Let’s Talk Witch – Energy Work

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Energy Work


No matter what path we choose to walk, Mother Earth has an effect on our lives. We have all been refreshed by the feel of soft grass beneath our feet, the fresh outdoor air and the warmth of the sun on our face or the cool water of a lake or stream. Most are satisfied with this natural exchange of energy, and they will go outdoors to recharge whenever they find time to. But in Wicca, you can learn methods to draw on and amplify this Divine energy whenever you need it.

As you learn how to work with this energy, always be respectful of the powers and spirits of our Mother Earth. You are not trying to control the forces of nature and bend them to your will. You are simply working WITH them to influence the direction they flow through your life.

If you are raising energy for spellwork or magical purposes, you know how important it is to follow the Harm None rule and remember the Three-fold Law. To consistently insure the best results, you may also want to focus your work on what you can GIVE to the Earth and those around you. As the three-fold law teaches, the more positive energy you send out, the more you get back. You simply can’t out-give the Universe. Thoughts and energy sent forth from a giving or loving heart will always multiply and return to you in kind.

On the other hand, if you allow your mind to simply focus on what you need or want, you may end up multiplying your needs and wants. This is why many get discouraged with spellwork and magic. They send forth the wrong type of thoughts and energy and then wonder why the results were not what they expected. Keep in mind that anytime you worry about negative or harmful energies, you give them added power. If you worry too much, you can actually draw more negative energy into your life.

So, as you begin any energy work, if you want positive results, always make sure you are sending forth positive thoughts AND feelings. Fill your mind with peaceful and relaxing images. Imagine what it feels like to already have the results you desire. Without clear, positive thoughts that generate positive feelings, negative energies can easily slip in and affect your results.

Finally, don’t expect magical results to happen overnight. With a strong will and solid visualization skills, you can achieve what others believe is impossible. But, as with the muscles in your physical body, the strength of your thoughts or mind must be developed over time. It will take practice. The more you exercise your visualization skills, the stronger your mind becomes. The stronger your mind or intent is, the more effective your magic will be. Some will find it easier than others, but ALL are capable of developing these skills!



Excerpt from

Wiccan & Pagan Holidays: An Easy Beginner’s Guide to Celebrating Sabbats and Esbats (Living Wicca Today Book #1)

Kardia Zoe’s


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Let’s Talk Witch – Ethics

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Let’s Talk Witch – Ethics


Much has been written about magical ethics. Usually a list of clear dos and don’ts and thou shalts. The Wiccan Rede—” An it harm none, do as thou will”— and the three-fold law—” what you do comes back to you three-fold”— get bandied about as being the ethical pillars of Witchcraft. As I’m not Wiccan I don’t subscribe to these ideas.

In the 1950s Doreen Valiente wrote a lovely poem called The Wiccan Rede. It drew on many sources including a poem from Aradia: Gospel of The Witches by Charles Leland, some Aleister Crowley material and older teachings. The last part, often referred to as the Rede is the well-known “an it harm none, do as thou will” although the whole thing is often reworded to mean “do whatever you like as long as you’re not hurting anybody”. I believe that in a time when witchcraft was being redefined and made out to be something nice and benevolent, it may have been important to defuse outside ideas about what witches do and make them appear “good” by instilling a moral code of sorts. The Wiccan Rede only applies to Wiccans however, not all witches or magicians.

Many following the Rede try to never think ill about anyone or use it as a reason to become vegetarian. The problem I see is that “harm none” includes yourself. Some blood and body types aren’t suited to a vegetarian diet. In addition every breath or step you take on the earth may be harming small creatures and organisms. Does this mean that we only apply “harm none” to those creatures we choose? If so, who decides what can or cannot be harmed? What is the criteria for a bug or organism to be added to the “none” category?

Harm None is also the wrong part of the rede to be focused on. Of the eight word shortened version, Harm None is the least. Will is the important part, this is discussed further later on.

The other thing about the Rede is that the word ‘rede’ means advice. Not rules, not law and not even guidelines. Jack Sparrow’s Pirate Code has more credence. The Rede is more akin to your Auntie pulling you aside to talk about boys (or girls). She’ll tell you what she thinks you should do, she may even tell you some of her horror stories. Her advice may be valid and sound but in the end the decision to act on her advice is all yours.

