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Djinn Healing spell 2

Djinn Healing spell 2


This spell attempts to bribe or pay off an invading, disease-causing spirit.


1. Soak a coin of reasonably large denomination in spring water, holy water, angel water, Carmelite water or similar.


2. Burn black and white colored benzoin.


3. Pass the can through the incense smoke and place it under the patient’s pillow.


4. Should the patient begin to recovery, ask a spirit worker to divine who (which spirit) caused the illness. Donate the coin to a cause dear to that spirits heart. Feel free to supplement with additional cash.


Jane’s Pocketbook of Spell: Cleansing, Banishing, Protection and other various Remedies

Alicia(juju j.a.n.e.)Hill

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Marie Laveau’s Peace Water or Five Holy Waters

Marie Laveau’s Peace Water or Five Holy Waters

Blend equal parts:

• Holy Water from a church

• Spring Water

• River Water

• Rain Water

• Ocean Water

Blend the five waters altogether, with no fragrance and no oil.

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Let’s Talk Witch – Making Your Own Holy Water


I have asked several individuals ask me how to make “Holy Water.” I hope this answers your questions and you find it useful.

Holy Water is not a new tool to Witchcraft or Paganism, and has proven so useful in the past, that the Roman Catholic Church adapted the practice from its Pagan conquests during the early formation of Christianity.   The uses for Holy water are many, and it remains to this day a valuable tool in almost every religion. Wiccans may call it Blessed Water, and Voudons may refer to it as “Devil Water”, and Catholics may purchase it as “Florida Water”, or “Blessed Mother Mary Water” it is one in the same, ultimately, being water which has been blessed by a higher power to aid in one’s religious workings.

Although the concept behind Holy Water is the same, it’s varied uses are many.   It remains to be used in modern religions to protect, banish, heal, curse, enlighten, cleanse, purify, and the list goes on. One may be inclined to think that such a powerful potion would be hard to come by; however, it is a most simple concoction involving only a little bit of water and a lot of spiritualism.

Producing Holy Water is an act needed to be done when your spiritual attunement, and/ or awareness is high, and you are comfortable and confident about performing magic.   As a Pagan, I prefer performing this act within my circle.   When setting up your tools for this act, your necessary components will be natural flowing fresh or salt water, either from a creek, river, lake, sea, ocean, or collected rain water (tap water is not recommended).   If sea or ocean water is unavailable, you will want to add 1 teaspoon of salt to every 8 oz. of fresh water you will be blessing.   Once you have the salt water ready, place it in front of you.   Incense is actually optional in this case, but I would strongly encourage anyone to try and burn Frankincense during the blessing, if at all possible.

Frankincense has been used since the times when the God Set ruled the underworld of Ancient Egypt, and remains to be used today in many various religions, and continues to be a potent ingredient in all forms Magic. Candles are also optional in the case of Blessing water, but do help set a spiritual mood for any blessing, ceremony, spell, or incantation.   If you are pagan, you will want to lay four white candles around the circle, signifying the cardinal points of direction, and place two white candle upon your altar.

Kneel or sit in front of the bowl of salt water, and close your eyes.   Concentrate on connecting with the God and Goddess.   Ask silently or aloud, for Their assistance in producing this potion of   great power.   Explain for what it will be served for, and how you will use its power.   Proclaim your need for assistance in creating the essence of Their power to serve your religious acts.

Hold your hands over the bowl, and look above, toward the sky, and accept the power of the God & Goddess, and move it through your body, and into the bowl of water.   Continue with this procedure for a few minutes or until you feel the act has been completed, and the God & Goddess have assisted you in your workings.

Once you have completed the above, you may exit your area of worship, or casting, and prepare the water to be used in your various magical workings.   The water should be stored in an airtight container if possible, but can be stored in any bottle for short periods of time.   You will not want to keep the water for more than two weeks at a time due to bacteria.   My personal favorite storage container for my Blessed Water is a spray bottle, originally purchased for plant misting.   Spray bottles are perfect when you are performing acts which require you to expose a large area to Holy Water. They come in most handy for spirit banishing, house purifications & spiritual cleansings of large areas.

