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WOTC Extra – Element Shrines

The Dragon Guardian

Element Shrines

An element shrine is a place where you can connect with one element or all four. For example, if you build a water shrine, you can include a crystal goblet of water, a small water fountain, shells, river stones, and pictures of waterfalls, rainstorms, or calm lakes. You may place a soft blue scarf under these objects and perhaps add a clear quartz crystal or two to represent ice. A fire shrine may be a collection of candles in reds and golds on a crimson cloth, perhaps with a small copper or brass figurine of a lion or a dragon. The important thing is to think about what the element means to you and to gather a small selection of items that evoke the feeling that element inspires in you. It is important to remember that a shrine is not an altar. The altar is a place of focus consecrated to the spiritual use of the green witch. It is used as a place to hold tools and equipment during a spell or ritual, and a place to work on charms and witch crafts. An altar can be permanent or temporary. Many witches set up a temporary altar each time they wish to work. As shrines may be used to honor deities or elements, the altar is not required for this purpose, and thus can be considered more of a workspace. Many green witches use whatever surface they wish as an altar, perhaps using the same cloth to spread over various surfaces each time they set up their altar. In this case, the cloth itself becomes the altar, carrying the energy associated with repeated spiritual workings. Green witches follow their intuition, and so may not perform rituals or work spells in the same place each time, choosing the location according to what feels right for their purpose. For the green witch, this means that a workbench or a craft table may sometimes serve as an altar. The practicality of the green witch determines where she works, and very often these sorts of tasks are undertaken in a variety of different places. Potions and salves may be created in the kitchen, while the creation of a protective wreath may take place in the garage. You may choose to formally consecrate your temporary altar each time you set it up, or not, as the mundane is sacred to the green witch. A simple blessing with the four elements can serve to consecrate the surface you have chosen to use as an altar. As a green witch, you may also consider using a stone or stump as a permanent outdoor altar in a corner of your yard or balcony, if you have one.

A shrine, however, is a place to honor something or someone or to leave offerings, a place where you can collect things of personal significance and various energies to weave together an energy that is greater than the sum of its individual parts. A shrine creates a location for a certain kind of energy. The wonderful thing about a shrine is no one has to know what it is. It can be as simple as a photograph, a candle, a seashell, and a colored ribbon grouped together on a shelf. You know why those particular things are together; anyone else looking at them will likely think that it’s simply a decorative arrangement. What’s important is that the energy produced by combining these objects accomplishes the goal you envision for it.

An element shrine doesn’t have to be in a place generally associated with that element. For example, you don’t have to put an earth shrine outside, or a water shrine in the bathroom, or a fire shrine in your kitchen.

Experiment with having four separate shrines in four different places. You can try building the earth shrine in the northern part of your house, the air shrine to the east, the fire to the south, and the water to the west, which is how they’re usually associated with directions in various traditions of Western occultism. Or think about the kinds of energy you feel in various areas within your home, and site a shrine accordingly even if it’s not in one of the traditional directions. If you have a room where a lot of thinking and communicating take place, try setting an air shrine there. If you have a room where everyone relaxes and feels at peace after a long day, try setting up an earth or water shrine there. Make sure to have one shrine for each element so that your home remains balanced.

You can also experiment with creating a single shrine to all four elements. Place this shrine where it feels right to you. This may be near your own personal sanctuary, near the door so that it is the first thing you see when you enter and the last before you leave, or near the center of your home. In a shrine to all four elements, you don’t need to collect multiple representations of a single element. Instead, choose one or two objects to symbolize each element and group them in an arrangement that pleases you and feels right. Shrines are fluid things; you can add objects as you feel drawn to or remove objects when you feel they no longer serve their purpose. Make sure, however, that you always have at least one item to represent each element at all times. Traditionally, a small dish of salt or sand holds the energy of earth, a candle holds the energies of fire, a small dish or glass of water holds water energy, and a stick of incense or a fresh flower holds the energies of air. If you’re worried about salt or water being knocked over, try a small potted plant or a stone for earth and a shell for water. Light the candle and the incense only when you are in the room. Doing this once a day for a few minutes can help you collect your thoughts and your energies. It gives you a moment of peace to commune with these four basic building blocks of nature.