The three-fold law is, in some form or another, the golden rule in every culture. In Christianity the Bible states “as you sow, so shall you reap” and “an eye for an eye”. The Hindu and Buddhist faiths know it as Karma. Although Karma is not the cosmic instant reward and punishment system that New Age thought promotes it as, if you want to understand Karma, learn about it from the Hindi. Modern colloquialism expresses it as “what goes around, comes around”. However it is referred to, by whichever culture, it speaks of a consequential result for what you do in life.

In Witchcraft the three-fold part is often misunderstood. I read a blog post about how you should give money to a witch because of their three-fold law. If you give them $ 10, you’ll get $ 30 back. In the same vein if you do something bad it will be three times worse for you. The mistaken belief is that the three fold will come back at you three times when for those who believe in it, it’s on three different levels— Mind, Body and Spirit.

I’ve found that there is often (but not always) a backlash. In physics— every action has an equal and opposite reaction, in Witchcraft it’s not necessarily as simple as it’s made out to be. There is also a theory that the threefold law was introduced as a way to keep beginners and learning witches safe from themselves.

It’s frequently stated that you shouldn’t interfere with another’s will. That you can’t or rather shouldn’t do a spell that will affect another without their permission. This is often said by people who then send healing energy all around the place without being asked for it and don’t see their own hypocrisy. I personally believe that it’s rarely a good idea to cast a spell regarding another person. Even if it’s “for their own good”. Who are you to decide what is best for another person? Who died and made you a God? They may have a life lesson going on, something that they need to learn from or learn how to cope with in order to grow. By ‘helping’ them you may in fact be harming them by preventing their own personal growth. It’s also a slippery slope, once you start ‘helping’ people, you can’t stop and it’s a short step away from interfering. This is different from binding and cursing but we’ll delve into that later.

Unless you belong to a faith that has its own ethics, you need to figure out what is ethical or not for yourself. Many people will assume that as a witch, you follow their system, or that witches are automatically Wiccan or Pagan and that you must subscribe to their own personal moral code in order to call yourself that. When it comes down to it, you need to ignore all the “know-it-alls” and be true to yourself. If you do ‘bad’ things there may be a backlash, but sometimes it’s worth it. Only you can know that for sure.



The Common Sense Spell Book

Debbie Dawson


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Let’s Talk Witch – Relationship with the God-self

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Relationship with the God-self



Relationship with the God-self Someone once joked with me, saying that since “thou art God/ dess,” praying is like talking to yourself. (I, of course, answered, “That way I only hear what I really like!”) Seriously, however, in our relationship building process with deity, we cannot overlook the fact that part of this life adventure’s goal is to “know thyself” and become self-responsible. If a spark of deity resides within, self-awareness will, in turn, naturally help external efforts to remain connected with the divine fires. Yes, it sounds like circular reasoning, but it is the rule of as within, so without on a very intimate level.

The first step in this process, in my opinion, is accepting two things: your role as a cocreator in your destiny, and your role as a priest or priestess in your spiritual life. There is a tendency in immature souls to make excuses for bad behavior or blame other people or situations for problems—anything to avoid actual responsibility. This is normal, and certainly easier, but does nothing for us in terms of our quest for enlightenment, let alone empowering ourselves to live ethically.

What (if anything) should we do about wavering, floundering souls, especially if we’re among them? First of all, I favor the idea of cleaning up our own act before we go around telling anyone else how to live (personally, communally, and globally). To do anything less causes us to stumble into that nasty disorder called hypocrisy, which could easily lead to a fall into the guru trap, which we’ll discuss shortly. It is all well and good to be able to recognize positives and negatives. It’s another thing altogether to go around destructively critiquing other peoples’ flaws, especially when you have similar ones.

Step One, then, is some honest personal appraisal. One activity that may help you with this is writing up two lists. On one list, write all the things in your life that you feel the need to improve on. For example, perhaps you have a harsh temper or tend to procrastinate. Those negative traits go on page one. Be brutally honest with yourself! On the other list, write down those things that you’re good at with similar nonreservation. To prioritize, you may want to put an asterisk next to the ones that really strike you as being harmonious with your inner God-self. This isn’t the time to be humble or overly sensitive: know thyself.

Next, prioritize that list. Which of the negatives do you feel are most important to change initially? Be reasonable in your expectations regarding those things you feel you can improve. For example, it’s reasonable to want to improve your employability, but it may require going back to school or taking some other training. Can you find a way to fit that into your current schedule? If so, then it’s reasonable to put it toward the top of your “work-in-progress” list. Next, prioritize the positives. Be happy regarding those things about which you are the most proud. Afterward, start working on item one on the “bad” list conscientiously and diligently. Ideally, you could take proactive strides toward improvement every day. At the same time, start sharing or using item one on the “good” list. This creates a potent symmetry. The “good” gift that you’re applying provides positive energy that can be applied toward self-empowerment to change those things you’re not happy with. Once you start this process, you’ll find it comes more naturally.

