The Witch

The Essence of Witchcraft……

“…….is transformation. The  idea is to take the “you” currently present and accounted for and change your essence into something better, greater, stronger, and incredibly dynamics. Being a Witch means to want to work every day to be a better person. When you change yourself then the world around you cannot help but change. There’s no getting around it. All this changing can be a lot of hard work–and there are certain aspects of the path that require time, effort, and energy. Although many of the things you truly water can be achieved in a short time with the techniques presented in this blog, there are other issued in your life that will require patience, effort, and practice to reach you ultimate goals. That’ s okay. If you didn’t have to work at somethings then the study wouldn’t seem worthwhile. To be a Witch, you must be brave enough to face everything inside of you and have the courage to change the things you do not like. Being a Witch has nothing to do with spell,=s, rituals and unusual clothing —they are the fun stuff. To be a Witch is to desire personal transformation.”

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We Have No Book of Instructions

We Have No Book of Instructions

We do not have a book in the way that Christians have the Bible or Muslims the Koran. There are a great number of books on the Draft, however, and it is up to those who wish to read some of these to make personal decisions as to their relevance. Each individual ca choose the complexity of their rituals, and the form that their path will take. For some these may mean working in a group or Coven, others may prefer a Solitary path. Some will seek to work formalized Magick whilst others prefer the hedgewitch approach, working closely with mature and using herbs to achieve their Magick.


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We Believe That The Divine is both Male and Female

We Believe That The Divine is both Male and Female


We believe this is equal and in balance, and that we should seek that balance in ourselves and in our lives. Put simply, this means that we believe in the Goddess and the God, and they may be referred to by many names according to the needs of the individual or indeed their personal preference. It helps to think of the Divine as being like a mirror ball, with each facet having a different identity, although all are part of the Divine. As a result you may find that the Goddess is referred to as Isis. Astarte or Hecate, for example, and the God referred to as Osiris. Hernes or Pan, and so on. Some Witches will simply refer to the Lord and Lady or the Goddess and the God, and these are the terms that I will use in this blog. Others will call them the Old One or the Old Gods, or even just the Gods.

The Goddess is seen as having three aspects. Maiden, Mother and Crone (or Wise One). These aspects are reflected in the cycle of the Moon, and in our daily lives, for everything has its beginning, middle and closing phases.

The God also has different aspects but these are more clearly defined through the festivals of the seasons and the Wheel of the Year.

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Witchcraft and Empowering your Herbal Work

Witchcraft and Empowering your Herbal Work

Let the Magick come to life….’

You do not have to be practicing Witch to make use of the recipes and skills which are covered here, but it will help if you have an understanding of the principles of the Craft. For some this mean putting aside the misconceptions created by the media especially the popular press) and the adverse comments made by those who have no understanding and no desire to understand our heritage. Witchcraft is one of a number of belief systems whose roots pre-date Christianity and which come under the umbrella heading of Pagan. Indeed, Witchcraft has roots which go back to Pala eolithic times, as illustrated by the cave paintings of our ancient ancestors. Having said that, the Craft is a living religion and has as much relevance to us today as it had to its practitioners in the past. We still seek healing of our bodies and minds, strength to deal with our daily lives, understanding and compassion to help us relate to those around us and to develop our own selves.

So what do Witches believe in and how do they express these beliefs? First, you have to understand that, unlike the more orthodox religions, the Craft has no paid or formal priesthood we are each our own Priest or Priestess and therefore make our own decisions as to the expression of our beliefs. As a result there is no one true way to being a Witch. This gives rise to a great diversity in our daily practices and indeed enables the Craft to grow and adapt to the real world in a way that other paths find difficult because of their interpreted doctrine. Having said that, there are many beliefs and practices that most Witches have in common.

