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Dear Goddess, We Bring Our Daily Needs To You

Days Of The Week Comments

Goddess, give us strength
To cope with our daily surroundings
To be brave in the face of adversity
To do our best under trying circumstances.
Goddess, give us courage
To go forth into a difficult world
To face the ignorance of others
To continue to strive for improvement.
Goddess, give us patience
With our shortcomings and those of others
With pain, frustration and setbacks
With the limitations we must deal with daily.
Goddess, give us hope
That we may maintain a positive attitude
That we may greet every day with renewed spirit
And that we might remain open to the possibility of miracles

So Mote It Be.

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Join Us As We Say A Blessing for All of Our Troops. Goddess Bless These Couragous Men & Women.


The following blessing will be said every day until our Troops return home. Not only remember our Troops but also the others that are partnering with us in this operation. If you would like to participant please do so. When you do, if you have a little extra energy or power, send it to them. Hopefully by doing this, their task will quickly be over and they will return home to all of us safe and sound.


Pray for Our Soldiers

May the Goddess Bless Them, Protection & Bring Them Safely Home.

Dear Goddess, to you we bring our pleas,
We humbly ask on bended knee, We pray that You would shield everyone of the,
soldiers from where evils lives & dwells.
We pray that from each new day’s start,
You’d bless them with a fearless heart.
We know that there’s a time for war,
Goddess, Bless this cause they’re fighting for.
Help them bravely fight the fight,
Guide them always with Your might.
Be there, O, Mighty Goddess, when times grow lonely,
Help them feel Your Presence only.
Lift them up and draw them near,
Kiss away each salty tear.
Help them close ’til there’s no doubt
Of what Your Love and Protection is and that
it knows no bounds.
Guard their feet on rocky trails,
Bless them as they take to the Air,
Guard their minds, so they’ll not fail.
We pray that they swiftly wipe out this
enemy that now invades our planet.
Bless them so this can be made so.
We pray that You protect them and shield them
from all harm. Let them remember with You all
things are possible.
Guard them well, O, Mighty Goddess, they are not
only our soldiers but also our fathers, mothers, brothers
and sisters. Hold them dear to you, let them accomplish
their mission and return swiftly home to us.

So Mote It Be.

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The Witches Magick for the 23rd Day of the Blood Moon – Goddess Wealth Spell




Cast this spell to manifest riches and wealth.

You will need a green votive candle, a bowl of salt, a chalice of water, and amber incense.

At 5: 55 pm., gather everything together and draw a magic circle. Call in the elements . Light the candle, and dedicate it to the Goddess. Face north, and scatter three pinches of salt at the north point of the circle. Light the incense from the candle flame, and put it in the incense holder. Also dedicate the incense to the Goddess. Carefully wave the lit incense three times, back and forth, at the east point of your circle. Set it down on your altar. Carefully hold the lit candle, and wave it back and forth three times at the south point of the circle. Set the candle on your altar, and pick up the chalice of water. Sprinkle several drops of water at the west point of your circle. Put the chalice on the altar. Face the altar, merge with the Goddess, and say:


By earth, air, fire, water, and spirit
Great Goddess, please hear my call
May your divine powers light the way to prosperity
Please help me to manifest riches and wealth
Great Goddess, in your divine quintessence
Please share your abundance with me
By earth, air, fire, water, and spirit
So be it! By the Goddess, blessed be!


Gaze at the candlelight for several minutes, and imagine manifesting the wealth you desire. Actually imagine stepping into your prosperous future.

Afterward, thank the Goddess, bid farewell to the elements, and pull up the circle. Allow the candle and incense to safely burn down. Throw the salt away, and return the water to the earth.


Wiccan Spell A Night: Spells, Charms, And Potions For The Whole Year
Sirona Knight

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Deity of the Day for Oct. 16th – Nephthys The Egyptian Goddess

Deity of the Day


The Egyptian Goddess


Areas of Influence: Nephthys the Egyptian Goddess symbolized the transitional nature of death. In one Egyptian myth she helped Isis collect the scattered limbs of Osiris to reconstitute his body.

