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The Ogham

The Ogham

The word Ogham (pronounced OH-yam) has been used to refer to:

A group of twenty trees, sacred to the Druids, that give names to the letters of the Ogham alphabet.

An alphabet of twenty-five characters used for inscriptions on magickal tools in Celtic Ireland & Britain.

An alphabet of twenty characters used for divination and hand-signing in Celtic paganism.

A calendar of thirteen months named for each of the sacred trees.

Below you will find a modern-day interpretation of the Celtic tree calendar. Besides using trees as a way of telling the seasons, the druids used them for many other things. These are called Oghams. Linked to this calendar, you will find much more information on each individual ogham or tree, including the meanings of each during divination.

Oghams were often used by the Celts of olde as a tool of divination, yet they were also used as an alphabet to inscribe many things. First, you must make your own set & inscribe each letter on something made of wood. (Some use stone or tile.) Then place them in a bag for storage. Now when you are ready to use them in divination, find a quiet, peaceful place to sit. Meditate briefly on the question that you want to ask. Then draw out 3 of the pieces and see what the correspondences are. This should help you determine the answer to the question. You may also use them to inscribe your name on your magickal tools or to write in your Grimoire or Book of Shadow, just to be on the safe side & so no one can understand your writings. Oghams are also often used on amulets and talismans.



Flashback 2009 Samhain


An example of a Samhain altar.

This is Hecate’s holiday, a celebration of the Crone and the powers of the dark feminine principle. This is the Celtic day of the dead, and a power day in the wheeled calendar. The Celts traditionally wore white to welcome the first day of winter and the increasing darkness. By now the garden should be cleared; tools cleaned, oiled, and out away. The house gets its own cleaning, windows polished to a sparkle, freshly laundered curtains re-hung. Scour the front step to remove bad luck and rinse with sage tea to protect all who dwell within. Toss the old broom and use a new one to sweep away misfortune. The ash from old fires should be removed from the hearth and the stones scrubbed; lay a new fire to light the way for the ancestors.

The descent into darkness from which all new life and ideas come is a potent time for prophecy and omens. Astrological Samhain (November 7) has powerful Crone Moon that lends veracity to her predictions just at dawn. Give honor to the Triple Goddess with offerings of roasted apple and hot cider. Bob for apples to commemorate the trip by water to Avalon. The magical power hour for the gibbous Halloween Moon is ten or so.

Copyright K. D. Spitzer Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2009

2015 Samhain


An example of a Samhain Ancestors altar.

Endings and Beginnings

The thrid and final harvest festival, also know as “The Witches’ New Year” celebrates both the end of the old year and the beginning of the new. On this day, the veil between the world is at its thinnest, and so we use this time to speak to those who have come before us: our ancestors, our beloved dead, all who are no longer with us. Some celebrate with a Dumb Supper, a traditional meal eaten in complete silence, with plates set out for those we have lost. Others set up a special altar with candles honoring the dead, often decorated with pictures or tokens to represent esch individual. Some use this night for divination, which is enhanced as the veil is thin.

This is bittersweet holiday when we say good bye to those we’ve lost in the year gone past as well as mourn whatever goals we didn’t achieve. But it is also a celebration of the coming year, full of hope and anticipation. We wipe the slate clean, dancing around a bonfire in celebration of the Goddess in her Crone persona; full of wisdom and ready to sustain us as we move into the darkness of winter. She teaches us that the dark is nothing to fear, only a quite place where we can rest until we are ready to begin again.

Copyright Deborah Blake Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2015 Page 113

Flashback 20144 Samhain


An example of a Samhain (pronounced sow-en) altar.

Divining the Unseen

At Samhain, the veil between the worlds is thinnest. The ordinary and extraordinary meet. Death and life touch at the edges. Mysteries drop hints. These factors make divination easier now, and traditional Samhain activities include various forms of it. Nuts may be placed in coals of a fire to divine the future of a relationship. Scrying in a mirror or bowl of water is another popular option. An apple peel thrown on the ground reveals symbolic shapes. Of course tarot cards also suit the occasion.

Celebrate the mysteries of this Samhain. Choose from mystical colors such as purple, gold, silver, and black. Decorate the covenstead with lace veils and velvet drapes. Cobwebs of paper, string or floss evoke the Fates who spin threads of the future. The Norse god Odin traded an eye to the Morns to gain wisdom. In Greek mythology, Appollo is associated with the oracles. The Sumerian goddess Inanna also relates to prophecy and visions.Consider a ritual that enacts visiting a sacred oracle. Lead conveners into a softly lit space where they can consult a priest or priestess who skilled in divination or psychic arts. USe drums or bells to summon people back out.

Copyright Elizabeth Barrette Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2014 Page 115

Hawthorn Tree

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Over a century ago, the musical play H.M.S. Pinafore debuted on the London stage. On of the songs from the score insisted that “Things are seldom what they seem.” These words personify the hawthorn–a tree that in folklore, is much more than what it seems. Even in modern Ireland you’d be hard pressed to find someone willing to move or harm one for fear of upsetting the capricious fairy sprites who call it home.

When you need to know what is what, call upon the spirit of the hawthorn to assist you:

Fairies of the hawthorn I ask,

A favor and simple task;

Show me what is false and true,

And I will give a gift to you.

