WOTC Extra – How to get over the “Incovenience Factor,” enlist the aid of a Buddy!

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Having taught hundreds of students over the last 30 years, we have observed that students who undertake the study of magic or witchcraft with friends, partners, or significant others generally have much better results.

Therefore, before you commence to build your spiritual practice we suggest that you attempt to find a “buddy” to work with. A buddy can help you stay on track, remind you of the inconvenience factor, and trade experiences with you (especially when you feel that the rituals or spells “are not working”).

Your buddy can also help you “see” some effects of magic or witchcraft in your life. We all have blind spots , and buddies can help us see through them. For instance, many people can see when something “good” happens in their lives, but fail to see when a negative influence has left their lives.

For instance, we often counsel people about health care. We often ask them to tell us if anything has changed or improved with their
health after we have completed a treatment regimen. Many times the person says, “No, nothing has changed.” But when we ask them whether they still have headaches or back pain, they suddenly become aware of the fact that the pain is gone. We often fail to notice when pain leaves our lives. Pain or negative events are usually noticeable only when they are present. So be sure to have your buddy help you check for anything negative that might have left your life.

It is easy, especially in the beginning of a spiritual practice, to become overwhelmed with the daily tasks of life and forget to do your spells and rituals. Having one or more partners to check with throughout the week will help you remember that you are a practitioner engaged in paying into your spiritual practice. Plus, having partners makes this study much more engaging and fun!

Learn How to Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells with Your Bare Hands
Alan G. Joel

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Let’s Talk Witch – What is the “Inconvenience Factor” In Magick?

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It has been our observation, through the teaching of many classes, that the student of magic and witchcraft inevitably comes up against the “inconvenience factor” when beginning to study this material. In other words, at some point early in your training, it is likely that taking the time to do your rituals and spells will be highly inconvenient. The inconvenience factor will require you to make many small and some radical changes in your life to make room in your life for this new spiritual practice.

For some people, the inconvenience factor manifests in the inability to study because of a sudden bout of phone calls, relatives unexpectedly coming to visit, work hours becoming radically increased, or unexpected travel. For others, family or career demands suddenly become “too much” and “something must give.” For others, some drastic event occurs in their life.

All those who have pushed through the inconvenience factor and stayed the course have found their
lives radically improved, no matter the temporarily inconvenient conditions in which they find themselves.

You will have to make the choice of which is more important— your new spiritual practice or convenience. In making your choice, remember this : while the practice of magic and witchcraft may be highly inconvenient in the beginning, when applied properly, it can greatly reduce the level of struggle and increase the level of joy in your life in the long run.

At the beginning of your journey as a practitioner you will be able to straddle the two worlds, mundane and magical, sometimes choosing mundane convenience and other times choosing your practice. However, as you progress in your
studies, your intention will tend to grow in strength and force. The result is that the two worlds will diverge more and more. At some point, you will need to make a choice between the two worlds— magical or mundane? You will know when you have reached that point… and then it will be up to you to make your decision.

We want to leave you with one final note on your decision regarding the inconvenience factor. Based on the experience of teaching students over the last 30 years, we have found that for almost every student there is a specific “window of opportunity” during which a spiritual practice is most easily integrated into daily life. The inconvenience factor continues to be present, but when a student chooses to forge ahead with his or her spiritual studies, the inconvenience factor tends to disappear more quickly.

Those students who choose the convenience of ordinary life— no doubt thinking that they will return to the development of their spiritual practice later— find that when they try to return to their spiritual practice, the “window of opportunity” is closed. While it is still possible for these students to develop a spiritual practice, the resistance is much greater than before.

As a word to the wise, when you come to the point at which you need to make a decision about whether to move forward with your spiritual practice or attend to mundane life issues, think about the “window of opportunity” before you make your choice.

Learn How to Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells with Your Bare Hands
Alan G. Joel

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Let’s Talk Witch – Concerning Initiation

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Concerning Initiation

Most shamanic and magical religions utilize some sort of initiation ceremony whereby an outsider becomes a recognized member of the religion, society, group or coven. Such rites also mark the new direction which the initiate’s life is taking.

Much has been made, publicly and privately, of Wiccan initiations. Each Wiccan tradition uses their own initiation ceremonies, which may or may not be recognized by other Wiccans. On one point, however, most initiates agree: a person can be a Wiccan only if she or he has received such an initiation.

This brings up an interesting question: Who initiated the first Wiccan? Most initiation ceremonies are nothing more than rites marking the acceptance of the person into a coven, and her or his dedication to the Goddess and God. Sometimes “power is passed” between the initiator and neophyte as well.

To a non-Wiccan, the initiation might seem to be a rite of conversion. This isn’t the case. Wicca has no need for such rites. We don’t condemn the deities with which we may have attuned before practicing Wicca, nor need we turn our backs on them.

