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Daily Planet Tracker: Moon in Capricorn, Feb 14 to Feb 16


Planet Tracker

Moon in Capricorn

Feb 14, 2015 to Feb 16, 2015

Maybe you noticed. Things have gotten more serious with the Moon in Capricorn. No-nonsense suits around the office. Discussions about rules, disciplines, hard work and respect. Virtues that make employees squirm and bosses feel lonely. Structure-everybody hates it until something unruly occurs. Physics says a vast and wild emptiness dances between the molecules in a chair. But we don’t fall in due to the structuring thought in wood, respecting our need for a solid place to sit. That’s Capricorn in your life, structures that support. Its energy inspires your achievements and fears (funny how both can be motivating). Face a fear today. Be the authority in something. Devise a business plan. Recognize that diligence is nothing more than keeping what you want in mind. Strategize with a wise old one. And do something especially nice this Moontime for your skin, bones or knees.


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Your Daily Horoscopes for Monday, February 2nd


Your Daily Horoscopes for Monday, February 2nd


March 21 – April 19
With effort, comes reward. However, we tend to have one idea about how we’d like to be rewarded and often discover the universe has another. When we receive what we believe to be a less than desirable reward or one that doesn’t exactly fill us with excitement or inspiration, we regard effort we made as a waste of time, or believe we were fooling ourselves in some way. To gain the most exciting and inspiring reward, you need to invest your effort toward what truly excites and inspires you now.

April 20 – May 20
How often do we associate negativity with challenge? We do have a tendency to equate difficulty with an inevitable negative result. It’s interesting we should do that, when you think about it. It says much about our faith and belief levels. That’s why, where you see the need to rise to a certain challenge now, you shouldn’t automatically assume it comes with a negative result. Don’t link difficulty with despondency. The only suggestion of failure is coming from you now and it is important to believe and trust that it is unfounded.

May 21 – June 21
There are limits to how much we can prepare for anything. Even top sporting champions reach a point where preparation must cease and what’s been prepared for must be faced. It can be helpful when we’re put in a position where we’re unable to procrastinate, too. We can sometimes find or even create reasons not to do something so there can be benefits when something we need to do is ‘time sensitive’. You don’t need to put yourself under unnecessary pressure now but, at the same time, don’t believe what you’re preparing yourself for can go on indefinitely.

June 22 – July 22
Some cooperation from a certain person wouldn’t go amiss. You could understandably wonder what more you’re supposed to do or say to get a desired response from a certain individual who seems to have their own idea about what level of obligation they have to respond. What’s needed here, as frustrating as it might be to hear, is more time. You can, however, be assured that you have done all you’re able to do or that’s sensible in the scheme of things. You’ve planted enough seeds. Now, leave them along briefly to grow and you will see chutes of hope before long.

July 23 – August 22
You’re being expected to be accommodating in many ways but, to do this, you need someone to make it easier for you to be accommodating. Their insistence they’re right about a particular matter and it’s you who has missed the point – or their belief that you’re the one being obstructive – isn’t helping matters. You have pride to take into account and as willing as you are to be obliging in one way, there are limits to what you’re prepared to tolerate. You know what those limits are. As you continue to be pushed in some way, someone else will soon recognize them.

August 23 – September 22
When we believe ourselves to be right about something, we don’t just ‘think’ we’re right. Something also often ‘feels’ right, too. No matter how we look at a particular issue, we see what we believe to be ‘right’ about it as conclusive and needing no further analyzing or discussion. So, when do problems arise? They arise when someone else feels exactly the same way about something you’re certain they’re wrong about! So, can two people be ‘right’ or must one be wrong? There are ways compromise can be reached now if you and someone else want it.

September 23 – October 22
Not so long ago, a television that showed a skewiffy picture could be fixed temporarily by giving it a hard whack. A quick adjustment and the picture would return. We can’t do quite the same thing to televisions these days. We need first to check satellite or cable connections before using an automatic tuning system. What worked once is definitely no longer applicable. Bear this in mind where an issue in your world is concerned. You might believe you automatically know from previous experience how to ‘fix’ it but might be surprised how outdated your approach might be!

