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Get A Jump On Tomorrow, Your Horoscopes for Sunday, January 25th


Get A Jump On Tomorrow, Your Horoscopes for Sunday, January 25th


March 21 – April 19
There’s no feeling quite like that which we experience when we get our head or hand stuck in something. In theory, what went ‘in’ must therefore come ‘out’. We experience a similar feeling when we paint ourselves into a corner. We become aware of restriction that we have inadvertently created for ourselves that usually involves difficult backtracking in some way. In an area of your world now, you aren’t stuck or in a self-created restrictive situation. It just appears that way. Soon, you will see how you are able to free yourself.
April 20 – May 20
We are all captains of our own destinies. Where we are at this moment in time in each of our lives is the result of a series of decisions we made in the past. Does that mean we are in the ‘wrong’ place or ought to consider seriously why we are where we are? You have recently set in motion a process that is daunting and causes you to wonder if you truly possess abilities needed to see it through. Then, there are implications and concerns to address when you do see it through. You are where you are meant to be and can therefore relax in the knowledge you will succeed

May 21 – June 21
No journey is ever straightforward. Even Romans renowned for building straight roads had to take much into consideration in terms of how best to arrive at their destination safely. You probably wish the process you have put in place was more straightforward and the destination was clearer than it is but that doesn’t mean the inevitable twists and turns will prove problematic. What you’re experiencing now is an essential part of an essential journey and is nothing you need fear or be concerned about.
June 22 – July 22
It appears a certain person is confused and might have drawn very much the wrong conclusion about something that concerns of involves you. For some time, your instincts have probably told you something wasn’t right and you might need to put someone in the picture properly but you understandably chose to leave someone to their own devices in the hope clarity on their part would arrive like sunlight through a window. It hasn’t. Not yet, anyway. You-know-who needs some steering or guidance. Find it within you to provide both and you’ll bring an end to a drama.
July 23 – August 22
It’s amazing what theatre and film set creators can do with paper, plasterboard and wood. They create what looks from a distance very realistic heavy stone or solid steel walls. But, they know their creations will be viewed from a distance and not up close, so there are limits to how realistic they need to be. That still doesn’t stop us from believing them to be as solid as they appear. In your world now, a situation is giving the impression of being stone or steel-like, and immovable. Take a closer look. With less effort than you believe is needed, you can push your way through it.
August 21 – September 22
Much in life relies on appearance. None of us would consider entering a restaurant that hadn’t had some effort made to reassure us of its cleanliness. Neither would we consider willingly allowing ourselves to be part of a dangerous or tense situation if we weren’t reassured of our safety. In a similar way, you need to look now at a level of magic you’re keeping at bay through not making it attractive enough to enter. You’re giving it reason to remain detached, as much as it wants to make its way to you now. All it’s looking for is a sign of reassurance that you want it.
September 23 – October 23
Smile, and the world smiles back. Laugh, and the world laughs with us. How easy is it for you to summon a smile now, let alone laughter? Might you be doing something that contradicts in the minds of certain others how you ought to be feeling? What some might see as a dramatic or no laughing matter, there is much you can do to improve an unfunny situation. This simply involves you smiling. If the smile can become laughter, then even better. You are able now to break tension in ways it needs doing.
October 24 – November 21
You can’t do that. Don’t do that. Stop doing that. Such words are those we grew up with said to us mainly by parents or teachers. We clearly believed what we were doing was fine but it soon became obvious it wasn’t. Does such restriction leave us when we’re older? Unfortunately, it doesn’t. We still find ourselves being told what we’re doing is wrong or inappropriate by those who believe they can say such things. One or two people might make it clear they disapprove of something you’re doing now but are you harming anyone? No, you’re not. Enjoy it.
November 22 – December 21
Might it be easier to simply hold your hand up and admit you were wrong? Would this do much to placate someone who clearly believes you have missed a crucial point and ought to be taking more notice of what they’ve been trying to tell you? Something felt right or justified to you but it appears a certain person has a bee in their bonnet about how you have wronged in some way. So, hold your hand up and admit they have a point. Once you do that, you will be able to hold your head up in a way that suits you.
December 22 – January 19
Before we make one decision, we need to have made another, somewhere along the line. We assess one situation before we can make an assessment of another. It’s fascinating how much our assessment of one situation influences another, especially if we drew an inaccurate conclusion previously. You need to do some backtracking now. You need to return to a point in the past where you formed a particular opinion or arrived at a certain conclusion because where you go from here – and into the future – depends on you changing a set-in-stone attitude.
January 20 – February 18
Walking away from an issue is a possible option but you know the issue will not go away as easily. It will not fade into obscurity or be forgotten quickly. It intends to follow you because it demands your attention and, once you give your attention, it will progress in some way. What has largely been a stalemate scenario for some time is now shifting but for it to do so, it needs you to take it a bit more seriously than you have of late. Face what needs facing. Rise to a certain challenge that involves putting an aspect of your past behind you.
February 19 – March 20
Release what needs releasing. Abandon what needs abandoning. Forget what deserves to be forgotten, but be willing to learn from it. That’s the message from the sky now and as 2015 gets underway properly, you appear to be carrying much in the way of emotional baggage from 2014 and understandably believe yourself obliged to carry it. Soon, you will see how what has preoccupied your mind throughout much of last year is becoming increasingly irrelevant. It is time to move on and a very clear, positive and encouraging reason to do so is presenting itself.