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Spell Caster’s Affirmation

Witchy Comments
Spell Caster’s Affirmation

There is one Presence and Power in the Universe
That manifests to me as Goddess and as God
It guides the stars and the planets
It guides me and moves through my life
For I am a perfect incarnation of God /dess
And a perfect priest/ess of God/dess
I am a complete manifestation of this power
I release all imbalanced energy and it’s effects
I harness harmonious energy
And shape it for the good of all
In accordance with free will
With ease and with joy
With love and kindness
So mote it be

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Good Things To Know

Good Things To Know

Moon Phase Correspondences for Magickal Workings.

New Moon Magick:

New Moon workings can be done from the day of the new moon to three-and-a-half days after.

The new moon is for starting new ventures, new beginnings. Also love and romance, health or job hunting.

Waxing Moon Magick:

From seven to fourteen days after the new moon.

The waxing moon is for constructive magick, such as love, wealth, success, courage, friendship, luck or health.

Full Moon Magick:

From fourteen to seventeen-and-a-half days after the new moon.

Prime time for rituals for prophecy, protection, divination. Any working that needs extra power, such as help finding a new job or healings for serious conditions, can be done now. Also, love, knowledge, legal undertakings, money and dreams.

Waning Moon Magick:

From three-and-a-half to ten-and-a-half days after the full moon.

The waning moon is used for banishing magick, for ridding oneself of addictions, illness or negativity.

Dark Moon Magick:

From ten-and-a-half to fourteen days after the full moon.

The dark moon is a time for dealing with attackers, for exploring our darkest recesses and understanding our angers and passions. Also bringing justice to bear.

Daily Correspondences for Magickal Workings:

Sunday: Power magick, health, vitality, money, career

Monday: Intuition, dreams, psychic ability, fertility

Tuesday: Money, enemies, courage, energy

Wednesday: Divination, communications, knowledge, wisdom

Thursday: Happiness, luck, wealth, victory, health

Friday: Love, romance, marriage, friendship

Saturday: Psychic ability, communications, new beginnings, protection, bindings

Color Correspondences for Magickal Workings:

Red: energy, strength, passion, love, career goals, courage

Orange: business goals, career goals, justice, success, ambition

Yellow: learning, breaking mental blocks, confidence, persuasion

Pink: romantic love, peace, nurturing

Green: finances, luck, physical healing, abundance, growth

Blue: wisdom, protection, calm, creativity, patience

Purple: spiritual power, psychic ability, ambition, third eye

Silver: telepathy, clairvoyance, intuition, dreams, astral energy

Black: protection, repelling, binding

White: peace, purity, spirituality, higher self

Herbal Magick

There are many herbs that can be used for magickal purposes; I’ve elected to list only those that could be found in an ordinary kitchen or can be easily found at a grocery store or nursery. Wooden window boxes are fairly inexpensive, as is potting soil. The herbs themselves were only $2 each.

Success: basil, sandalwood

Psychic development: cinnamon, rosemary, thyme

Divination: cloves, nutmeg, thyme

Dream magick: cinnamon, mistletoe

Good luck: chamomile, nutmeg, sandalwood

Health: allspice, coriander, ginseng, thyme

Love magick: basil, catnip, cinnamon, dill seed, ginger, mint, rosemary, sage, thyme

Money: basil, chamomile, cinnamon, garlic, thyme

Protection: cloves, marjoram, basil, sandalwood, African ginger

Handy Stuff to Have Around the House

Harmony Ball – chiming spheres were created by ancient Druids as meditation devices to commune with nature.

