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Metal Magick (Fire Witch)

Metal Magick

(Fire Witch)

In the same manner that the Earth Witch may specialize in rocks and crystals, the Fire Witch often has a preference for metal magic.

For centuries in most traditions, silver has been considered the metal of the Goddess, while gold has been seen as the metal of the God. This is partly due to their lunar and solar characteristics. Other metals correspond to the planets and the elements.

Metal contains magickal energies. When worn or placed on the body. It can create a certain pattern of energy to manifest. For example, when performing a ritual to manifest money, placing a bit of gold on the altar or body creates a universal pattern of the “like attracting like” and helps set the intent of the spell more firmly in the mind of the practitioner. The various magickal metal correspondences are as follows:

Silver: Silver is the metal of the Goddess and the moon. It is also the metal of water. Witches hold silver as sacred. Silver works best in matter involving intuition,wisdom, dreams, love, peace, protection and travel.

Gold: Gold is the metal of the God and the sun. Its element is fire. God works well in matter involving money, healing, power, protection and success. Gold rings are said to be particularly useful in healing sties.

Brass: Brass is also a metal of fire and the sun. It works well in matters involving healing, money, and protection. It is often used on altars.

Copper: Copper belongs to the element of water and the planet Venus. It works well in matters involving luck, healing, love, protection and money.

Iron: Iron is rule by Mars and fire. It is powerful for negative or defensive magick. It is also grounding and known to keep fairies away. It is very protective.

Tin is ruled by Jupiter and air. It increases good luck and attracts money.

Lead: Lead is rule by Saturn and earth. It works well in matters involving protection and in defensive or negative magick.

Aluminum: Aluminum is ruled by Mercury and air. It works well in maters involving communication, travel and mental powers.

Pyrite: Pyrite is ruled by Mars and fire. It works best in matters involving money and luck.

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Tammy Sullivan

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The Dark Side of the Fire Witch

The Dark Side of the Fire Witch

The vibrant Fire With has her dark side too. She can be pushy and very sarcastic. Stubborn to the bone, she does not deal well with disagreements. She fully realize that no one can be right all the time, unless, of course, it’s her. When angered, she may have a tendency to make fun of others. She can be quite arrogant and, as a result, is very hard to teach. The Fire Witch learns best when left to do her own thing. There is no substitute for life experience. At times, her sarcasm can manifest as a biting sense of humor, but at other times, it is disparaging and hurtful. She may have a bad habit of talking down to others and, instead of listening, prefers to play the devil’s advocate. When doing so, signals can easily be crossed , and what she thinks is simply pointing out alternative options for others to consider, they may interpret as her telling them they are wrong, when that is often not the case at all.
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Tammy Sullivan

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The Path of the Fire Witch (Part 2)

The Path of the Fire Witch


The Fire Witch holds herself to an uncompromising code or honor and ethics. She will bestow justice and be benevolent at the same time.

She operates from a basic moral code of what is right and what is wrong and rarely will go against her gut instinct. Because of this, Fire Witches make excellent law enforcement officers. Due to their love of numbers, they fare well in the fields of science and computers. They often understand the numeric codes presented within dreams to be prophetic and can easily recognize patterns.

Friends of Fire Witches are used to her stealing the spotlight–she knows how to get attention!She naturally projects a warm yet noble aura. If you don’t want to hear the truth, don’t ask a Fire Witch. She can be both gentle and blunt. The key is to hear her out. Fire Witches, seem lit from within and glow with a special radiance.

Fire is purifying and the Fire Witch tolerates no political agenda among her friends and family. If she spots a troublemaker or rumor-mongers, she will quickly call the person on it.
Fire Witches can be extreme in their behaviors and emotions. They tend to see things in terms of black and white, due to their strong moral instincts. Yet, while Fire Witches can be rigid to certain areas, they are the most playful and joyous of the Elemental Witches. They seem to be always smiling, always willing to try something new. They push harder and climb higher–there are no limits for fire folk!

