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Your Ancient Symbol Card for February 27th is The Peacock

Your Ancient Symbol Card for Today

The Peacock

The iridescent emerald plumage and spectacular broad tail of The Peacock make it the ideal symbol of both justified pride and vanity. It denotes the right for one to be proud of themselves for being who they are and for letting others know. In short, its okay to strut a bit. At the same time The Peacock reminds us that while pride and high self esteem are essential components of a healthy psyche, becoming too full of one’s self makes us vain, and vanity is never attractive in anyone.

As a daily card, The Peacock is reminder that you are inherently valuable, and have a right to be proud of who you are as well as let others know you are proud of yourself. It is also a warning to not allow you pride and sense of self worth grow to such grand proportions that you become vain and conceited.

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‘Twas The Night Before Yule

Yule Comments & Graphics

‘Twas The Night Before Yule

‘Twas the night before Yule, and all through the Coven, The cookies were baked and removed from the oven. The bayberry candles were lit on the table, The altar was wrapped in a new cloth of sable.

The children were nestled, all snug in their beds, While visions of Yuletime danced in their heads. Their stockings were hung by the chimney with care, In hopes that some presents soon would be there!

With Rocker in his new robe, and I in mine, We were asking our Goddess her blessing divine. When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter, We sprang from our Circle to see what was the matter.

Away to the window, tripping over my sash, My eyes were a-glamoured with a bright silver flash. The moon on the breasts of the Goddess and God Drew my eyes to behold the blessed Circle they trod.

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear, But the manifestations of all those we hold Dear. The physical forms of those whom we pray to, Even Saint Nick, and his miniature sleigh, too!

Jehovah, Mohammet, Shiva, Hera and Thor. Zeus, Freya, Brahma, and many, many more. All the Spiritual Entities who’d ever been mentioned. Even some, like dear Loki, who sowed seeds of dissension.

They greeted eah other with smile, warm and sweet. Then, forming a Circle, they all took a seat. With multiple Voices all joined as One, The Corners were Called. And, when that was done.

The Chalice was passed from Hand to Hand. Then, a blanket of silence enfolded the land. A crystal clear Voice began to hold sway. Which Deity spoke? I could not say.

But, clearly, I heard all the love in that Voice. It caused my tired heart to take flight and rejoice. “Our Children, it seems, have missed the whole point. “We now join together, their hearts to anoint.

“Pour all of Our love O’er their hearts of stone. “Let them see that together they’re never alone! “Show them it matters not which of Us that they choose. “Their sad hate and mistrust cause each of Us to lose!”

As I stood there transfixed, I could suddenly see If we all stand as one, what a world this could be! Put ALL of our differences well behind us. Let the love of the Gods enfold and remind us.

We ARE all the same,though varied our skins. We all dream the same dreams, we all sin the same sins. With a look of enlightenment etched on my face, I beheld all the Gods in Their glory and grace!

They all bowed Their heads then said”So mote it be!” They all smiled at each Other bestowing winks on me. One by One they disappeared from my sight. Just the Goddess and God were left in the light.

As slowly They twinkled, fading by degree, “Happy Yuletide to all!! Blessed be times three!”

–Written by Mary, a.k.a. Wandering Poet, a.k.a. littlebit Permission to reprint granted to all who keep this credit line by the author.


Rainbow Gryphon

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Dieties of Marriage

Dieties of Marriage

by Divine Spirits

Deities Of Marriage These deities can be invoked in rituals concerning the family and the home. Frigg Frigg was the Viking Mother  Goddess whose jewelled spinning wheel formed Orion’s belt; as patroness of marriage, women, mothers and families, she can be invoked for all rituals  concerned with families and domestic happiness. She invited devoted husbands and wives to her hall after death so that they might never be parted again and  so is goddess of fidelity. As Ostara, goddess of spring, she was known among the Anglo-Saxons and is remembered in the festival of Easter as a fertility  goddess and bringer of new beginnings. In her role as Valfreya, the Lady of the Battlefield, Frigg recalls the Northern tradition of warrior goddesses and  offers courage to women. Hera Hera, the wife-sister of Zeus, is a the supreme Greek goddess of protection, marriage and childbirth whose sacred bird is the  peacock. She is a powerful deity of fidelity and is called upon by women seeking revenge upon unfaithful partners. Hestia Hestia is the Greek goddess of the  hearth and home, all family matters and peace within the home. She is a benign, gentle goddess and so can be invoked for matters involving children and pets.  Juno Juno, the wife-sister of Jupiter, is the Roman queen of the gods, the protectress of women, marriage and childbirth and also wise counsellor. Together  with Jupiter and Minerva, the goddess of wisdom, she made up the triumvirate of deities who made decisions about humankind and especially Roman affairs. Her  month, June, is most fortunate for marriage and, like Hera, her Greek equivalent, her sacred creature is the peacock. She is invoked in sex magick as well as  for all matters concerning marriage, children, fidelity and wise counsel. Parvati Parvati is the benign and gentle Hindu Mother Goddess, consort of the god  Shiva and the goddess daughter of the Himalayas. Her name means ‘mountain’ and she is associated with all mountains. She and Shiva are often pictured  as a family in the Himalayas with their sons Ganesh, god of wisdom andlearning, and six-headed Skanda, the warrior god. She is invoked for all family matters  and those concerning children and by women in distress. Vesta Vesta is the Roman goddess of domesticity and of the sacred hearth at which dead and living  were welcomed. The Vestal Virgins of Rome kept alight the sacred flame in Vesta’s temple and this was rekindled at the New Year, as were household  flames. Vesta can be invoked in rituals centred around the element Fire.

