WOTC Extra – Ingredients for Successful Kitchen Witchery

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Ingredients for Successful Kitchen Witchery

The basic components for successful kitchen magick are:

Simplicity: This allows the Kitchen Witch to focus on the goal rather than the process.

Creativity: This allows the Witch to see the spiritual potential in even the most mundane items.

Personalization: This makes the practice meaningful, and it is the meaning that provides the most support for manifestation of the magick.

The Kitchen Witch’s philosophy and focus begin and end at home. Wherever you live can function as your sacred space; what makes it “sacred” is how you treat it. Every item and action in the Kitchen Witch’s life, from brewing coffee to brushing teeth, can be spiritual if she chooses it to be so.

The Only Book of Wiccan Spells You’ll Ever Need (The Only Book You’ll Ever Need) (p. 93)
Singer, Marian; MacGregor, Trish (2012-08-18).
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Let’s Talk Witch – Kitchen Witchery: Eat, Drink and Make Magick

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Kitchen Witchery: Eat, Drink and Make Magick


Kitchen magick (also known as hearth magick) is among the simplest schools of witchery and easily applies to many spiritual paths. Kitchen Witches are similar to Hedge Witches in their methods and outlooks. Although the Kitchen Witch may work alone or in an eclectic group, a Kitchen Witch definitely adheres to the keep-it-simple outlook. If something is available and contains the right symbolism, it’s fair game for kitchen magick.


Functionality, Finesse, and Frugality


These are the keywords that describe a Kitchen Witch’s approach to magick. Functionality, finesse, and frugality work hand in hand. If something is not functional, why expend time , money, and effort on it With finesse, the Kitchen Witch brings personal flair and vision into every spell or ritual she performs. With frugality, the Kitchen Witch keeps magick affordable, enjoying a positive spiritual path without breaking the family budget. Looking to functionality, the Kitchen Witch considers every item in and around the house as having potential for magick.

The Only Book of Wiccan Spells You’ll Ever Need (The Only Book You’ll Ever Need) (p. 93)
Singer, Marian; MacGregor, Trish (2012-08-18).
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Let’s Talk Witch – Wild Magick

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Wild Magick


The definition of Wild Magick is very broad. Essentially, the Wild Witch seeks to defend nature, deepen her understanding of the wild, use this understanding as a spiritual tool, and then educate others regarding the state of the earth and how to preserve it. That’s a pretty big job, but one that many Witches, Wiccans, and Neo-Pagans embrace. Wild Magick deals specifically with those moments when the “wild” world touches our nine-to-five reality in intimate ways. Animals represent a big part of that picture, especially the Witch’s pets and familiars. Try the following strategy, a type of “wild” divination that relies on reading signs: Observe your pet’s behavior with visitors in your home. It might give you some insights about your visitors you wouldn’t otherwise get on your own, perhaps because animal reactions are based on instinct.

Outside the home, Wild Magick transforms a bit, especially when you’re in a natural environment. For example, if a Witch observes gulls circling above a group of fisherman with their daily catch, he might gather up a stray feather and add it to his power pouch, in order to inspire extended vision, especially when hunting (figuratively). This, too, is Wild Magick: taking a gift from nature and applying it positively to your spiritual life.


The Only Book of Wiccan Spells You’ll Ever Need (The Only Book You’ll Ever Need)
Singer, Marian; MacGregor, Trish (2012-08-18)
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Witches Affirmation

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Witches Affirmation

A witch is…

One who has power over her/his own life
One who makes his/her own rules, but can abide by the rules of Nature
One who refuses to submit to self-denial
One who recognizes no authority with greater esteem than her/his own, who is loyal to self
One who is untamed and tamed
One who transforms energy for the good of all
One who can be passionate about her/his ideals and values as they are changing
One who is explosive, whose intensity is like volcanoes, floods, winds, and fire
One who is disorderly and orderly
One who is ecstatic
One who alters reality
One who says, “I am a witch” aloud three times

“I am a witch”
“I am a witch”
“I am a witch”


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The Goddess Creed

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The Goddess Creed

I believe in Goddess the Mother All Mighty

Creatrix of the heavens and earth

And in all women

Who were conceived of Her love

Born of our sacred mothers

Suffered under patriarchy

Were crucified, died, and were buried

We descended into the underworld

The third day we arose again

We integrated with our new selves

And we now sit with Goddess our Mother

And we judge no one

I believe in the Holy Mother

The maiden, mother, crone

Forgiveness toward others

The celebration of the body

And everlasting renewal of life

So Mote It Be

(c) 2008 Danu Gray Wolf

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WOTC Extra – Key Magick

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Key Magick

Keys have their own special brand of magic and were of enormous importance in ancient religion. Hecate held the keys of the universe; Janus, a Roman God of Doors, was quite often seen holding keys; and ancient priestesses and priests held keys to symbolize potent magical connection with their deities.