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Scanning The Planets: Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius, Jan. 21/22 thru Feb. 11th

Scanning The Planets: 21st/22nd January – 11th February 2015: Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius


21st/22nd January – 11th February 2015: Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius
Author Sarah Varcas
Blog: Awakenings, Intuitive Astology for Heart and Soul

What Lies Beneath?
Mercury stations retrograde in the 18th degree of Aquarius at 3:48 pm GMT on 21st January, one day after the Aquarian New Moon. The Sabian Symbol for this degree speaks of unmasking to reveal true motive and intent. There is nowhere to hide as Mercury journeys retrograde in the coming weeks. Deceptions large and small will be revealed whether we like it or not, not to destroy those who perpetuate them (which we all do to some extent) but to provide a wake-up call which both course-corrects and realigns us with truth and authenticity. We will all have the opportunity to look ourselves in the eye and see who’s really looking back at us, before painting on the face we prefer to show the world.
The power of this Mercury retrograde cycle cannot be overestimated. Conjunct the Moon and opposing Black Moon Lilith and Jupiter in Leo, it resolves to pull no punches and take no prisoners. Nor would we want to be held captive, for the promise of this time is that of freedom from the constrictions that our own deceptions and inveiglements perpetuate. We are speaking here not of intricate scams executed to deceive but of the everyday twists and turns we undertake to avoid coming face to face with who and what we truly are. It is time to illuminate our inner world and look around with eyes wide open to all that we see. To recognise that the parts of ourselves we would prefer to avoid are as much who we are as the bits we readily embrace, but we may be so good at the game of pretend even we don’t realise we’re playing it!
Identity is an issue here: emotional investment in the person we perceive ourselves to be. It’s time to look at the labels we choose for ourselves and why they mean so much. Whether spiritual, political, religious or otherwise, we all adopt them and they can be useful to identify our allegiance in a complex world. But all too often these labels become an identity invested with increasing significance as time passes. How does it feel to drop them, to be label free and simply ourselves for a while? How does it feel to fade into the background, not defined as anything or anyone? How does it feel to drop even our own name and become a nobody: nameless, without identity or substance; empty of meaning?
It is just such an experience that labels and identities seek to avoid. Few things are more unsettling than the feeling of being completely pointless, of no significance to anyone or anything. Inconsequential. Everyone seeks purpose to give life and its ups and downs meaning. It is human nature to do so. But right now the cosmos seeks to blow all that apart so we can experience what lies beneath the ‘I am this, that or the other’ to discover the ‘I AM’ which sustains everything without fuss or fanfare. To embrace so fully our chosen identity we must necessarily cast a blind eye to that in us which doesn’t fit the image. Therein lies the most fundamental deception. In fact we are all things. No one is completely consistent within and without. It is the tension of paradox and the oftentimes absurdity of the human condition which propels us onward in life, seeking answers, meaning and wisdom sufficient to accommodate all that we are. On route we settle for less than authenticity and truth in an attempt to fit in, be acceptable to ourselves or others and garner a sense of meaning and purpose. We become alternative versions of ourselves at different points on the journey into wholeness, but ultimately peace lies at the point where we can be everything and nothing, simply alive and resonant with the energy which ebbs and flows through all things. To identify requires separation: ‘me over here being this and you over there being different’. To drop identification allows true connection beyond the false barriers we build between ourselves and others.
This retrograde passage of Mercury requires a willingness to be nothing in order to be all that we are. It exhorts us to release our most cherished identities, even for just a while, to experience what lies beneath. The more we emotionally invest in notions of ‘I am this type of person living this kind of life’ the more we are likely to trip over our own identity in the coming weeks, not because we are wilfully lying about who we are, but because we are inevitably so much more than any label can allow us to be. The radiant and universal heart is neither augmented nor diminished by identification. It simply cannot be defined in terms that satisfy the human mind so remains outside of our awareness as long as we unwittingly adopt and perpetuate identities which do. In the coming weeks we can step out of the need to be someone, into the sacred field which connects us with all things and renders separation non-existent. When life subsequently demands that we pick up identity again, as it will inevitably do, we can do so with less emotional investment, less energetic striving, secure in the knowing that any self perception is a pale reflection of the vastness of the divine which forms our very essence.
Enjoy this time of Mercury retrograde. Let your self fall away. You’ll be so much more alive for having done so.