Mind you, there will be “off” days. Be as patient with yourself as you’d be with others, if not more. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and no soul was ever born getting it all right all the time, from their birth onward. Step by step, transformation by transformation, use this cooperative balance to make your way through the wilderness. In time, you’ll find that you’re able to help provide constructive criticism and assistance to other seekers wishing to improve on those aptitudes that you’ve been practicing and applying from your positive list. This comes without condemnation or flaunting because you recognize that you’ve been there, done that. Having gone through the process makes us more sensitive to those who are still processing, and therefore better able to help them with loving intent as a foundation.


A Witch’s 10 Commandments: Magickal Guidelines for Everyday Life
Marian Singer


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Let’s Talk Witch – Magic Coming Back

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Magic Coming Back

The theory concerning one’s magic coming back to them, often referred to as the “three-fold law”, which was mentioned earlier in The Wiccan Rede is a common belief that negative or positive vibrations sent out while you perform Magic will come back to you in multiples of three or more. Wiccans generally accept that Magic will come back in multiple of three. Other branches of Witchcraft may believe the rule extends to six or nine times, while others do not accept the theory at all. For example, let’s say you curse Tom, according to the rule of three… or six, or nine… you would receive negativity back, but worse, and bad things would soon begin to happen to you. The same can be said for the opposite. If you work good magic, and perform multiple acts of healing, you may be rewarded very nicely.

This boomerang theory regarding your Magic coming back is another issue under debate by many in the Pagan communities, but my personal opinion is that it does exist. Regardless of one’s religious affiliation, I think we all endure the repercussions of our actions, regardless if our intentions are good or bad. Some people believe that your magic will come back to you nine times, but it is unlikely, judging from my own experience. Your Magic does in fact come back to you, but I don’t think the degree is accurately represented by most Pagans. From personal experience, I would say that it comes back to you in the same degree which you sent it out. I think you get back what you send out, just in a different package, but the same degree.

I would like to add, that I’ve performed Magic which I felt was very negative, and never received what I would consider the “Payback” of the 3X Rule. At the time, I certainly felt I was doing the world a favor by binding and causing minor destruction to this particular person. Perhaps my negative Magic was really goodness in disguise.

Maybe the rule of “X” is psychological, and if you believe you are doing evil, evil will then find its way to you. If you feel you’re doing good through performing negative magic, then maybe it’s not negative Magic, but good Magic after all. Perhaps the rule of 3X was a device created by earlier Pagans to attempt to instill a sense of morality, or more likely fear into people for wanting to perform potential negative Magic. Like an unwritten law or a rule of thumb to persuade others not to be bad. It’s also possible that a tiny bit of each of these possibilities comes into play when you perform Magic and the time comes for you to roll in the rewards or suffer the consequences. I strongly encourage students of Wicca to evaluate their motives and any possible repercussions when performing their Magic, especially when the Magic is negative and involves a 2nd or 3rd person. You should certainly ask yourself how your Magic will impact these other people, and how the repercussions will affect you. You and you alone know if what you’re doing is “right”.

I feel one of the biggest debates in the Pagan community at this time exists between sub-branches of Wicca. I’ve seen countless squabbles over what defines negative Magic, and let me tell you, the line between Good and Bad in the Wiccan world is very thin. I feel for anyone, to automatically classify a particular spell as improper or negative simply because it does not pertain to healing, is rather a naive and close-minded viewpoint. In order to completely understand whether a Magical act is negative or not, you would have to evaluate the motives of the person performing the Magic, the repercussions of the Magic performed, and the means by which the Magic was carried out.

A spell to bind a person, under most Wiccan regulations, would definitely be a “bad” Magical act; however, I believe that some people need cursing. For example, if a known rapist is stalking my daughter…. You can bet the bank I’m going to be doing some serious binding. Binding is prohibited under most Wiccan philosophies. I personally, would be willing to suffer the ill effects of the “Boomerang theory” or “Three-fold law” to magically deal with someone who may cause harm to my loved one. I would not see the Magical act as negative either. This is how I feel, but I certainly do not advocate or condone the use of Negative Magic, but admit that there may be a time and place for it, under dire circumstances. Magic should be used like a gun when dealing with questionable issues, use it for protection, and let your morals guide you.


