was able to on my own. And I did. I grew by leaps and bounds, my confidence expanded, my knowledge, my trust in my intuition.

And then shadow work started. And shadow work can be deeply painful, yet freeing. It’s such important work for Witches to do, in my humble opinion. If we truly wish to affect change in our world- whether our own sphere of existence or the greater world at large- we must first experience change within ourselves. Know ourselves and our faults and work to change them. Through the shadow work, we revealed pieces of ourselves to each other and I gained a greater respect for the people I was working with. Such strong, bold people who have grown accustomed to hiding our pain, sharing it with only each other and a select few in our lives. And I’m not saying that seeing this vulnerability in her changed how I see her and negatively impacted it. That’s just wrong. But it helped me to see the areas where she was weak, where her shadows emerged in her life and interactions, and most importantly, where my own light that I cast upon her and others illuminated her and others so that I could not see the shadows when they were right under my nose. There were no lies, no deception, just a dawning realization that maybe she wasn’t perfect. That maybe promises made were unable to be kept… for perfectly valid reasons, but for whatever other reason, weren’t being communicated. The same traits I had loved and admired had become a source of hurt and disappointment over time. We can’t help this- it’s human nature, I feel, to overlook and ignore traits on someone whom we so badly want to believe will be the next big thing- whether it be boyfriend or girlfriend, boss, teacher, etc. Eventually the illusion has to end. Let it end with a whisper, not a bang; a smile, not a grudge. Your relationship might grow even more for having done so.

2. Know your faults, love your faults- and the faults of others. I know this is hard. From the time we’re very young, we’re taught to fix, cover-up, be ashamed of, and ultimately hate our faults. Unfortunately, no matter what age you are, from the very old to the very young, people still feel remarkably free (entitled) to share their opinions on exactly whatever it is they think you should do to make yourself “happier, ” i.e. change. I know my faults all too well- physical, emotional, mental, and behavioral. I’ve always prided myself on at least being able to acknowledge and be aware of my faults, if not fully embrace them and love them. But again, through shadow work, I’ve come to learn the source of a lot of my non-physical faults, and even some physical manifestations of them. This awareness has brought me to a place where I can step back in just about any situation (I’m still far from perfect, after all) , and see where my reactions and motivations come from, and how I need to adjust my approach. It is such a valuable skill to have.
There are so many things I would love to change about myself, but I don’t want to be perfect. I think some demons, some skeletons in closets, some dust and cobwebs and mysterious dark spots built character and give one depth. I wouldn’t want to be perfect, because I don’t want to be exalted by anyone. I want to be a part of a community, and part of being a part of anything involving humans is being imperfect.

So as you learn your own faults and shadows and ways to navigate around them, be sure to show yourself some compassion for being a perfectly imperfect and complicated human being. And don’t forget to show the same compassion and patience for others. This is something I’m guilty of, but am working on. Try to think before speaking, and avoid using phrases like “you should, ” or “why don’t you just, ” or even the cringe-worthy “you know what your problem is?” Embrace the cliche: everyone is fighting battles that you can’t see, including you. Recognizing your own weak spots makes it easier to acknowledge and go easier on those of others.

3. Not everything is a sign, not everything is not a sign- learn to read the signs. You know when you look at something, and something just shifts and clicks and you get a butterfly sensation that is followed by a feeling akin to a ghost punching you in your solar plexus? Chances are you’ve just been the recipient of a cosmic sign. Congratulations, good luck trying to sort it the *bleep* out! When one first embarks down the path of awareness or magick or work with the divine, it is tempting to fall victim to the belief that the universe is trying to reach out to you in a thousand different ways, get your attention and tell you everything is coming up roses, you’re on your way to greatness, and to pepper your path with flowers and ideas and inspiration. Isn’t that lovely? Remember that talk we had about idealizations… it applies to everything, sweetness.

