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Living Life As The Witch – Working With Elemental Cauldrons


Working With  Elemental Cauldrons

Using a cauldron, symbol of inspiration and rebirth, has brought new dimensions to both group and solitary work.  A cauldron decorates the center of the Circle during Lesser Sabbats.  An air cauldron at a spring rite creates a misty, magical quality for the ceremony.  In summer, the cauldron will flash and spark.  A blue flame burns mysteriously within the Water cauldron during the autumn festival. Throughout Yule, the Earth cauldron burns steadfast and constant. During moon rites, when magick is done, we write the purpose of our working on flash papers and toss them into the burning cauldron while chanting.

A working cauldron should be of cast iron, with a tight-fitting lid, three sturdy legs, and a strong handle.  Season your cauldron before using it for the first time.  Pour in generous helping of salt and lighter fluid, slosh it up to the rim and wipe dry.  For indoor use it MUST have a fireproof base or your workings will summon up yellow-coated salamander spirits from the fire department.

EARTH Cauldron

Layer salt, wax shavings, three powered or ground herbs, lighter fluid and ivy leaves in the cauldron while focus and chanting.  Use a candle to light it.  When the smoke starts to roll, extinguish the cauldron by putting the lid on.

AIR Cauldron

Using tongs, put a chunk of dry ice in a small glass or ceramic bowl and place the bowl on a cloth in the bottom of the cauldron. Allow the cauldron to smoke as long as the ice lasts.  The mists create excellent images for scrying.

FIRE Cauldron

Cover the inside bottom with dirt or sand to dissipate heat.  Light incense charcoal and add either salt petter for flame and spark or flash powder for a different but spectacular effect.  To assist in releasing or firing off peak energy, try using flash “bombs”.  Make a small pocket in a piece of flash paper, fill with flash powder and tie with thread.  The “bomb” should be about the size of your smallest fingernail.  The results are spectacularly bright, so use the powder sparingly.  Don’t look directly at the flash as you drop the “bomb” in the cauldron.

WATER Cauldron.

At least seven days before the ritual, place equal quantities of three appropriate herbs in a pint glass jar.  Fill the rest of the jar with Everclear (200 proof alcohol), cap tightly, and shake gently while concentrating on the purpose of the ritual.  Add a chant if its feels right.  Let the jar rest in a
dark, warm spot and shake twice daily, charging with purpose.  Before the ritual, place a fireproof ceramic or glass bowl in the cauldron.  Pour in the herb mixture, being careful none spills into the cauldron.  Light with a candle to produce a beautiful blue flame.

The cauldron, as the fifth elemental spirit, symbolizes inspiration, rebirth, illumination and rejuvenation.  Use a Fire cauldron with salt peter to cast a Circle.  Use the mists of an Air cauldron for an initiation.  Burn away hate, prejudice and negative self-images, with a Water cauldron.  The Earth cauldron is ideal for indoor Beltane rites.

Remember to place a burning cauldron on a fireproof surface. Practice safety when using any volatile materials and you will enjoy your cauldron for many rites.

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W as in the Element of Water




Ruler: Ocean and river Deities, Venus, Neptune, Moon

Type: Element

Magickal Forms: Baths

The Element of Water is associated with the Western Quadrant and represents dreams and feelings. The best way to work with this element is in magickal baths for cleansing, love, healing, protection and prosperity. Sacred waters include rainwater, spring water saltwater, holy water, florida water (a special Voodoo holy water readily available in occult supply shops), and witches’ consecrated water. The best bodies of water to leave offerings in are oceans and rivers

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Dream Oil (Air Magick)

Dream Oil

(Air Magick)


Bay leaves

4 drops spearmint extract

Almond base oil

3 Marigold petals

A few moonstone chips

Crush together equal amounts of rosemary and bay leaves. Add four drops of spearmint extract and blend into an almond base oil. Add three marigold petals and a few moonstone chips. Allow the oil to settle for thirty days in a dark place before use. Anoint pulse points or pillow. This oil promotes dreaming and helps you remember your dreams.

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Peaceful Dream Sachet (Air Magick)

Peaceful Dream Sachet

(Air Magick)

1 square of linen cloth

Piece of string




Lemon Balm

Take equal parts of each herb and tie them into the square of linen. Place the sachet under your pillowcase to allow the fragrance to drift about your head while at rest.

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The Air Witch & Smudging Ceremonies

The Air Witch & Smudging Ceremonies


Smudging involves burning herbs and using the herbal smoke to cleanse and bless areas or people. It is a common and sacred practice.

Native Americans make use of three primary herbs for smudging: white sage, cedar, and sweet grass. The sage removes negative influences, the cedar cleanses the area, and the sweet grass calls in positive influences. The prayers said during the ceremony are lifted to the gods upon the smoke.

To smudge, place sand or salt in the bottom of a fireproof dish. If you are using a smudging wand, you can carry this dish beneath it to catch any hot ashes. If you are using a dried, crumbled herbal mixture, light a charcoal tablet and place it in the center of the bed of sand. Sprinkle the herbs over the charcoal as you move clockwise from area to area.

As you moved around the space wafting the smoke, say aloud, “Only love and light may dwell here. All other vibrations must leave this house {person, etc.}.” You may direct the smoke into corners and crevices with a feather, a fan, your breath, or your hand. When you have smudged the whole area, sweep the negative vibrations out the door and call in the positive vibrations that you want. Try something along the lines of, “Be gone, worry, pain, misery, and strife! Welcome, healing comfort, love and light!”


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The Air Witch & Auras

The Air Witch & Auras


An aura is the colored area around the body. It is the atmosphere or spiritual essence of the self. It has been asserted that we each have a primary aura color. We cannot change our primary aura color, no matter what we do. However, there is an overlay of color on the aura that we can control and manipulate for magickal used. This kind of magick should be used only on the self, never on others.


In order to manipulate your aura overlay, you have to be able to manipulate your emotions. In the same way that the mind “colors” emotion, the body reacts to the colors in the aura field. In other words, in order to change your aura overlay to a clear, bright red (to warn others away), you would need to direct the emotion you see as red into your projected aura. This is accomplished with concentration and visualization. If you can visualize something as simple as a bubble, you can change your aura overlay.

Here are the most commonly accepted aura color interpretations:

Red: Passion, sexual energy, anger

Orange: Stability, clear thinking

Yellow: Logic, intelligence, energy, nervousness

Green: Nature lover, healer, jealousy

Blue: Peace, at rest, depressed

Purple: Spiritual

Pink: In love

Black: Negative person

White: Connected to the Divine, wise, a teacher of spirituality.


In effect, manipulating the aura is akin to throwing a glamour. The difference is in the level of concentration. A glamour only has to be strong enough to fool an onlooker, while an aura manipulation has to fool you. If you are about to go into a job interview and are nervous, your aura overlay will be yellow. You might want to change it to an orange color, which indicates a clear thinking, stable person. So, you visualize the energy inside of you as a clear bright orange, then release it from the center of the self, allowing it to stream out of your pores into your aura field. Do not ground until after the interview. Have faith that your aura overlay is now orange, and it will be.


It is a smart move to make regular aura cleansings a part of your magickal routine. This techniques are simple. While in meditation or an a separate task, simply visualize flooding your aura with a brilliant white light. You may want to smudge the aura field. Simply burn white sage or another cleansing herb in a dish, and direct the smoke all about your body with a feather of fan. Both techniques are safe and effective.

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