In her funerary role she was considered a fearsome but necessary companion, assisting the dead through the different levels of the afterlife.

She was also the Goddess of mourning, comforting the relatives of the deceased. These wailing mourners were described as the “hawks of Nephthys”.

This Goddess was the guardian of Hapi who protected the Canopic jar which contained the lungs.

She protected the Pharaoh in life as well as in death, incinerating his enemies with her fiery breath. This Deity also gave the Pharaoh the power to see that ” which is hidden by moonlight,” linking this Goddess to the powers of darkness and magic and making her a popular Deity with witches and magicians.

Her importance has been overshadowed by her sister Isis. In reality whilst Isis governed the energy of birth, growth, development and the visible she represented death, decay, stagnation and the invisible. In many ways she can be viewed as being the opposite force or the other side of the coin to Isis. However, because many fear death and magic in the modern world, rather than recognizing these forces as part of the cycle of life, her role has been sidelined.

Even this analogy does not truly represent the importance of this Goddess, recent evidence suggests that although there are no surviving temples dedicated to this Goddess she was worshipped widely. This Goddess also performed an important role at births where she stood at the head of the bed to comfort and assist the mothers whilst her sister Isis, acted as midwife.

This Goddess was worshipped by nursing mothers as she was considered to be the nursing mother of Horus and the Pharaoh himself.

This Goddess was also known as Nebethet and Nebkhat.

Origins and Genealogy: Seb and Nut were her parents of. Her siblings included Isis, Osiris and Set.

Married to Set the Egyptian God associated with the barren desert and sterility meant she was often thought to be a childless Goddess. Later myths however, suggest that after a union with Osiris she gave birth to Anubis.

Strengths: she is a protective Goddess and represents the cycle of death and rebirth.

Weaknesses: The duality of her nature means she is often neglected and misunderstood.


In her funerary role Nephthys was often symbolized by a hawk, falcon or a woman with wings outstretched in protection.

She is also shown with her Hieroglyphs (a basket and a house) balanced on her head.

Sacred Birds: Falcons and Hawks.

Additionally this Goddess is the protector of the Phoenix whose rise from the ashes symbolizes rebirth.

Neophytes’ Archetypes

The Witch:

Uses knowledge of the universal laws of nature, the conscious mind and esoteric powers to manifest their desires.

The shadow Witch uses their gifts to increase their own power.

This deity was associated with the unseen world and magic.

How to work with This Archetype

The Witch:

The Witch maybe one of your Archetypes can if you have the gift of understanding how to transform situations, influence people, and make your visions and dreams a reality.

The Shadow Witch reminds you not to use these abilities to gain power over others as this is not magic but sorcery.




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For Love of the God

For Love of the God

Author: Diane Awenydd-Evans

I am a witch. That is to say, I am Wiccan. I worship and love the Goddess in all her forms. The Light, the Dark, the Young, the Old, the Mother, the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Rivers and Lakes and Oceans, the Indefinable, all forms of the Goddess are holy and sacred to me. I am grateful that I have found her in this lifetime, in this incarnation. My Community embraces her fully and fiercely. And that is as it should be. But what of the God?

I was raised in a liberal Christian church, where I was taught that God was Love. I have never stopped believing that. Even when I was sent to an extremist, militant, fundamentalist college in my early twenties, it was the God of my childhood faith that sat beside me, walked beside me, stood beside me. It was He that helped me to survive that place. I bare no ill will towards Him.

Despite the pain and oppression that some people with power in that culture exercise over their followers, the people themselves are human, like I am, with hearts like mine and like me, they desire to live in communion with deity. That they live in such fear is incredibly sad but that does not make them worthy of my hatred. Nor does it make the God they follow complicit for the sins committed in His name, anymore than the Goddess is complicit for the hateful pain inflicted upon others in Her name. I say that so that there will be no question that what I am about to say about the God includes Him as well as the Gods I now worship, serve and love.

