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WOTC Extra – Intermediate Circle-casting Techniques

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Intermediate Circle-casting Techniques


Before you formulate your own circle, experiment with the following technique:

Variations on the Single-Pass Circle

To vary the basic technique of walking the perimeter of your circle area a single time channeling energy into the barrier, use different-colored energy. Match the energy’s color and programming to whatever your ritual purpose may be. Visualizing color adds the energy of the color to your circle; it’s a different method of programming it, as each color carries corresponding energies. For example, you can use green energy for healing, or blue for justice rituals, or an appropriate sabbat-associated color for whatever sabbat you may be celebrating. Many Wiccans prefer to use white energy silver energy or blue energy These three colors are multipurpose and each corresponds to protection and peace.

Variations on the Three-Fold Pass Circle

Another common method practiced by Wiccans involves walking the circle perimeter three times, as three is recognized as a sacred number:

1. Walk your circle perimeter three times, casting one layer of the circle by channeling energy as per your usual method, then channeling a second just inside the first, and then a third just inside the second.
2. When you are done, stand and concentrate, visualizing all three layers merging into one.

There are many ways to vary the three-fold circle. You can allow each layer to grow up and under into the sphere shape, remaining separated from the other two. In this way, you have three distinct barriers that together form your sacred circle. You can cast in the names of the triple-aspected deities of Wicca, if you like, or for the triple layers of reality perceived by various cultures (the underworld, the material world, and the spiritual overworld). You can cast each layer while visualizing a different color of energy emerging from your hand or tool. When you’ve finished your third layer, you can visualize all three different-colored layers coming together to form a multicolored energy barrier.

Solitary Wicca For Life: Complete Guide to Mastering the Craft on Your Own
Arin Murphy-Hiscock

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Let’s Talk Witch – Advance Circle Casting

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Advance Circle Casting

The circle is not temporary sacred space; it is a temporary temple—a formal place in which a Wiccan may work and worship in safety It must be remembered that:

• Wiccans consider the entire world, material and nonmaterial, to possess inherent sacred energy.

• Wiccans consider themselves to be containers of a spark of divine energy.

These two beliefs working together mean that we can formally designate any area as sacred at any time, as the Divine within us recognizes the holiness inherent in the physical location through the ceremony of raising a circle. Circles were once used in occult practices as protection from evil.

Wiccans today don’t believe in an abstract concept of evil roaming the earth, looking for unwary individuals to ensnare. Therefore, a circle’s primary purpose in Wicca is not to defend from evil, but to separate us from everyday surroundings and place us within a holy zone closer to the gods. A circle’s secondary purpose is to contain the energy you raise with defined intent. Although a circle acts as a magical container, holding the energy you’re working with, when you release that energy with intention the energy passes through your circle without breaking it. As part of its secondary purpose, the circle concentrates the energy you raise within its limited space until you are ready to release the energy toward your intended goal. Finally, a circle’s tertiary purpose is to define the boundary of your workspace. In a circle, your actions are separated from the everyday world and you engage in a greater intensity of focus.

On a physical level, you create a circle by walking around a perimeter (often three times) of your intended workspace. Simply walking in a circle three times defines the circle’s space in your mind, but it does not create the energy barrier Wiccans understand the circle to be. For the circle to exist both in the physical realm and in the mental and spiritual realms, you must also visualize the circle with clear intent, channeling energy into that visualization until it takes form. The energy used for channeling mainly comes from the earth, to which you ground yourself prior to raising the circle, but also partially from within the caster, as you must guide that energy with your will.

Beginner Wiccans understand the concept of walking the circle, but it takes a while before they channel energy with confidence as they raise one. Casting a circle begins as an act of faith, to an extent; you believe the circle is there. Over time, a Wiccan realizes that the energy within the designated space is very different from the energy outside it. This concept is something you learn, for example, if you have to cut a door in your circle to fetch something you’ve forgotten and sense the difference between the energy within the circle and beyond it. More proof comes when you’ve done a strenuous and taxing ritual and dismantle the circle to be met with a cool breeze and relaxed energy—a direct contrast to the heat and high vibrations you felt while the circle was still up.