Article Found on SpiritLibrary

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Your Daily Cosmic Calendar for January 21

With the New Moon of Aquarius now in effect since yesterday — energizing group projects, team sports, community volunteer efforts, and humanitarian causes — you want to take advantage of two early and positive alignments happening today as the Sun makes an inspirational, 72-degree contact with out-of-the-box thinking Uranus (12:28AM) followed by the Moon making a supportive, 60-degree sextile to Uranus (1:44AM). Since Uranus is considered by most astrologers to rule over Aquarius — although in medieval and ancient astrology Saturn ruled over both Capricorn and Aquarius — you can make a lot of radical changes in the early hours today if you know what you are doing. On the other hand, Mercury does not want to play along with the Sun, Moon, and other celestial bodies currently moving forward in the zodiac. Mercury stops its forward motion at 18 degrees of Aquarius (7:56AM) — beginning a three-week retrograde cycle that lasts until February 11. All Mercury themes — communication, learning and primary education, words and language, transportation and travel plans, business and trade, messages and paperwork, health and medical concerns, the five senses, air and breathing, wind and temperature changes, as well as acts of apparent magic, sleight of hand, and theft — are being accentuated. Don’t fall prey to marketing strategies and sales pitches that aim at hoodwinking you or forcing you to sign an agreement you know is going to end with regret. Adding to the importance of Mercury today is the monthly Moon-Mercury conjunction (8:14AM). Offering you some solace and an uptick in romantic-erotic feelings is the monthly Moon-Venus union (5:46PM). However, this Moon-Venus encounter also starts a void lunar uncertainty cycle that lasts until 4:49AM tomorrow. Count your blessings, meditate for peace of mind, and embrace serene feelings with a hopeful heart — especially as the Moon parallels sometimes illusory Neptune (6:57PM) and provocative Mars (9:32PM). [Note to readers: All times are calculated for Pacific Standard Time. Be sure to adjust all times according to your own local time so the alignments noted above will be exact for your location.]

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Sun In Aquarius, Moon In Aquarius


Sun In Aquarius, Moon In Aquarius

by aliza, Mini Pluto Astrology


Think of Aquarius as a breath of fresh AIR.

Aquarius is an Air Sign. It is fixed Air so think of the word “fixed” as stable or loyal or use your imaginative forces (to borrow a phrase from Edgar Cayce) to imagine what “fixed” means to you: stubborn? Shall not waver. Shall be truth seeking. No bending!

Think of Aquarius as our next shift. Mercury won’t enter the sign yet. Venus has already toured there. But it’s the Sun, truly, that heralds Aquarius Season of course and our New Moon in the sign is this coming Monday (EST).

Now Aquarius has two rulers, Saturn and Uranus, one traditional and one “modern,” so it’s not as though we’re done with Capricorn YET (because Saturn rules Cap) so we are getting an energy spill-over and yet, yet… it’s different, it’s turned on its side.

To tell you the truth, I find it harsher i.e. when I think of Saturn + Uranus = Aquarius? I feel afraid.

