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Recipe for Making a Gem Essence/Elixir

Also know as gem elixirs, essences are the vibration of the crystal reserved in water and brandy. For our purposes, using a gemstone essence involves placing a few drops in a household cleanser or room spray in order to diffuse the vibration of the crystal throughout the room. You can purchase gemstone essences/elixirs already made or make your own. The gemstone essences that can be purchase can also be taken internally, but if you make your own for use in your magickal housekeeping practice. It is not recommended that you take them internally unless you are an expert, or at least until you’ve done some more thorough research of gem essence/elixir preparation.

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How to Create a Gem Essence/Elixir

Items You Will Need:

  • A cleansed crystal (you choose the type according to your needs)
  • Pure water
  • A very clean, clear wine las
  • Brandy
  • A small bottle with a dropper

On a sunny day, when the moon is between New and Full, place the crystal in the glass. Pour the water over the crystal to fill the glass. Place the glass in bright sunlight for at least three hours, making sure that no shade hits it During this time, set the empty dropper bottle next to the glass to purify it with the light of the Sun. After the water and bottle have bathed in the sun for the allotted time, place your hands over the water and visualize very bright, sparkly light filing it. Say a quick prayer, like:

“Great Spirit, please infuse this water with vibrations

of healing and love. Please fully activate the

positive energy of this crystal, and fill the water

with it so that the water is powerful medicine and

a helpful ally to me in my magickal workings.”

Then fill the dropper bottle with half brandy, half water from the wineglass, using the dropper to transfer the water into the bottle. This will preserve the vibration of the crystal in the water.

Once you’ve made the essence, you can put four drops in a room spray or cleaning solution to diffuse the vibrations throughout the room. You can also put a few drops on your wrists, rubbing them together to internalize the magick and for personal healing.

Break Through Blockage Bath (2) Flower Essence Remedy

  1. The flower essence remedy Chestnut bud (Bach) is indicated when you’re stuck, blocked, or trapped in repetitive cycles with no transformation.
  2. Initiate use by taking a single intensive bath:  add 20-30 drops of the remedy to the bath before bedtime. Pay attention to your dreams for clues on resolving your blockage.
  3. Do not add more than half a dozen drops to any additional baths. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for internal administration or apply topically.