The men in my life are the god to me. They wear his face and each one gives me a glimpse of his beauty and a chance to interact with him in a physical and real way in this world. My Grandfathers, now crossed over, were beautiful men. My paternal grandfather taught me how to tie my shoes when I was five years old. My maternal grandmother’s husband was grandfather to all fourteen of her grandchildren and always smelled of beer and pipe-smoke and to this day those smells invoke in me the warm feeling of being loved that is beyond words.

My father and my uncles are each wonderful and loving men. My brothers are equally irreplaceable to me as are my sons (my nephew is the son of my heart and I could no more part with him than I could the son of my womb) .

My coven brothers are as beloved to me as are my coven sisters, and while my High-Priestess lacks in nothing in leading and caring for our beloved Coven, the Priests and Elders of my Tradition are men of warmth, strength, honor, and grace.

All of these men are human and as such they are not transcended beings without shadow or weakness but, they are beautiful and their ethics, honor and service are beyond reproach. They serve out of love and while they may sometimes be wrong, it is never for lack of striving to live lives of service to their community or their families.

As it may be clear to you by now, I have been blessed with the privilege of knowing many beautiful men and so, while I am aware that men can commit dreadful acts of violence, I believe that is the result of their human failings and not their maleness (women too are capable of horrific violence) . The entire gender may not be painted with the same brush. Men are individual beings and as such deserve to be honored and loved and appreciated and even hated for “the content of their character” to paraphrase Dr. King, and not for their anatomy.

I have been happily and blissfully isolated in most of my time on this path. I have only recently truly become aware of the controversies that plague our greater community. I am a simple witch who practices quietly and until recently I have not made myself aware of much of the larger pagan discourse. So take what I have to say and ignore it or discount it as you please but I feel the need to say it.

I want the men in my life to know that they are valued, trusted and loved. I want the men in my community to know that they are welcomed, embraced and equally beautiful and needed. Gay, straight, bi-sexual, asexual, androgynous, transgendered, transvestite or nudist, I don’t care what labels someone else puts on you, or if you choose to identify yourself by any label at all. You are irreplaceable in my world. I need all of my gods.

The God, the Gods who are not of this world, are necessary to me as well. They are a part of me and they teach me and guide me and they help me to understand myself as a woman, as much as the Goddess does. Not one of the Gods has ever harmed me. Not even the God of those poor frightened souls in Indiana. What some human does in the name of God is not His responsibility. Many people over the history of our human race have committed great evil in the name of religion, and many still do. But I would not turn my back on that which to me is my most human need. Religion is a human expression of a human need to unite with deity and the diversity of that expression is a testament to the beauty of the diversity of our humanity.

I want to say to my sisters who have had to fight and struggle in order to claim their womanhood, you are Priestess and Sister. You are beautiful and needed and valued and embraced. You are Goddess and I need you too.

God or Goddess, Male or Female, Pagan or Other. Whether you are man or woman, whether you love men or women or men and women, whether you were born into a body that agrees with your true self, or not. We are Human and Divine and we should be treating each other that way. Blessings of the Gods be upon us all.

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Man’s Thoughts on The Goddess By Our Guest Author Donald Cutler

Man’s Thoughts on The Goddess


Donald Cutler

As I was growing up I never thought about a Goddess. I went to church with my family and of course a Goddess was never in the sermons. Never mentioned by the pastor. In my life I have attended many different churches, none mentioned the Goddess. I was never satisfied with them because there was something fundamentally wrong with what I was being taught, something was missing. What was it?

As I grew older I began to search for something that had more meaning in my life and that’s when I found witchcraft. A belief system based on something tangible, nature. I could feel it everywhere. I could look out at the forest and see it. I could feel the power that we all have. There was an aspect of witchcraft that I had never thought of though, the Goddess. I guess in a way it just made sense. For nearly every living thing on earth there is both a male and a female. So where was the female in religion. It seems as though it has always been there, right in front of me. You cannot see it unless you look though.