There’s nothing wrong with casting and dismantling circles just for practice. A circle is just a step within a larger formal sequence, nothing more. Don’t feel obliged to include the invocations and ritual workings that you normally do in a formal ritual. Instead of raising it with intention for it to be a temple space, practice raising it with the intention of refining your circle-management skills. Before you experiment with the more advanced techniques of circle dissolution, make sure you ground and dismiss all the extra energy inside your circle.

Solitary Wicca For Life: Complete Guide to Mastering the Craft on Your Own
Arin Murphy-Hiscock

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The Energies of the Moon for Each Calendar Month

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The Energies of the Moon for Each Calendar Month


January Moon: Also called the Wolf Moon, the January Moon has the energies of the New Year.

February Moon: Also called the Ice Moon, the February Moon has the energies for a soul searching journey.

March Moon: The March Moon, also called the Worm Moon, has the energy for new beginnings.

April Moon: The April or Growing Moon is packed with energies for growth and gatherings.

May Moon: The Hare Moon, also called the May Moon, is known for its energies for physical, emotional and mental nourishment.

June Moon : The Mead Moon is the best time for understanding.

July Moon: The Hay or July Moon is full of energy for the future.

August Moon: Also called the Corn Moon, the August Moon energizes you with the ability to let go and move on.

September Moon: Also called the Harvest Moon, the September Moon is the best time for achieving results

October Moon: The October Moon, called the Blood Moon, gives positive energies related to building, creating and beginning new relationships, business ventures etc.

November Moon: The Snow Moon equips you with the energy to give up negativity and bad thoughts. It gives you the power to release all that bothers you.

December Moon: The Cold Moon is the best time and energizer to leave behind what doesn’t fit in your life.

With this knowledge about the moon, its sighting and its phases, anyone wanting to cast a spell can plan when to do so in the best manner. Because every spell has a particular lunar phase during which it has maximum effect, the moon and its movements should be considered beforehand so that the ritual yields the best results.


Wicca Made Easy: Simple Spells for Love, Money, Luck, Success, Weight Loss & More!
Sarah M. Lancaster
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Let’s Talk Witch – The Magic of the Moon

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The Magic of the Moon

The Moon is an alluring object. While we have grown used to seeing it many nights and taking it for granted, its mere presence and beauty remain a mystery. Apart from being seen as a wonder of nature, the moon is also known to have secrets of the years gone by and of those who seek its beauty for worldly means.

In Wiccan tradition, the moon forms the center of most of this discipline’s concepts. Just like this object has different connotations in various religions, for Wicca Witchcraft, the moon stands as a powerful force that affects the efficacy of spells and incantations. In the previous section, together with the spells and their mantras , the phase of the moon has also been mentioned. The importance of the phases will now be explained in detail.

The magic of the moon is a very strong pillar of Wicca. It has been explained previously that magic and spell casting have a lot to do with positive thinking, visualizing and the subconscious thought process in general. The role played by the moon is emphasized because, according to tradition, the moon controls the entire subconscious domain. Therefore, the phase it is in, or the cycle it experiences, has a direct effect on the power of visualization and spell casting.

Consequently, a person who wants to practice Wicca or cast spells precisely would do well if he/ she learns about the moon and its magic. Two concepts, namely: The Phases of the Moon and The Energies of the Moon are the most important when it comes to enhancing the power of spells and improving their effectiveness.


Wicca Made Easy: Simple Spells for Love, Money, Luck, Success, Weight Loss & More!
Sarah M. Lancaster
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The Witches Magick for September 26 – Self Dedication Rite

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Self-Dedication Rite

Prepare yourself by drawing a bath of warm water. Add a tablespoon or so of salt and a few drops of a scented oil such as sandalwood.

If you have no bath, use a shower. Fill a washcloth with salt, add a few drops of essential oil, and rub your body. If you’re performing this ritual at the sea or a river, bathe there if you so desire.