When you’ve received a vision of your answer, tie a pretty ribbon on the bush or plant a coin near its base in thanks.

Copyright Edian McCOy Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2004 Page 67

WOTC Extra – Omens from the Flames

Omens from the Flames


Various kinds of omens may be read from fire. We often gaze into the fire and see pictures there, and this is a very ancient form of divination. Dion Fortune wrote of the Fire of Azrael made from sandalwood cedar and juniper logs used for the purposes of divination.

Because the fire was so important, portents were often taken from the behaviour of the flames, a practice called pyromancy. For example, when a fire burns all on one side, or falls into two heaps in the grate, it foretells a parting of some kind. If it will not start in the morning it predicts quarrels in the house, and arguments are also presaged by a spluttering piece of coal. A coffin-shaped piece of coal flying out of the fire and into the room foreshadows a death, whereas a cradle-shaped piece means a birth. A cluster of bright sparks at the back of the chimney means good news on the way, and dull sparks mean bad news. Showers of gold sparks indicate money and blue flames in the fire indicate coming frosts.


Hearth Witch (The Eight Paths of Magic)

Anna Franklin

Let’s Talk Witch – Doing Divination with Dices, Huh?

 Doing Divination with Dices, Huh?


Some of us love to play dice games (or role-playing games, drinking games, or any combination of the above) and know just exactly where our dice are. If you don’t, go looking for your board games; many games use one or more 6-sided dice to decide how far you move, and you can borrow the dice from there. (Just don’t forget to put them back, or you’ll be really miffed at yourself the next time you pull the game out!) Most discussions of dice divination expect you to have three six-sided dice, but you can use one if you want; as you can see from the lists below, you’ll just have a shorter range of answers available.


One die divination can give you nuanced answers to a yes/ no question; 3 dice divination has a range of possible responses that can give answers or suggestions for more general questions. If you have a six-, 10-, or fifteen item list of possibilities, roll one, two (2-12), or three (3-18) dice to determine which list item you should select.


1 die divination:

1. Favorable indications

2. Success depends on friendly relations

3. Triumph

4. Disappointment

5. Good news

6. Doubt



3 dice divination:

3. Pleasant surprises in the very near future

4. Unpleasantness of some kind may occur

5. Plans will come to fruition; wish will be granted

6. A loss of some kind is forecast

7. Possible difficulties in business, money troubles, gossip, and so on.

8. Expect criticism

9. Marriage; unions

10. Birth, either of a child or of a new project

11. A parting, which may be temporary

12. A message of some importance will soon arrive

13. Sorrow

14. Friendship; help from a new friend

15. Begin no new projects for a few days

16. A pleasant journey

17. A change in plans may soon be necessary.

18. Success; a wish will be obtained. *BEST*



Divination with What You’ve Got

Cobalt Witch.


Let’s Talk Witch – Divination, Got any Playing Cards?

 Divination, Got any Playing Cards?


There are a lot of different decks of cards used for divination . Tarot, Lenormand cards and oracle decks are everywhere, with new versions published every day. But if you want to do divination with what you’ve got, a standard 52-card deck of playing cards will work just as well as a fancy, expensive, or hard-to-find deck, and they have been used for that purpose for centuries.


There are several ‘layers’ to playing card divination. If you’re looking for yes/ no answers or fortunate/ unfortunate indicators, all you need to do is pull out one card at random and look at the color of the suit. Red is considered favorable, or ‘yes,’ and black is considered unfavorable, or ‘no.’ In general, people represented by red court cards are fair-haired, while people represented by black court cards are dark-haired; but this is not a hard and fast rule.


The next layer are the suits themselves. They have evolved their own meanings over the years as people have used them for divination:


Hearts signify emotions; love, friendship, happiness, and domestic concerns. Generally speaking, they are “happy” cards.


Diamonds signify career and money issues, power and success, hard work and affairs outside the home.


Clubs signify business, ambition, achievement and social interaction. They generally indicate success and happiness.


Spades signify gossip, challenges, messages, obstacles and upsets. They can be considered warnings.


Then there are the meanings of the card numbers. You can combine the meaning of the suit with the meaning of the card number to figure out the meaning of each individual card. There are also specific meanings for each card, and these are included below the general meanings.


Kings and Queens are older people or people in authority


Jacks are younger people with more vigor and less authority


Aces show you alone, making decisions and first steps in a particular direction.


Twos are about relationships; meeting another person or force in agreement or conflict. A popular picture used to explain the idea is marriage.


Threes are about the synthesis or two creating a third: a child, a project, or an idea. The picture here is family — mother, father and child.


Fours are about structure, safety, the work it takes to make a life. The picture is a home, the four walls that keep the family safe.


Fives are about stepping out from structure: destabilization, advancement, and sometimes (but not always) conflict. The picture is leaving home.


Sixes signify communication and messages.


Sevens are inspiration, intervention, spiritual matters, and benevolent outcomes.


Eights are about gates; like a three, but setting forth as an adult. Swift activity, new enterprises.


Nines show taking the final steps to completion of an idea or project.


Tens signify completion of a full cycle, something ending at the same time something new is beginning.


Divination with What You’ve Got

Cobalt Witch