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Calendar of the Moon for July 12

Calendar of the Moon

12 Tinne/Hekatombaion


Color: Golden
Element: Earth
Altar: The Kronia celebrates the Golden Age when Kronos and Rhea ruled, when there was no order, so nothing is done ordinarily this day. The altar is laid with whatever cloths those present may bring, and set with whatever things they may think appropriate to the celebration of a mythical utopian anarchy.
Offerings: Do nothing in its order today. Invite in those not of the House and let them order the activities. The newest novice should replace the House Elder for the afternoon. Order is restored by Hesperis.
Daily Meal: Let those not of the house bring potluck. No one cooks today, and all fend for themselves.

Kronia Invocation
(With random shouting throughout)

Long ago, before there was Law,
Kronos inherited the throne
(Hail Kronos!)
From his mother, Gaea, who recognizes only
(Hail Gaea!)
The laws of nature, and his father Uranus,
(Hail Uranus!)
Who was capricious as the wind and the sky.
For hundreds of years he ruled their way,
Until he realized the value of Rules
(Hail Eunomia!)
And became their strongest servant.
When his son Zeus overthrew him,
(Hail Zeus!)
And with his thrice-blessed wife Hera
(Hail Hera!)
Ascended the throne, he kept the Rules.
Yet today we remember that time,
Like unto the childhood of the world,
Where there were no rules,
(Hail Chaos!)
Nor were any needed. Go now,
And spend one day without them,
That you may appreciate them the more in the end.
(All exit in a rush, snatching things from the altar, and have a drumming and dancing circle.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]

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Life As The Witch – Using The Plant Kingdom & Sacred Space

Witchy Comments & Graphics

Life As The Witch – Using The Plant Kingdom & Sacred Space

Many witches include plants in their sacred space, often to mark the four elemental quarters. By choosing a plant with the appropriate elemental association and putting it in the corresponding quarter, you honor the Watchtowers (the elemental guardians of the four quarters that “watch” over the sacred space) and support the energy of the sacred space. The following list contains some common plants and their elemental associations:

Earth (north): Alfalfa sprouts, beets, corn, fern, honeysuckle, magnolia, moss, peas, potatoes, turnips, vervain

Air (east): Anise, clover, dandelions, goldenrod, lavender, lily of the valley, marjoram, mint, parsley, pine

Fire (south): Basil, bay, cactus, chrysan chrysanthemum, daylilies, dill, garlic, holly, juniper, marigolds, onions, rosemary, sunflowers

Water (west): Aster, blackberries, catnip, cucumbers, daffodils, gardenias, geranium, iris, lettuce, lotus, roses, water lily, willow

Also consider the time of the year when selecting plants for your sacred space. Certain plants are linked with each zodiac sign.

Aries: Holly, snapdragon, cactus, jonquil

Taurus: Daffodil, clover, lilac, columbine, daisy

Gemini: Azalea, honeysuckle, lily of the valley, heather

Cancer: Iris, jasmine, water lily, white rose, gardenia Leo:

Red rose, poppy, marigold, sunflower, dahlia

Virgo: Lavender, myrtle, aster, fern, heather, day lily

Libra: Cosmos, gardenia, pink rose, violet, hibiscus

Scorpio: Orchid, violet, eucalyptus, foxglove, pinks, wolfsbane

Sagittarius: Paperwhite narcissus, Christmas cactus, red clover, dandelion

Capricorn: Holly, carnation, mistletoe, pansy

Aquarius: Carnation, wild rose, lady slipper

Pisces: Lotus, passion flower, violet, narcissus, wisteria

You can align yourself with cosmic energies by including plants whose energies correspond to the sign in which the sun is positioned at any given month.

Some witches choose plants to honor the gods and goddesses (as discussed earlier). If, for instance, a witch is working with Hera, a bowl of apples and a vase of irises would be suitable—and visually appealing. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with surrounding yourself with plants you particularly enjoy, for their fragrance, color, or shape. From the green witch’s viewpoint, all plants are sacred and all come from the Goddess.


The Everything Wicca and Witchcraft Book (Everything®)
Author: Skye Alexander
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Calendar of the Sun for February 25th

Calendar of the Sun

26 Luis/Gamelion

Gamelia: Day of the Sacred Marriage

Colors: Red and green
Elements: Fire and earth
Altar: On cloth of red and green, place a chalice of water or wine, a blade, a red candle and a green one, incense, a wreath of flowers or herbs, and a branch on which are slipped two rings.
Offerings: Do something in partnership with someone else.
Daily Meal: Sweet Cakes, breads, and fruit. Two of everything.

