The Elements

Water Magick – A Rain Brew

Water Magick

A Rain Brew


Fill a bucket, pot, or cauldron with water. Add a few dried and crumbled fern leaves and take it with a brand new broom outside where you wish the rain to fall. With the sweeping end of the broom stir the cauldron deosil, gently increasing the speed until you are thrashing the water wildly and the broom’s handle seems almost to spin of its own volition . As you do this visualize the rainstorm in all of its wild splendor, the rain landing with thuds on the dry, cracked ground; sending up clouds of dust ; the wind shipping the tree and your own clothing; the small thunder, the awesome power of nature pouring forth all of her wrath into a tremendous outburst.

Now you can vividly imagine the rain slamming down on you and the wind thrashing, lift the broom’s wetted end up to the sky and shake it with all of your might. Dip it back into the cauldron and repeat the process, still visualizing the storm playing out all its forces around you.

Throw the broom down. Lift the container and hurl its contents upwards.

Be Prepared!



The Green Mother’s Book of Shadows
Gwenyfur Draigtanllwyth

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Water Magick – Send Back Spell

Water Magick

Send Back Spell


Set up a small round mirror (not your Magic Mirror) so that it is leaning against the wall, or set it in a holder so that the mirror is parallel to the wall. Place before it a black candle in a plain holder. Be sure the candle is reflected in the mirror.

Now place a large white candle away from the mirror so that it isn’t reflected in the mirror and light it. This is done to ensure that the black candle doesn’t attract any evil forces.

Now standing before the mirror and black candle, light the candle and begin chanting:


Nigrum malum redeatis unde uenistis!


Evil darkness, return from whence you came!


Repeat this chant while looking at the candle for a few moments , and then leave the room. After an hour snuff the candle’s flame, then snuff the white candle flame and put it safely out of sight. Repeat this spell for seven nights. This spell sends evil forces directed at you back to the original sender . It is a defensive move only.



The Green Mother’s Book of Shadows
Gwenyfur Draigtanllwyth

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Water Magick – The Magic Mirror

Water Magick

The Magic Mirror


Find a round mirror of thirteen to thirty inches in diameter ideally it should be encased in a round frame painted black, but make do with what you have.

After purchasing the mirror, take it home and first wash its face with clean water; then with an infusion of mugwort; one teaspoon with one cup of water.

Cool before using. After the mirror has dried cover its face with a black cloth and lay where it won’t be touched until the Full Moon. On that night expose the mirror to its rays, preferably outside, but through a window if necessary. Charge the Magic Mirror in the Moonlight and say the following:


Lady of the Moon
You who sees all things
and knows all knowledge
I consecrate this mirror with
your glowing rays.
That it may illuminate my
works of magic and my life.


Now take it inside and hang it on the eastern wall of the room in which you practice magic. Keep the mirror covered when not in use. Expose the mirror at least three times a year, and if it gets dusty wash it with a mugwort infusion . Never use ammonia based sprays to clean your mirror, for ammonia destroys all magic.

Using psychic oil such as clove or nutmeg trace a crescent on the mirror’s back thus marking it with the moon’s sign.

Never use the mirror for anything other than magic.



The Green Mother’s Book of Shadows
Gwenyfur Draigtanllwyth

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Fire Magick – To Sooth and Quiet Nerves

Fire Magick

To Sooth and Quiet Nerves



Light altar candles (rear left, right) Light incense (rear center) Sit for a moment and try to clear your mind of all thoughts Light the petitioner’s candle (center) say:

“Here at peace, stand < name > his spirit as steadfast as the candle flame.”

Light the orange candle (center rear) say:

“Here is encouragement in his endeavors, Here is strength to thrust aside his cares.”

Light the light blue candles (left and right front of center) say:


“Around < name > are peace, tranquility, patience and love.”
Sit for a moment in silence, then say softly:
Soft is the rain, it gently falls upon the fields beneath.
It lulls the heart, it stills the mind,
It gives the solitude we seek.
It patters down to gentle,
Yet ne’er does bend a leaf,
And yet the water that is there
Will wash away all grief.
For smoothness follows in the wake
And quiet, and peace, and love,
Are all around in freshness new,
Come down from clouds above.
We feel so calm, so warm, so still,
‘Tis never more than we,
Feel upset, or nerve on edge,
But keep tranquility.
For love we now find all around
So soft, so still, so sure,
We can relax, we can lie back,
With peace and quiet as cure.


Sit quietly for at least ten to fifteen minutes thinking of meadows, streams, woods, fields, and flowers. Keep your mind on pleasant things, objects rather than events. Then once again repeat the preceding. Extinguish the candles. Repeat the ritual whenever you feel the need.


The Green Mother’s Book of Shadows
Gwenyfur Draigtanllwyth

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Fire Magick – An Anti-Fire Charm

Fire Magick

An Anti-Fire Charm


To protect your home from the ravages for a devastating fire place some mistletoe in a blue drawstring bag and dose it thoroughly with clear cold water and immediately hang it in the “heart” of the house where you and your family spend most of your time.

Or light a piece of wood and burn it to ash. Collect the ashes in a blue drawstring bag and wet the ashes. Once the ashes and bag are dry, hang them in the heart of your home.

It is done.


The Green Mother’s Book of Shadows
Gwenyfur Draigtanllwyth



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Air Magick – To Make a Decision: East Wind

Air Magick

To Make a Decision: East Wind


If you are forced with many choices, write each one down on small slips of paper. Fold each one twice and place them on a table which is standing free, in a place where the wind is blowing and not blocked from the winds by buildings or trees.

The winds should make the papers move around on the table top and then fall to the ground. The last paper remaining on the table, or the last to fall to the ground if you don’t catch it, is your best choice; should you decide to follow it.


The Green Mother’s Book of Shadows
Gwenyfur Draigtanllwyth




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Earth Magick – A long term earth spell

Earth Magick

A long term earth spell


Take a seed from a plant that is symbolically related to your need. Over a pot of soil or special plot of land hold the seed in your power hand and visualize your need strongly. Speak to the seed; tell it why you need its help to see you need to come to fruition. Plant the seed, giving it loving encouragement and water. Tend to the seedling when it appears and be sure the plant doesn’t die due to your own neglect or carelessness. If this happens your need will not manifest. At least until you do another spell. If the plant grows up to be healthy your need will be met. Take care of your magical plant, for it not only represents your need but it is also a growing living thing which you brought to life in order to fulfill your need . You are responsible for the plant take care of it and it will sing to you alone all the secrets of earth magic.


The Green Mother’s Book of Shadows
Gwenyfur Draigtanllwyth

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Earth Magic – To lose your troubles

Earth Magic

To lose your troubles:

Take a handful of earth and gaze into it pour into it all of your problems. Outline in minute detail all of the problems plaguing you. When you are finished throw the dirt behind you, turn away from it and walk away, not turning back. An earth charm:

Tie up in a small green square of cloth some fresh rich soil. Firmly tie this so no earth can escape. Carry this with you if you have troubles with stability, security, or self control. If you are apt to let your emotions rule your life, if you are constantly angry or nervous this amulet of earth will help.


The Green Mother’s Book of Shadows
Gwenyfur Draigtanllwyth


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