Keys are phallic symbols, representing the masculine principle, but they also represent wisdom, attainment of higher levels of consciousness and magical protection.

There are dozens of key spells from which to choose if you fancy them. These include such simple spells as wearing a small key (not carrying one) to find wisdom and placing an old iron key beneath the mattress to help in matters of sexual impotence. Other spells, such as the following one, are more complex.

Obtain as many old keys as you have doors in your home. Moving slowly through your house, take a key, touch it to the door, and repeat this until each key has touched one door. While doing say each time:

Lock out thieves in the night,
Lock out thieves in the light,
Lock out thieves out of sight.

Once this has been repeated for each key, tie them all together with red ribbon and hang them over the front door as a magically potent decoration. Remember: visualize!

As stated earlier, keys can be carried or used for specific purposes. A gold key guards against the evil eye; three keys on a chain will bring health, wealth and love; a key slipped down the back is said to relieve a headache or halt a nosebleed; and any key carried will bring luck, so long as it doesn’t fir any lock you possess

 The Magical Household: Spells & Rituals for the Home
Scott Cunningham;David Harrington.
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Let’s Talk Witch – Thresholds of Power

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Thresholds of Power

The door has long captured the imagination of poets, mystics and magicians. It is symbolic, often appearing in dreams and nightmares. What lies behind the door? What strange creatures, fabulous wonderlands, hidden dangers?

While more pedestrian, windows have their magical properties and lore as well. If they are the eyes of a home, the door is its mouth. Both possess special powers, and both are generally blessed to prevent the entrance of unfriendly energies into the home.

A door isn’t much-a flat piece of wood, two knobs, three hinges, some hardware. But doors are entrances into other dimensions. In form, they echo the trilithons of Stonehenge and other European megalithic structures: two upright stones with a third resting on top, creating a threshold of power.

Doors are entrances to buildings as well as exits from them; therefore, they are often seen as gateways to other worlds. They also serve as protective devices that bar the dangerous from entering. Because of this, the door and all its parts (lintel, posts, threshold, keys) have assumed magical, almost sacral qualities.

Many of the rites associated with doors are protective in nature. Hanging a gourd on both sides of the outside of a door will ward off unwanted negativity, as will a piece of bamboo or a wreath of leaves and thorns placed over it. A circle chalked on the door bars ghosts from entering; garlic or dill suspended over the front door repels those who are ill-disposed or envious of you from gaining entrance; and a bag of salt or bells hung from the knob will set demons to flight.

Other spells favored to guard the home from the entrance of evil include: placing two crossed needles

under the doormat; painting the door blue, a sacred color; sprinkling mustard seeds or ground dragon’s blood on the doorsill; and hammering three nails in the shape of a triangle (one point up) on the outside of the front door.

Specific herbs are grown on the porch to further protect the home. Ferns, lilies, marigolds and juniper are grown there in pots. An old sock filled with salt, sage, mullein, tansy and any other protective herbs can be buried beneath the front porch to keep ghosts from the home. A box of holed stones or a knife beneath the porch are similarly potent magical protectants.

The door also functions as an ideal place for inviting certain energies or attributes into your home. Five shiny pennies placed beneath the porch will bring the household money and love, for instance, and a bit of food buried there ensures that you won’t know hunger.

If you wish to see a ghost, the doorway is an ideal place to practice, according to ancient tradition. At dusk or midnight, stand at any door in the dark, looking into another room. With the door half-opened, lay your cheek against it and peer just past its edge. If you persevere, you may see spirits and strange shapes. Why? Because the door is an entrance to other worlds.

If you wish to be rid of ghosts, they can be exorcised simply by slamming a door several times in succession. The ghosts get caught between the door and the frame and will soon have enough of the torture and leave. If you enjoy ghosts, however, don’t slam doors!