The Way Of The Green Witch: Rituals, Spells, And Practices to Bring You Back to Nature

Arin Murphy-Hiscock

Let’s Talk Witch – Using the Four Elements Inside the Home

The Dragon Guardian

 Using the Four Elements Inside the Home


Being surrounded by nature may be the first thing that pops to mind when you think of the path of a green witch, but as you have seen, what’s inside a green witch’s home is just as important as what’s outside.

Many of us who live in an urban environment do not have access to wild areas. The modern green witch needs to figure out how to connect to green energy without being surrounded by nature. This can be easily accomplished in the home. Every green witch is different, and as the practice is informal, there is no prescribed way to decorate your personal space. Depending on your personal tastes and preferences, your home may look extremely different from the home of another green witch. One of the easiest ways to bring the energy of the natural world into your home is to introduce plants into your space.

By surrounding yourself with items of personal significance and choosing colors and décor for your home that reflect your goal of harmony and balance, you reinforce your home as your place of power. Although most green witches have one or more rooms or nooks or crannies in or around the house specifically designated as sacred locations where they work or commune with nature and the divine, your entire home can become sacred space. The hearth (the “heart” of the home) is always a focus for the home of the green witch, whether it’s the kitchen or another room where the family gathers. This is rarely a convenient place for practical worship. Although green witchcraft is certainly not a ceremonial path and not laden with formal ritual, a central area through which you can touch the divine can make your spiritual journey more grounded. Shrines are ideal for this purpose.

The green witch acknowledges that the energy of the divine manifests within the natural world. The basic building blocks of the natural world are the four elementsearth, air, fire, and water. By working with these elements, you can strengthen your connection to the natural world, and this can be done inside or outside. If you dont have access to forests and fields, you can work with the four elements indoors and balance your connection to the natural world through them.



The Way Of The Green Witch: Rituals, Spells, And Practices to Bring You Back to Nature

Arin Murphy-Hiscock

WOTC Extra (d) West Wind

Egyptian Comments & Graphics

West Wind


The west wind blows cool and moist; it may carry a hint of rain or mist as it washes over the land. It is a fertile, loving force that is gentle and persuasive.

It symbolically rules twilight, when all is at a standstill; day and night merge into a magical landscape of muted colors and breezes. Sunset, like sunrise, is an excellent time to perform magic more so if the correct wind is blowing.

Water magic love, healing, fertility and so on is excellent for the west wind, as it adds its own forces and energies from that quarter. Especially excellent for spells involving cleansing or purely religious rituals, the west winds is welcome relief after the dry, hot breeze from the south.

The west wind is the blue of the sky just before all the light fades from the sky.

Earth Power: Techniques of Natural Magic

Scott Cunningham

WOTC Extra (c) South Wind

Egyptian Comments & Graphics

South Wind


The further south you travel, the hotter it gets on this side of the equator, at least. For this reason, the southern wind is a hot and fiery one.

Symbolically it rules noon, when the sun (or moon) is highest in the sky, the time of the greatest light and heat. Because the south wind is related to the element of fire, its magic covers the same ground. The south wind, however, can be used for any type of magic when its blowing. Its a good time to cast spells.

Since this wind is strong and hot, spells performed with it are assured an extra jolt of power. It is always exciting and interesting working with the south wind!

Be warned, however, that fire even the diluted fire of the southern wind can be dangerous. As we know, fire can burn.

The color of the south wind? Yellow the yellow of the sun at noon.

Earth Power: Techniques of Natural Magic

Scott Cunningham

WOTC Extra (b) East Wind

Egyptian Comments & Graphics

East Wind

The wind blowing from the east is that of freshness, renewed life, strength, power, and intellect. It is a warm, bracing wind that blows from the point at which the sun, moon, and stars make their shining appearances.

Thusly, it is the wind involved with beginnings, the new phenomena that rise from the work of the north wind. The heat is that of the sun, and the spark of creation.

Spells best utilized when the wind is sweeping from the east are those concerning dramatic improvements and changes for the better, especially in behavior. Also, east wind spells are those involving the mind and all spells involving the element of air, to which it is magically related.

Love spells are best not performed with an easterly wind, unless you want a very intellectual love. But perhaps there’s nothing wrong with that!

Since the east is the direction of sunrise and light, the color is white.