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W as in the Element of Water




Ruler: Ocean and river Deities, Venus, Neptune, Moon

Type: Element

Magickal Forms: Baths

The Element of Water is associated with the Western Quadrant and represents dreams and feelings. The best way to work with this element is in magickal baths for cleansing, love, healing, protection and prosperity. Sacred waters include rainwater, spring water saltwater, holy water, florida water (a special Voodoo holy water readily available in occult supply shops), and witches’ consecrated water. The best bodies of water to leave offerings in are oceans and rivers

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Simple Passing Ceremony for a Pet

Simple Passing Ceremony for a Pet


One purple candle, holy water, Oreo cookie, one favored pet toy, stalks of fresh mint. NOTE: Purple is the color associated with the dead. The Orea cookie, with its white and black coloring stands for the darkness before the Fire Mother and the Light of Spirit. (It also happened to be my pet’s favorite food). Mint is used to banish negative energy as well as provide protection for the spirit of the deceased during his or her journey to the Summerland.

Instructions: Band the stalks of the mint together with string or a rubber band. Lightly crush the mint, once, in your hand. Dip the leaves in the holy water and sprinkle over the altar, then sprinkle around the area in a clockwise direction. Return to the altar. Sprinkle the candle (avoiding the wick). Hold the candle in your hands and close your eyes. Think of your pet being happy in an environment that he is or she loved. In your mind, surround your pet with favorite toys and food. Know that your pet is safe and in the arms of the Goddess and God. Focus loving energy into the candle. Take a deep breath, relax and open your eyes. Place the candle back on the altar and light, saying:


“I love you and I release you to the happy,

loving place where Your Spirit belongs.”


Allow the candle to burn completely out. Bury mint, candle end, food, and toy on your property, or place on the grave.

The day after you pet has passed away, you may not feel so good physically, which is to be expected.

Excerpt from:

“Rite of Passage”
The Ultimate Book of Shadows
for the New Generation
Solitary Witch
by Silver RavenWolf
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How to Banish

Author: Taliesin McKnight

The first thing that one should learn to do in magick is to banish. This is a simple precautionary measure. Before conjuring things up, intentionally or unintentionally, banishing should be well understood. Banishing can be defined as cleansing an area (or person) of negative energies or entities. There are various hostile forces in the spirit world that need to be warded off at times.

There are three basic ways to get rid of negative vibrations. These techniques are used in virtually all systems of magick: Wicca, Voodoo, Santeria, ceremonial magick, to name just a few. Once the art of banishing is understood, then it can be done for others as well. After all, magick is not just about your base desires and self-glorification (sobering thought, I know!) , but about helping others. You will be a cunning man or woman, an instrument of the Divine. The three basic methods of banishing are the burning of herbs, the sprinkling of holy water, and ritual.

The burning of herbs is a very ancient form of exorcism (exorcism is another word for banishment) . But not just any herbs are used; they must be cleansing herbs! This may include such plants as vervain, onion, patchouli, and hyssop. You may now be asking yourself, do those herbs really have any power in themselves? This issue is highly debated in the occult community. Some are of the opinion that different herbs have various mystical properties, which can be harnessed and employed by the witch. Others, however, think that it is simply the belief in the mind of the practitioner that makes the employment of herbs effective. Whatever the case may be, virtually all forms of witchcraft regard herbs as highly powerful agents to be made use of in magick.

The basic technique involves burning the herbs and allowing the smoke to touch the area (or person) being cleansed. The smoke is said to drive away impurities. Warning: Do not merely use the incense sticks or cones! Many would-be magicians are conned (intentionally conned by the manufacturers) into using these. Typically, there is no herb in the incense at all. It is merely the “fragrance.” Thus, if you buy lavender incense, chances are there is no lavender in it. So try to avoid merely using the incense named after the plant.

