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Scanning The Planets: North Node in Libra, Now Until November 2015

Scanning The Planets

North Node in Libra: Now Until November 2015

Peace, Poise and Polarities

Author: Sarah Varcas

The North Node signals the direction in which we must move to fulfil our potential. It spends roughly a year and a half in each sign and its shift into a new one sets the tone for the collective thrust of development in the coming eighteen or so months. In Libra it casts its light upon our relationships and the ways in which we do or don’t promote harmony in our lives and the lives of those around us. North Node in Libra reminds us that we can’t avoid other people, nor can we fully accommodate them. Instead we must work to find a balance point at which we can give and take as necessary to enable progress in the field of human relationships and understanding.

At the time of the node’s entry into Libra the Moon and Mars were also in the sign of the scales. There exists an inherent challenge here: how on earth do we move forward in unity when we each have our own personal thoughts and feelings, goals, aspirations and fears fueling our lives day in, day out? How do we find the middle ground where we can meet others in a spirit of openness and honesty despite difference, competition and suspicion, all of which human beings are so good at perpetuating!! The answer lies in the domain of the South Node in Aries (Libra’s opposite sign), which reminds us that a healthy ego is one which can individuate itself whilst still embracing the essential value of others despite the many layers of difference which threaten to divide us. There are many people who can stand out, fight for what they want and go all out to secure their goals, and there are many inclined to give in to others, let them call the shots and accommodate their needs in an attempt to stay loved or appreciated and therefore safe and secure. There are fewer people who can do both according to what would promote the best and highest outcome at the time. We tend to be fairly polarised in this respect and the coming months present an opportunity to observe ourselves in action and see what’s really going on in our relationships.

For things may not always be quite as they seem….! We may see ourselves as loving and giving, supportive of others and empathic, when in fact we’re giving everyone what they want because what we want is to make ourselves indispensable: we are seeking to meet our own needs through meeting those of others. If we discover that we’re not indispensable we may fall into the martyred ‘I did everything for you and look how you treated me’ role. In fact we’re angry and hurt because the other person didn’t fulfil what we perceive to be their duty: to need and appreciate us to the extent that we require!

Likewise we may see ourselves as utterly independent, in need of nothing and no one, out there doing our own thing and getting our own way. And yet our behaviour is actually a way to avoid the vulnerability of relationship, and the courage we perceive ourselves to exhibit is a thin veneer to hide a deep anxiety triggered by intimacy and emotional attachment. True courage, when we’re living that end of the spectrum, would be to let down our guard, open our heart to another and ride the unpredictable waves of relationship for a while.

When it comes to the tricky world of connection and intimacy there are so many influences and dynamics, we can become lost in what we assume should come naturally. But relationships don’t always come naturally and it’s time to consider why that is and what we can do about it. When the North Node is in Libra it reminds us that emotional connections which grow between ourselves and another provide insight into our inner world as much as they do into the world of the other person. It is therefore important to look within as much as without as we cross the relationship terrain. If we see patterns repeated in our contact with others we may need to accept that we’re the common denominator and as such most likely have the power to change something for the better. If we find that our interpretation of the behaviour and actions of others always has a familiar ring no matter who they are, we might need to consider the meaning that we’re projecting onto the world around us. Likewise it may be time to offer some honest and authentic feedback to a loved one about what we perceive them to be doing in their relationships.

It can be a tricky subject and one from which we often shy away, but while the North Node is in Libra we have a chance to reflect deeply upon relationships and to receive the many blessings which doing so can deliver: greater self-awareness, deeper empathy, more patience, more courage, a stronger sense of identity in the face of others’ demands. And there are many more… The North Node in Libra is not about being peaceful, it’s about uncovering the polarities in our lives which, when revealed, can enable us to gain a greater sense of balance and poise amidst the maelstrom of human interaction. At times doing this is anything but pleasant, but in the long run it enables us to engage with the world around us from a place of compassion, openness and authenticity which is, after all, the greatest challenge we all face at this critical time in the history of our planet and all who live upon her.


