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WOTC Extra – How Does Magic Work?

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How Does Magic Work?


I may not be able to tell you exactly how magic works, only that it does work Fortunately, we don’t have to know this; all we must know is how to make it work.

I’m no expert in electricity, but I can plug my toaster into a wall socket and burn my whole wheat bread. Similarly, in magic we “plug into” energies that stretch, criss-cross and zip around and through us.

There are many ways to practice magic. Wiccans generally choose simple, natural forms, though some enjoy heavy ceremony, borrowing from the classical Grimoires such as the Key of Solomon. Usually, however, it involves herbs, crystals and rocks; the use of symbols and color; magical gestures, music, voice, dance and trance; astral projection, meditation, concentration and visualization.

There are literally thousands of magical systems, even among Wiccans themselves. For instance, numerous magical ways exist to use crystals, or herbs, or symbols, and by combining them more systems are created.

Many, many books have been published outlining magical systems, and some of these are listed in the Bibliography. In my books I’ve discussed the powers of the elements, crystals and herbs. In this work, the subject of rune magic is explored as an example of a self-contained magical system with hints at combining it with others.

Such systems aren’t necessary to the successful practice of magic. Performing magical rituals simply by manipulating tools such as herbs and crystals will be ineffective, for the true power of magic lies within ourselves-the gift of Deity.

So no matter the magical system, personal power must be infused with the need and then released. In Wiccan magic, personal power is recognized as our direct link with the Goddess and God. Magic, therefore, is a religious act in which the Wiccans unite with their deities to better themselves and their world.

This is important-magic is a positive practice. Wiccans don’t perform destructive, manipulative or exploitive magic. Because they recognize that the power at work in magic is, ultimately, derived from the Goddess and God, negative workings are absolutely taboo. “Evil” magic is an insult to themselves, to the human race, to the Earth, the Goddess and God, and the universe itself. The repercussions can be imagined.

The energies of magic are those of life itself.

Anyone can practice magic-within a religious context or not. If certain words or gestures pop into your mind while performing a spell, and they seem right, by all means use them. If you can’t find a ritual to your liking or that fits your needs, create one. You needn’t write fancy poetry or choreography for thirty singing incense bearers and thirteen singing priestesses.

If nothing else, light a candle, settle down before it, and concentrate-on your magical need. Trust yourself.

If you truly desire to know the nature of magic, practice it! Many are afraid of magic. They’ve been taught (by non-practitioners) that it’s dangerous. Don’t be scared. Crossing the street is dangerous too. But if you do it properly, you’re fine.

Of course, the only way you’ll find this out is to cross that street. If your magic is infused with love you’ll be in no danger whatsoever.

Call upon the Goddess and God to protect you and teach you the secrets of magic. Ask stones and plants to reveal their powers-and listen. Read as much as you can, discarding negative or disturbing information.

Learn by doing, and the Goddess and God will bless you with all that you truly need.

Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner
Scott Cunningham

Awakening & Charging Your Crystals & Gemstones

Awakening & Charging Your Crystals & Gemstones


Crystals can be awakened by:

* Impacting the crystal upon the energized sand of the ocean beaches and/or sand dunes.

* Sounding a meditative gong in proximity to the crystal (this method stimulates the activation of the resonance of the crystal).

* Gently sounding Tibetan prayer bells (or other bells) in proximity to the crystal (this method aligns the energy of the crystal structure so that it can be efficiently directed).


* Place the crystal on a large crystal cluster.

* Place the crystal in the center of a circle, where the circle is comprised of other crystals whose terminations are pointing toward the center.

* Place the crystal in sunlight and/or in the light of the moon; the days related to the summer and winter solstice. the vernal equinox, the autumnal equinox, the full moon, and the new moon are more heavily charged.

Tuesday Is Ruled By Mars

Tuesday Is Ruled By Mars

Archangel: Samael

Candle colour: Red

Incenses: Dragon’s blood or cinnamon

Crystals: Jasper or garnet

Use Tuesdays for spells for courage, change, independence in home or business life, for overcoming seemingly impossible odds and for passion.

Where possible, work near a fire or a bonfire or with a huge red beeswax candle as a focus; alternatively work next to a flowerbed or large vase of red, orange and/or yellow flowers.

Working With The Days of the Week – Monday

Monday Is Ruled By The Moon

Archangel: Gabriel

Candle colour: Silver

Incenses: Jasmine or myrrh

Crystals: Moonstone or opal

Use Mondays for spells for fertility, protection especially while traveling, for home and family and to increase psychic and healing powers.

Where possible, work close to any water and, as a bonus, by moonlight.

Daily Feng News for Aug. 21 – ‘Radio Day’

Perhaps you’ve heard me share my monthly insights on the various national radio shows I contribute to. One of the ways that I secured all this media was to make sure that my ‘Helpful People’ area was activated and energized. Today’s ‘Radio Day’ energies remind me to share exactly how I trigger excellent opportunities from that arena. String six clear quartz crystals together and simply hang them in the ‘Helpful People’ location. Then dial in as people start bringing new opportunities right to you.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

Calm Before An Operation Spell

Calm Before An Operation Spell

Before a visit to the hospital for an operation, make yourself a healing package. Gather together a Peridot or green crystal, a small vial of geranium scented body oil and a small makeup mirror. Wrap everything in tissue and put it all into a pretty gift box. Write these words on a blue piece of paper:

“Here within this magick box
I’ll find enchanted fare –
a crystal to shine and light my day,
a secret oil to smooth my cares
and a looking glass in which I’ll see
my loved ones smiling there.”

This can also be made up for a friend.

Simple Crystal Self-healing for Chakras

Simple Crystal Self-healing for Chakras


This self-healing treatment is also a good way of ending your day even if you feel well. Repeating this treatment daily will help to keep your energies in balance and maintain health. You can work with a crystal chakra set or, if there are specific issues or ailments you wish to treat, replace a standard chakra crystal or with one of the crystals that work on all chakras.

Simply lie on your back in bed, on a sofa, or on the floor, place the crystals in the appropriate position on your body. Lie still and allow yourself to rest and relax for about half an hour. Play gentle relaxing music and light some incense if you like.


Suggested crystals and their placement:


Crown:  Amethyst

Brow: Lapis lazuli

Throat; Blue lace agate

Heart: Malachite

Solar plexus: Citrine

Sacral: Carnelian

Base: Red jasper

Good Sunday Morning To Ya’! Sunday Is Ruled By The Sun


Sunday Is Ruled By The Sun

Archangel:  Michael

Candle color:  Gold

Incenses:  Frankincense or orange

Crystals:  Amber or clear quartz

Use Sundays for spells for new beginnings, for worldly success, to achieve ambitions, and to reverse bad luck, especially financial and for health.

Where possible, use an open space in sunlight for sun spells, such as a sunny beach or shimmering plain.