As you bathe, prepare for the coming rite. Open your consciousness to higher levels of awareness. Deep breathe. Cleanse your mind as well as your body.

After bathing, dry and dress for the journey. Go to a place in the wild where you feel safe. It should be a comfortable spot where you won’t be disturbed by others, an area where the powers of the Earth and the elements are evident. It may be a mountain top, a desert canyon or cave, perhaps a dense forest, a rocky outcropping over the sea, a quiet island in the center of a lake. Even a lonely part of a park or garden can be used. Draw on your imagination to find the place.

You need take nothing with you but a vial of richly scented oil. Sandalwood, frankincense, cinnamon or any other scent is fine. When you arrive at the place of dedication, remove your shoes and sit quietly for a few moments. Calm your heart if you’ve exerted yourself during your travel. Breathe deeply to return to normal, and keep your mind free of cluttered thoughts. Open yourself to the natural energies around you.

When you’re calm, rise and pivot slowly on one foot, surveying the land around you. You’re seeking the ideal spot. Don’t try to find it; open your awareness to the place. When you’ve discovered it (and you’ll know when), sit, kneel or lie flat on your back. Place the oil on the Earth beside you, Don’t stand-contact the Earth.

Continue deep breathing. Feel the energies around you. Call the Goddess and God in any words you like, or use the following invocation. Memorize these words before the rite so that they’ll spill effortlessly from you, or improvise:

O Mother Goddess,
O Father God,
Answers to all mysteries and yet mysteries unanswered;
In this place of power I open myself
to Your Essence.
In this place and in this time I am changed;
From henceforth I walk the Wiccan path.
I dedicate myself to you, Mother Goddess and Father God.

(rest for moment, silent, still. Then continue:)

I breathe your energies into my body, commingling
mixing them with mine,
that I may see the divine in nature,
nature in the divine,
and divinity within myself and all else.
O Great Goddess,
O Great God,
Make me one with your essence
Make me one with your essence
Make me one with your essence.

You may feel bursting with power and energy, or calm and at peace. Your mind might be in a whirl. The Earth beneath you may throb and undulate with energy. Wild animals, attracted by the psychic occurrence, might grace you with their presence.
Whatever occurs, know that you have opened yourself and that the Goddess and God have heard you. You should feel different inside, at peace or simply powerful.

After the invocation, wet a finger with the oil and mark these two symbols somewhere on your body (see figure on previous page). It doesn’t matter where; you can do this on your chest, forehead, arms, legs, anywhere. As you anoint, visualize these symbols sinking into your flesh, glowing as they enter your body and then dispersing into millions of tiny points of light.

The formal self-dedication is ended. Thank the Goddess and God for their attention. Sit and meditate before leaving the place of dedication.

Once home, celebrate in some special way.


Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner
Scott Cunningham.

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Meditation, Self-Hypnosis, Visualization and Energy Direction

 Meditation, Self-Hypnosis, Visualization and Energy Direction


First, we’ll take meditation. I am hoping here that you have read up on & studied the previous lessons, but we will review it nevertheless. Meditation is the art of clearing the mind of all mundane thoughts and feelings. It is a state of relaxation and peace, the goal being to reach a state of non-thought. This is not easy but it is essential. Your mind must be at peace so that you can focus on what you’re trying to accomplish. This generally comes with continual practice. Self-hypnosis helps to put you in a trance-like state so that you are more aware of your creative energies and less aware of the outside world. It is a great relaxer and aids visualization as well as meditation. These things will be entwined in your magickal endeavors. Learn to use them well.


Visualization is the ability to see with your mind & not with your senses.

Visualization is a core tool you will need in order to direct energy and create visible change. Visualization is the ability to accurately hold an image in your mind. The only way to increase your skills in this technique is to practice. Start with simple objects like a ball, or box. First take a good look at it and study it closely. Then close your eyes, but continue to see it. Try and make out the details in your mind. As you practice, try and hold the image in your mind longer each time, and then gradually move on to more complex images. When you have mastered this, your next step is to create an image, preferably something you haven’t seen before, and then hold that image for as long as possible.