Because Uranus is that energy that destroys in the blink of an eye. No. Faster than that. As I’m so fond of saying: Uranus breaks, Saturn builds and here we have both of these energies, truly, in one sign. Isabel Hickey once wrote that Uranus was the only planetary energy we could not control.

But maybe, just maybe, we can imitate Uranus in our own lives, in some small way, and see where that leads us, hmm?

(And we are indeed under the Pluto-Uranus square at this time too even though it has widened as Pluto has moved forward. It is still with us. These outer planets retrograde routinely so we will get more chances to know this energy better in our own lives.)

For the upcoming Aquarius Season though, I don’t want to focus on calamity. I want to focus on fresh air. I want to focus on my own Revolution (Uranus rules revolt).

Aquarius rules that which is weird, interesting, original and as I tweeted recently, the other day someone called me strange and I took great offense. What a small mind that person has, I thought to myself.

But it was a very Uranian moment because I was shocked. And I learned a great lesson as well. To be even MORE myself — which is truly the lesson of Aquarius.

What gets destroyed is what no belongs inside us, outside us. Something inauthentic. It’s like living someone else’s life. Our friends Saturn and Pluto bring change to our lives. It’s Uranus though that brings it with such a crashing.

Oh. Wait. I started to focus on the negative again. Wait. Let me reroute that call (Uranus rules telephones).

Think (mind = air) of the Sun in Aquarius (tomorrow) and the New Moon in Aquarius (Monday) as the New You and be unafraid of the Shock of the New You. Maybe you will look in the mirror and not recognize the being you are becoming. If so, you are right on time.

About aliza
Hello my name is Aliza and I help people. I’m a Tarot Reader and Astrologer, Teacher & Writer. Cancer Sun, Mercury, and Mars. Virgo Moon Pluto Hekate conjunction in the 1st House. If you aren’t sure what all that means, I’ll be happy to explain it to you! Or maybe you’d rather hear about your own chart :) I blog and do readings for a living. Poet and playwright, Iowa MFA, I got obsessed with astrology in my late 30s and the rest is history. For the moment.

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Your Daily Cosmic Calendar for Tuesday, January 20th

The Sun enters the universal air sign of Aquarius (1:44AM) — launching the Sun’s 30-day journey through the so-called electrical waters of this eleventh sign of the zodiac. Oddly enough, the solar orb makes its shift from earthy Capricorn to this zodiacal area of Aquarius known for eccentric behavior, revolutionary thinking, and community involvement while the Moon in Capricorn is still in void mode until 5:01AM. Then at 5:01AM, the lunar orb enters Aquarius while, just 14 minutes later, the Moon conjuncts the Sun at 5:15AM (activating 0+ degrees of Aquarius at this New Moon). This marks the fourth month in a row when the New Moon falls very close to the zero point of the zodiacal sign being energized (Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, and, now, Aquarius). All of this could mean that the powers-that-be in our solar system — assisting the divinity that gives life to human, animal, plant, and mineral alike (on one level or another) — are attempting to help us redirect our attention to the source of existence, since 0 degrees of any zodiacal sign is the root-point and foundational awareness of the energy-field embodied in that region of the zodiacal circle. Of course, what would the start of any solar entry be — combined with a vigorous, forward-momentum building New Moon — if there weren’t a couple of tests to pass or fail. What could make you push the reset button today, if you are ill-prepared for what greater Aquarius has to offer, are Ceres making a potentially tension-producing 135-degree to Jupiter (8:42AM) while Mars and Neptune strike an echo-like chord from yesterday as their parallel formation (8:45AM) increases the tendency for human souls to blame illusions and fantasies for their inept behavior. Venus making an inspirational, 72-degree rapport with Pallas (2:06PM) helps you trust problem-solving talents and the strategic thinking capable of putting those talents into action. Venus in a contra-parallel link to Jupiter (4:14PM) can go either way — to offer you lofty visions of worldly success or to prod you toward making big mistakes due to overdoing a good thing. [Note to readers: All times are calculated for Pacific Standard Time. Be sure to adjust all times according to your own local time so the alignments noted above will be exact for your location.]

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Tasha’s Day by Day Planner for January 2015

Egyptian Comments & Graphics

 Tasha’s Day by Day Planner for January 2015


 Tue. 1/20 Altruistic  Aquarius New Moon promotes brotherly/sisterly love. Sun into Aquarius brings originality to our days.