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Your Charm for November 17th is Libra the Balance

Your Charm For Today

Libra the Balance

Today’s Meaning:
This aspect of your life will be strongly influenced by a person who is diplomatic, urbane, romantic, charming, easygoing, sociable, idealistic and peaceable. This person is someone you know socially.

General Description:
Seventh sign of the Zodiac, Sept 23rd to Oct 24th. Venus is the ruling planet; correct metal, Copper. Those born under Libra’s influence were supposed to be affable, courteous even tempered, painstaking, and with marked perceptive qualities. The Libra stones are the Opal, Chrysolite and Sardonyx. To the ancients the Opal was the Stone of Mystery its flashing and glowing rainbow hues suggested occult powers, and it was regarded as sacred in the East. In India it was believed to strengthen the mind and clear the brain; in Greece to give the wearer the power of prophecy and foresight, and during the 14th century used for strengthening the eyesight.

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Planet Tracker: Moon in Libra, Oct 20 thru 23

Planet Tracker

Moon in Libra

Oct 20, 2014 to Oct 23, 2014

You’re Ginger Rogers today. And everyone and everything you meet is Fred Astaire. During this Libra Moontime think “grace in space.” If you meet an obstacle or encounter resistance, dance like you expected it to be there. Libra’s skill is knowing just how to receive whatever shows up. The trick is recognizing its beauty, which is all there is to diplomacy and charm. Any “couple tension” on this Moon is especially instructive. With as much neutrality as you can muster, examine the feedback loop of offering and receiving. If your lower back hurts, you might be doing too much or expecting too much from others. Court the idea that all the support you need lies within, as in a yoga balancing posture. This Moon asks, “Can you keep the peace and your balance at the same time?” The atmosphere is light and neutral today. It’s okay to be indecisive. Enjoy the ability to dance (gracefully) around the possibilities.

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Planet Tracker for Oct. 15: Mercury in Libra, Oct. 10 – Nov. 8

Planet Tracker

Mercury in Libra

Oct 10, 2014 to Nov 8, 2014

Mercury, the communication planet, should be feeling comfortable in the sociable air sign of Libra. The air element is very much about the mind and communication, so it fits very nicely with Mercury’s meaning. Libra is about building bridges and overcoming differences. It recognizes that there is more than one side to any question and seeks to harmonize opposing points of view. Diplomacy, then, is likely to be featured at this time, both in the larger public arena and in our personal lives.

Mercury in Libra can soften speech to ensure peaceful relationships. It’s necessary at times to bring down the noise level so that both sides can be heard. This is, therefore, a good time to heal wounds caused by misunderstandings or different views of reality.

The challenge of this period is that the tendency for being nice can sometimes overwhelm the necessity of being truthful. Being kind then becomes a barrier to real communication. Ideally, we can recognize (in Libra’s well-balanced manner) that there are many ways to connect with one another, and that agreement is not the only one. Expressing opposing points of view with respect and openness is a terrific way to strengthen any relationship. It is about being fair enough to yourself and others to both listen and be heard.

Famous folks born with Mercury in Libra include singers Bruce Springsteen, Olivia Newton-John, Cass Elliott, Art Garfunkel and ultra-charming Julio Iglesias. Actors Jeremy Irons, Sigourney Weaver, Christopher Reeves, Richard Harris and Susan Sarandon are part of this group.

Sports stars Doug Flutie, Brett Favre and Scotty Pippen were born with Mercury in Libra, too. Writers Carrie Fisher, Stephen King, Michael Crichton and Ken Kesey have entertained us with their thoughts. David Copperfield has shown sleight of hand, Evel Knievel a crazy kind of courage and Larry Flynt more than we really want to see. Mercury in Libra is also found in the charts of artist Peter Max, comedian-activist Dick Gregory, director Penny Marshall and poet-statesman Vaclav Havel.