As I said above, Visualization is the ability to see with your mind & not with your senses. And although you will not actually be using your senses (i.e. tasting, smelling, seeing, hearing, feeling etc.), you will attempt to visualize with them in your mind. Try this exercise.

Close your eyes. Within your mind’s eye & think of something that you might need to visualize, a baby bird, for example. Let your mind see its tiny body, its feathery soft wings, its little open beak, etc. Let your mind feel the feathers. Are they soft or rough or damp or dry? Does the bird have a scent? Let your mind smell that scent. Let your mind hear the chirping as the little bird tells you all about its troubles. (Taste also falls into this category, but it doesn’t apply in this case.)

Visualization is not always easy, but with practice you can visualize anything you want. During spellwork you will visualize your goal, being very specific and detailed.

Focus is another tool that is developed through prolonged practice. It is more difficult than visualization because it requires you to hold more than just a picture in your mind. You will need to hold a concept, and address it. Hold this idea in your mind, and focus on only this one concept, with all the mental powers you have within you. For example, take the concept of levitation. Focus on it. Feel it.

Focus on levitating something in the room with you. Unless you have some power of telekinesis, this won’t really happen, but pretend that it is. Visualize it happening. Focus on it intently. You can also do something else that requires intense focus, such as working out math problems in your head or something similar that requires concentration on a particular subject.

Energy Direction

This is the ability to use the energies of the correspondences, your own energy and that of the universe & direct it towards your goal. As you charge an object, the energy is initially coming from you. So how does one go about directing energy? Try this:

From within yourself, visualize a bright light, maybe blue for a healing spell for the baby bird you pictured above, that must have fallen from the nest. Visualize this light and imagine it forming within yourself, centered between your chest and stomach. Let that light grow and expand. Use your emotions!! Feel it!Then direct it up through your body, down your power, or what we call your projective arm, out your fingertips (or through your athame or wand) and into whatever you are trying to heal or charge. In this case, you are sending healing energy out to the bird. Feel it leave your body as a burst of energy rushing from you. See it enter whatever you are working with. Watch as it swirls all around your little patient.

When charging objects with this energy, you will visualize the energy flowing through your projective arm and going into the item you are using. For example, when using candles during your work, you may light them and see your energy flow from your arm into the fire and onto the candle. And if using a stone as well, take it & pass it through the misty smoke coming from your candle. Feel your energy flowing into the stone as you pick it up and pass it through the smoke. Burn incense, oil, herbs etc. whatever you feel will help you direct your energy. While you direct that light, that energy, you will be visualizing your intent with as much feeling as possible.

It is important to understand that magick is energy flow coming from the spellcrafter. It is not power. All spells create a tangible connection between the items of correspondence used and yourself. When you work magick, be specific, but be careful!

If you do a spell for money, be sure that you visualize the money coming, but not at the expense of another! Now we are almost finished. It is a good practice to turn everything over to the Creator, and ask that your workings take a path that is for the good of all involved. To do this, you merely use your own words to say so. You may also write a spell beforehand if you wish. This often provides that extra dash of charge necessary for your goals to be accomplished.

Remember This!!

Meditation, visualization, self-hypnosis, energy direction and concentration are the essential ingredients to working any magick. Without them, you can do nothing. The Altered State of Consciousness that you must reach is an intensive one that is done step by step from the very beginning of your choice to do magickal spellwork. Anything that interferes with your ability to concentrate and control the high energy state necessary to perform magick should be avoided. Remember that Magick is the manipulation of energy; a thought is a form of energy and a visualization is an even stronger form.

Your visualization is used to further intensify and direct your will. It will lead to the method by which you control the magickal energy you have produced. You must know what you want. You must see it, hear it, smell it, taste it. But most of all, you must feel it. And then it is up to you to direct it. To do this, you begin your altered consciousness as early as possible, meaning as soon as you first begin to prepare. Even choosing your correspondences can aid in increasing your energies if you will let it. That is actually their purpose to begin with.