The concept of a Goddess dates as far back as the early Paleolithic, some 25,000 years ago. Small female Venus figurines dating to the Gravettian-Aurignation cultures have been found through out Europe spanning some 10,000 years. They featured women, seemingly pregnant. The knowledge of sex between man and women being the cause of pregnancy did not exist, therefore women were considered sacred. The Great Mother found its way into the human mind. Women were sacred. Even today in some cultures it is only the woman who can own property and are the head of the house hold. It is the man who moves to the woman’s village when married, not the other way around.

The Goddess slipped from power, but never disappeared. The early Hebrews had a Goddess that has been for the most part forgotten by modern day religions. Her name was Asherah, worshipped by “The Children of Israel” as the chief consort of their God Yahweh. She is also known as Sophia mentioned in the Old Testament. She is the Goddess of Wisdom found in the Book of Solomon and in the Apocryphia in the center of the Catholic bible.

It has been archaeologically confirmed that the earliest law, government, medicine, agriculture , metallurgy, wheeled vehicles, ceramics, textiles and written language were all developed by societies that worshiped the Goddess. She was intrinsic in the foundation of human culture. In the Holy Bible there is the Trinity, The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit is translated from the Old Testament and is the Greek word pneuma, which is a feminine being. The Goddess has never really left us.

So, how do I feel about the Goddess. Does the Goddess have a place in my life? She has to. If I am going to have a connection with the universe and the world around me, I must believe that there is a male and female in all things. I must see the Goddess in all that is life. Each one of us has had a woman in our lives. A woman is a mother, wife, lover, caregiver, house cleaner, cook and so many things. I do not know what I would have done without the women in my life. To me at least, all women are Goddesses. A title richly deserved by the ones we as men call “my better half”. The Goddess does exist, in history, in nature and in the lives of all you see. They touch us in profound ways which can only be realized if you take a serious account of your life and know that the world we live in is deeply shaped by the Goddess that we have had the pleasure of touching each and every one of us. So to you Goddesses of the world, I thank you.


Donald has his own site, DonaldCutler44, if you would like to read more of his wonderful writings.

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This is Wicca

This is Wicca

Author: Pulchra Lupus 

Before you begin, I would like to make my intended audience clear. This essay, while perhaps appreciated by my fellow believers, is more directed toward doubters, or new practitioners of the craft. This is meant to educate those ill informed or else those who are curious.

Wicca. What is your first impression, when you hear this word? Tainted witchcraft? Satanism? Evil? If these are among your thoughts, then you have been sadly misinformed.

Wicca is Pagan. This is very true. But Pagan no more means evil than being a bird means you can fly. Pagan came from the Latin word Paganus, literally meaning country-dweller or rustic. It is a religion predating Christianity by roughly twenty-eight thousand years, making it ancient and different. It is not Satanic Worship; the Devil had not yet even come into the picture. It is simply different, and the Old Church set out to destroy or convert that which scared it, that which it could not understand.

Pagans deal with more attacks, verbal and violent, for being what they are than nearly any other religion. But, the uneducated and the crude initiate those attacks. For, if you truly knew what Wicca was, you would know that we are no threat to you.

Those who practice this religion are benign, peaceful. They are comfortable with who they are, knowing that they have nothing to prove to anybody but themselves. They do not try to recruit others to their belief system; they do not try to convert others away from their religion. If a person comes to Wicca, they do it of their own free will. They do not attempt to harm others in any way, and they do not try to right any wrong done to them, especially with use of magick. This, in part, is due to their belief in the three-fold law, known by most simply as Karma.