For a while my intuition was completely blocked, for very good reasons. I couldn’t recognize a cosmic sign if it knocked me upside the head, tripped me, then introduced itself to me as it helped me back up. As a part of healing myself from a very long struggle with mental illness, I had closed myself off to much of what had given me strength. My empathic gifts were far too much for me to handle, and in order to heal myself and conquer my illness, I had to cut myself off. I didn’t know I had, but I built an astral Fort Knox around myself, which was a haven at first, but later began to feel like Alcatraz. Looking back, I can make the connections with experiences that had actually been signs, and the misses and near misses associated with said signs and my inability to recognize them. As I began my work with my coven, and the process of opening myself up again to experiencing energy of all kinds, including people’s energy and emotions, I was careful not to fall back into that pattern. I’ve been careful of a lot since my reclaiming of my sanity, including being extra careful not to fall into delusion.

I’m very aware of the stigma of mental illness, yes- even within the Pagan community, and as such have turned into a proud skeptic of sorts. It gives me strength to really appreciate the times when some cosmic force reaches out to me, whether it be one of the deities I have dedicated myself to, or some other source. We all do receive them, I wholeheartedly believe, but one person can’t receive seven a day while some go years without. I just don’t believe it works that way, because that would be wildly out of balance. In my experience, if a message/sign/symbol/omen hits you in the head it’s wishful thinking, if it hits you in the gut it’s hope or desire (or dread/fear) , if it’s right between the two, chances are you’ve been tapped to pay attention. And if you’re not sure what it means in the moment, well… good luck to you in working out the eternal mystery of the forces that guide us. Turn to divination, or meditate and reflect. If you’ve been on the path and have yet to receive a message or a sign, take heart and have hope. If you haven’t considered changing the way you listen or interpret what you hear (see, feel, etc.) , maybe it would be a good idea to look into ways to do that.

4. Judge not, it’s unbecoming of everyone. This is one I still struggle with, and probably always will. We’re born to judge- ourselves, others- that’s how we shape our world and determine our preferences and values. But I think everyone could use a helpful reminder now and then. At a Pagan gathering, I caught myself easily dismissing someone who was participating in a group discussion just because I thought her to be a little too… intense, and a little too into the drama of it all. Granted, some of what she said was just (from my point of view) attention seeking nonsense, and the rest of it was lost because I started judging her for her that gibberish. But I could have missed something that might have resonated with me, or made me think differently, and I could have possibly lost a lesson that I needed because of my judgment and dismissal, and now I may have to learn that lesson the hard way since I didn’t take in the message the first time around. I get this way around some New Age conversations because some people get so passionate about some things that I write it off as more or less hokey or bordering on the conspiracy theory side of things. I’m getting better at reminding myself of this when I catch myself judging or dismissing, I listen for if there is any value that I can take away, and either make a gracious exit if there’s not (and if it’s appropriate to do so) , or sift through what I find of value and don’t and make the most of my time.

Many people could just as easily think the same of me when I speak (or when they read this) . It’s hard, I know. But this is how we break down boundaries and connect to others from different paths, cultures, and races. Not every Christian is out to get you and tie you up and convert you. Most Christians I know don’t even carry rope with them. Not every Heathen is a beer/ale/mead guzzling barbarian who likes to play Viking. You get the idea. Let’s practice this idea of tolerance, because there’s too much division out there to be creating so much within our own communities. It’s easier said than done, I know, but I’ll try to take the lead.

5. Forgiveness is more powerful. Period. It is more powerful than anything else you can throw out into the universe, because forgiveness is an act of love. Love for yourself, and love for others. Forgiveness is also a process. It’s not like we can say someone is forgiven and all slights and sins and pain is washed clean away. Wouldn’t that be freakin’ nifty? Forgiveness is a process, and it can be a damn hard one at that. Forgiving doesn’t mean that you have to keep someone in your life that hurt you. You can, and I admire the people who work through issues like infidelity, betrayal, abandonment, etc. It doesn’t mean forgetting what harm was done. It means loving yourself, and placing enough value in yourself and your progress as a spiritual, magickal being, and making a conscious decision to begin healing. Grudges, anger, spite, and general malefic feelings are a heavy weight, a toxic blight on your spirit. If you can’t invest that kind of energy in yourself, show yourself that you’re worth it, why on Earth would any higher being want to invest any more time in you? I’m not saying they won’t, I’m just saying you’re sending mixed messages. Also, it doesn’t have to be an outside target, this forgiveness thing. Sometimes the biggest obstacles can be overcome by beginning the process of forgiving yourself. I know this personally. I spent the majority of my life living as a person with undiagnosed bipolar II disorder. I have been well and healthy and stable for 10 years. Before that… I’ve said, done, and been a lot of things that I am not proud of, that cause me shame, embarrassment, and general internal cringing when I think back on it. But that all came from a place of so much pain, frustration, and being in the dark. I was so sick, and I’m able to see that, and work towards healing that side of myself, forgiving myself. Even asking for forgiveness. It’s humbling. I understand certain twelve step programs have something similar. I don’t deal with substance addiction as an issue but find the act of talking with people who knew me then and letting them have a chance to know me now- it’s incredibly liberating. Sometimes. Sometimes it is awkward, and sometimes entirely not worth the trouble. But I put myself out there because I am worth it. And so are you.