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The Libra Side of Relationships

The Libra Side of Relationships

Living and loving with the Sun in Libra

Jeff JawerJeff Jawer on the topics of love, libra, blogs, astrology
Fall in the northern hemisphere is the season of relationships. It begins with the Sun in Libra, the sign of the Scales that symbolizes balance, partnership and meeting others halfway. Accommodation and compromise are its primary ways of creating harmonious duos. Scorpio, which follows, is about the next degree of intimacy where we meet at deeper emotional places that aren’t always tranquil. But we’ll set aside Scorpio now and revisit it at another time.

The Sun is in Libra right now, as it is for the first month of fall every year. It reflects a turn toward others as we move into the darker half of the year. Agreeable Libra’s need for peace is reflected in Astrology’s basic premise about compatibility: like attracts like. Harmonious alignments among planets in two charts represent this kind of ease, which is the traditional astrological prescription for relationship success. This is also a basic belief outside Astrology. If we don’t have similarities with someone, it’s going to be difficult to find things to talk about. Still, there’s something missing from this formula.

Facing intimacy

Many people find intimacy difficult. It feels suffocating, confining and limiting to them, which is a high price to pay for sharing one’s life with another person. Limits on personal freedom come with every relationship. There are general rules of behavior and individual preferences in play with every connection we have. Some people are very comfortable with accommodating others. They know how to ride the currents of someone else’s winds, which is very much what airy Libra is about. Others shrivel at the thought of giving up any authority to a partner. They are piloted from deep within themselves and do not readily adjust to external expectations.

The balance of Self and Other is the crux of relationship. It is the dance between I and Thou, Me and You, Me and Us. Individual natal charts done for the moment of a person’s birth are exceptional at describing how people do this dance. Some charts are largely accommodating and fit the profile of needing an easy relationship with someone similar to themselves. Other charts lean heavily toward independence and require much more space within their relationships. Differences in personality, background or philosophy open up spaces where they do not connect, which is what is wanted. Still, the majority of us desire both merging and maintaining our own identity. The astrologer-psychologist Zipporah Dobyns’ called this internal conflict the “freedom-closeness dilemma.” Natal charts show where these are and how they work.

Ebbing and flowing

While the Sun is in Libra, the fairytale sign of beautiful princes and princesses who will marry and live happily ever after, our challenge/opportunity is two-fold. Part one is to open our hearts to the romantic images of joyfully shared experience. It is a vision of liberating compromise that happens when what we give up of ourselves is multiplied in return by what we receive from another. Part two is recognizing that relationship is a process in which we move toward and away from each other, an ebb and flow of combining and separating that is completely natural. Accepting the variability of our emotions gives us the flexibility to find happiness within ourselves and when shared with others.

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What Do The Planets Have In Store For You For Oct. 13 – 19

Weekly Astrology: October 13-19, 2014

Let the good times roll

Maria DeSimone

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Venus in Libra

Venus in Libra

Love gets sweet ‘n light with Venus in loving Libra

Tarotcom StaffTarotcom Staff on the topics of venus, love, libra, astrology

Love planet Venus, which rules relationships, beauty and pleasure, moves into its home sign of loving Libra on Sept. 29, 2014, setting us up for a sweet time that highlights partnerships and social settings.

Venus in Libra is naturally harmonious. This is a time when we’re friendly, sociable, creative and our diplomatic skills peak. Libra is the most balanced sign, so this time always finds more of us striving to make sure things are fair and everyone is happy.

Libra is an Air sign, so it lends a breezy quality to love and partnerships of all kinds.  We’ll be polite and charming with one another, and peace will prevail. If you tend to argue a lot in your relationships, you will see less of that now.

That said, while relationships are bound to proceed smoothly with Venus in Libra, they won’t necessarily go very deep. This superficial quality comes into play because peacemaker Libra doesn’t want to rock the boat and might tell a few little while lies just to avoid upsetting anyone with the truth.