While water is creation, earth is rebirth, and air is death, fire is the divine spark of it all. No other Elemental Witch understand the process of regeneration the way the Fire Witch does. She truly grasps purification of the spirit. In the same way a medical doctors cauterizes a wound to stop the bleeding, the Fire Witch can cauterize the soul to stop emotional pain and make way for healing She concentrates her life on matter of the spirit and advancement. She is talented in all areas related to working with the spirit and Otherworld spirits. She can call and banish spirits quite easily, but never does so wantonly. She has great respect for the other planes of existence.

Fire Witches are the explorers of the universe. Due to their role as spiritual connectors. Fire Witches can easily accomplish astral projection. The element of earth manifests itself in humanity as the body, air as sacred breath and mental faculties and water as body fluid and emotions, but fire is the collective energy that animates the body. Fire represent the electrical impulses in the brain and body that make life possible.

Many cultures, no matter what their collective vision of the after-life is, report that people who undergo near-death experiences first see a beautiful white light. When we work with chakras, we are working with light. All magickal work that incorporates light and spiritual advancement falls in the realm of the element of fire.

The role of the Fire Witch is one of independence. She encourages people to stand up for themselves and will not hesitate to stand up for herself. Coming under fire by others does not scare her; it inspires her. She is most comfortable when she is free to express her opinion completely, and she usually detests censorship. The Fire Witch takes an active role in all areas of life. If something isn’t working, she is the first one to work to try to change things for the better.

The altar of the Fire witch usually contains various metals, such as brass, silver, iron and copper. Likewise, it often holds several candles. Her power is at its peak during the summer months. Popular summer-time activities like vacations, camping, swimming and picnicking are borne of the inspiration of fire. Fire teaches us to enjoy the zest life has to offer. While a Fire Witch can be zealous in her career ambitions, she never forgets to enjoy her life. In the winter months, when the days are short, the Fire Witch undergoes a period of reflection that further defines her path. She is still there, doing everything she normally does, but her focus has burned inward to her home and family. It is a process of reaffirming relationships that take place every year. Even the bright light of the Fire Witch can grow dim at this time, and depression can set in. Luckily, a few bites of a tropical fruit, a warm fire in the fireplace, and a few candles later, she’s a good as new.


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Tammy Sullivan

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The Path of the Fire Witch (Part 1)

The Path of the Fire Witch


The path of the Fire Witch is not for the faint of heart. Strong and courageous, these Witches rarely take no for an answer. The Fire Witches are considered to be the rebels of the Elemental Witches. They possess a joy of life that is unequaled. They are extremely sociable creatures.

The Fire Witches are all about individuality. Each one is unique. For the most part, their lives are beautiful and poetic, yet there lurks an underlying current of tragedy. There is no typical personal style to the Fire Witch; it varies, as does each flame. The one thing you can be sure of is that she will shine. In blue jeans or diamonds, you know a Fire Witch by the confident aura that surrounds her.

The Fire Witch’s decorating style runs the gamut from sleek, modern, and sophisticated to all-out opulence and luxury. She has a flair for decorating, often incorporating candles and designer lighting to add a more dramatic touch. Frequently, Fire Witches love antiques and metal objects. Their house often feature warm, rich colors and dark woods.

The Fire Witch’s house is usually very neat and clean. She will spend whatever time is necessary to keep it that way. She will also destroy that cleanliness in an instant, when she is angered enough, by having a complete and total hissy fit, although that is rare. While the Fire Witch can be hotheaded and temperamental, her iron will usually allows her to maintain control.

The Fire Witch loves to dance and is very seductive, passionate, and lusty. She can be indulgent when it comes to her sexual nature. She often is very active and usually love to participate in sporting events. She is bold and daring and frequently pushes things to the absolute limit.

Because of her indulgent habits, the Fire Witch may unknowingly enable addictions or foster one of her own. Some Fire Witches may have addictive personalities. When a Fire Witch loves someone, she does so with a heart so pure that she can overlook any defects in the person for a long time.

