WOTC Extra (a) – Thing Went Wrong, So Just Call The Spell Back

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Thing Went Wrong, So Just Call The Spell Back


Spells are a method of rebalancing the current energy of a situation. This means that yes, sometimes things will seem to go even further out of whack before they find that correct balance point and settle down. Energy takes time to move around and play with all the finicky little aspects of life , which are bound up in the situation you have targeted . Don’t panic. Roll with it. Give it a chance before you declare it a failure.

If a spell obviously fizzles badly right off the mark— and I’m not so sure they truly do— then there are a few things you can do to save the situation. The best option requires that you’ve kept detailed notes on how you constructed the spell. Go back and undo the spell carefully. Some practitioners change a couple of words and in essence perform the spell in reverse: at the point where they sent out energy, they draw it back. (Note that this doesn’t mean starting at the end of the spell and working back to the beginning; it means flipping the direction or the polarity.) In this scenario, use the same correspondences and colors and tools you used the first time; this is an instance of like attracting like, as employed in the first spell, but you’re trying to attract the energy out there to you and the identical components.

To bypass all the previous steps, just call back the spell. When you call it back, however, be sure to ground it to avoid being flashed by its energy Flashing is my term for energy backlash as a result of being in the line of backfire. Calling it back can be done : remember the analogy of the web of energy, which connects all things? The energy can travel back along those strands, the same way it traveled out.

This technique should only be used if you are secure in your grounding, because it can otherwise overload you. During this summons, I recommend holding a tool such as a wand or a knife, or whatever tool you use to direct energy (if you use one): you can channel the energy you summon into the tool, in order to use it later in spells. Or do this outside with your hands on the ground, and channel the returning energy into the earth to ground it directly.

Under no circumstances should you call it back and attempt to contain it within yourself. That’s a classic setup for being flashed, creating migraine headaches, becoming physically ill, and being unbalanced for a day or more.

In order to call the spell back, ground, and say:

I command all energies released in the pursuit of
[name the goal] on [name the day] at [name the time]
to return to my hand this day this hour, this minute .
I recall you, I recall you, I recall you. Cease your activity,
freeze your motion; as of this moment your
purpose is null and void.
Return to me, I command you now!

Visualize the energy you sent out stopping its flowing motion, then being sucked back along its path to you. Keep visualizing its movement through you to the earth, or the tool. If you created something during the spell , such as a sachet, knotted cord, or poppet, this is the time to undo it. Don’t just destroy it; take the time to undo the knots, unpick the pouch, sort out the larger ingredients. Then dispose of them separately in running water, by burying them, or burning them.

Power Spellcraft For Life: The Art Of Crafting And Casting For Positive Change
Arin Murphy-Hiscock

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Let’s Talk Witch – Nothing Happened When I Casted That Spell

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Nothing Happened When I Casted That Spell


Are you so sure? Just because you don’t see an immediate or drastic change doesn’t mean that your spell isn’t having some sort of effect. Take a careful look at what you asked for, and think about what you visualized during your spell. Remember that spell energy travels through the path of least resistance, which sometimes means a circuitous route. Spells won’t temporarily stop the earth from rotating to give you more time to finish a project for a looming deadline; they’re much more likely to find another way around the problem.

Think about your request , and think about how long it will reasonably take to achieve it. Patience is a necessary virtue when it comes to spellcasting. It can take a while for effects to become evident.

If you’re positive that nothing has changed, pull out that record sheet and double-check your correspondences. Did you inadvertently choose two herbs whose other associations cancelled out the ones you were using ? If you chose to do a fertility spell on a Monday during a waxing moon , did you verify that the moon wasn’t void of course when you performed it?

Power Spellcraft For Life: The Art Of Crafting And Casting For Positive Change
Arin Murphy-Hiscock

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WOTC Extra (d) – Invoking

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If there are potential ethical issues with banishing, invoking carries similar questions. How right and proper, in the greater scheme of things, is it for us to invoke spirits or aspects of the divine? One would think that gods and/or goddesses would have better things to do than come at our beckoning. And depending on the type of spirit we invoke, beings who live in other realms can have agendas of their own, some of which are probably not in our best interest, and others that cannot be understood completely by mortal minds.


