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This is a classic, EYE OF NEWT, is it really an eye?

Eye of Newt

Ruler: Hecate

Type: Plant

Magickal form: berries

There are different theories on this Shakespearean ingredient. Some say it is the real eye of a salamander or small fish. Others argue that eye of newt is actually a slang name for a marsh berry and is associated with the red berries of the belladonna (deadly nightshade) plant. It is a poisonous narcotic and used to prepare heart medication. The plant grows freely like a weed and is easily obtained. Crush the berries and add to incense or ointments to foretell the future. Sprinkle berries outside the home to ward off devils.

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Seed Moon Love Potion

Seed Moon Love Potion

Make and drink this potion to put more love, wisdom and passion into your love life.

You will need three cups of white grape juice, three drops of vanilla, nine ice cubes and three strawberries.

Strawberries are a favorite food of elves and because of this, Bavarian peasants tie a basket of strawberries on the horn of their cattle so that the animals may prosper with blessings of the elves. In Norse mythology, the strawberry is sacred to Frigga, wife of Odin and Goddess of Love in terms of relationships and marriage.

Mix the grape juice, vanilla, and ice together using an electric blender. Turning of the blender, add the first strawberry, and say:

Oh great Goddess Frigg

Let my beloved and I share a love that knows no bounds.

Blend the first strawberry, then turn off the blender and add the second strawberry while saying:

Oh great Goddess Frigga

Let my beloved and I share a wisdom that knows no bounds.

Blend the second strawberry, then turn off the blender and add the third strawberry while repeating:

Oh great Goddess Frigga

Let my beloved and I share a passion that knows no bounds.

Blend the third strawberry, then pour the mixture into  glass. Before drinking toast the elves:

With this fruity potion I toast the magick of the elves

And ask for their blessings so my love will always grow.

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