The Spell Book of Wiccan Shadows
Dawn Flowers

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Witchy Comments & Graphics



The following personal manifesto was presented by Paul V. Beyerl to the 1987 Harvest Moon Celebration in Woodland Hills, California. It was in no way written to represent a set of laws to govern the behavior of others, but only as an open discussion of personal ethics to provoke thought and communication.

A WITCH’S PERSONAL MANIFESTO demands these things as a Witch:

– I must pursue my Highest Ideals
– I must strive to elevate my ethics
– I must be as good as my word
– I must demand integrity of myself
– I must be willing to suffer for my religion
– I must willingly embrace discipline
– I must develop financial responsibility and independence
– I must be able to pay my bills
– I must pay attention to my diet & intake of food
– I must LIVE the Hermetic Principle
– I must respect the astral
– I must approach ritual with great care
– I must see ritual work as a disciplined art form
– I must consider seriously the ramifications of reincarnation
– I must conserve fuels
– I must recycle whenever possible
– I must not litter, not even a cigarette butt
– I must avoid negative energy, even within my own thoughts
– I must avoid placing blame for any of the events in my life
– I must take responsibility for my ill health
– I must take myself seriously
– I must have humor
– I must live with my eyes open and my feet grounded

I demand these things of myself as a member of the Wiccan Community:

– I must support the work of making Wicca a respected religion
– I must expect financial accountability from those groups to which I donate
– I must stop the mockery of other religions (including anti-Christian sentiment
sometimes found in modern Paganism)
– I must not support religious plagiarism (such as the teaching of shamanism by
those who have never experienced the wilderness nor studied from a real
– I must be respectful of all other’s ritual forms
– I must separate myths and reality in our history and in our future
– I must work to contribute towards a reputable public image of Wicca
– I must protest against pagans who use shock tactics in dealing with the public
– I must upgrade standards of Wiccan education
– I must support serious research of our religious heritage
– I must demand quality in pagan literature, newsletters and books
– I must support the assembling of libraries
– I must not be a religious isolationist and I must work to remove pagan ghetto
mentalities from our communities
– I must demand provocative, challenging workshops over entertainment
– I must share my knowledge and skills
– I must make Initiations increasingly difficult, challenging and rewarding
– I must consider the amount of education other religions expect of their clergy
when planning Wiccan training
– I must be willing to network
– I must remain in contact with pagans in other places

I demand these things of myself as a Priest/ess:

– I must prepare for the deaths and burials of our peoples
– I must provide for the future of my consecrated tools beyond my physical death
– I must work towards the establishment of legal ministries
– I must provide for children and their education
– I must provide for the survival of my Tradition

I demand these things of myself as a Wiccan citizen:

– I must promote community service, being of help to all peoples regardless of
their beliefs
– I must be willing to be political
– I must be a knowledgeable, active voter
– I must respect and utilize the system
– I must find value in the political system in which I live or work actively to
promote change
– I must be aware of the world perspective
– I must extend myself to world poverty and hunger


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Be Careful Of What You Wish For

Be Careful Of What You Wish For

As you work with natural energy and refine your abilities to effect change upon your environment, you will begin to recognize that idle wishes and spoken thoughts will seem to have more power invested in them.

As time goes on, you will discover that anything spoken with awareness and intent can be powerful. The more you learn, the  more knowledge and experience you acquire as a spellcaster, the more power you bring to bear on your everyday life. Spellcasting trains you to create change at will, using the energy available to you. If you are careless, then the change you have not thought through can occur in response to your words and actions. As you’ve read, the spoken word is an important element in the “as above, so below” relationship, representing bringing a thought or desire, which exist on the mental plane, into manifestation on the material plane.  The spoken word alone carries great power as a spell or as a technique to raise energy. The more experience you gain in this sort of application of energy, the more you will develop your abilities, and your words will carry greater and greater significance.
It may sound like a cliché, but with greater power come greater responsibility. Be aware of what you say and how you say it. Make every word count, both in spellcasting and in your daily life.

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WOTC Extra – Italian Hereditary Witchcraft: Stregheria

Gothic Comments

 Italian Hereditary Witchcraft: Stregheria

What is Stregheria?


Stregheria is a branch of modern Paganism that celebrates early Italian witchcraft. Its adherents say that their tradition has pre-Christian roots, and refer to it as La Vecchia Religione, the Old Religion. There are a number of different traditions of Stregheria, each with its own history and set of guidelines. Stregheria appears to be based upon the writings of Charles Leland, who published Aradia: Gospel of the Witches in the late 1800s.