When it comes to gods, goddesses, or the elemental powers, perhaps the word “invite” is better suited than “invoke.” It is not necessarily ours to command such powers, unless it’s our own god-self who speaks. The commonly accepted definition of “invoke”—“to earnestly request aid or protection; an appeal for help”—certainly allows for a less arrogant interpretation and seems respectful of the energies represented, with respect being a key element in the spiritual tripod completed by honor and gratitude.


When dealing with gods, goddesses, and other usually invisible entities, what the “correct” approach is often depends on the path we’re walking. The high magician must show strength when dealing with certain beings. That is one of the reasons that this path is constructed with great attention to the details of each process and why any mage worth his or her robe stresses good training. Meanwhile, the folk witch rarely, if ever, has the need to “command” spirits. He or she might commune with the spirit of a plant or animal so as to use that energy more effectively, but invoking doesn’t really play its hand.


A Witch’s 10 Commandments: Magickal Guidelines for Everyday Life

Marian Singer


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WOTC Extra (c) – Banishing



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Let’s start our discussion of banishing with a common example. Person A had a difficult family situation that left him or her filled with residual conflicts. Person A seeks advice, and someone says, “Why not banish the past?” At first that sounds like a grand idea . . . grand until the realization hits that we cannot wipe out the experiences, people, and things that have made Person A who he is today without some serious repercussions.


To illustrate further, perhaps Person A is very compassionate toward others struggling with family issues and even has a ministry (formal or informal) built on that foundation. If the energies that created Person A’s compassion are banished, what happens next? Could his sense of charity shrivel and die because the substructure that birthed it is now gone? The possibility certainly exists. In this case, I would recommend a healing spell instead of a banishing, something focused on helping Person A retain the best lessons and growth from that difficult time, and release the rest (release the burdens).


Now if you’re just trying to banish a negative personal outlook, that’s a whole different story. Combine that desire with affirmations, and maybe tape yourself regularly to learn as to when that specific concept triggers in your awareness. Also work your banishing cooperatively with mundane efforts. If you use this type of thought process when considering any form of banishing (i.e., how do you keep the energies in balance), you’ll be far more successful.



A Witch’s 10 Commandments: Magickal Guidelines for Everyday Life

Marian Singer

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WOTC Extra (b) Loosing

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Continuing with the above-below equation, we must also consider loosing—people, ideas, outmoded habits, etc. There are a lot of things that we tie ourselves to in life, such as in the handfasting ritual described above. When separation occurs, however, those ties don’t automatically disappear. They continue to affect us and resonate with energy from the other person. This is a good example of when loosing the binds would be helpful. You don’t let go of the lessons, or of anything positive the relationship brought, but you do release the lines of energy that have connected each-to-each through your aura. The longer you’ve been together, the more complex those ties become. It can take a while to gently clear them away.

However, some of the ties in our lives also help and protect us, at least for a while. Think of a child’s ties to family. The family provides structure and guidance that are intended to be helpful in life. Are they sometimes manipulative? You bet! However, simply removing all ties and structure from a child would be even more harmful, barring extreme examples such as abuse. Further, there are times when removing ties from a person or situation could be likewise damaging, especially if you’re unaware of the complete picture. So, again, you’re left to fall back on that inner God/dess and let spirit and old-fashioned common sense lead you to a decision.

A Witch’s 10 Commandments: Magickal Guidelines for Everyday Life

Marian Singer

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WOTC Extra (a) Binding

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The first question someone will inevitably ask himself or herself is, “Is it ethical to bind another person?” This seems to go against the basic code of nonmanipulation. Nonetheless, we speak of binding our hearts and hands together in a handfasting, which is certainly a situation in which people have a choice. This is an excellent example of where creating positive “ties” (which are not intended as reins or symbols of ownership) is not only an age-old custom but also perfectly acceptable. The individual is not lost in such an agreement, but enhanced by it.

On the other hand, what about a binding intended to offset perceived harm? There are some individuals who will listen to no amount of reason. Instead of binding the individual in a case like this, you may want to create a reflective bubble around his or her aura. This keeps most of the unwanted emotions from projecting outward. Since it is a person’s choice to continue to act negatively, ultimately it’s his or her karma that will be affected. The bubble itself has no other function and remains neutral until called into action by his actions.

