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The Practice of Aspecting Deities

The practice of aspecting with deities is part of what Wicca and Witchcraft is all about. If you have already been practicing Wicca for a couple of years and have developed a particular relationship with a god or a goddess, then perhaps the time has come to try aspecting them. In regular ritual, invoking deity into yourself is usually unnecessary, although in formal ritual it can be an exciting and useful method to enhance your work. Aspecting is the deliberate invocation of a deity’s energy into your body for a specified period of time. The difference between aspecting and drawing down the moon or sun is that in aspecting, the Goddess or God is actually present within your body, and in drawing down the moon or sun, only lunar or solar energy is present.

Usually when you choose to aspect a deity, it’s because you think the deity’s energy will support or assist you to complete a task you need to perform, a direction you need to take, or an obstacle you need to work through. The deity energy will complement your own energy.

Never aspect a deity you have not studied, meditated upon, and come to know deeply Not only is it disrespectful—it’s dangerous. While aspecting can be a wonderful way to work closely with a deity, it’s hard to be prepared if you don’t know what to prepare for. Aspecting should only be done once you have an established relationship with the deity, and only as long as the deity seems to be amenable to the undertaking.

If you wish to embody a particular deity for an extended period of time, particularly outside of your ritual and the defined safety of your circle, make sure that you specify a limited time period for the aspecting to occur within. Aspecting should not change your behavior radically. If it does, you should do a ritual to release the deity energy as soon as possible.

There’s no rule that says a woman can only aspect a goddess, or a man only aspect a god. At times, we need a shot of the appropriate energy to achieve something in particular. Remember, too, that we all contain the energy of both God and Goddess, and we should never feel restrained from experiencing the energy of the opposite gender.


Aspecting As A Solitary

People who aspect often describe it as feeling bigger, somehow, or vibrating at a higher level, or having a swell of energy flowing around and through them. If you have difficulty envisioning the energy of the deities entering your body or mind, or if the idea of it just plain scares you, author Willow Poison suggests in her book The Veil’s Edge that you try turning the practice around. Envision your own essence slowly merging with that of the deity’s energy. Basically, this accomplishes a similar goal: the union of your spirit with the energy of the Divine.

Depending on what the deity requires of you during an aspecting, you may aspect to various degrees. As you are working as a solitary Wiccan, you will probably not be taken as deeply or completely as a priestess leading a group might be. In a group scenario, the deities involved may wish to use the priest or the priestess to deliver healing or some sort of physical message while the host is aspecting the deity. As you are working alone, you have the advantage of enjoying an immediate connection with the God/Goddess you are aspecting.

Perhaps as a Solitary Practitioner you feel daunted by aspecting alone. It’s often recommended that aspecting be undertaken with somene to monitor you reaction to the process. Aspecting is an experience that every Wiccan and Witch should engage in at least once, if not a hanful of times, to explore this avenue of communion with deities.

If you have a deep-seated fear about aspecting that stems from control issues or from a misapprehension about what aspecting actually is, don’t ignore that fear and charge onward simply because aspecting is part of Witchcraft and the Wiccan practice. Address these obstacles through introspection, meditation, and ritual work. Self-confidence is crucial for undertaking the practice of aspecting of the deities.

It should be noted: Aspecting isn’t done with frequency in Solitary practice; it tends to be reserved for special occasions, or instances when you really need the direct touch of a deity in your life.


An Example of Aspecting

Some traditions have complex and formal techniques surrounding aspecting. As a Solitary, you have the advantage of working out our own method. Here you will find a general example tat can serve as an outline for you. It is important to be confident that the deity wishes to share its energy with you. Do not attempt to aspect a deity who has been resistant to the idea throughout your preparation and meditation work.

1. Cast a circle. It is imperative that you work within a formal circle when you begin your work with aspecting. Working in a circle will keep outside distraction to a minimum, and the barrier also serves to contain any wonky energy that may result from your efforts.

2. Center and ground as usual. Allow yourself a few moments to settle into a relaxed but aware state.

3. Do an invocation and/or honoring act to attune to the essence of the deity.

4. Visualize the form of the deity standing in front of you and facing you.

5. Slowly visualize it merging into you until you both occupy the same space. Continue to breathe deeply and steadily.

6. Carry on with your ritual as required.


Releasing an Aspected Deity

Something a lot of practitioners who attempt aspecting don’t realize is that the deity must be released. This is for your own safety and benefit. Theoretically, you could host the deity energy until it gradually fades, but having that much foreign energy in your system can be very unbalancing, and can have odd effects on your own personality and psyche. Incorrectly handling an aspecting can damage you. To avoid long-lasting damage, always remember to officially and ritually release the deity from your body. Do this by enacting the aspecting sequence in reverse.

1. Center and ground.

2. Visualize the deity stepping forward, out of your body.

3. Once the deity has departed, make sure you center and ground, and do a quick energy scan down your personal energy field to ensure that no foreign energy remains. If you find foreign energy still clinging to you, remove it by smudging or purifying in some other fashion.

4. Center and ground once again.

5. Make sure to speak a thanks and farewell, as you would after invoking the presence of any deity.

It is imperative that you keep detailed records of your aspecting experiences in order to enable future aspecting practice to be as successful as possible.


A Word Of Advice

The topic discussed on this page, “Aspecting Deities” should only be attempted by those most advanced in the Arts. It can be dangerous if done by yourself and those just starting out in the Craft.

Now you are wondering, why on Earth was this topic even presented? To stress a very important point in the Craft that gets overlooked daily. Witchcraft and Wicca are very serious religions and practices. You cannot expect to learn magick, The Craft or Wicca over night. It will not happen. You have to study for a year and a day then be initiated either by a coven or own your own into the Craft.

Witchcraft and Wicca, never take them lightly. There are dangers in the Craft and in Wicca. If you don’t know what you are doing then there is a very good chance you will get burned, it can happen to a newcomer just starting out as well as the seasoned practitioner. Know what you are doing before you ever attempt any magick or ritual.

–Lady of the Abyss

Excerpt for this piece from a wonderful book entitled, “Solitary Wicca For Life: Complete Guide to Mastering the Craft on Your Own,” by Author, Arin Murphy-Hiscock.

This book is currently on sale on Amazon.com is you would like to read more of Arin’s book.


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