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Enhanced Lampblack Ink

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Enhanced Lampblack Ink

This formula, which incorporates sacred resins, is specifically designed for Spirit Summoning Spells, especially for creating angel sigils but may also be used for Protection Spells.

1. Blend benzoin, frankincense and myrrh resin and burn.

2. Hold a spoon over the burning resin until lampblack soot forms. (Be patient.)

3. Gently tap the soot into a bowl.

4. Add rose hydrosol or water drop by drop until lampblack is dissolved.

5. Add gum arabica so that the ink is thick enough to use.

*Transferred from old WOTC group on YUKU*

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Lampblack Ink

Book & Candle Comments

Lampblack Ink

1. Choose a candle color to coordinate with the purpose of your spell. (Green for money, for instance).

2. Carve and dress as desired, then burn the candle.

3. Hold a spoon over the candle flame until black soot forms. (This take a while, it’s a time-consuming process requiring patience.) This soot is lampblack.

4. When sufficient lampblack has been produced, carefully tap it off the spoon and into a bowl.

5.Add spring water, drop by drop, to dissolve the soot and then add gum arabica to thicken the ink.

*Transferred from old WOTC group on YUKU*

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Let’s Talk Witch – Magickal Inks

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Let’s Talk Witch – Magickal Inks


Many spells involve a written component. Once upon a time, magicians chose their ink carefully depending upon the purpose of the spell, in the manner that someone today might choose a candle or condition oil. Some magicians still do. The most popular magickal inks used in Western magick tend to be named after the blood of various creatures. They are marketed commercially and are readily available through occult sources. However, in many cases what is purchased is nothing more than plain ink with a label bearing a catchy title.

A long history exists of using animal names as a code for various plant substances. Among the reasons for this practice was the desire to maintain secret formulas. Unfortunately, when the formulas are obtained without understanding or even knowing of the existence of the code, all sorts of misunderstanding and tragedy follow. While some complain that modern manufactured “blood” inks no longer contain the herbal formulas, others claim that the formulas actually demand blood, the only way to produce “true” dover’s blood ink, for instance, being to slit the throat of a dove. This is untrue. Dove’s blood ink is frequently used to write love spells. Doves are sacred to Aphrodite, Genius of Love. Do you think that, having done very bad things to her bird, she will look kindly on your petition? The only blood typically called for in magick spells maybe your own, and even that requires no more than a few drops from a finger.

Formulas are frequently very similar. The red color typically derives from the resin dragon’s blood, a powerful magickal agent. Even if a formula doesn’t specifically call for it, it is extremely likely that adding gum Arabica or gum tragacanth to the mix will be necessary in order to make the ink thick enough to be functional. Typically one-quarter to one-half teaspoon is needed.

If mixing inks from scratch is forbidding, a simple yet magickally charged method of creating the various “Blood” inks is to add the appropriate essential oils and resins to plain red ink.


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And Last but Definitely Not Least, The Witches Alphabet

The Witches Alphabet

The Witches Alphabet is still used by some to this date. Most witches use it to write in their Grimoires or Books of Shadows. This alphabet was invented or thought up a long time ago. It is another one of those things that you can’t find any dates on. So there is no way or knowing when it was first thought of and used. If I was to venture to guess, I would say during the Burning Times but I could be wrong. If I am and anyone knows when this alphabet was first used, please let me know.

When a witch become familiar with this alphabet she can easily write anything she want in her BOS. And just in case prying eyes comes a lookin’ they will never know what they are reading. The only other person who could read your BOS would be another witch. The symbols are there and the corresponding letters are there. Give it a try and see how easy it is to keep all your magickal  workings safe for the outside world.

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Making Your Own Witches Runes

The following article calls for making clay Runes. Personally, I have never made a set of Runes out of clay. I prefer to use wood. Wood that has fallen from a tree. I know everyone know how to ask a tree for a limb or permission to cut one (so I won’t go into that). Be sure to double check the type of wood you want to use. I prefer to use Oak. I have a Willow tree out from I want to make a set from but the branches are not big enough yet.

Runes can be made out of clay, wood, or stones. What is important is that you made them. They will have a magickal bond only with you. It will be a bond like you have never experienced before.

Oh, one last thing, I didn’t write this article. In fact, I don’t know who did. I found it in the back on our site and pulled it from there.  Like I said finding info on the Witches Runes is extremely difficult.

Now for the article……….


How To Make Your Own Runes

You’ve probably seen the pre-made Runes that one can buy at any occult store or your local book store. That is the easy way of getting your own runes. The traditional way is to get small stones/pebbles and use them with the runic symbol carved or inked onto the stone/pebble. Another is to use bits of wood and cut them into the desired shape, then ink or carve the runic symbol. However, my favorite method is to go to the bluffs and gather up bags of natural clay and use this clay to form my runes and other tools. You can also use clay brought at a craft store it’s almost as good.

