Let’s Talk Witch – Feeling the Power

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Feeling the Power


What power? Not the energy piped through your home, but the powers of magic— the forces of the elements and winds, the energy that keeps our planet spinning within our spinning galaxy within a spinning universe. This is the real energy of magic.

One of the best ways to gain a familiarity with this power is through memory. We have the power at all times; it is what keeps our body running and working properly. We take it in through the food we eat and release it in physical exertion, mental workings, and simple bodily functions like breathing and blinking our eyes.

Since this power is with us at all times, it sometimes makes its presence known.

Most people have experienced a thunderstorm. Jagged lightning glances across the sky, rain and wind slam down, and the sky shakes with tremendous thunder. Such a storm will often cause unexpected reactions.

A chill might shake you, both in anxiety and also in exhilaration of such a spectacular example of nature’s unlimited power.

If you can recall an especially powerful storm that sent a chill down your spine, attempt to recapture that feeling. Recall the time; remember your reactions to the storm.

You may begin to feel charged with energy. Your pulse and breathing may increase in rate, the muscles of your body may tense, and you may begin to perspire.

These physical changes are manifestations of the increased amount of energy surging through your body.

This is the same energy used in magic. As mentioned previously, much of the energy is generated by the emotion. Emotional reactions to situations can have amazing results (the weak woman who pushed a car off her child’s leg, for example) that seem to defy normal laws.

This isn’t the case. These power surges are manifestations of other laws of nature not yet discovered by science.

Since emotion is an excellent way in which to feel the power, a strong emotional reaction— such as that to a storm— is often beneficial to help the power begin flowing.

Obviously it would be ridiculous to stand and reexperience a thunderstorm before every spell. Simply use the thunderstorm exercise in order to feel the energy— the energy that manifests itself in tense muscles, increased respiration and heart rates, and perhaps perspiration.

Once you have felt it and can do so at will, you can generate power and send it off during your spells to work your need.

Any spell performed in such a state will be much more effective than one that was walked through.

Again, use the emotion of the need of the particular spell to attain this state. If you desperately need five hundred dollars for an unexpected, neglected, or forgotten bill, pour all of your concern into the spell. But back it up with your unshakeable knowledge that you can and will draw it to you.

All right, so it isn’t easy at first. As my piano teacher used to tell me, “Practice!”



-Scott Cunningham, Earth Power: Techniques of Natural Magic




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Energy + Spells = Change

strega d'autunno

Energy + Spells = Change


When our own energy is concentrated and channeled, it can move the broader energy currents. The images and objects used in spells are the channels, the vessels through which our power is poured and by which it is shaped. When energy is directed into the images we visualize, it gradually manifests physical form and takes shape in the material world.

-Starhawk, The Spiral Dance


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Merry Meet & Good Morning To All Our Dear Family & Friends on this Beautiful Tuesday!


The White Witch’s Oath

In Life’s name, and for Life’s sake,

I say that I will use the

Art for nothing but the service of Life.

I will guard growth and ease pain.

I will fight to preserve what grows

and lives well in its own way;

and I will change no object

or creature unless its growth and life,

or that of the system of

which it is part, are threatened.

To these ends, in the practice of my

Art, I will put aside fear for courage,

and death for life, when it is right to do so

—till Universe’s end

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Consecrating Altar Objects

Consecrating Altar Objects

If you are not using completely new objects on your altar – here we are referring to the basic ‘furnishings’ of candle holders etc – you should cleanse them before you dedicate them to your purpose. Treat them in the same way as you would any crystals you use, by soaking them overnight in salt water to remove anyone else’s vibrations and then standing them in sunshine (or moonshine) for at least 12 hours to charge them with the appropriate energy.


When you are ready, hold each object and allow your own energy to flow into it, followed by the energy of your idea of Ultimate Power. (That way you make a very powerful link between yourself, the object and the Ultimate.) Ask this Power to bless the object and any working you may do with it and perceive yourself as truly a medium or channel for the energy.


Hopefully, each time you use any of the objects, you will immediately be able to reinforce that link rather than having to re-establish it. It is like a refrain continually running in the background. Now place the objects on your altar however it feels right for you.


Finally, if appropriate, create and caste your circle so that it includes yourself and your altar. The magic circle defines the ritual area, holds in personal power and shuts out all distractions and negative energies. You now have a sacred space set up which is your link to the powers that be. Again it is a matter of personal choice as to whether you choose to re-dedicate your altar and what it contains on a regular basis

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Dedicating Your Altar

Dedicating Your Altar


Now you have turned your space into an altar, dedicate it in such a way that it will support any workings you may choose to do. One good way is to dedicate it to the principle of the Greater Good – that none may be harmed by anything that you may do. (Remember that traditionally any harm you instigate deliberately will return to you threefold, particularly when it comes from such a sacred space.) It will depend on your basic belief just how you choose to dedicate the altar further, perhaps to the Moon deity and all her manifestations, perhaps to the Gods of power.