The Magical Household: Spells & Rituals for the Home
Scott Cunningham;David Harrington.

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Powers That You Need for Magick

Powers You Need for Magick


Like miracles, magick doesn’t always accomplish what we want. Sometimes the practitioner is just not ready or strong enough, and sometimes, things just are not meant to be. There is a certain cycle to all life and regardless of how much we desire to change it, it is not always possible. A friend of mine wrote something to me once that made me realize that sometimes special people are “given” to us for only a short period of time, so that they might learn from us and us from them, before going on to the next incarnation or “heaven” if you prefer. Sometimes having a special person in your life is a “gift”, but one that just isn’t meant to last forever. Magick is also like that. Some of us are ready and some of us are not. But for those of you that are, you will need a few things to begin. And those things are your Powers.

Before going on, take this into consideration. Visualization is very important to magick. You can not perform magick without it. With the simple power of visualization via meditation, you can rearrange the atoms in your body to produce better health conditions. You can consciously ” feel” your way through the human body and manipulate your cellular structure solely by the power of your thought waves. (More on this later: See link at bottom of page) You can visualize the illness or trouble spot fading and diminishing until it finally dissolves completely and the excretory system carries it away into nothingness. Once you have accomplished this, it transforms itself into reality. Others can also help to boost the process by sending out their thought waves, prayers, dedications, declarations, etc into the Universe to co-mingle with yours. In fact, the more energy, the better off you are. You just have to redirect those atoms and form them into a different pattern. And this is done by “magick”. And as I mentioned above, to do this you need your powers. You will find them listed below.

The Power of Belief: First, you must believe. You can not go into this with total disbelief because to do so is to admit defeat from the beginning. If you can emit strong believing thought patterns and emotions, then the liklihood of them taking shape is much greater than not. You must be able to “see” your request or desire taking shape in your mind and you must believe in yourself to do this. The Power of Belief can turn out to be an incredible thing.

The Power of Declarations: You must declare your intentions completely but firmly. Make sure to be as detailed as possible. You are sending out a declaration to the cosmos, so let’s get it started off on the right foot, shall we?

The Power of Attention: Attention is something that not many of us put a whole lot of work into. When you are learning to meditate and focus, to concentrate and control, attention must be foremost in your actions. When you begin a healing, you must pay attention before, during, and afterwards to your body or your patient’s body. To diagnose and heal, you must make yourself fully aware of all that is happening. And you must learn to control you own thoughts and emotions, so you must pay attention to these things specifically.

The Power of Positive Thinking: Focus your thoughts and free them of negativity . If your thought patterns are full of fear, then you will attract this type of energy back to yourself….. just as you do out in social situations. In public, if you smile at people, most will smile back but if you scowl, they either scowl back or totally ignore you. Being scowled at or ignored is not your goal. Likewise if you transmit thoughts full of love and trust, you will attract this also. You must try to free your mind of all negative energy and meditation can help you do this.

The Power of Responsibility: Taking responsibility means accepting that what you do is your own decision and no one elses. It means taking consequences for what you do or cause to happen, and not putting it off on the nearest “victim”. “He made me do it”, or “But I thought it was the truth…” are not acceptable excuses.

In fact, anytime you do something, no matter what you were told or thought, you are solely responsible for what takes place from then on out. Responsibility means “bucking up” and meeting situations head on and with fervor. Don’t put things on the back burner. Take charge of your life. And once you do, make the most of it. In this way, you prepare yourself for whatever work you must accomplish, and you also realize that if you don’t make things happen, then nobody else is going to do it for you.

The Power of Repetition: Once you have determined your goals, you need to focus on them over and over. Repetitive actions only make the process stronger. It may be called Magick, but you still can’t get it just by twitching your nose or blinking your eyes, so put some oomph into it. Repeat those thoughts and emotions.

The Power of the People: It is possible to do many things by yourself, but it never hurts to have extra resources on hand when needed. The more people that aid you in your healing, the better. They don’t even have to be present. In fact, this might disturb things in an unpleasant manner for you or your patient. The more people sending out their thought waves, prayers, dedications, declarations, etc into the Universe to co-mingle with yours, the better off you are. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. People might surprise you.

Now that you have been armed with your powers, make the most of them.

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