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The Energies of the Moon for Each Calendar Month

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The Energies of the Moon for Each Calendar Month


January Moon: Also called the Wolf Moon, the January Moon has the energies of the New Year.

February Moon: Also called the Ice Moon, the February Moon has the energies for a soul searching journey.

March Moon: The March Moon, also called the Worm Moon, has the energy for new beginnings.

April Moon: The April or Growing Moon is packed with energies for growth and gatherings.

May Moon: The Hare Moon, also called the May Moon, is known for its energies for physical, emotional and mental nourishment.

June Moon : The Mead Moon is the best time for understanding.

July Moon: The Hay or July Moon is full of energy for the future.

August Moon: Also called the Corn Moon, the August Moon energizes you with the ability to let go and move on.

September Moon: Also called the Harvest Moon, the September Moon is the best time for achieving results

October Moon: The October Moon, called the Blood Moon, gives positive energies related to building, creating and beginning new relationships, business ventures etc.

November Moon: The Snow Moon equips you with the energy to give up negativity and bad thoughts. It gives you the power to release all that bothers you.

December Moon: The Cold Moon is the best time and energizer to leave behind what doesn’t fit in your life.

With this knowledge about the moon, its sighting and its phases, anyone wanting to cast a spell can plan when to do so in the best manner. Because every spell has a particular lunar phase during which it has maximum effect, the moon and its movements should be considered beforehand so that the ritual yields the best results.


Wicca Made Easy: Simple Spells for Love, Money, Luck, Success, Weight Loss & More!
Sarah M. Lancaster
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Let’s Talk Witch – The Magic of the Moon

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The Magic of the Moon

The Moon is an alluring object. While we have grown used to seeing it many nights and taking it for granted, its mere presence and beauty remain a mystery. Apart from being seen as a wonder of nature, the moon is also known to have secrets of the years gone by and of those who seek its beauty for worldly means.

In Wiccan tradition, the moon forms the center of most of this discipline’s concepts. Just like this object has different connotations in various religions, for Wicca Witchcraft, the moon stands as a powerful force that affects the efficacy of spells and incantations. In the previous section, together with the spells and their mantras , the phase of the moon has also been mentioned. The importance of the phases will now be explained in detail.

The magic of the moon is a very strong pillar of Wicca. It has been explained previously that magic and spell casting have a lot to do with positive thinking, visualizing and the subconscious thought process in general. The role played by the moon is emphasized because, according to tradition, the moon controls the entire subconscious domain. Therefore, the phase it is in, or the cycle it experiences, has a direct effect on the power of visualization and spell casting.

Consequently, a person who wants to practice Wicca or cast spells precisely would do well if he/ she learns about the moon and its magic. Two concepts, namely: The Phases of the Moon and The Energies of the Moon are the most important when it comes to enhancing the power of spells and improving their effectiveness.


Wicca Made Easy: Simple Spells for Love, Money, Luck, Success, Weight Loss & More!
Sarah M. Lancaster
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The Witches Spell for September 17th – Spell To Deepening Your Communications with Nature Spirits

Dragon Comments & GraphicsSpell To Deepening Your Communications with Nature Spirits 

Make contact with spirits that seem receptive, deepen the communication:
– Breathe deep breaths from the diaphragm, and with each
breath, feel more refreshed.
– Now imagine that your spine is the trunk of a tree; and, from
its base, roots extend deep into the Earth. Deep into the
rich moist Earth.
– With every breath, feel the roots extending deeper,
– Feel the energy deep within the Earth and within the waters
of the Earth. Feel your roots absorbing nourishment from the
Earth and from its waters.
– Feel the moist, warm energy rising.
– Feel it bursting up from the Earth and rising up your spine,
like sap rises in a tree.
– Feel the energy rise to your crown chakra (at the top of your
– Now imagine that you have branches, branches that sweep up
and then bend down towards the Earth, like the limbs of a
– Feel the branches extending and interweaving with your
– Feel the warm, moist energy of the Earth flowing through your
branches. As it flows, feel yourself being purified,
centered, and connected to the Earth.
– Feel the power from the Earth flowing through your branches
and then down back to the Earth, like a fountain.
– Note how your branches absorb energy from the air. Also,
feel them receiving light (fire) from the sky.
– Feel the energy from above penetrating deep through your body
into the Earth.
– Feel the warmth of the Earth rising also.
– Feel the energy circulating.

Notice how your branches intertwine with the branches of energy
surrounding you.
– Feel the energy dancing among your branches and the branches
around you.
– Notice how your roots also intertwine with underground energy
– Feel the energy dancing between your roots and the
surrounding energy patterns.
– Notice how you and the life around you are rooted in the
same Earth, breathing the same air, receiving the same fire,
drinking the same water, sharing the same underlying
essence. You are one with the magical grove.

Telepathically mention the time in the past when nature spirits
and people communicated regularly and the need to establish
such communication now.