Gamelia Invocation

On this day we invoke the sacred marriage
Of the Lady and Lord,
Whether we call them Hera and Zeus,
Jupiter and Juno,
Dagda and Boannan,
Shiva and Parvati,
Ariadne and Dionysus,
Odhinn and Frigga,
Or any other two who joined not only in love
And the bonds of the fiery flesh,
But chose to be bound together
In the sight of their community
And create the keel of the ship
That was anchored by love
And that carried the hopes of many others.
For to be married is to make a commitment,
Whether that marriage is to another soul
Or to the soul of the Divine.
Come forth and show us divine love,
And may we all be in awe
Of its holiness and power.

(The ritual for this day is the Great Rite, performed by one man and one woman. If done symbolically, the man plunges a blade into the chalice held by the woman, and then it is poured as a libation. Ideally, it should be done literally, either by members of the house or by two who have come in for this purpose. If outsiders, it would be an auspicious time to conceive a child. All sit facing outwards in a circle and chant as the couple are wrapped in a red cloth and lay together in the center, and when it is done all repair to their rooms and either contemplate love or have ritual sex, alone or together.)


[Pagan Book of Hours]

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The Weeping Willow Tree, The Tree of Hecate

The Weeping Willow Tree, The Tree of Hecate

Folk Names:
“Tree of Enchantment”,”Osier”,and”Sough Tree”

Lore and Divinatory Aspects:

The Willow is associated with the elements of water, the moon, and the gods Artemis, Ceres, Hecate, Persephone, Hera, Mercury, Belili, Circe, and Belenos.
Willow is associated with death, femininity, love, and healing. It posesses the powers of love, divination, friendship, joy, love, peace, protection, and healing.
Magical Usage:

For love magic, protection magic, healing magic, and peaceful magic. Used to create loyalty, make friendship pacts, treaties, or alliances. Used for intuition, knowledge, gentle nurturing, and will elucidate the feminine qualities of both men and women.
Its leaves are used in love attraction sachets and moon magic wands from its wood. Used to dowse for water (underground), earth energies, and buried objects.
Used combined with sandalwood to invoke spirits. Placed in homes, it protects against evil and malign sorcery. Carried, the wood will give bravery, dexterity, and help one overcome the fear of death. If one needs to get something off their chest or to share a secret, confess to a willow and your secret will be trapped.
Willow wood is good for magical harps. Good for planting and lining burial graves for its symbolism of death and protection. If one wants to know if they will be married, on New Year’s Eve, throw your shoe or boot into a willow, if it doesn’t catch in the branches the first time, the individuals has eight more tries, if they succeed, they will wed.
Medicinal Usage:

Dioscorides (1st c. A.D.) discovered its use against pain and inflammation. The Hottentots discovered its use for rheumatic fever.
Willow bark is used to treat rheumatic conditions, gout, heartburn, to stop internal bleeding, gargle for sore throats, skin problems, wounds, and burns.
The purple willow is most effective for lowering fevers.
Black willow bark can be made into an infusion as a sexual sedative and to treat gonorrhoea, relieve ovarian pain, and to curb nocturnal emissions or as a tincture for hysteria, hysteria based on genital organs, nymphomania, spermatorrhoea, satyriasis, erotomania, and lascivious dreams.
Sallow or Goat willow eases indigestion, whooping cough, catarrh, and to disinfect bandages. It is a good eyewash, and if taken orally will clear the skin and face of blemishes, or applied to hair for dandruff. Its flower essences will remedy bitterness and resentment.
Other Uses:

Tender shoots are good for baskets. Willow rods were used as thatching in European traditional homes. Willow protects riverbanks from erosion (Peachleaf Willow), drys the soil in soggy/flooded gardens, and its charcoal (Crack Willow) is used in gunpowder.

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Calendar of the Sun for January 10

Calendar of the Sun

10 Wolfmonath

Ilithyia’s Day of the Midwives

Color: Red
Element: Earth
Altar: The altar shall be the same as Sponde the previous day.
Offerings: Give aid to a midwife.
Daily Meal: Center around milk and dairy products.

Ilithyia Invocation

Slim maiden with quick hands
That bring forth the life of others,
Daughter of Hera, child of marriage,
Daughter of Zeus, child of kingship,
Your hands reach forth
To every matron’s opening womb,
Bringing the new bride into the world of family,
Bringing the maiden into the time of mothering,
Bringing the tribe a new life.
Let us learn from you, maiden midwife!
For though we do sometimes find ourselves
Bringing new life into the world,
More often we kneel in your place,
As you kneel between the laboring woman’s thighs,
Watching the opening of the sacred door,
Kneeling in honor of the power of birth,
We find ourselves assisting in the birth
Of the others who struggle,
Who writhe and twist and despair of being done,
Who need out skilled hands, our urgent voices,
Our love and care and attention
That what must be birthed shall come to be.
Teach us, Ilithyia, of how to better hold the labor of another
In our waiting hands.

From the dark of the womb we bring forth life
From the dark of the mind we bring forth light
From the dark of the dream we bring forth sight
From the dark of the Wheel we bring forth fate
From the dark of the night we bring forth day
From the dark of the heart we seek the way.

[Pagan Book of Hours]

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