Earth Power: Techniques of Natural Magic

Scott Cunningham

WOTC Extra (a) North Wind

Egyptian Comments & Graphics

North Wind


The north wind is the wind of death but not necessarily that of physical death. This is the realm of the one eternal universal law change. Death here refers to the elimination of negativity.

The north wind is cold (magically speaking), blowing in as it does from the direction of winter when snows lie deep across the lands. It is dry, or barren, thus paving the way for spells of destruction.

How to use it? If you are depressed, anxious, envious, jealous, angry, and the wind is blowing from the north, face full into it and it will free you of these things.

If you wish to break a bad habit, perform any spell of this, nature while the north wind is blowing for added power.

The north wind, while chilly with night and death and deep snows, is also the wind of the element earth, and thus shares in some of its qualities. But the wind, being dry, is not favorable for fertility and prosperity magic, although magic involving healing can be greatly aided by the north wind.

Its color is the black of midnight.

Earth Power: Techniques of Natural Magic

Scott Cunningham

Let’s Talk Witch – Air Magick: The Winds

Egyptian Comments & Graphics

Air Magick: The Winds

The Winds

For centuries peoples have thought of the wind as being of four basic types, corresponding to the four directions or quarters of the earth. These are the north, east, south, and west winds. Each is possessed of its own magical virtues, and certain spells are best cast during certain winds.

This may seem to be rather unnecessarily complicated, but it needn’t be. Looking to the winds when performing magic is no more difficult than checking the phase of the moon, although the “phase” of the wind doesn’t last as long.

At best, if you can rig up a weathervane or windsock to determine the winds, you can adjust your magical workings slightly by waiting for the right wind.

Naturally, if the wind has been blowing steadily from the north all morning, it won’t do to wait for a westerly one. The system is here to guide and aid, not to control our actions. Check the winds or not as you wish.

In looking over the following discussions of each of the winds, bear in mind that this is not an absolute system; different parts of the world have different attributes for the winds. The attributes described below are those favored in North America and Europe. Changes may be necessary for your own area, due to climate, location, and weather patterns.

The four winds are at least superficially related to the elements, and this can be kept in mind, but each has its own powers peculiar to the winds themselves.

One important point: in speaking of, say, the north wind, it is the wind that blows from that direction rather than to the direction that is in question.

Earth Power: Techniques of Natural Magic

Scott Cunningham

How to Cleanse an Object with Using the Elemnets



The following should be used to cleanse any object for Magickal use and jewelry you buy or get as a gift. Be it a Ritual tool, amulet for protection or other need, any object to be charmed/enchanted for a specific reason. It can also be used on any jewelry or other gift your receive.

The purpose for this is to rid the object of anyone else’s energy who may have handled at some point in
time. Thus it will only have your personal and Universal energies attached to it, making the object totally

This should also be done if anyone besides you picks up and/or touches the object. It should also be done to a black stone weekly if it has been empowered to collect negative energies to ensure it is always at its peak of power to collect negativity before it gets overloaded and leaks on to and/or into you and.or someone else.

What you will need:

The object to be cleansed

Small bowl of water

Regular table salt without Iodine if possible


White candle

Small white cloth

How to cleanse any object:

Fill in the blanks with the proper element or object depending on where the blank is in the sentence.

If you are cleansing a stone, crystal, gem, semi-precious gem the wording it change to say for each element, “______ I ask you to remove all energies but mine and the _______.”

Add the salt to the water. place the object in the salt water with your power hand (the hand you write with). Then say three times, ” Earth and Water I ask you to remove all energy but my own from this ______”. Take it out of the salt water with your power hand. WARNING: Some gems and crystals should not be left sitting in any type of water. For those things sparingly sprinkle them with the salt water (Earth/Water Element) on all sides.

Place the object on the white cloth. With your power hand pick up the feather. Wave it over the stone saying three times, “Air I ask you to remove all energy but my own from this _______”. Turn the object over and repeat until all outside surface has been done.

Light the white candle then pick the object up in your power hand. Move the object over the top of the flame (being careful not to burn yourself) saying three times, “Fire I ask you to remove all outside energies from this ________”. Turn stone over and repeat until all outside surface has been done.. Place the object back on white cloth and blow out the candle.

The white cloth represents Spirit. While object is laying on the cloth cover it with part of the cloth.Say over it three times, “Spirit I ask you to remove all energies but my own from this ______.”

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