Test your connection by asking questions and observing the

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WOTC Extra – Interacting with nature spirits and devas

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Interacting with nature spirits and devas

Take a blanket or rug to a peaceful and secluded place in nature. Announce your presence and state your intention to meditate and meet some loving nature spirits. Ask permission to use the space and be still and wait for a response; proceed if there is no negative indication. It is respectful to do this in any part of the world, particularly in Australia where some places have been honoured as sacred to Aboriginal people for many thousands of years.

When you feel comfortable and ready to proceed, carry out the exercise and affirmation under “Caring about our home, our planet” then announce that you have come to this place with love in your heart to meet with any loving nature spirits who would like to talk or play with you. State that you freely give your permission to those beings who love you unconditionally and are focused on your divine highest good to interact with you.

Find a place to lie down on your rug, cover yourself if necessary and prepare yourself to meditate. As you reach the end of this exercise allow your senses to be immersed in nature, smell the earth and vegetation, listen to the trees, birds or water, feel the air on your face and allow yourself to drift.

You may drift off into a half waking half dreaming state. Do not question what comes into your mind, relax and enjoy any interaction or play that takes place. Savour the simple pleasure of being at one with nature. Nature spirits may be shy but if you radiate feelings of peace and love they will approach you. You can radiate positive loving feelings by remembering those nearest and dearest to you and focusing on the warm feelings of love that the visualisation generates. Note down any impressions you have, and please do not dismiss anything as flight of fancy.


Spirit Guide
Raym Richards (2011-03-28).
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Let’s Talk Witch – Nature spirits and devas

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Nature spirits and devas


We understand that we as humans are an infinitesimally small aspect of the same Being or Oneness evolving towards reunification with itself. We are part of that Being’s consciousness enjoying free will and having fun evolving, in our limited human consciousness, here on Earth.

In order that we might experience this earthly reality of trees, rocks, rivers, sky etc., other evolved beings have volunteered themselves in service as part of their growth to maintaining this reality for us. They are dedicating their consciousness to holding this reality in place for our enjoyment and unfoldment. One of these very wise and loving beings, for example, has dedicated itself to being water and its consciousness is in all water throughout the planet. This applies to trees, rocks, flowers, vegetables, etc. – in fact everything on Earth.

Naturally there are beings dedicating themselves to sustaining the animal kingdom and all species therein. So, for example, we have a being that is dedicating itself to creating and imbuing all bird life with its spirit or life force. This being dedicates parts of its consciousness to creating and sustaining particular species. The aspect of that being that is focused entirely on starlings, for example constitutes the spirit or group soul of that species and is referred to as the “overlighting deva” of starlings. This nature spirit or deva directs, sustains and is aware of every starling on the planet. This applies to every species of every creature living on this plane. There is spirit in all things, rocks, plants, animals, insects, fish, etc. and, as our Native American ancestors and other indigenous peoples knew very well, we are able to dialogue with any of these nature spirits, and work with them in all sorts of positive ways. Therefore if we take part in a Native American ritual, when we call on the spirit of the bear, we are not communicating with just any bear, we dialogue with the overlighting deva or spirit of all bears.

All things are imbued with spirit, indeed all things must be imbued with

spirit in order to materialise or continue their existence. Each type of animal, bird, fish, rock or plant has its own overlighting deva, spirit or group soul.

Apart from these overlighting devas there are nature spirits which include the “little people,” the pixies and fairies our Celtic ancestors loved, cared for and respected. These small and beautiful beings have retired to the deeper sections of forest and woodland not wishing to interact with a species that cares so little for its environment. As part of larger Earth spirits they continue to look after unspoiled areas of land but will not go where they are not welcome. If you would like them to return to your garden, create a small area of uncultivated land just for them and invite them back. Your garden will do very well if they feel comfortable there.

There is spirit in all things, all things have consciousness and all things are part of the same Great Spirit.


Spirit Guide
Raym Richards (2011-03-28).
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How Do I Determine Planetary Days?

How Do I Determine Planetary Days?

Planetary days are used in occult and spiritual practices involving magic. In magical theory, each planet has certain areas in life to which its energies are beneficial. A specific planet rules over each day of the week. The rest of the day is further broken down into 12 equal segments, each of which is influenced in turn by a different planet’s energy. These are known as “planetary hours,” but they are not our regular 60-minute hours. They can be shorter or longer because they are determined by the length of daylight hours, which changes slightly each day. Calculating may require a bit of basic math, but workings done under the best possible astrological correspondences can improve your magical success rate.

Things You’ll Need

  •  Newspaper or Internet access
  •  Scrap paper
  •  Pencil
  •  Calculator
  •  Planetary day and hour chart



    • 1

      Look up the exact time the sun rises and sets in your area on the day in question. Check your local newspaper or a weather website. Mark down these times on scrap paper to calculate your figures.

    • 2

      Calculate how many minutes are between sunrise and sunset to see how many hours of daylight there will be. For example, if the sun is rising at 5:30 AM and setting at 8:30 PM, that would be 15 hours of daylight–or a 15-hour planetary day–which is equal to 900 minutes.