Then, too, what about when binding seems to be for a person’s own good, such as when a person has been contemplating suicide? This is a tough issue to resolve because it brings to bear many factors. The one thing that’s truly ours in this life is our body. That’s part of the reason why piercing and tattooing are so popular; they reflect ownership and individuality. After the age of reason, it’s questionable as to how much right we have to interfere. But even as I type that last sentence I can hear some mother, somewhere, saying “And if you were about to jump off a cliff, wouldn’t you want someone to warn you or stop you?” Since I’m not standing on that cliff, I honestly don’t know.

Certainly, there could be mitigating circumstances. A person could be clinically depressed, be suffering a chemical imbalance, have critical health issues, etc. These circumstances (if known), combined with what your higher self seems to be saying, should yield some perspective. There are options besides binding, like an intervention or suggesting that this person gets counseling, both of which seem ethically sound. Even then, however, you don’t know if any action will push the person over the edge, so you consider binding that destructive trait. At the same time, consider the cause for the trait, which could be very long-lived indeed.

As mentioned previously, I’m not an advocate of standing idly by when it’s obvious that something should be done, when our inner (anyone’s—i.e., OUR) god-self is screaming for action. As with so many other things in this book, mundane efforts are a primary option. We keep our magickal energy in reserve as a support system or to guide our actions as perfectly as possible. When all else fails, whisper a prayer and put trust in the universe for the greatest good.

A Witch’s 10 Commandments: Magickal Guidelines for Everyday Life

Marian Singer

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Let’s Talk Witch – Binding and Loosing, Banishing and Invoking

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Binding and Loosing

Banishing and Invoking

When Neo-Pagans discuss action and inaction, the subjects of binding, loosing, banishing, and invoking typically arise. For example, should one worry about the karmic consequences of placing a binding spell on a harmful person or situation? Should we instead use protection spells, prayers, or rituals? And what about high magick? What are the moral and ethical implications of commanding spirits, banishing malevolent energies, or even drawing down a deity?

Think of binding as like putting handcuffs on someone or something. Similarly, banishing equates to not simply restricting but willfully carting someone or something away without their consent. There are times when both are perfectly appropriate spiritual reactions to a problem or situation, but I think we should keep those definitions in mind, as well as potential consequences that may occur.

A Witch’s 10 Commandments: Magickal Guidelines for Everyday Life

Marian Singer

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WOTC Extra – Raising Energy

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Raising Energy


In Wicca , energy and nature are one. Mother Earth can help you renew your energy when you become attuned to nature. Divine energy naturally flows through everything. It connects us to each other and to the world we live in. This energy can be directed by your thoughts, feelings and activities, so it’s important to learn exactly what increases or drains it.

Your mind simply needs to visualize or sense the Earth and it will naturally begin to draw energy from the connection you have to her. Sometimes this may only take a few short minutes. However, when life is extra tough, or if the actions of others seem to be draining your energy, you may need prolonged or multiple sessions to truly refresh your spirit.

Reach out as much as you need to. Your own spirit must be strong if you hope to banish the unwanted spirits or negative energies in your life.

The Divine has always existed in Nature and always will. You can count on Mother Earth to be there for you, waiting to lift your spirit and comfort you. Her Divine energy is far stronger than that of any individual , and if you stay connected to her, she will help you find the strength to face all conflicts or challenges in your life.

The methods you use to raise energy are similar to those used to ground it. You can amplify your energy by visualizing it entering your body as you draw it from the Earth.

Some see themselves as a tree drawing energy from the ground. Others imagine her energy entering and flowing through their body as they drink a glass of water or juice.

Whenever I consume fresh fruit, I think about the life-energy of the living food entering my body and merging with my own. Spiritual leaders from many different paths also believe that living foods (fresh fruits and vegetables) actually enhance our ability to communicate with the Divine. If this is true, then consuming Mother Earth’s living foods can help raise both physical and spiritual energy.

No single method works for everyone. Use whatever combination of methods you are most comfortable with to draw energy from the Earth. As you send forth your intentions in rituals and magical work, don’t forget to give back to the Earth and those around you, and always be thankful for strength and power given to you.

Wicca: A Beginner’s Guide to Earth Magic (Living Wicca Today Book 2)
Kardia Zoe

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