Try to put as much passion and energy into the dedication as you can and remember to include a prayer for protection of your sacred space. Some people will need to cast a circle each time they do a working, while others will feel that just by setting the altar up in the way suggested that that space is consecrated henceforth. If you wish to follow the principles of feng shui rather than Wicca within your work, your placings will be slightly different, as they will also be if you choose to follow the tenets of other religions.


However, whatever you do, you should take care to dedicate all of your tools and altar furnishings to the purpose in hand. You are empowering them and making them usable only in ritual and magical work. If you try to use them for any other purpose, you will negate that magical power.

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Setting Up Your Altar

Setting Up Your Altar


To turn your dressed table into a proper altar, you will need as basics the following objects:


1. Two candles with candle holders – you might like to think of one representing the female principle and one the male. You may also choose, in addition, candles of a color suitable for the ritual or spell you are working.


2. An incense holder and incense suitable for the particular working.


3. A representation of the deity or deities you prefer to work with. An image of the Goddess, for instance, could be anything from a statue of the Chinese Goddess of Compassion, Kuan Yin, to seashells, chalices, bowls, or certain stones that symbolize the womb or motherhood.


4. A small vase for flowers or fresh herbs.
Other objects appropriate for ceremonial working are:

• • An athame, which is a sacred knife for ceremonial use; it should never be used for anything else.

• • A white-handled knife (called a boline) for cutting branches, herbs, etc.

• • A burin, which is a sharp-pointed instrument for inscribing magical objects such as candles.

• • A small earthenware or ceramic bowl, or a small cauldron, for mixing ingredients.

• A bowl of water.

• • A bowl of salt or sand, representing Earth.

• • A consecrated cloth, or a pentacle, on which to place dedicated objects.
Some people additionally use bells to summon the powers of the Elements, whilst others have additional candles with the colors representing both themselves and the work they wish to do. You can also have other items on your altar, such as crystals, amulets and talismans.


You can do what you wish with your own altar provided you have thought through very carefully your logical or emotional reasons for including whatever you have there. You might, for instance, choose to have differing representations of the Earth Mother from diverse religions or include a pretty gift to establish a psychic link with the person who gave it to you.

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Consecrating Your Sacred Space

Consecrating Your Sacred Space


If you are going to be carrying out a fair number of rituals or spells, you will really need a sacred space or altar along with various other altar furnishings. Whether your altar is inside or outside does not matter. To set it up indoors, your altar and or sacred space should preferably be in a quiet place in the home, where it will not be disturbed and where candles can be burned safely.


The space first needs to be dedicated to the purpose of magical working. You can do this by first brushing the area clean with an ordinary brush, concentrating your thoughts on cleansing the space as you work physically to bring this about. Mentally cleanse the space three times, imagining doing it once for the physical world, once for the emotional space and once spiritually.


If you wish, you may sprinkle the whole area with water and with salt (which represents the Earth). You might perhaps also burn incense such as jasmine or frankincense to clear the atmosphere. Think of the space as somewhere you would entertain an honored guest in your home – you would wish the room you use to be as welcoming as it can be. You will later use your besom to keep the sacred space clear.


If you travel a lot or are pushed for space, you might dedicate a tray or special piece of wood or china for ceremonial working. This, along with your candles and incense, can then be kept together in a small box or suitcase. Otherwise, you could dedicate a table especially for the purpose. Ideally, you should not need to pack up each time.


You will also need a ‘fine cloth’ – the best you can afford – to cover the surface. Place your cloth on your chosen surface and spend some quiet time just thinking about its purpose. You may, if you wish, have different cloths for different purposes or perhaps have one basic cloth which is then ‘dressed’ with the appropriate color for each ritual.

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WOTC EXtra – Sensing Energy Currents

Sensing Energy Currents


Try these simple exercises to start becoming aware of your own energy and the energy around you. If you like, you can do these exercises with a friend.

Close your eyes and hold your palms up in front of you, facing each other, about a foot or so apart. Slowly move your palms closer together but don’t actually let them touch. Can you sense the energy flowing between your palms? You may feel warmth or coolness, various degrees of tingling, or something else. You might even sense a color or feel an emotion. Does the feeling grow stronger as your hands get closer together?

Choose an object, preferably a natural one such as a stone or plant. Run your hands around the object without touching it physically, trying to feel the energy it possesses. What do you sense? Can you feel warmth, coolness, or any other sensation coming from the object? Do you get any impressions or thoughts? Don’t discount them, even if they seem weird.

Ask a friend to do this exercise with you. Sit with your eyes closed, while your friend stands behind you. Slowly, your friend moves her hand toward your head, without ever actually touching you. When you sense the energy from her hand, say so. Then switch places and try the exercise again.

Write down what you experienced in what will become your “grimoire” or “book of shadows,” a journal of your magick spells and experiences. These notes will help you as you continue working with different energies, and as you grow more aware of how your own energies fluctuate with your mood, your health, and your circumstances.

The Modern Guide to Witchcraft: Your Complete Guide to Witches, Covens, and Spells

Skye Alexander


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