October 23 – November 21
Softly, softly, will do it. As tempted as you might be to lay down the law or part someone’s hair with some not-so-carefully chosen words, a much better result will come from making a point calmly and, if possible, quietly. When people speak loudly, recipients of their words are usually too busy trying to focus on what’s coming next to take on board properly what’s being said. Don’t give someone a good reason to be defensive now. Say what does need saying in the way you’d want it said to you and you probably won’t go far wrong.

November 22 – December 21
What do we do with Wish Lists? Do we create them and then leave them lying around to be lost with newspapers or magazines that end up in garbage cans? Do we create them in electronic formats that get lost among countless other documents on storage systems? Most of our Wish Lists get stored in our brains and looked at occasionally, as if to remind ourselves of what we want but are unlikely to ever have. Regardless of what format your Wish List is in, it is time to review it. Once done, start looking at what your first step is to achieving what’s top of your list.

December 22 – January 19
Rarely, do the words ‘enough is enough’ get said without some level of weariness attached to them. We tend to say them only when we believe we’ve reached the end of a proverbial tether. Yet, when we reach a point where we know we must change a situation that has brought us to a state of weariness, then that must surely be something to be inspired about. We will be bringing an end to a tiring or repetitive situation we have wanted to see change. Where enough has become enough in your world, prepare to experience delight at being freed in some way.

January 20 – February 18
Is there ever any benefit to doing something impulsively? Aren’t we supposed to think through our actions at all times and consider all potential consequences? We can do so if we want to ‘play it safe’ throughout our lives. But, is that not a dull, uninspiring or unadventurous approach? Is there not more fun and enjoyment to be had sometime by simply seizing some opportunities and hanging consequences? The sky isn’t encouraging you to be irrational or irresponsible but it is suggesting you might enjoy being less reticent and more spontaneous in a certain area now.

February 19 – March 20
When two people want to be ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’ or thinking along the same lines, all that matters is one isn’t drowning out the other. When that happens, imbalance gets created and a situation then exists where one person makes the other feel smaller or inferior. This, in turn, eventually causes resentment unless something is done to nip it in the bud before that happens. You and someone else appear to want the same thing. Try not to express your desire for it in ways that are likely to cause ill feeling on someone else’s part.

Daily Cosmic Calendar for Tuesday, December 23rd

It is wise to always keep track of void lunar cycles — particularly when they are lengthy, as this void Moon transit through Capricorn continues until 6:53PM (when the lunar orb enters service-oriented Aquarius). In the meantime, you may want to enjoy a whirlpool treatment or soothing hot-tub experience as the Sun makes an inspirational, 72-degree tie with Chiron (2:34AM). You could use the relaxation since Saturn temporarily leaves intense Scorpio (where it has been for the last 2+ years) for Sagittarius (8:35AM). Saturn stays in Sagittarius until June 14, 2015, when it flips back into the end of Scorpio. Saturn’s return visit to Scorpio then continues to September 17, 2015 when it rejoins the beginning of Sagittarius and then staying here until December 19, 2017. All things considered, it is probably better for Saturn to be in fiery, upbeat Sagittarius than in watery, intense Scorpio — but this may not be the case for people born with the Sun or several planets in the sign of the celestial archer. Today is also notable because Mercury unites with Vesta at 11 degrees of Capricorn (5:32PM). Utilize this springboard toward materializing key investment plans once the Moon is safely in Aquarius (6:53PM and afterwards). Be extra cautious regarding primary partnerships tonight as Venus forms an off-kilter, 150-degree tie with Juno (9:31PM). [Note to readers: All times are calculated for Pacific Standard Time. Be sure to adjust all times according to your own local time so the alignments noted above will be exact for your location.]

Today’s Planet Tracker: Sun in Capricorn, Dec 21, 2014 to Jan 20, 2015

Planet Tracker

Sun in Capricorn

Dec 21, 2014 to Jan 20, 2015


The Sun’s entry into Capricorn marks the beginning of winter (the Winter Solstice). It is the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, a time when the light will grow as the temperatures fall. The celebration of Christmas (see Rick Levine’s The Gift of the Magi) is closely associated with this “return of the light,” representing new hope at a time of darkness.