    • 3

      Divide the number of minutes by 12; this will give you the length of each planetary hour in that day. In our example, 900 minutes divided by 12 is 75, so our 12 planetary hours between sunrise and sunset would each be 75 minutes–or one hour, 15 minutes–long.

    • 4

      Compare the planetary day calculations to your own regular times in your time zone to determine at what time each planet lends influences. The first hour starts at sunrise, and the last of the 12 hours ends at sunset. In our example, each planetary hour is 1 hour and 15 minutes long and sunrise starts at 5:30 AM, so the first planetary hour would be from 5:30 AM to 6:45 AM, the second planetary hour is from 6:45 AM to 8 AM, the third is from 8 AM to 9:15 AM, and so on throughout the day.

    • 5

      Look at a “Table of Planetary Hours” chart for daytime hours. Look across the top of the chart for the day of the week that you plan on doing your magical working. Below each day, the chart lists the ruling planets in order.

    • 6

      Note the planet ruling the first planetary hour of that day. This is also the planet ruling that day, or the planet that has the strongest impact on the overall day. Thus, if you are casting your spell on a Tuesday, you will see that first hour on Tuesday is ruled by Mars, so the planetary day is Mars.

    • 7

      Learn the Chaldean order of the planets, which is based on the orbital velocity of the planets. The order is always the same every time: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury and Moon, and then it loops back to Saturn and starts over.

    • 8

      Look back at your original calculations for the day to determine which planet rules each of the 12 planetary hours. Once again using our example, if the planetary day is Mars, the first planetary hour will be Mars starting at 5:30 AM, the second planetary hour will be the Sun starting at 6:45 AM, the third will be Venus starting at 8:00 AM, and so on, following the Chaldean order.

    • 9

      Plan your working for the planetary hour and planetary day most conducive to your goal. You can find a chart entitled “Magical Days & Discerning Planetary Hours/Influences” in the resources below so that you can learn each planet’s realm of influence.

Tips & Warnings

  • Calculate the planetary hours for night time the same way, only use the time between sunset and sunrise. The first planetary nighttime hour would be the planet–in Chaldean order–after the 12th planetary daytime hour that precedes it.


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Let’s Talk Witch – Tree Magic

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Let’s Talk Witch – Tree Magic

Trees have from time immemorial been closely associated with magic. These stout members of the vegetable kingdom may stand for as long as a thousand years, and tower far above our mortal heads. As such, they are symbols and keepers of unlimited power , longevity , and timelessness.

An untouched forest, studded with trees of all ages, sizes, and types, is more than a mysterious, magical place— it is one of the energy reservoirs of nature. Within its boundaries stand ancient and new sentinels, guardians of the universal force that has manifested on the earth in vegetable form.

As such, a forest is an excellent spot for magical workings of any kind, not only tree magic. But any tree, anywhere in the world, can be used for the spells and techniques discussed here. Since each type of tree has its own particular powers, these will be outlined after the actual techniques are presented.

Bear in mind that tree magic needn’t be limited to these tree types, for every tree has its own inherent powers that vary from tree to tree. Experiment!

All trees, save for the poisonous ones (such as yew and hemlock) are excellent for healing magic. Any tree can be used to take away a headache and give you energy, or to reveal the future. We are limited purely by our own minds and actions.

It is important to talk to any tree( s) you are working magic with. Tell them exactly what your need is. Explain to them why the need exists and its urgency. Trees are living entities with a consciousness that, while different from our own, is still capable of communication upon subtler planes of awareness.

So, even though old spells sometimes direct you to pound nails into trees— please don’t. This is not only damaging and hurtful to the tree, it is absolutely unnecessary, for there are other techniques available.

Some of these spells require marking symbols on leaves. A stick that has been burned on one end is excellent for the charcoal will act as the graphite in a pencil. Practice with this until you become proficient.


Earth Power: Techniques of Natural Magic
Cunningham, Scott (2013-05-01).
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Determining a Wind

Determining a Wind

As you have seen, air magick can be done one of two ways: actually using the element of air through one of the above spells, invoking the correct wind or not, or by simply invoking the powers of all of the winds or one in particular and performing another type of spell.

For spells in which you wish to invoke a wind but aren’t sure which is appropriate, the following spell can be used.

In a fireproof item or area, build a small fire of any type of wood. Or, use some charcoal and light it.

Next, when the fire is blazing brightly or the coals are glowing, throw green branches of trees and shrubs on the fire or coals to create smoke. The smoke should rise steadily from the fire. The fire isn’t important now; only the smoke is.

Watch to see the direction the smoke travels in.

It may immediately move toward a direction, or rise straight up. If the latter occurs, keep watching and it should turn. The direction in which the smoke travels is the appropriate wind for the spell you are considering.

Granted, this is a bit of trouble, but it works. Be sure that the fire is safely extinguished, with sand or water, before leaving the area.

Earth Power: Techniques of Natural Magic

Cunningham, Scott

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