Although there’s some question about the validity of Leland’s scholarship, Aradia continues to be the basis of most Stregheria traditions. The work purports to be a scripture of an ancient pre-Christian witch cult.

As with many other Neopagan religions, Stregheria honors both male and female deities, typically personified as the moon goddess and the horned god. Author Raven Grimassi, in his book Ways of the Strega says Stregheria is a blend of ancient Etruscan religion blended with Italian folk magic and early rural Catholicism.

Grimassi says of his tradition of Stregheria, “The Arician Tradition strives to maintain the ancient mystery teachings while at the same time working to adapt to modern times. Therefore we do embrace new material and teachings, but we do not discard older material.”

Interestingly, there are some practitioners of Italian witchcraft who have tried to distance their version of Stregheria from Grimassi’s and the other Neopagan forms of the religion. Some, in fact, have complained that it’s become “too blended” with Wicca and other non-Italian traditions.

Maria Fontaine, a third-generation Stregha from Pittsburgh, says, “A lot of what’s traditionally sold as Stregheria by Neopagan authors is an offshoot of Wicca with Italian names and customs mixed in. Although there are some similarities, it’s very different from traditional Italian folk magic. It’s like the difference between eating real Italian food in a village in Tuscany, and going to your local Olive Garden restaurant for dinner. There’s nothing wrong with either, they’re just very different.”


Patti Wigington,Paganism/Wicca Expert

Article found on & owned by About.com

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Let’s Talk Witch – Hereditary Witchcraft

Gothic Comments

Hereditary Witchcraft


A reader says, “I met a woman who tells me she’s a hereditary born witch who has been Wiccan from birth. What in the world does that actually mean?”

Well, it could mean a variety of things, but for me personally, it generally sends up a red flag when someone uses the phrase “born witch” or “Wiccan from birth.” I realize I’ll get some hatey emails over this, but let me explain why I say that.

You’re not born Christian or Muslim or Hindu.

There’s no “Wiccan DNA” that makes any one person more genetically witchy than someone who begins practicing in their fifties. You simply cannot be a Wiccan since birth because Wicca is an orthopraxic religious system that generally involves you doing and believing certain things that make you Wiccan. You can be raised by Wiccans – and many children are – but that doesn’t make you Wiccan from the moment you pop out of the womb, it simply means you were born to Wiccan parents.

That said, certainly, there seem to some people who may be more adept at Witchy Things at some point in their life, but there’s no chromosomal or biological difference in these folks as compared to the general population. You’ll obviously meet people that are psychically gifted, and whose parent or grandparent or child also displays these same traits. But if you operate on the assumption that everyone has some latent psychic ability anyway, it may be that these individuals were encouraged to use their talents while growing up, rather than repressing them like the majority of other people.

You may also encounter people in the Pagan community who claim “born witch” status because of some ancestral link to an individual in the past who was accused of witchcraft. We get regular emails here from people who want to know if Salem ancestry makes them special. It doesn’t (for a variety of reasons).

Also, there are certainly hereditary traditions of witchcraft, but by “hereditary” we don’t mean that the practices are biologically inherited. These are typically small, familial traditions in which beliefs and practices are handed down from one generation to the next, and outsiders are rarely included. PolyAna identifies as a hereditary witch, and her family hails from Appalachia.

She says, “In our family, what we do is more of a folk magic tradition. My son and I and my granddaughter – who is adopted – practice the same folk magic as my mother and grandmother did. We’ve done it as far back as anyone can remember. We follow the Celtic gods, and my Granny was nominally Catholic but brought a belief in the old gods with her from Ireland. She found a way to make it work, and we’ve carried on those traditions.”

PolyAna’s family practices aren’t typical, but there are certainly other hereditary traditions like hers out there – and it’s hard to even estimate how many there are, because the information is generally kept within the family and not shared with the general public. Again, this is a family tradition based on practices and beliefs, rather than any documentable genetic link. For families with an Italian background, Stregheria is sometimes practiced in the United States and other countries.

For many modern Pagans – including those in hereditary family traditions – witchcraft is either a skill set that is developed and honed over years of practice, or it’s a belief system that is seen as a religion that one spends a lifetime working towards. For some people, it’s a combination of the two.

So, after all that – could this person be part of a hereditary familial tradition? Absolutely, she certainly could. But if what she’s claiming is some sort of biological superiority that makes her witchier than everyone else, I’d consider it suspect at best.


Patti Wigington,Paganism/Wicca Expert

Article found on & owned by About.com

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