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Magickal Activity 2 for April 30th – Maypole Center Piece

Magickal Activity 2 for April 30th – Maypole Center Piece

Items needed:

A 12 inch tall wooden dowel approximately 1 ½ inches diameter

One 4 inch diameter disk

One 2 inch diameter disk

One small jar of Petal Porcelain fabric stiffener

Seven different colored 13 inch strips of ribbon

Green paint

Wood glue

Silk Flowers

The 4 inch disk will serve as the base of your maypole. Pound a small nail through it to affix the dowel to the base. Use a small amount wood glue to secure. Glue the smaller disk to the top. When the glue has dried, paint the entire thing green. Glue the end of each ribbon to the top of the smaller disk, spacing them evenly. Glue the silk flowers to the top of the maypole. Use the Petal Porcelain to stiffen the ribbons so they will stand out and hold their shape.

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Magical Activity 1 for April 30th – Flower Wreath

Magical Activity 1 for April 30th – Flower Wreath

Items needs:

Floral wire and tape

Fresh daisies


Seven different colored ribbons

6 to 8 inches in length

Begin by making a circle out of the wire that will sit atop your head. Twist the ends together and cover with a bit of tape. Lay the first flower on the wire and secure with floral tape. Place the second flower next to the first and secure with the tape. Continue this process until the wire frame is almost completely covered. Leave a ½ inch space between the first and last flowers to tie the ribbons from. Tie each ribbon individuality so that it hangs from the back of the crown.

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Celebrating Other Spirituality 365 Days A Year – Beltane/Walpurgis Night

Beltane Comments & Graphics

Celebrating Other Spirituality 365 Days A Year – Beltane/Walpurgis Night


Beltane is celebrated on April 30th (May Eve) and is primarily a fire and fertility festival. Beltane, meaning “Bel-Fire,” is derived from the Celtic God Bel, also known as Beli or Balor, which simply means “Lord.” Some seem to think that Bel was comparable to the Celtic Gaul God, Cernunnos. This is possible, as most male Gods relate to the sun and fire aspects.

Beltane was the time of the May Queen, when a young woman was chosen from her village to represent the Earth Goddess and reflect the transformation of maiden to mother. In addition, this was the time of kindling of the Need Fire, When all fires in the village were extinguished and then ritually relit the following day.

Fertility played an important role in Beltane, as it did with all Spring Celebrations. The principle symbol of this Sabbat was the May Pole, also known as the axis mundi, around which the universe revolved. The pole personified the thrusting masculine force, and the disk at the top depicted the receptive female. There were seven colored ribbons tied to the pole representing the seven colors of the rainbow.

Walpurgis, named after Walburga, an Englishwoman who became the abbess of an eighth-century monastery that housed both men and women. It is believed that before she took up the habit, she was a germanic moon Goddess, possibly Walpurga—hence her association with May Eve and Witches.


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Make Yourself A Brand New Spring Wand

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Make Yourself A Brand New Spring Wand


Any of the Equinoxes as wonderful times to make new ritual items that you might be needing. For Spring, how about making yourself a brand new Wand!

Items You Need:

A small tree branch
Three silver coins;
Three sugar cookies
Three each of walnuts, hazel nuts and almonds
A sharp knife
A paper bag


Use the guide below to choose the wood for the wand you want to make.

Birch – New beginnings

Hawthorn – Protection

Hazel – Wisdom

Poplar- Succcess

Maple – Longevity

Beech – Divination

Rowan – Magick

Oak – Power Magick

Apple – Love

Pine – Birth

Cedar – Strength

Elm – Dignity


Place the coins, cookies, and nuts in the paper bag. Choose the tree from which you want to make your wand. Go to the tree, and ask for permission to cut one ot its small, new branches. Neatly cut the branch from the tree. Thank the tree for its branch. Gently place the coins, cookies, and nuts at the base of the tree as an offering of thanksgiving.

Trim the branch so that is measures from the inside of your elbow to the tip of your middle finger. This measurement makes the wand uniquely yours. Scrape the bark off of the branch and allow the wood to dry. Once the wood is thoroughly dry you will want to carve or paint your own personal symbols on it.

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Magickal Activities for the Spring Equinox

Ostara Comments
Magickal Activities for the Spring Equinox

Prosperity Seed Spell


Items You Will Need:

Marigold seeds
A clay pot filled with Earth
One green candle
A small topaz stone
Green paint
A small square of paper

Paint the rune symbol for wealth (Fehu) on the clay pot and on the paper. Put the topaz stone along with the paper in the bottom of the pot, and fill it with the Earth. Place the pot and seeds, along with the candle, on a small table or altar covered with a green cloth.

Light the candle. Pick up the seeds and hold them as you meditate on what it is you need. For more than one participant, put the seeds on a small plate so that each person can take a seed and plant it, making his or her own wish. When you feel the time is right, plant the seeds as you chant:

“Seeds and earth,
To dreams gives birth.”