The Capricorn personality reflects this idea of rising from the bottom to arrive at the top. It’s a “vertical” or hierarchical sign that’s particularly aware of its status or place in the pecking order. Defined rules help Capricorns keep track of where they are and they often excel in situations where there are clear benchmarks to measure their accomplishments.

This Ain’t No Ordinary Goat

Capricorn’s goat isn’t your garden variety can eater with a bell around its neck. This is a free mountain goat, able to scale the great heights under difficult circumstances. Like this animal, most Capricorns aren’t afraid of struggle. In fact, they often need a challenge to make their lives interesting.

Capricorn has also been represented as a goat-fish, a goat with the tail of a fish. This can be interpreted as describing the watery sensitivity that lies at the root of Capricorn’s ambition. Its often tough exterior masks a more vulnerable person inside. The idea of the goat-fish also suggests that a spiritual base (the fish) is the perfect balance to worldly aspirations.

The Mastery of Saturn

Ruled by (associated with) the planet Saturn, Capricorn’s about working within the boundaries of defined limits. Traditional astrologers sometimes viewed those born under this sign as overly serious, even melancholy. However, Saturn’s sense of order and necessity correlate perfectly with Capricorn’s desires to win within the rules of its particular game. This is a sign of commitment.

Saturn also reminds us of Capricorn’s focus which allows high levels of skill to be developed. It’s a sign of mastery. Whatever it does, Capricorn wants to be the very best. This intense focus is one reason why Capricorn is such a high achiever. It’s been said that Capricorn has one great natural skill: the ability to apply itself and master whatever it chooses to learn.

Capricorn is a cardinal sign, one that initiates one of the four seasons of the year (Aries, Cancer and Libra are the other cardinal signs). It’s also an earth sign, thus rooted in pragmatism (Taurus and Virgo are the other earth signs). This unique combination of initiative and realism makes Capricorn the perfect production machine. It sets its sights high, but is always aware of what means it will use to achieve its goals.

The Adult Child

Capricorns often take on adult responsibilities at an early age. This serves them later with a sense of maturity and patience beyond their years. However, this can also shorten the carefree playful time of childhood that’s necessary for emotional and creative development.

Many Capricorns have to learn how to have fun, to be free and foolish. A conscious effort to let go of goals and enjoy life for itself can be a difficult task for some born under this sign. Yet when this lesson is learned, it can be a delight to watch these “old” ones grow younger with time.

Rockers, Despots and Healers

A significant number of rock musicians were born in this supposedly serious sign. Elvis Presley, David Bowie, Jimmy Page, Rod Stewart, Patti Smith, Janis Joplin, Michael Stipe, Eddie Vedder, Ricky Martin, Dave Matthews and Kid Rock are all Capricorns.

Discipline and focus are central to Capricorns Tiger Woods and Jeff Bezos. Successful Capricorn performers include Jim Carrey, Andy Kaufman, Denzel Washington, Anthony Hopkins, Mel Gibson and Nicholas Cage.

The darker side of this sign is represented by Richard Nixon, Mao Tse-tung, Joseph Stalin, J. Edgar Hoover and Dr. Laura Schlessinger. The balance can be found in heriod Capricorns Albert Schweitzer and Martin Luther King, Jr.




Our hard working Capricorn was a challenging character to develop. Previously we had focused on the goat portion of our Capricorn, but now we were looking at his fish half as well!

There are many theories on why the Capricorn Goat is often portrayed as half goat-half fish. All stories seem to have common threads around the hard working and sexually intense nature of Capricorn personalities. Capricorns enjoy hard work and enjoy the pleasures and satisfaction of intense physical contact. They thrive on difficult or complex problem solving. It is thought that the Capricorn goats struggle with taking the same intensity they have toward their work into their bedroom.