This can place her in troublesome relationships until she has finally had enough and moves on. When a Fire Witch moves on, she has a compulsion to completely destroy the previous bond and is capable of being cruel in order to see to it that the situation is over for good. She is much more comfortable knowing that it cannot be repaired and can move herself forward more easily by not allowing herself to wonder about the past.

Philosophically, the Fire Witch has an open mind. She is the proverbial free thinker. Because of the placement of her element(both above and below the Earth), the Fire Witch has the ability to see all sides of any argument. She values honesty and courage above all else. There is nothing she detests as much as a liar. Fire Witches are usually quick-witted, think-on-their-feet types of folks. Their is a reason that smart people are called “bright.”

The fire brings the light, and with light there follows shadow. The Fire Witch is complex, passionate, and tumultuous. She is sizzling hot stuff. She has both a light and a dark side, and the two sides work together constantly.

The light side of the Fire Witch keeps her personal practices of spirit informal and fun. But when it come time for magickal work, the shadow side often takes over. The dark side of the Fire Witch holds a vast knowledge of the more complex magickal applications. Magickal equations and ceremonial practices are second nature to the Fire Witch. She may prefer the drama of a high magick ritual and a more ordered structure to things. However, she often utilizes a simpler style of Witchcraft, too. It depends on the situation.

Magically, the Fire Witch specializes in bonding with divinity, regeneration, energy, truth, manifesting, sex magick, banishing, purification, destruction, negative magick and defensive magick.

Fire has been used to honor the God since its inception. Many shrines and altars are guarded by an eternal flame. the Fire Witch understands that her every movement is an honor to divine forces.

She is very generous with her time and money when it comes to charity. She always seeks to help and improve the world around her in this manner.

Fire is a creative element, especially when seen in its regenerative aspect. In the same manner that the phoenix rises from the ashes or the sun undergoes an eclipse, a Fire Witch puts herself through a constant process of growth by tearing herself down in order to build herself anew. It can be an agonizing process, but she emerges renewed and stronger than ever. She will often disappear from the world for a few day at a time due to this process. She can be instrumental in helping others move beyond their own heartbreaks and pains and begin their lives again.


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Tammy Sullivan

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Let’s Talk Witch – Touching the Earth

Touching the Earth


The moon glows mystically in the star-scattered sky as a lone figure moves down a deserted beach.

The figure stops, bends, and grasps a gray stick washed up on the shore by the restless sea. Pushing the stick’s blunt end into the wet sand, the figure sketches a symbol.

A wave crashes. The figure moves back, and just as the oncoming water sweeps over the symbol, a gust of wind rises, blowing back the tightly wrapped scarf. A woman’s face appears in the soft moonlight.

She smiles, confident that the spell has worked, and sits listening to the crashing music of the sea. Why did the woman go to the ocean that night? Why did she draw a symbol on the sand? And how did these simple acts constitute magic?

Natural magic— rather, the magic of nature— is an uncomplicated, direct branch of the magical arts, one derived from eons of experimentation by peoples scattered over the globe. It is perhaps a response to the limitless powers of nature, the power visible in the ever-changing seasons, the blossoming of a bud, the birth of young.

The ways of nature magic are almost universally intended to work with the forces and energies of nature to bring about necessary changes. Though the techniques may seem to be oversimplified, even juvenile, they are effective.

The woman described above performed an act of nature magic. She worked with the ocean, a timeless source of energy revered and worshipped for hundreds of thousands of years. To direct the energies of the sea, she used a symbol. Symbolism— the language of magic and the subconscious mind— is a sort of magical shorthand. Though the symbols and runes have powers in themselves, they also, in effect, direct energies to specific ends. In other words, they tell the magic what to do.

So this woman went to the ocean on a moonlit night to tap into oceanic energies and drew a symbol on the sand to focus powers. When the wave washed the symbol away, it released its own powers and, thusly, the magic had begun.