We celebrate two deities, the God and the Goddess. These deities are known by many names. The Goddess is commonly associated with all maiden goddesses such as Artemis, Greek goddess of the moon and the Hunt, and Diana, Artemis’ Roman aspect, but she has three aspects, not just the Maiden. She is the Crone, the wise old woman stirring the cauldron, the Mother, who calls us all her children, and the Maiden, who is young and pure and kind. The God is depicted often with the antlers of a stag, and so many assume that he represents the Devil. This is not so. He is closely associated with the Greco-Roman gods of Pan, god of nature, and Apollo, got of the sun, of music and archery, of healing. Kernunos, Cernunnos, his names are also many. They both rule over nature, but they also have specific spheres of power. The Goddess rules the night sky and is the Mother of the Earth. The God is represented as the midday sun and is in charge of the hunt.

Wiccans do not worship trees, or rocks, or rivers. These are symbols that they attune themselves with in order to link with nature and, through it, to their deities. The elder tree is the Lady’s sacred tree, and oak is linked with the Horned God. The Wiccans believe that they are born of nature and that, when they die, their bodies return to the earth, and their souls travel to the afterlife. The afterlife itself is unique for each person. By definition, most do not believe in Hell, or Heaven, in the strictest sense. We believe that, when you die, whatever you imagined your death to be is what it will be. If you pictured yourself in Avalon, walking beside the Goddess among the apple trees, this is where you would go. We also believe in reincarnation; the God and Goddess give us the option of being reborn, with the knowledge that we will not remember our past lives and only the very bare essence of the soul will remain, bearing unconsciously the lessons learned in previous lives.

Wiccans do practice magick, but never should it be used in a way intended to harm or negatively affect our selves or another. They have two classifications of magick: white magick, and black magick. Black magick is practiced solely by those who divert from the true Wiccan path in a foolish quest for power, but all religions have their fools. The entire Wiccan existence is based on the belief that all life is sacred, and to intentionally take one’s life, as suicide or homicide, is gravely looked upon, but they try to see it as just another mistake.

Wiccans have the Wiccan Rede, which speaks of the Sabbats, the guidelines of the use of magick, and the respect of the higher powers. The final eight words are not negotiable, and are the firmest, set-in-stone rule of all Wicca, no matter the specific tradition. These words are: An ye harm none, do as ye will. Harm none. This is the one and only hard rule of Wicca. Hurt nobody. So why are our kind constantly attacked? Verbally abused with cruel insults, physically assaulted by those who know nothing of the true religion?

Why? Because everyone is afraid of what they cannot understand, and so they lash out in order to rid themselves of the fear by ridding themselves of the cause. But this is cruelty and an abuse of their rights as human beings, and we should not have to tolerate this as we do. We are not the neighborhood pot-smokers, nor are we the tattoo-riddled, pierced from head to toe hippies. Some fall into these categories, but so do some Christians, and Catholics, and Muslims. We are all human beings, regardless of our beliefs, and we should be treated as such. And yet, wars are started over things simple as this. This mass prejudice on not just Wiccans but all different religions is making us forget that we are all part of the same race. This is wrong, alienating our own kind over something as trivial as what god someone prays to. It isn’t our business what others believe in, and we should learn to leave well enough alone.

I hope this really made you think about your actions and others. I hope you can find it in yourself to rise above the most primal part of human nature and learn to love everybody, regardless of religion, or skin color, or language.

This is Wicca.

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What A Very Beautiful Wednesday Morn’ The Goddess Has Given Us!


Good morning, my dear family! How is everyone doing this morning? I hope super. It’s Wednesday, only 2 more days to the weekend.  TGIF! I wanted to touch base with you real quick about the articles this afternoon. I have had a request for information on the Goddess Bastet/Bast. I promised that I would post that info today. We are sort of going Egyptian! We always try to accommodate our members, so I was wondering…..Is there anyone else who would like to know info on any other Egyptian Gods/Goddesses. If there is, please post them here. Just try to get them posted before I get through with the daily post. This is an excellent time to learn about any Egyptian God or Goddess you are interested in. I hope you take advantage of it.

Have a very blessed day, be safe, be careful and most of all be blessed,

Lady A

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