Pentagrams – The 5 points represent the elements of all creation –Air, Fire, Water & Earth plus the quality of the Spirit which imbues it

Ankhs – The ancient Egyptian symbol of the radiant life force of healing — both spiritual and physical

9 Healing Herbs: Catnip, Chamomile, Coltsfoot, Plantain, Ginger, Cayenne, Comfrey, Garlic, Lobelia

5 Helpful Goddesses:

Ganesh – Bestower of Success in work, and Remover of Obstacles

Laxmi – Goddess for petitions of Love, Sex, Abundance & Wealth

Shiva – God of Regeneration, Ecstasy, Magic Sex & Transcendence

Tara – Bestower of good. Protectress against enemies & bad luck

Vishnu – Protector of Universe for power, courage & sustenance

Lodestone – Lodestones are naturally magnetic, used to charge spell items. Often 2 lodestones are carried: 1 to repel bad luck and 1 to attract good luck. Lodestones come in blue, gold, green, silver, white & natural

Dragon’s Blood Ink – Typically dragon’s blood is used for love spells. Dragon’s blood is used for power & spell strength

Lighting Sticks- Preferable to matches for ritual use because they reach into enclosed candle holders easily & don’t leave the match scent of sulfur.

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Let’s Talk Witch – Being A Kitchen Witch

Let’s Talk Witch – Being A Kitchen Witch


People have often asked me, what is a Kitchen Witch. I really have been unable to give an answer to that question because the defination of a ‘Kitchen Witch’ is an ever evolving thing.

The kitchen, in my mind, is one of the rooms which symbolize a certain cense of family. When I think of the word ‘Kitchen,’ images of a family sitting down to a nice dinner come to mind. Or, I think of the wife who makes a loaf of bread, kneading the dough with firm, tender loving movements.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of image one has of a kitchen, tho. Just as long as an image comes to mind.

If a Witch asks themselves, “Do I incorperate my witchcraft (the magic, and the worship) to include things associating with the kitchen?” and answers the question by saying, “Yes,” then, that is a good example of a kitchen witch. One can easily find magic spells that involve cooking, or other items associated with the kitchen. Making a magical tea out of certain ingredients to serve someone is a good example of what most people think of when the term Kitchen Witch comes into play.

However, to me, there is much more to being a witch than casting spells. Just the same, there is more to being a Kitchen Witch, than making magical brews and foods. The magic is only a small part of this.

As a witch, there are certain things that I hold in high reguard when dealing with the craft. Spending time with the Goddess and the God, the healing of the earth, and celebrating the tides of nature are also large parts of my images of what being a witch is all about. And all these things can easily be applied to all facets of our lives, including what happens in the Kitchen.

It is just as easy to heal the earth inside the kitchen by recycling plastic egg cartons, and saving biodegradable food remains to be made into mulch, than it is to go outside and plant a tree. (And making mulch takes so much less energy, too.)


There are many resources for Kitchen Witches available on the common market. Some of the books I would recommend, include:

The Urban Pagan; The Victorian Grimoire; and The Kitchen Witch’s Cookbook by Patricia Telesco

Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs; The Magical Household, and The Magic of Incenses, Oils, and Brews: By Scott Cunningham.

Positive Magic :By Marian Weinstein

…just to name a few. (Note: Not all those books are meant specifically for the Kitchen Witch, however, some have general themes that do go hand in hand with my image of what a Kitchen Witch is, does, and believes.

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To Be A Witch

Witchy Cat Graphics & Comments

To Be A Witch

To be a witch is to love and be loved.
To be a witch is to know everything, and nothing at all.
To be a witch is to move amongst the stars while staying on earth.
To be a witch is to change the world around you, and yourself.
To be a witch is to share and give, while receiving all the while.
To be a witch is to dance and sing, and hold hands with the universe.
To be a witch is to honor the gods, and yourself.
To be a witch is to be magick, not just perform it.
To be a witch is to be honorable, or nothing at all. To be a witch is to accept others who are not.
To be a witch is to know what you feel is right and good.
To be a witch is to harm none. To be a witch is to know the ways of old.
To be a witch is to see beyond the barriers.
To be a witch is to follow the moon. To be a witch is to be one with the gods.
To be a witch is to study and to learn.
To be a witch is to be the teacher and the student.
To be a witch is to acknowledge the truth.
To be a witch is to live with the earth, not just on it.
To be a witch is to be truly free!

by Ziller

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