(Example: Begin your visualization process as you do the things I have written about below. Even do them as you choose your magickal place. For this chore, you can visualize yourself performing magick and receiving what you wish for.)

Doing magick involves many steps especially as you are learning. It becomes easier the more you practice and the better you learn it. It is important to have no distractions. Choose a place to work that is comfortable, peaceful and secure, a place that you can call yours where others won’t invade your privacy. Distractions can destroy the best of intentions. This must be a place where you can do your meditation and visualizations without interruptions.

Before you begin your magick, always gather together your correpondences and your tools. Actually everything you use is nothing more than a tool to help you set the mood and get into the proper mindframe. There is nothing magickal about these things. The tool is not magickal. You are!!

BUT…when these tools are used properly, they can help to trigger the creative side of your brain and elicit primitive responses from deep inside you. They help to lull the “logical” side of your brain into conformity. Consider the purpose of your ritual and choose your tools accordingly. If your magick is to be a healing, then the tools should make you feel calm and peaceful, but also powerful. They should represent a healing. (As you choose, you should be visualizing.)

Just before a ritual, we generally prepare by doing a cleansing. Prepare yourself by any means necessary (and safe) to cleanse and purify. Some people fast, some follow a particular bathing ritual, and some use self-denial or sensory depravation. There are many ways to prepare for a ritual. The choice is up to you. Whatever gets you in the mood. ( But as you do this, you should be meditating and visualizing.)

Whatever you decide to use, this will set the energy that you will be using into motion so be sure to do your meditation and visualization!!

Once your purification process is finished, you are ready to begin. Go immediately to your special workplace. Many use music to set the mood during this phase of spellwork. In fact, new research has shown this to be an excellent idea. So if you wish to do so, begin it now.

As you use your oils, candles, incense, herbs, or whatever tools you have chosen, you should begin to further intensify the energy that you have already set into motion. Be sure to keep visualizing and maintain your focus throughout this period. The more you do this, the more powerful your energy becomes. Your entire purpose depends on how well you can visualize it and direct it. Good luck and Blessings to you!


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Self-Hypnosis (Part 2)

Self-Hypnosis (Part 2)

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for anything you do or attempt to do here. This is to be done using your own discretion. I do not know you, so I can not possibly suggest what is right or wrong for you. This is a decision you must make for yourself if you wish to continue.

Life energy flow follows mental commands such as those done during self-hypnosis. The stronger the life energy that interacts with the object of your magick, the stronger that action will be upon that object. Magicians of all ages knew this and they called this life energy by many names. Some of those names are Ki, Prana, Chi, Psychic Power, Magickal Power, and Mana. By using self-hypnosis you will be making your energy stronger each time you go under to practice or to do magick.

First let’s find something to meditate on, something that will represent our magickal target such as a photograph of the person you are going to heal or do magick for. This representation of the target could be any number of things, such as a photo, hair, fingernails, or an article of clothing. This item is known as the psychic link. When we get to the part that concerns your “goal”, this is what you will concentrate on.

Using a clock or a metronome can greatly aid in self-hypnosis. Try this technique. First get comfortable and relaxed. Usually a sitting position is best so that you don’t fall asleep. Now concentrate on deep rhythmic breathing and clear your mind to allow your thoughts to slow down. Your heart rate and pulse will generally slow down also.

Either memorize what you want to say or record it for use at your convenience. Try saying something along this line.

1) I feel good. I am feel fantastically good.
2) I hear the beats slowing down — slower & slower.
3) It is getting longer and longer between each beat.
4) I am relaxed and I have all the time I need.
5) There is nothing that I need or want to do at this moment.
6 ) I will awaken later feeling much better, refreshed and happy.