So I recommend taking some time to take an inventory, and find a place to start. It doesn’t have to be big. It can be as small and powerful and symbolic as giving a silent thought, willing yourself to let go of that knot inside yourself, even if just a little at first, or as much as writing something on paper- a statement of forgiveness, a letter, a description of the event/person, then burning it as a symbol of release and scattering the ashes to the wind (responsibly, please- don’t burn down your back yard or neighbors house in your quest for healing and empowerment) . When I am ready to forgive, I have two methods that I like to use to symbolically acknowledge the beginning of healing that wound. If you’re handy with wood, you can carve out a symbol or word (s) representing the situation, then willfully wipe the slate clean by scraping/whittling/sanding the carvings off. You can also do this on paper by writing the symbol or words, then covering them with brighter, bolder, more powerful words of a positive intent to cover and replace the negativity. Either way, the media you choose to use is changed forever- you’ll never get that sliver of wood back to where it was, you’ll never be able to erase the marks off the paper, not completely, but you’ve chosen the course of alteration. Good on you.

Which leads us to…

6. You are more powerful than you will ever know, and will only keep surprising yourself. As long you are honest, work with integrity, pride, and keep working towards that goal of self-awareness. Know thyself. No power of three will set you free. You will. If you take the time to know yourself- your motivations, your aspirations (true aspirations, not just what you might tell people to sound impressive or make friends) , your spiritual and magickal work will take off. Honesty with yourself is the best, most solid foundation to any sort of learning you choose to embark on, but especially so with the Craft. Have fun with getting to know yourself. Approach it as method actor tries to get in the head of his character. You might be surprised and delighted by what you find. Love yourself, all your quirks and silly traits, all the things that bring you joy and pride. These are your strengths. When you have a better definition of you, your path will be that much better defined.

But these are just (some of) my lessons. I can’t speak for everyone. I hope you have found value in some of what I’ve written. I wish you much luck on your path. Steady footing out there, friends.

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Feng Shui for Monday, March 17th: ‘Saint Patrick’s Day’

Today’s ‘Saint Patrick’s Day’ energies are closely associated with all things fortune and luck. Feng Shui says that if you want to attract great fortunes and fabulous luck into your life then you should move 27 things around your living space. This philosophy considers 27 to be a key number in and moving 27 objects will create a pathway for a change in fortunes while also attracting some mighty good luck. Be sure to visualize ‘getting lucky’ as you move things around today.

By Ellen Whitehurst for

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Daily Motivator for Oct. 15th – Good things you deserve

Good things you deserve

Living richly isn’t just for someone else. You deserve a life that’s filled  with richness and joy, and you deserve to be the person who makes it happen.

Good fortune isn’t just for someone else. You deserve to have good fortune,  and you deserve the experience of creating that good fortune with your attitude  and your efforts.

You deserve to have a lucky break. So get busy and do what it takes to give  yourself one.

Let today be the day you stop waiting for something good to come along. Get  up, get going, and make something good, valuable and meaningful out of what you  already have.

Go ahead and give yourself all the good things you deserve. Feel how great it  feels to be positive, focused, helpful, compassionate, caring, productive and  joyful.

You deserve the best in life precisely because you’re fully capable of making  it happen. Your opportunity to live richly is here and now, so put it to  outstanding use without another moment’s delay.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator

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Daily OM for October 8th – Objects of Power

Objects of Power


by Madisyn Taylor


Having a talisman imbued with your intention is yet another tool you can use to assist you in your journey.