Their aggressive passion and sexual nature was frowned upon by the Greek Gods. The Gods decided to punish him so they turned his lower half into a fish so he could no longer act on his sexual desires. As a result his sexuality was stunted and all that repressed energy was redirected into an intense focused work ethic. So our modern day Capricorns have hints toward this repressed sexuality. They enjoy work and struggle with their need and inability to let loose physically. So, we decided to represent this persona as a very hard working character. He’s completely focused on getting the job done. His large wrench conveys his ability to tackle any job, any size. It also can be used to fine tune the tension of his tale, adjusting his direction and control his sexual desires.

Physical Characteristics

Physically, our Capricorn is not necessarily well kept and clean. He’s less concerned with his physical appearance. He looks at life as a big job that needs to be done. He’s concerned with doing it right, not necessarily how he looks doing it. He has a handy apron to keep his tools at the ready. Again, functional clothes are more important than fashion to our Capricorn goat.

His eyes are focused. Intense but not threatening. His expression is one of intense thought and focus. He’s generally not looking at someone, but rather through someone. He’s not scary or mean, he’s on the side of progress and will jump from camp to camp if it means he can complete something he starts.

Zodiac Super Power

Our Capricorn’s super power are his goggles. He wears them on his head and puts them on when he needs to see details through chaos. He can refine and drill down to the smallest grain of sand in a dust storm. He can focus amid chaotic smoke storms. His goggles act as night vision when others can not see obvious solutions, our Capricorn can. He will put his goggles on and get the job done. His ability to stay calm focused on solutions makes him the most reliable and dilient sign of the Zodiac.

Daily Cosmic Calendar for Yule, December 21st

If you made it through yesterday’s cosmic slugfest relatively unscathed, give yourself a row of virtual gold stars. Now you have another 24 hours to conquer with a very deft touch since the universe is going all in right now with a mega-dose of celestial madness. First of all, keep in mind that several of Saturday’s difficult sky configurations are still on the astro-psychic radar screen — only more undercover. Now Venus forming a supportive, 60-degree link with healing maestro Chiron (2:04AM) followed 2+ hours later by the Moon in Sagittarius forming a harmonious trine to buoyant and optimistic Jupiter in Leo (4:36AM) makes it seem that all is well, but this 120-degree contact also begins a long void lunar uncertainty cycle that lasts until 5:26PM (when the Moon enters Capricorn). Ceres gets into the act, too, by converging with the Moon (5:00AM) — adding another note of supposed calm and productivity. Then a few hours later, the testing of humanity begins in earnest as Mercury forms a potentially abrasive, 135-degree tie with Jupiter (11:03AM), Uranus halts its recent retrograde motion at 13 degrees of Aries (2:46PM) to begin a forward-moving cycle that lasts until July 26, 2015, the Sun switch its allegiance from fiery Sagittarius to earthy Capricorn (3:04PM), and the New Moon materializes 2+ hours after that (5:37PM and energizing 1 degree of Capricorn). A station of Uranus — the key planet of shocks, surprises, anarchy, rebellion, revolution, genius, intuition, high-technology, jokers, wild cards, out-of-the-box thinking and behavior, the multi-media, the nervous system, anxiety, breakthroughs in consciousness or breakdowns — is not exactly compatible with the Sun and Moon striding forcefully into Capricorn (the key sign of the zodiac ruled over by Saturn). Therefore, this sacred turning point of the year — the solstice, when the Sun appears to stand still in its vertical arc — is receiving an unusually high injection of adversarial energies (represented by play-by-the-rules Saturn and always-unpredictable Uranus). Do your best to pursue your objectives today with self-confidence and a calm demeanor. Like the Little Engine That Could, keep affirming the mantra of I think I can. [Note to readers: All times are calculated for Pacific Standard Time. Be sure to adjust all times according to your own local time so the alignments noted above will be exact for your location.]