The initiation ceremony (or ceremonies, since in many groups three successive rites are performed) is held to be of utmost importance to those Wiccan groups still practicing ritual secrecy. Surely anyone entering such a group should undergo an initiation, part of which consists of swearing never to reveal their secrets. This makes sense, and is a part of many coven initiations. But it isn’t the essence of initiation.

Many people have told me that they desperately need to undergo Wiccan initiation. They seem to believe that one cannot practice Wicca without this stamp of approval. If you’ve read this far, you know that such isn’t the case.

Wicca has been, up until the past decade or so, a closed religion, but no more. The inner components of Wicca are available to anyone who can read and has the proper wit to understand the material. Wicca’s only secrets are its individual ritual forms, spells, names of deities and so on.

This needn’t bother you. For every secret Wiccan ritual or Goddess name there are dozens (if not hundreds) of others published and readily available. At this moment, more Wiccan information has been released than ever before. While it once may have been a secret religion, today Wicca is a religion with few secrets.

Still, many cling to the idea of the necessity of initiation, probably thinking that with this magical act they’ll be granted the secrets of the
universe and untold power. To make things worse, some particularly narrow-minded Wiccans say that the Goddess and God won’t listen to anyone who isn’t an athame-carrying member of a coven. Many would-be Wiccans believe this.

It doesn’t work this way.

True initiation isn’t a rite performed by one human being upon another. Even if you accept the concept that the initiator is suffused with deity during initiation, it’s still just a ritual.

Initiation is a process, gradual or instantaneous, of the individual’s attunement with the Goddess and God. Many of the Wicca readily admit that the ritual initiation is the outer form only. True initiation will often occur weeks or months later,
or prior to, the physical ritual.

Since this is so, “real” Wiccan initiation may take place years before the student contacts a Wiccan coven or teacher. Is this initiation less effective or less genuine because the person hasn’t gone through a formal ritual at the hands of another human being? Of course not.

Rest assured, it’s quite possible to experience a true Wiccan initiation without ever meeting another soul involved in the religion. You may even be unaware of it. Your life may gradually shift in focus until you realize that you notice the birds and clouds. You may gaze at the Moon on lonely nights and talk to plants and animals. Sunset might bring a time of quiet contemplation.

Or you may change as the seasons change, adapting your body’s energies to match those of the natural world around you. The Goddess and God may sing in your thoughts, and you may perform rituals before actually realizing what you’re doing.

When the Old Ways have become a part of your life and your relationship with the Goddess and God is strong, when you have gathered your tools and performed the rites and magic out of joy, you are truly of the spirit and can rightly call yourself “Wiccan.”

Finally words, Some say, “Only a Wiccan can make a Wiccan.” I say only the Goddess and God can make a Wiccan.

Who’s better qualified?


Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner
Scott Cunningham.

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Let’s Talk Witch – Feeling the Power In Magick, What power ?

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Feeling the Power What power ?


Not the energy piped through your home, but the powers of magic —the forces of the elements and winds, the energy that keeps our planet spinning within our spinning galaxy within a spinning universe. This is the real energy of magic.

One of the best ways to gain a familiarity with this power is through memory. We have the power at all times; it is what keeps our body running and working properly. We take it in through the food we eat and release it in physical exertion, mental workings, and simple bodily functions like breathing and blinking our eyes.

Since this power is with us at all times, it sometimes makes its presence known.

Most people have experienced a thunderstorm. Jagged lightning glances across the sky, rain and wind slam down, and the sky shakes with tremendous thunder. Such a storm will often cause unexpected reactions.

A chill might shake you, both in anxiety and also in exhilaration of such a spectacular example of nature’s unlimited power.

If you can recall an especially powerful storm that sent a chill down your spine, attempt to recapture that feeling. Recall the time; remember your reactions to the storm.

You may begin to feel charged with energy. Your pulse and breathing may increase in rate, the muscles of your body may tense, and you may begin to perspire.

These physical changes are manifestations of the increased amount of energy surging through your body.

This is the same energy used in magic. As mentioned previously , much of the energy is generated by the emotion. Emotional reactions to situations can have amazing results (the weak woman who pushed a car off her child’s leg, for example ) that seem to defy normal laws.

This isn’t the case. These power surges are manifestations of other laws of nature not yet discovered by science.

Since emotion is an excellent way in which to feel the power, a strong emotional reaction— such as that to a storm— is often beneficial to help the power begin flowing.

Obviously it would be ridiculous to stand and re experience a thunderstorm before every spell. Simply use the thunderstorm exercise in order to feel the energy—the energy that manifests itself in tense muscles, increased respiration and heart rates, and perhaps perspiration.

Once you have felt it and can do so at will, you can generate power and send it off during your spells to work your need.