Though it may take several days for the fruits of the night’s work to appear, they will undoubtedly do so. Time and experience will have proved this.
Natural magic is direct and to the point. Despite what you may have heard, magic is nothing supernatural, unnatural, or even alien. It is in our own backyards, our homes; in the very essence of our beings. The forces of nature empower magic, not demons and imps, “Satan,” or fallen angels.

One of the greatest mysteries of magic is that there are no mysteries. Instead, the mysteries are constantly revealed around us. The study of a simple rose blossom, blade of grass, veined leaf, or whistle of wind through leafy trees will reveal as much, if not more, concerning the true nature of magic than will a hundred dusty Renaissance tomes.

Nature is the universe itself. Not only its powers but also its manifestations. Some of these manifestations, such as mirrors, are artificially produced, but they are linked with and tap into the powers of nature by their symbolism. In our increasingly mechanized age, many people are finding themselves isolated from the planet that sustains and supports their very lives.

Forgotten is the very real dependency we have on the earth. Many people unconsciously sever their natural connections with the earth. As a result, a time of great turmoil exists today on an individual and global level.

Earth magic can help to sort out, work through, and solve many of the minor crises and problems facing us as individuals today. True, earth magic is not a simple solution to the world’s problems, but it can bring order into our lives, and that’s a good start.
Earth Power: Techniques of Natural Magic
Scott Cunningham

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Let’s Talk Witch – The Fifth Element

Raven Of The Night

Let’s Talk Witch – The Fifth Element


In the ancient Greek philosophical school of thought, the fifth element was referred to as ether. Aristotle wrote of ether as an element that transcended physical decay and aging, or in other words, the element of which the stars were made up. Ether has also been speculated on as the energetic field which connects all things in the universe. To the ancient Chinese, the fifth element was simply space, as all of the other elements require space in which to exist. Still others have called it time, because none of the other elements can exist without duration. While these thoughts are clearly divided, you may notice that they all follow a common theme: all of them speculate on the fifth element as a unifying element between the other four.

For magickal purposes, the fifth element is referred to as spirit. Even within the range of magickal practices, there are different meanings of this concept. In traditional magick, spirit is the unification of all other elements. It is also representative of the will of the magickal practitioner to direct the energies of the other elements. In this sense, we could say quite accurately that the fifth element is magick itself.

On another esoteric level of understanding, the spirit element represents the completion and balance of man. You may notice that the four elements all represent parts of nature of the human. Earth is aligned to the physical body, water is aligned to the emotions, air is aligned to the consciousness, and fire is aligned to the life energy within. The spirit element is achieved when these four are all at work and balanced within a human being. Lack of proper balance will inherently cause suffering in one form or another. Traditions that seek to improve the practitioner through achieving this balance often use the four elements as symbols of the aspects that combine to create a properly balanced human being. It is for this reason that Masonic ritual, one such tradition, makes reference to the four elements at the end of its Entered Apprentice degree. It is during this section that the new initiate is taught, through understanding of this type of symbolism, that the four aspects of man must be balanced in order to lead a happy, healthy, and productive life. As you will see when dealing with elemental symbolism, spirit can also be repesentative of the balanced unification of the masculine and feminine aspects of human beings.

Elemental Magick: A Guide to Harnessing the Magickal Powers of the Elements (The Ultimate Guide to Magick Book 3)

Ralph Eicher


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Let’s Talk Witch – Geomancy



Geomancy is the more technical term for earth elemental magick. This form of magick relies on the ability of the practitioner to tap into the energy of the ground or of a given piece of stone. As we have discussed before, geomancy, in a sense, forms the basis for crystal magick.