For millennia, mankind has found peace and solace in objects of significance. When cleansed and consecrated through ritual, such objects – be they gems, amulets, herbs, or written words – become talismans. A talisman is any item imbued with a specific power by its bearer to serve a specific intention. Ancient Egyptians used massive stone tablets as healing talismans while the Greeks and Romans used lead talismans to communicate with the spirit realm. Traditionally, a talisman acts to anchor energy in the physical plane. That energy may be protective in nature or may be intended to draw abundance, wealth, or a wide variety of blessings to its user. Today, a talisman may be made of wood, metal, paper, stone, or natural elements such as plants. Often, talismans are small enough to be easily worn or carried, and they may be marked with words or symbols that the talisman’s owner deems meaningful.

Creating and owning a talisman can reassure you and also serve to aide you in attracting what you want in life. You may use your talisman to help you attain health, security, or good luck. Or you may simply want to carry an object with you that will remind you of your search for soulful tranquility. In order to create a talisman, you must first determine its physical properties. This can be as innocuous as a strip of paper bearing the word “Love” and carried in a wooden box or cloth sack. You may prefer a more visible talisman, such as a metal amulet or a gemstone worn as jewelry. Before your object becomes a talisman, however, it must be charged. This can be done by cleansing the object – with water or with incense – and holding a ritual of your own making. Or, you can leave the object in moonlight or sunlight or bury it in the earth for a time. To preserve its effectiveness, talismans should be reconsecrated regularly.

Almost any object can be transformed into a talisman of protection, good fortune, health, love, or serenity. It may be strung on a cord and hung around the neck, worn on a belt, or carried in a purse or pocket. But the physical properties of the talisman are not as important as the intention of its bearer. If you are grounded in your desires, your talisman will give you a focal point that you can concentrate on to affirm your intention and help you achieve your goals

Daily OM

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Superstitious beliefs and customs are very much a part of Filipino culture. We
have a whole panoply of pamahiin ranging from beliefs in supernatural beings
(spirits, engkantos, witches, talismans, amulets); beliefs connected to
marriage, conception, birth, & child rearing; and beliefs linked to death &
afterlife. Many of these beliefs are considered ridiculous and silly but many
people believe it to be symbolic. For instance many of the beliefs that could be
categorized under human actions or activities are important to the lives of
people such as sleeping, eating & gift-giving. These actions feature highly in
the imagination of our people and much symbolism has been attached to them.


If you bite your tongue accidentally, someone is talking about you or thinking
of you.

It is not good to take a bath right after eating for this will cause the stomach
to enlarge.

After bathing at night, do not sleep while your hair is wet for you will become
blind or insane.

If you dream that one of your teeth is being pulled, it means death to one
member of your family.

Have a new car blessed to avoid accidents & for greater car longevity.

Boiling egg while saying the Lord’s prayer assures a soft-boiled egg. (This is
because saying the Lord’s prayer takes about 15 sec thus assuring a soft-boiled

A broken mirror given by a beloved presages a broken engagement.

In building stairs, be sure to count the steps with oro (gold), plata (silver),
and mata (death). The last step must fall on oro or plata to insure good luck to
the house dwellers.

When building a house, the door and stairs must face the East where the sun
rises to insure good luck.

Children should not be allowed to play in the afternoon for they might bump into
unseen beings. (Of course this probably came about because parents just want
their children to take naps in the afternoon.)

When you bury dead animals under fruit trees, the fruits of these trees will be

Buying anything on New Year’s Day results in extravagance throughout the whole year.



Clearing the table while others are still eating will cause the diners not to
ever get married.

A mole on the forehead or nose means luck in business.

A lady singing while cooking will marry a widower.

A girl sitting at the head of the table becomes a spinster.

Stepping over a person while he/she is lying down removes the person’s chances
to marry. Another variation is it will cause the person not to grow. To reverse
the curse, the person who stepped over the person lying down must retrace his
step backwards.

If the younger sister or brother gets married before the older siblings, the
older siblings will never get married.

Getting married the day before a full moon brings prosperity to your marriage.

It is considered bad luck for siblings to marry within the same year.

During the wedding ceremony, the groom must be the first to arrive at the church
and wait for the bride, but not vice versa, otherwise it is a bad omen.

It is bad luck to see the bride in her wedding gown before the wedding.