Earth Power: Techniques of Natural Magic
Scott Cunningham

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WOTC Extra – Conjuring Demons, Really Not A Good Idea

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Conjuring Demons

(Really Not A Good Idea)


Demonology is an exact art. It is an art where you cannot afford to make a mistake when you work. When you summon a Demon, you are binding the Demon to your will. Basically you are enslaving the Demon to do your bidding. When doing such you must keep your concentration and powers strong. If ever you weaken in your control or if a Demon can somehow escape your command or enter your circle, you will become the slave instead of the Demon. This is not something that someone who is new to the Art of Sorcery or Practicing in general should ever attempt.

Many types of Demonic Ritual Conjurations require you to have your circles of a certain size such as
requiring your main circle to be exactly nine feet wide.. This is not necessary. Your main circle should be large enough that you and any you work with can comfortably work within along with your implements and remain there for a period of time if necessary. Large enough that there is NO possibility of anyone who is working within the circle with you accidentally breaking the circle. It should also be large enough that those within can work without getting too close to the edge of the circle. Daemons have been known to break their conjuring circle before and if one is working within the main circle too close to the edge, they have managed to reach within and pull one from within the main circle across the circles bounds, thereby breaking the circle and giving the Daemon access to all within the circles bounds. It is always wise when working with Demonology to have your circles physically drawn so that those within can actually see the boundaries. Within the main circle on the northern side of the circle should be another small circle. This smaller circle will be for the caller, and his books etc. He needs be separately protected from those within the main circle.

The conjuring circle for the Demon is placed outside the main circles bounds. This should be on the southern side of the main circle. It should be a triple circle drawn in salt, and if possible you should use Sea Salt for this. This acts as a sort of barrier to help enforce the powers of the circle when it is drawn and helps with the Demons control.

Around the triple circle of the Demon should be drawn a line of pure water, and within should be any rewards that are required by the Demon that is being summoned. It is also best to make sure that the Demons area is clean of all touch of any who are conjuring. Vacuum or clean the area well before setting up the Demons area to insure that there are no stray hairs or other touch of yourself or those you work within this area. You should also banish any spiritual touch or yourself or those with you from within the Demons area prior to conjuring or summoning them.

The Circle you cast around the Demons area should be the strongest controlling circle you can conjure, and your circles around yourself need be of the strongest protective circles you can draw. Robes as well should always be worn, with hood or cowl when summoning such as these as they give the wearer added protections when working, and if by some chance a Demon does manage to reach within your Circle it will not be able to grab someone by the hair and drag them out of the protection.


The Dark Book Of Shadows – A Grimoire of Sorcery and Dark Witchcraft
S. M. Brennan

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Let’s Talk Witch – Demonology

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There is a place called the Demon Realm. This is where these such creatures were created and where many such still reside. If you do astral travel you will understand this. The Demon Realm is of another plane than our reality. Demons do not look as we do , and many times the legendary description of a daemon is actually pretty close to their actual appearance. Some can when summoned make themselves visible to us in this realm. Many cannot. Some when summoned will not appear physically, but will have an odor or a feeling in the air when they manifest themselves.

How they were created is unknown. No one can create them and if you ever hear of a practitioner saying they can then they have lied to you. As well no one can destroy a Demon. They can be controlled or banished, and sometimes you can banish them for a very long period of time, but you cannot destroy them.

Demons are basically a very rudimentary creation. They basically have a set area they can work in. Some are good at various types of destruction. To cause an enemy to feel nothing but cold, to cause an enemy to feel nothing but pain . Some have the ability to cause one they are sent against to go mad or have nightmares. They can carry illness. They can carry enchantment. Some can actually heal or protect . Each have their purposes.

But what you must know is that with the exception of a very few, they do not work willingly. When working with such you must be stronger than what you have summoned and you must not lose control . Because if shown weakness or given the slightest opportunity a Daemon will turn on the one who called him and try and destroy the caller. When summoned and controlled by a Daemon Master they have no choice but to obey just as a slave would. But they do not do so willingly and would destroy the caller quicker than any other if given the opportunity.

They have their uses, and some do have a cost that the one who summons them must pay to have them summoned. Some are held to pact by a Sorcerer and have no cost to them for their use. Some have no special requirement and can be summoned by any who have the knowledge and power to do so. Sometimes their requirements are simple such as burn a certain scent incense in the circle while summoning. Some have steeper costs such as a drop of the blood or hair of the victim or the one who summons them. However one must realize that if you ever give even the smallest part of yourself to a true Daemon, you will be theirs . For if they request a part of you and you are dumb enough to give such. They will forever hold your touch and from that point on the conjurer will become the slave.

A Demon Master within the concepts of their art can accomplish anything that any of the other Arts or Crafts of Practicing can accomplish. Everything from destruction and healing, to love, madness, and despair can be accomplished through the use of Demons.