In order to begin practicing geomancy, you will first have to develop a sense of the energy of the Earth itself. To do this, I recommend finding a secluded, natural setting in which to meditate. Anyplace will do, but it is best to find somewhere that seems energetically unique to you. For me, it’s an outcropping of limestone in a forested area local to me, but I realize that not everyone will be able to find something like this. The only important thing is that it be somewhere reasonable secluded where you can sit on the bare earth for a long period of time without being disturbed. Once you have found such a place, sit down and begin to meditate. You don’t need to get into a particularly deep state of meditation, because you still need to have a high degree of awareness for this exercise.

You will start by sensing the energy that surrounds and comes from your own body. Depending on the amount of energy work you have done up to this point, you may not even need to get into a meditative state in order to do this. However, if you are not yet advanced to that degree, sit down, relax your body and mind, and begin to meditate. Once you have a good sense of energy from these. However, if you look beyond that, you will begin to sense a much larger source of energy that seems to have no clearly defined point of origin. You will be able to feel it flowing all around you. This is the energy of the Earth itself. Once you have found a sense of it, begin allowing it to flow into and through your body. Earth elemental energy is a passive energy, so don’t expect it to surge into you. Instead, you will feel it simply flowing through your body at a slow, constant rate.

Once you have gotten this far, it is time to start practicing real geomancy. The key to all elemental magick lies in combining your own magickal energy with that of the element you are working with. In this case, you will begin to consciously allow your energy to mingle and mix with the earth energy that you have allowed to enter your body. As you work with it, you can start to unify your energy with the earth energy, thus creating a single energetic type. At this point, you can drw upon the energy of the Earth itself to lend power to your spells.

The next step you will want to take is to connect with the energy of a particular piece of stone or crystal. While drawing on the energy of the Earth can be a hugely useful magickal ability, many spells will still require you to make use of only one piece of it. Find a stone, pebble, or crystal that you feel drawn to, and again begin to meditate and try to feel out the energy of it. You may find this slightly more difficult than simply tapping into the energetic field of the Earth at large. The reason is that when dealing with one stone or crystal, you are sensing an individual energy field that is affected by many different things. The energies of individual stones are unique, so make sure you continue working with the energy within whatever you have chosen until you can completely comprehend it. Next, you will again combine your own energy with it. For beginners who have done limited energy work, this will be easier with a crystal or a piece of igneous rock.

You may need to practice these exercises several times. Because humans are all, to some degree, naturally in tune with the energies of the Earth, this is the easiest element to start with. Once you feel that you have gained a decent level of skill in sensing and manipulating earth elemental energy, you can either move on to working with other elements, or simply begin employing earth elemental energies in your magick. I would recommend, however, that you get at least some practice with all of the elements, as it will be a great boon to your own magickal ability to do so.



Elemental Magick: A Guide to Harnessing the Magickal Powers of the Elements (The Ultimate Guide to Magick Book 3)

Ralph Eicher


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What do the elements mean?

What do the elements mean?

The Guardians are the 4 corners Earth, Air, Fire, and Water
(Christian belief may be called the 4 horsemen)

The Elements are named: Uriel, Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel

Air: Compass point: East. Number: 1.

Represents intellect, communication, knowledge, concentration; the ability
to “know” and to understand; to unlock secrets of the dead; to contact the
angels; telepathy, memory and wisdom; the hawk, the raven and the eagle;
prophecy; movement, Karma and speed

Fire: Compass point: South. Number 3 .

Stands for energy, purification, courage, the will to dare,creativity;
higher self; success and refinement; the arts and transformation; the lion,
the phoenix and the dragon; loyalty and force.

Water: Compass point: West. Number: 2 .

Associated with intuition, emotions, the inner self, flowing movement, the
power to dare and cleanse all things; sympathy and love; reflection;
currents and tides of life; the dolphin, the swan and the crab; dreams and

Earth: Compass point: North. Number: 4.

Mystery and growth, fertility, material abundance, the combined forces of
nature and its bounty; birth and healing; business, industry and
possessions; the bear, the stag and the wolf; conservation and nature.

If you call all four at once you always call East, South, West, North.
After you call them and do what you need with them, you must dismiss them
just the opposite as you call them.

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