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The WOTC is a non-for-profit organization. The work we do is purely funded by donations from the public and the Pagan community. You might think that we are purely an on-line organization and that’s it. This is the furthest from the truth.

The WOTC is as active off-line as it is on-line. It is our mission to spread the truth and beauty about our Religion. To those who still associate us with the myths and stereotypes of the past. This is a job in itself. That is only the start of our work.

Currently we are located in Western Kentucky. We operate out of a small house that has been converted into our office building that we own. We were able to purchase this building from contributions from our donors. The building itself is in current need of repair. The winds in this area are straight-line winds and the roof on the building is in desperate need of repair. Also the central air conditioning unit (which is 12 years old) is now down. It is also in need of repair. Our building has two windows in it. You can imagine opening these windows trying to get a breeze on 110 degree day. We have individuals that have donated fans to us. But the air conditioning needs to be fixed. We have had individuals pass out from the heat and even have heat stroke. Plus those expenses, we have not mentioned the cost to maintain this website on the internet. We have no choice but to move to another server which allowed us to have more storage and runs faster than the old. With this improvements and new conveniences, another expense is added to our monthly bills. But none of these repairs and staying online wouldn’t be possible without your help and donations from the Pagan community.

Another service we provide is a wildlife recovery center. The center is located at a privately owned home but it is still funded by the WOTC.  The center is located at this location because care and security can be provided for the animals 24 hours a day. The animals also have enclosures that are big enough for them to wander around safely and get much needed exercise. These animals come from local vets that know we will provide the animals with the utmost care while with us. When the animal is fully recovered it is since back into the wild. If you visit on any given day, you might find a raccoon to a fox recovery from their injuries. The supplies, food, bedding, maintaining the fencing and housing cost money. Help is desperately needed in this area.

As much as we do, we still have time to dream. Our future plans include purchasing a twenty areas of farmland. This area offers much needed privacy and also room to expand if needed. Our goal is to turn this area into a Pagan center. Our office would be located there, along with the wildlife preserve. We would host special events, celebrate the Sabbats and also offer a yearly convention over a 4 day period of time. It would be a Pagan center located right in the middle of the Bible Belt. Pagans that live in this area would no longer fear meeting together or finding others of liked mind. We would be there for them. Our center would not only be open to those in the Bible Belt but would also be open to every Pagan that wishes to come and visit. When we are not having a special event or celebrating a Sabbat, our center would maintain regular operating hours. If by chance you are traveling through the area, you could stop in and meet the WOTC. We would love to meet each of you in person. But a Pagan center is much needed and we will eventually buy and build it.

You see we are committed to the future of Witchcraft and Paganism. We have many areas that we contribute to and are involved in. But we cannot do any of this without the help of the Pagan community. It takes all of us for our present obligations to be met and also our future dreams to become a reality. If you would like to become a donor of the WOTC, we would great appreciate it. You now know your donation will be put to good use.

Since this page went up, there has not been an emergency, crisis or just a basic need we have had, that you have not met for us. Since everyone has been so nice, loving and generous toward us. We would like to take an opportunity to say, “Thank You Very, Very Much.”

We have decided to have a raffle each month as our way of saying, “Thank You.” Every month we will offer a Pagan related item to give to one of our wonderful family members. All you have to do is make a donation of any size and you will be automatically entered into that month’s raffle. All of you have been so wonderful to us, we only wish we could do more. Thank you again!

If you feel uncomfortable making donations online, you can mail a money order or cashier’s check through regular mail.

Our address:

P. O. Box 331
Kevil, Kentucky 42053
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2 thoughts on “Donate

  1. Vickie Beauchamp

    Wow, a lot of people wouldn’t even know where Kevil Kentucky is. I used to go through there on the way to my ex-husband’s grandmother’s and his other family members homes. I presently live in Cape Girardeau MO (I’ve lived here for so long and the evil of this area is getting me really ready to move on) and plan to be gone from there by the grace of the Heaven’s by early summer this year. What kind of wiring do you have in the building? I ask this because there may be alternatives to how you can heat and cool your building until you have the funding accumulated for the new unit. Also is this unit located on the roof of your building? And have you ever considered a new building? Geodesic building are awesome in this area where we have straight winds, tornadoes, and earthquakes. Just an idea for a new goal. Let me know if you will about your present wiring capacity and the other questions I have because there may be ways to help without going for a new outside unit right away. Thanks, I will help if I can. Vickie

    • It is always nice to hear from someone from this area. I know several witches that are spread out in Kentucky. I am actually amazed that you didn’t blink and miss Kevil. It is so tiny not even a decent restaurant to eat at. We have to drive to La Center (if you know where Kevil is, I am sure you know where that is). The Bluegrass down there, I love. They have delicious fish. Stop in there the next time you are through here. As far as the people around me, they leave me alone. I don’t bother them and I don’t expect them to bother me. I had one idoit that was gun happy. I had a wolf that kept coming on my property. The gun happy neighbor saw him and told me he was going to shoot him the next time he saw him. I told that jerk if he shoots him on my property, I would shoot him. So basically they leave me alone. Unless they have a wild animal in their garage and then they call and want me to come and get it. I know they have saw me blessing the house and digging holes in the middle of the night. My husband got tickled and told me they would call the sheriff thinking I was burying a body. But I am glad they leave me alone because I am not really crazy about any of them. I have thought about selling everything we have and buying a motor home and just traveling.

      I appreciate your concern over the a/c and heating unit. I have had three different electricians out here and they all agree, the wires in the heater part have melted together. It is a miracle that the place didn’t burn to the ground. I was out back one morning watching the critters at the pond. Got up, came in and you could not even seen through the place for the smoke. I started throwing breakers right and left. I guess if I didn’t come in when I did the place probably would have burned to the ground. Changing the subject a little, have you been having earthquakes over there in Cape? We have had several here recently. I have always missed them. The last one I didn’t and I don’t want to feel another one. It sounded like someone had run into the building. The noise associated with that quake totally amazed me. I know we had one when I was little but I don’t remember any noise with it (perhaps I was too young?).

      Anyway, sweetie, I am going to run or else I will talk your ear off. It is good to meet you and hear from you. I hope we have the opportunity to get to know each other much better.
      Goddess bless you & yours,
      Lady A

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