Compromise is a good thing, but do take extra care during this time to make sure you don’t sacrifice too much of your own needs for the sake of making someone else happy. Be fair to yourself, too!

In addition to creating more harmony in relationships, Venus in Libra is also very appreciative of the arts and beauty. So don’t be surprised if you spend more time than usual shopping for pretty things now or fussing to make your hair look good.

But there’s nothing wrong with that — you need to look good.  After all, Venus is in Libra so you probably have a dinner date!

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Libra Lessons

Libra Lessons

Sun sign Libra is a valuable teacher to us all

Jeff JawerJeff Jawer on the topics of sun, libra, blogs, astrology


Astrology does such an effective job defining our individual traits that we sometimes ignore the experiences we share together. For example, the Sun entered Libra on September 22, marking the first day of autumn or the Fall Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the first day of spring (Vernal Equinox) below the equator.

Its meaning can be interpreted in terms of collective events, in relationship to each of the 12 Sun signs or within the structure of a specific birth chart. Tracking trends in general, by group or individually, is the most common use of Astrology.

People who have consultations with professional astrologers or who purchase a computerized reading of their charts know that these can be rich sources of insight about themselves. The self-awareness we get from such astro-analyses, however, also leaves out a very important part of the story.

That is, in addition to interpretations of individual charts, Astrology provides a powerful set of instructions for tapping into larger patterns.

We can all learn from Libra’s characteristics

The Sun, for example, is now in Libra, where everyone, regardless of her or his sign, has access to this sign’s traits. The objectivity, sense of fairness, social graces and open-mindedness of Libra are not just for those born during the 30-day solar transit we’re now in. This is a period for all of us to learn about and develop the desirable characteristics of this sign so that we can use them whenever they’re needed.

If you’re stuck with a sense of separateness and feel like others are not cooperating with you, a little Libra lesson can help to overcome that isolation. First take a breath, and then take another one, nice and slow, easy and relaxed. The in-and-out of respiration reminds us of the duality of life, that every yin has some yang, and that there are at least two sides to every story. We are not fixed in a single state of mind when we recognize these ideas and we are not quite so alone in the universe. Libra, symbolized by scales, is about the relative nature of everything.

We can inculcate the desirable social qualities of Libra by the way that we walk. Instead of hurrying or plodding, find a comfortable pace and notice the shift of weight from one side of the body to the other. This model of cooperation in the body makes it easier for us to find appropriate ways to cooperate with others.

It also helps to heal the extremism of rigid beliefs and the notion of absolute right and wrong that condemns and separates from one another. I’m not suggesting that we discard our moral compasses, but that we acknowledge that none of us has all the answers, which reduces arguments and increases the chances for having civilized discussions. Libra is also about beauty, as represented by its ruling planet Venus. Noticing attractive things and people allows us to resonate with grace of this sign and to feel for beautiful ourselves.

Shifting into neutral

Libra teaches that we have the right to change our minds. As we shift and circumstances shift it’s only natural that our perceptions are altered. This flexible thinking goes a long way to transforming conflict into cooperation.

Lastly, a wonderful gift of Libra is the notion of neutrality. This position is very useful in a couple of ways. First, it frees us from needing to have an opinion on everything. It’s a place to step back, observe and assimilate information and emotions instead of compulsively reacting to every comment and circumstance.

Neutral is also a useful place to be when we want to alter our behavior. Stepping away from the past without committing to the future gives us breathing space. This allows us to distance ourselves from old habits without the pressure of taking on new ones.

Libra is about building bridges between opposing ideas, conflicting emotions and with people and organizations. It is not a sign of commitment, however, because it’s a season-starting Cardinal sign that’s about taking the first step in a new direction.

The values, challenges and complications we encounter are when the next sign, Scorpio, comes into the picture and choices need to be made, which we will explore next month


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