Putting money directly on the family dining room table is bad luck.

When there’s a spider or any other insects (except roaches…eeew!) don’t kill
it because it could be re-incarnations of past relatives and is present to watch
over you and/or your family.

When you give someone a pair of shoes as a gift, ask the recipient to give the
you money (penny, nickel, dime, quarters, or anything higher) so that they can
say that they bought it off you. If that person doesn’t give you money, he’ll
step all over you. You will be taken advantage.

When you’re driving and a black cat runs across your path, spit out the window
to avoid bad luck.

On New Year’s Eve, jump up when the clock strikes midnight so that you will

On New Year’s Day, you should wear or have something around you that is either
linear or circular so that you will have a prolonged life.

Don’t sit on tables in a business office. Bad luck will come over the business.

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I guess most of us are just a tad superstitious, at least to the point where we
don’t take unnecessary chances. You know, better safe than sorry.
There are certain superstitions that I go along with, but breaking a mirror
brings seven years bad luck ain’t one of ’em. Heck, I know a man who broke one
and he didn’t have seven years bad luck at all. He was run over by a train and
killed the day after he broke it.

Here is a list of southern superstitions I’ve heard all my life. I’m sure you
will remember a number of them:

– If you sweep dirt out of the house on Friday, the house will burn down.

– Wash your hair in the first rain in May, and it will grow faster.

– Cross your eyes and jump over a ditch at midnight, and your eyes will stay
crossed forever.

– See a cardinal, make a wish, and pinch someone to make it come true.

– Make a wish on a redbird before it flies, and your wish will come true.

– Sleep with a mirror under your pillow, and you will see your future husband.

– When a man’s second toe is longer than his big toe, he will be henpecked.

– If a bride goes to the altar with some salt in her pocket, she will always be

– When fish jump above the water, look for rain.

– Run into a cobweb, and you’ll get a letter.

– If your palm itches, you are going to get some money.

– If your nose itches, it means you are going to have company.

– Carry in your pocket a button you’ve found, and it will bring you good luck.
– Walking on the other side of a post from a friend will bring on a quarrel,
unless you say “bread and butter.”

– Snakes will not come around a place where gourds are growing.

– It will bring much bad luck if you sleep on new, unwashed sheets.

– To become beautiful, get behind a door and eat a chicken foot.

– A woman who drops her apron will lose a friend.

– If your left foot itches, you will walk where you’re not welcome.

– Look under a bed, and you’ll never marry.

– It’s bad luck to lean a broom against a bed.

– If someone sweeps under your feet, you’ll never marry.

– If your initials spell a word, you will become rich.

– If your shoestring becomes untied, someone is talking about you.

– Shaking hands over a fence will bring bad luck.

– Those whose teeth grow wide apart will be travelers.

– Always step into a courtroom on your right foot when you have business there.

– A woman with short fingers makes a good manager.

– If you sneeze before breakfast, you’ll see your sweetheart before Saturday

– If you can see the sunshine through a man’s ears, he’s a rascal and can’t be

– Whistle in bed and you’ll cry before the next night.

– You can be sure of rough weather if the grape or pecan crop is heavy.

– It’s bad luck to climb over anybody in bed.

– It causes bad luck if you bring an old broom into a new house.

– It’s bad luck to take up ashes from the fireplace during the Christmas season.

– If a fly flies around your face continually, a stranger hopes to meet you.

– Cut your fingernails before breakfast on Monday morning, and you’ll get a
present before the week is over.

– Forget to wash a skillet and you can expect a guest for the next meal.

– When hornets nests are low, it will be a cold winter.

– The first thunder of spring wakes up the snakes and tells you that winter is

– It’s good luck for a butterfly to light on your shoulder.

– A wish made in a bed that’s never been slept in will come true.

– You can utter any untruth your heart desires as long as your fingers are

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Working With The Days of the Week – Sunday

Sunday Is Ruled By The Sun

Archangel: Michael

Candle colour: Gold

Incenses: Frankincense or orange

Crystals: Amber of clear quartz

Use Sundays for spells for new beginnings, for worldly success, to achieve ambitions and to reverse bad luck, especially financial and for health.

Where possible, use an open space in sunlight for sun spells, such as a sunny beach or shimmering plain.

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