 Wed. 1/21 Quirky Aquarius Moon adds to the confusion as Mercury turns retrograde and all things “re” are featured for 3 weeks.


 Thu. 1/22 Compassionate Pisces Moon turns eyes and hearts to those in need.


 Fri. 1/23 Psychic Pisces Moon suggests we can know more than we think we do.


 Sat. 1/24 Aggressive Ares Moon gets us up and moving early.


 Sun. 1/25 Athletic Aries Moon seeks out competition for fun. 


 Mon. 1/26 Bouncy Aries Moon starts us off, midday steady Taurus Moon quiets us down.



Courtesy of GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast


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Your Daily Planet Tracker: Venus in Aquarius, Now to Jan 27, 2015

Planet Tracker

Venus in Aquarius

Now to Jan 27, 2015


Venus, the planet of pleasure and relationships, loves the wide open spaces of Aquarius. Here the boundaries between friendship and romance are broken and intimacy takes on a lighter form. Aquarius, in spite of its watery name, is an air sign related to objectivity and the mind. The relative detachment of the intellect gives Venus room to move so that love is less sticky and partnership less confining.

We now have a greater opportunity to free ourselves from rigid relationship patterns. Aquarius is about exploring idealistic possibilities, rather than sticking to the old rules. Venus’ presence here can help us drop outmoded structures and appreciate others in a new light. Lovers will benefit from fresh surroundings and experimental approaches to intimacy. Weirdos and eccentrics may become more lovable.

The art and beauty side of Venus sparks an interest in looks that are modern and original. Appreciation for the strange and unusual should make this a period of stylistic experimentation. Attraction to high-tech gadgets is another feature of this combination.

Sentimentality is not a quality generally associated with Aquarius. The planet of love’s visit here, then, is a time when romance is built more on ideas than pure emotion. If you like the warm and squishy stuff you might find others a bit standoffish now. However, the Aquarian approach is less possessive and can bring a needed breath of reason and fresh air to partnerships.

Originality, open-mindedness and social concerns are common traits of Venus in Aquarius people such as Gloria Steinem, Muhammad Ali, Steven Hawking, Oprah Winfrey, Ralph Nader, Yoko Ono, Erica Jong and Peter Gabriel. The comic side of this combination shines through the work of Ellen Degeneres and Jerry Lewis.

Music plays an essential part for Venus in Aquarius natives Mary Chapin Carpenter, Natalie Cole, Elton John, Stephen Stills, Roger Daltry, Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin, Carole King, Graham Nash and Charley Pride. Actors Freddie Prinze Jr., Nicolas Cage, Mel Gibson, Cybill Shepherd, Glenn Close, Mary Tyler Moore, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Bruce Willis and Gene Hackman also belong to this group.

Other true Venus in Aquarius originals include basketball great Julius Erving, Sam Donaldson and Tammy Faye Bakker.

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A Brief Look At The Planets: Mercury In Aquarius, Venus In Aquarius, Mars In Aquarius

A Brief Look At The Planets


Mercury is in Aquarius from January 4-March 12. (An unusually long transit for Mercury, due to an upcoming retrograde period that occurs entirely in the sign of Aquarius from January 21 to February 11). When Mercury is in Aquarius, we are hungry for knowledge and open to new and original ideas. We begin to think outside of the box, and our thinking becomes more progressive and objective. Our communication and thought patterns are spontaneous, somewhat fragmented, and liberal. This is a time when inventive thinking is at a peak.

Venus is in Aquarius January 3-27. We move towards unconventionality, independence, and freedom as themes in our social relationships under this influence. Aquarius can be just as faithful as Capricorn, but it has to be on his own terms! Experimental relationships are more intriguing now. Being friends as well as lovers is important to us during this cycle. Allowing one another freedom of expression, and treating others fairly, unselfishly, and impartially, are themes now.

Mars is in Aquarius from December 4-January 12. Dynamic yet erratic energy levels, achieving our goals through hit or miss tactics, and impersonal expression of anger are characteristics of Mars in Aquarius. We are team players–cooperative and less concerned about personal power. We are attracted to unconventional methods, and tend to approach problems from an intellectual, detached perspective.


Cafe Astrology

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