Leave the candle to burn for four hours. Extinguish the candle and place it along with the pot in a window. Each time you water the seeds, light the candle and repeat the chant. This is a great activity for the whole family, particularly if family members have a collective goal in mind.

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Celebrating Other Spirituality 365 A Day – Ostara/Spring or Vernal Equinox

Ostara Comments
Ostara/Spring or Vernal Equinox

March 20 – 22


The Equinox is the time when the Sun crosses the plane of the equator, making day and night of equal length. This is the actual beginning of Spring and occurs somewhere between the 20th and 22nds of March. In fact, most of our modern-day Easter customs come from the Pagan Ostara, named after the Saxon Goddess Eostre. This is a time of balance, equality, and harmony between the masculine and feminine forces in Nature, the time of year when practitioners of the Wiccan and Witchcraft religions, both physically as well as symbolically, plant the seeds of their desires–seeds that in time will grow into plants representing individual, long-term goals, that began at Yule, the Winter Solstice and rebirth of the Sun.

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Let’s Talk Witch – So What is Ostara All About?

Ostara Comments

Let’s Talk Witch – So What is Ostara All About?

Ostara or the Spring Equinox when I grew up was always celebrated on March 21. In fact, all the Equinoxes were celebrated on the 21st of their respective months. Now who went and moved it, I don’t know. I do know this has caused some confusion in the Pagan community. How? Well, it is simple. The new generation of Witches & Wiccans are taught Ostara/Spring Equinox is on March 20. The Elders celebrate Ostara on March 21st. See the confusion.

To simplify matters, someone (who I don’t know) decided we celebrate Ostara from March 20th thru March 22nd. I guess this just gives us an excuse to celebrate more days, huh? I practice the Ways of Old, which means I am convinced that Ostara is on March 21st. But the books and other material insist that the Spring Equinox occurs during the previous days.

To me, it is like pick one and stick to it. My tradition dictates to me that we celebrate Ostara on the 21st of March. Your tradition might tell you something else. This brings us to the question, who is right? I am open-minded but I don’t like people changing things such as our Sabbats’ days around. I personally believe that no one in the Pagan community did this. I think you know were I am going with this. The same people who have stolen much of our traditions from us, now you get the idea.

All of this makes me wonder, if the dates were changed on our Sabbats, what was the purpose in doing that? Was it to make our Sabbats seem less important? To me, that seems to be the main idea behind moving these dates. Oh, by the way, our Summer Equinox date has also been changed. It is now marked as being celebrated on the 20th of June. Again, it use to be June 21st. And to get totally off topic here, they have even changed the astrological sign’s date in June. I know this personally because I am married a Gemini. But really he is now a Scorpio. Darn, my sign and his sign aren’t even compatiable. Like I said that is totally off topic. But are you getting my point.

It is time for us to wake up and see what is actually happening. Someone is screwing with our Religion (I don’t like the term, screwing but unfortunately it fits). It is an attempt to divide us, cause confusion, and most of all take away the importance of our Religious Holidays. I am tired of others outside of our Religion playing with it. As far as I am concerned, they can keep their paws off of our Religion. If they want to play with one, mess with their own. I wonder how they would like it if all of a sudden Christmas was celebrate December 18th thru 26th. I don’t think they would. Neither do I like people messing with ours.

I have never argued this point amongst the Pagan community. If I did, it would only cause a fight perhaps, confusion and divide us. That is what they want. I will not argue the point with anyone in our community. Never! I understand we have newcomers and Elders that might have grew up or just learned that the Spring Equinox was on this day or that day. As far as all of us at the WOTC, we will wish you a Happy & Blessed Ostara from March 20 to March 22. The point is simple, I will never let them win or comply to anything that might divide us. All that matters is that we know the truth, we know our history and our teachings. We never, ever let anyone come between us. We stand as one Religion with many Paths & Traditions the compliment each other.

Always remember it is extremely important that we work to bring the Craft back to the mainstream Religions. Then once we are back in its rightful place, we will rewrite our own history. Yes, Our History, we should know it better than anyone else! It is a history and heritage that I am proud to call my own on this first day of Spring (you know really it is March 21st, right, lol!).

May the Goddess bless each and everyone of you in this beautiful season of rebirth and renewal.



Lady Of The Abyss

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Ostara to Beltane

Ostara Comments

Ostara to Beltane

The advent of Spring marks the turning of the year, when hours of daylight begins to outnumber the hours of darkness again. New growth emerges around us and we experience renewed energy and hope, while fertility becomes the focus of the animal and human world and is also seen in the reawakening of the Earth and the flora it sustains. Because the Sun returns to our lives at the Spring Equinox, it is associated with the color yellow.

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