The Dark Book Of Shadows – A Grimoire of Sorcery and Dark Witchcraft
S. M. Brennan

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How to Do White Magic Fire Spells

How to Do White Magic Fire Spells

Fire rituals have been around since ancient recorded history. Fire is a powerful symbol of transformation, and can be used, with the proper spiritual education, to supersede emotional blocks and processes that may hinder you. The fire ritual has been used for centuries to release that which no longer feels good, manifest goals and discharge limits that the participant might have so she can create anything that she, with earnest, asks to have in her life. It is easy to perform a white magic fire spell. All you need are a few objects, good intention and a dry match.

Things You’ll Need

  • Safe, clear, prepared place for a small fire (for an outdoor burn)

  • Small fire urn, a bowl with sand or an indoor fireplace (for an indoor burn)

  • Small sticks, twigs and dry leaves

  • Dry herbs like lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus leaves or sage

  • Sacred items like a rosary, gemstones, old keepsakes

  • Matches



The White Magic Fire Spell

  • 1

    For an outdoor burn, make sure that the ground is clear of debris and that you have made a fire ring with stones to contain the flame. If inside, consider disconnecting your smoke detector as well as opening a window (this last part is so that the smoke that carries your prayers can rise up to the heavens to be heard).

  • 2

    Add the sticks, twigs and dry leaves to the urn (or lay them in the fire ring). Place the dry leaves on the bottom of the pile and mix the twigs and the small branches over them. Now add any important objects you deem sacred, like a cross or a rosary, a Buddha statue, gemstones, sage or a special keepsake from your past.

  • 3

    Light the fire, then think about what you want to create in your life while you stare into the flame. Allow the hypnotizing essence of watching the fire guide you past your intellectual doubts and cynicism. The fire will soon burn out and turn into white-hot embers.

  • 4

    Add herbs to the glowing embers. As the smoke starts to rise, imagine in your mind’s eye what it is that you want to improve, what you want to get rid of or what you want to manifest in your life.

  • 5

    Say your wishes out loud. For example: “Hear my prayer, (God, higher power, Buddha, etc.). Grant me blessings of joy, happiness, abundance and love.” As the smoke rises, your prayers are carried to the heavens to be answered.

Read more at ehow.com

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How to Practice White Magic Spells

How to Practice White Magic Spells

White magic is a belief system that embodies good energy, health and healing. It’s filled with everything black magic lacks: great karma, good spells, bountiful peace and a system of rituals and spells that promote tranquility and love. If you’d like to spread some harmony and healing during these stressful times, get mellow, practice kindness and spread love and good tidings among friends and family. Here’s the best part: You can start practicing immediately since no license is required.


  • 1

    Learn all you can about the various aspects of white magic. The practice can be layered in spellbinding language and may include charms and rituals, so devotees recommend devoting as much time to learning about it as you would any other life-changing practice.

  • 2

    Make white magic a regular part of your day. Adopt a male and/or a female spirit of your choosing and “consult” with them regularly during daily tasks to confer blessings–in the form of positive energy–into everything with which you come into contact. Build these internal reserves as you practice white magic and you will be able to dispel negativity.

  • 3

    Invest in a beautiful journal and turn it into your Book of Shadows. This personal diary exists to accompany you as you use white magic to record and expand upon all of your experiences. As you explore the art of casting spells, use this journal to keep an accurate record of your spiritual growth.

  • 4

    Construct a mental bridge between your mind and nature. Practicing white magic is all about tying a ribbon around that relationship so you understand how closely the two are tied together. Good deeds like planting flowers, taking time to admire a sunset or picking fruit for those who have no food offers opportunities to understand how intertwined all of life can be.

  • 5

    Explore introspection and get in touch with the peace it brings when you reserve snippets of the day for meditation. Because white magic is focused upon bringing good energy into your life and the lives of those you love, quiet times offer opportunities for you to use your powers to comfort, enrich, enhance and better the lives of significant others.

  • 6

    Accept the fact that your greatest feats of magic will be those that come from your heart and soul. Conjuring a spell or creating a ritual can’t affect the outcome of a situation unless you believe that your power is strong enough to make it so.

  • 7

    Never use white magic to manipulate, threaten or harm. Such actions have been known to backfire badly, turning white into black magic and cursing the practitioner for abusing the gift. Remember that there’s a lot of common sense built into the practice of white magic. The Golden Rule may not have originated with early proponents, but this principle is implicit in the practice. Spells you send out will always come back to you.

  • 8

    Cast spells only after you have thoroughly examined your heart because once cast, a spell can’t be rescinded. If you’re considering a spell but you’re not quite sure it’s ready to be cast, revisit Step 5. Turning inward and meditating upon the magic you are about to make will always serve you well.



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