There are various methods for procuring your herbs. The plants can be bought or grown. Most pagans like to grow their own so they can incorporate the seasonal practices of planting and harvest into it. They may also be purchased at your local metaphysical store or online. Another alternative is to simply go to the grocery store and just see what you can find. If nothing else then many of the herbs can be found in the “spices” section. Onion, garlic, black pepper, and rubbed sage are easy to find; these are all powerful herbs used for banishing. Tobacco can be blended with such herbs to help them burn. Tobacco is often used to replace sulphur in old grimoires. It is connected to Mars (the god of war) . The herbs may be burned upon charcoals. Smudge sticks are also quite popular. These are often composed of a mixture of rubbed sage and bluegrass.

The concept of holy water is found in many different systems of magick. Please note that this does not necessarily refer to holy water from a church. The use of holy water predates Christianity and is used in virtually all forms of Paganism. At its most basic, it is water mixed with sea salt. Various other formulas exist in which one mixes the water with various cleansing herbs such as sage, hyssop, and vervain. This is all up to the individual witch. The herbs are boiled in water and then are strained. This is how such herbal mixtures are made. Marie Laveau water (highly prized in New Orleans Voodoo) is one such example. It is composed of 1 cup of rainwater, 1 cup of spring water, 1 cup of lavender water, 1 cup of rose water, and holy water from a church.

Holy water should always be blessed in some way, which can be accomplished by an elaborate spell or a simple prayer. The water is then sprinkled in the area to drive away evil and any negative, hostile forces. This ancient practice goes back to the very beginning of magick.

Ritual is the last of the three methods. Of course, sprinkling holy water and burning herbs do serve as rituals within themselves, but there are other more elaborate forms of ritual. One of these is the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. This ritual comes to us from the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, which was a secret society that taught initiates the practices of ceremonial magick. Although this rite is derived from ceremonial magickal tradition, practitioners of many different paths and systems have used it. This is simply due to the fact that the ritual is so effective at cleansing the environment of negativity. Another technique is the ringing of a bell, a method used by a number of cultures.

Those of a Christian background may call on the power of God by invocation and prayer. Another practice is to cut an onion into quarters and to place these in the four corners of a room. The idea is that the onion will absorb the negative “vibes” and is later discarded or burned. Chanting may be employed or various candle spells may be used. Once again, there are countless rituals that can be utilized as rites of exorcism.

Remember, banishing is the first thing that should be learned in the practice of magick. From that point on you may proceed, somewhat safely, on the path of the occultist. The three methods outlined above (the burning of herbs, the sprinkling holy water, and ritual) are used in virtually all forms and systems of magick around the world. They are tried and tested methods that have been successfully employed by witches for many thousands of years. When all else fails, appeal to a Higher Power, however this may be defined.

Always remember that the Ancient Ones are there to aid you upon your path.

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-Spread candies and coins around your house, especially in the corners of rooms.
-Wear coral, wash it with Holy Water and/or Coconut water (the liquid from a coconut)
to replenish it’s powers
-Bath in Laurel leaves
-Make a small mojo with equal portions of Pine Needles Lavender Laurel Geranium Leaves Patchouli
-keep under your pillow.

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Water Magick – Holy Waters

Holy Waters


The Water Witch puts great store in the powers of her holy waters. Natural waters on which she performs a blessing are usually the best for use as holy water, as they are pure. Clear quartz is often added to boost the power of the water even more. A blessing from a Water Witch removes all negative vibrations and recycles them within the water. In effect, she is using the power of water to cleanse the water. The Water Witch knows that all water is blessed from the start by the Goddess. All that is required of a Witch to bless water is a simple statement of intent, something along the line of, “I cast out all negativity and proclaim this water as pure and good. Blessed am I to have access to it, and blessed is it, for it is my mother’s tears and love.” She might choose to be more eloquent at times, but usually she goes with the flow and follows her instincts.

Water collection methods can be elaborate or simple. A jar placed outside during a thunderstorm, a special gourd dipper used to pull water from a crystal-clear brook, or simply cupping your hands under a natural spring-all of these methods are proper. 

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