Astrology Notes for Yule, December 21

Yule Comments & Graphics

Astrology Notes for Yule, December 21


On the 21st, Uranus turns direct in motion as the Sun enters Capricorn. The forward motion of Uranus is more freedom-oriented and independent; some of the goals established while Uranus was retrograde become more apparent to others as you make changes to move toward them. When the Sun enters Capricorn, it passes through the sensitive zero degree of a Cardinal sign (known as the Aries Point) . The Ingress chart is in effect until the next Cardinal ingress of the Sun which is when the Sun enters Aries in March. As such, it is more important than the New Moon that occurs just about three hours later; the New Moon’s effect lasts about thirty days until the next New Moon in January. The Capricorn Ingress chart has Pluto and Venus in the Sixth House in Capricorn opposite the Ascendant and square Uranus in the Midheaven and square the North Node of the Moon in the Fourth House; the Ingress chart’s Sixth House is loaded with planets —in order: Ceres, the Moon, the Sun, Mercury Pluto and Venus— so expect a lot of emphasis on health and health care, work and the work place , responsibilities, and your basic sense of well-being which may feel threaten by the stresses and changes of the Grand Cross. Keep in mind that something new may emerge from all those Pluto/ Scorpio ashes that will be better, more up to date, and much more satisfactory. Uranus in the Midheaven may topple heads of state or those in positions of governmental and corporate authority unexpectedly as their mistakes and failures are exposed to public scrutiny. Jupiter in Leo square Saturn in Scorpio inhibits economic growth; Saturn in the Fifth House indicates losses or setbacks through risk-taking while Jupiter in the Second House may be over-optimistic. This combination may also feature worries revolving around children, lack of time for a robust social life, or disappointments in love. Saturn trines the Ingress chart’s Midheaven in Pisces so that you are stabilized , realistic, reasonable, practical, and not too likely to sink into the “blame” game or into negative habit patterns (over -eating, drugs, alcohol, over-spending). Mars in Aquarius sextile Uranus in the Midheaven shows energy to cope with change as well as energy directed into regrouping, reorganizing, and studying your options so that you can move forward enthusiastically and make progress toward a specific goal. Neptune in Pisces sextile the Sun, Moon, and Mercury stimulates imagination and intuition; since it is coupled with Chiron in the Ninth House, the door is open for something perfect even if all appears chaotic temporarily.

2014 FORECAST: Your Astrological Almanac for the Year Ahead
Sandra Walker

Your Planet Tracker for Dec. 14th: Venus in Capricorn, Now till Jan 3, 2015

Planet Tracker

Venus in Capricorn

Dec 10, 2014 to Jan 3, 2015


Venus, the planet of love, acceptance, pleasure and the arts, is now in earthy Capricorn. This is an interesting combination of soft and hard. Sweet Venus likes things the easy way, but Saturn-ruled Capricorn is about focus, commitment and effort.

This is a time when love must be earned. Effort counts as much as heart, if you want to earn the approval of others. Relationships are built on shared goals and a willingness to work through the hard spots. Venus in Capricorn rewards maturity in relationships, helping to define problems and making a commitment to solve them.

This might not be the most romantic placement for Venus, but there are some real advantages here nevertheless. One is the ability to achieve creative or artistic goals even if you don’t have the greatest natural talent. Capricorn rewards those who stick with the difficult tasks, rather than flashy folks who don’t want to get their hands dirty with effort.

Venus in Capricorn means that respect equals love. We may have to work a little harder to be appreciated now, but we’re building a solid foundation of self-respect that can ensure the continuation and growth of the relationships that count most in our lives.

A good number of young royalty have Venus in Capricorn, including Princesses Caroline and Stephanie of Monaco, England’s Prince Andrew, King Juan Carlos of Spain and the late king of rock ‘n’ roll, Elvis Presley. Both Caroline and John F. Kennedy Jr. were also born with this combination.

Actors Anthony Hopkins, Jeff Bridges, Faye Dunaway, Diane Keaton and Danny Devito are Venus in Capricorn people, as were tragic comics Andy Kaufman and John Belushi and athletes Michael Jordan, Monica Seles and Lee Trevino. Venus in Capricorn is found in the charts of politicians Dick Gephardt and Dick Cheney, and singers Bonnie Raitt, Naomi Judd, Dolly Parton and Neal Diamond