Making Clay Runes

Materials Needed:

Clay (red, natural, or artificial)



Cloth or Leather

Once you’ve gotten the clay, take the time to mold the clay into the form you wish your runes to look, then leave them in the shade for 5 to 8 hours. I know you’re saying, why this? Well I can’t tell you, I’ve no idea, this is what my grandmother did and have been done for generations.

When you return the clay should be still slightly damp but not so damp that is falls apart or is mushy, it should be almost hard at the outer edges, with the center still a big pliable. The center is where you will be carving the runic symbol.

Now take a clay tablet that you’ve molded, and using either a pen, pencil, or knife carve into the tablet the specific rune that is to be, remember to think of what this rune will represent and infuse it with that form of energy, e.g: When carving the runic symbol for protection, envision it being strong, and guarding you against harm, and so on and so forth.

Once each tablet has been carved with it’s symbol, leave it to dry either so forth.

Once each tablet has been carved with it’s symbol, leave it to dry either any people lke the natural look, but when reading the runes often inking them in is advisable. My Grandmother actually use to make natural dyes from flowers, berries, bark, herbs, and other natural dying agents. She would dye each rune a different color according to it’s usage, like green for health, purple for power, yellow for light, and inner strength, and various other colors. I only suggest the Black or Red marker as simple way of marking your runes to read. You can of course use different colored markers to mark each rune, according to it’s color orientation or purpose, the choice is up to you.

The last step is to construct a pouch to which you will keep these runes, use either leather or cloth to construct this pouch. Remember Natural un-dyed leather or cloth is best, if using synthetic materials then use your own judgment. If in doubt, get a scarf/bandana and use that as the carrying bag for your runes.

That’s all there is to it basically.

Happy Rune Making!

*Remember if you decide to use stones or wood, just substitute those in the place of clay*

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Graphic Images & Descriptions of the Witches Runes

This gives you an idea of how each symbol is to be made and the meaning. If you are considering even making a set this is very important to have. Print it out and have it beside you when you start to make your own set.

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You Just Read The Witch’s Rune But do you know about…..

The Witches Runes

We all know and have read the poem or chant, “The Witches’ Rune.” But did you know there is another kind of “Witches’ Runes.” Sound confusing, not really. When I was younger I started out as a Tarot card reader. With time, I grew bored. So I was surfing around on the internet and ran across  The Elder Futhark Runes. I read how Runes can give a much better reading and if you make your own, you have a magickal bond with them. I made my first set of Runes and the magickal bond that was established between the Runes and me was unbelievable. When you make a set of Runes and follow the making ceremony, the magick happens. The Runes actually spoke to me while I was painting the design on them. It was wonderful. And I couldn’t believe it. So my fascination with the Runes began. I read everything I could find on them. One day, I ran across something I had never heard anyone mention, that was the Witches Runes. Why no one talks about them or mentions them, I don’t know. Perhaps because there is only 13 of them, and they think that is not powerful enough for any divination. Or perhaps, they are just something in our past that has been forgotten by all of us.

Needless to say being a witch, I started researching and digging for every bit of information I could find. I found out there is hardly any information on them at all. Which leads me to believe they were just simply forgotten. No matter what the case, I made a set of the Witches Runes. The magick in each symbol I painted on the stones was breath-taking. I made them their own special black pouch and they live happily there to this day. Wondering why I talk about them like they are a person? Make a set and feel the magick for yourself. I pull the pouch out and without even opening it, I can feel their magick and power through it. The Witches Runes are very powerful divination tools. I might have just hit the nail on the head, perhaps they were considered to powerful and put away. Who knows? We probably never will either.

Below I have described each Rune and their meaning. Take a moment to look them over. Also if you are into making your own divination tools, I will include a ritual for making your set in the next post. I hope you enjoy the Witches Runes as much as I do.

The set includes the following symbols, with a brief meaning description:

  • Relationship - Chemistry and working together
  • Woman - Women, nurturing, and healing
  • Man - Men, conquering, and defending
  • Harvest - Rewards for work, the right path
  • Sun - Protection, attention, and wealth
  • Moon - Changes, cycles, and ancestors
  • Flight - Information, travel, and movement
  • Rings - Connection to others, contracts, marriage
  • Crossroads - Choices, opposition, and conflict
  • Star - Hope, wishes, and destiny
  • Waves - Intuition, mystery, and emotions
  • Scythe - Endings, transformation, and danger
  • Eye - Vision, realization, and wisdom



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WOTC Extra – Cleansing A Magick Sword

Cleansing a Magick Sword

The following are suggestions for the care, cleansing and consecration of a magick sword based on instructions from the nineteenth century.

1. Build a fire from bay laurel and vervain.

2. Pass the sword through the smoke, actually holding it in the flame if this is safe and appropriate.

3. When it cools, wrap the sword in vervain leaves.

4. Swaddle it in white silk and maintain it this way when not in use.

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