NOTE: If it makes you feel better, you can name a specific time and date and year etc here. Personally I don’t bother. I am always on the go and in need of whatever rest I can get. So I just sleep until my body is ready to awaken with no suggestions.
7) I will remember all that I do when I awaken.
8) Each ticking of the clock (or beat of the metronome) is further and further apart now. (Pause to listen to this beating.)
9 ) This will be much easier and faster next time.
7) I am relaxed and I have all the time I need.
8) I am relaxed. I am at peace with myself.
9) Time is slowing down.
10)The beat of the clock is only in the distance now.
11) It is beating slower and softer.
12) Repeat this until you “feel” that each beat is between 2 – 3 minutes apart.

Practitioners learn to build up energy so that they can project it. In the olde days, they did this by chanting, singing, emotional build up during rituals, walking or dancing in circles, sacrifices, and sex magick, etc. There are numerous ways to accomplish this same goal and that is what we are going to work on next. We will be working on directing your Life Force energy as we continue this exercise.

By now, you should be fairly relaxed and ready for the next step. First take a deep calming breath. Inhale and as you do, imagine that your life force energy is entering your body through your left hand. Now as you exhale, imagine it growing and building up in an area of your body such as your abdomen. Keep doing this for a while until you can feel the energy in that part of your body.

Now the next time you inhale, imagine that the life energy is entering your body through your left hand and that when you exhale, it is leaving your body through your right hand. Continue doing this for awhile. You have now learned how to direct energy. Practice is what makes it work to your advantage. Now you will begin your focus on whatever you are working on. Say something like this as you begin:

1) I have the time to do this.
2) My abilities are growing and I am better and faster in my performance of “—-“. (name your goal, ie-working magick, healing, relaxing etc)
3) I am totally relaxed .
4) As I practice, this is becoming easier.
5) I feel great and am in no hurry.
6) I have all the time that I need.
7) My thoughts will stay focused on my goals.
8) I am ready to begin now and I will not be distracted.

You will now be in a suggestive state of mind, and can stay clearly focused on what you wish to do. You will work at optimal levels of efficiency when you are more relaxed and feeling happy about yourself and your endeavors. This is the most important part and should not be rushed, especially if you are a beginner.

Continue to visualize the energy flowing into and out of your body as you gaze at your “psychic link”. Redirect that energy. Into your left arm. Into your torso and out of your right arm. Into your magickal target. Concentrate and do not lose your focus. Visualize this energy taking over and see your desire coming true. Use all your senses in this visualization. See it come true. Hear it, smell it, taste it etc if possible. Send your energy through it. Concentrate on this for awhile until you feel that it is enough. Now we will stop and prepare to come out of the trance. The more you practice this , the better at it you will become. So guess what? Like everything else, practice is the key!

Alright now. Let’s bring you out of the trance. Begin by counting backwards from 10 to 1 and then you will slowly awaken. Or you may allow yourself sleep here if you wish. By this time, you may be sleepy, relaxed and ready for a nap. I know, I usually am. Just don’t forget to ground yourself and recapture your own energy if you feel the need. You may want to eat and drink something at this point. If not, have a nice rest. So mote it be and Blessings to you!!

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Self-Hypnosis, Relaxation, & Healing Rituals

Self-Hypnosis, Relaxation, & Healing Rituals

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for anything you do or attempt to do here. This is to be done using your own discretion. I do not know you, so I can not possibly suggest what is right or wrong for you.

Dr. Schultz was the first to develope a system of hypnotic suggestions called Autogenic Training. He published the first book on it in 1932. He recognized that while under hypnosis the subject experienced various feelings such as warmth and heaviness. He went on to teach practices to self induce these feelings and, consequently, induce hypnotic states. Auto-genic means self created.

Autogenic Training is a method of distinct auto suggestive formulas to relieve tension, for stress management, and to relieve psychosomatic disturbances, including many cases of insomnia, overweight, inability to concentrate, high blood pressure, constipation, skin problems, etc. Some people use Autogenic Training or self-hynosis as an aid to meditation, concentration, and to keep their focus during magick. Today that is what we are going to practice. Self-hypnosis.

Lay down in a comfortable position. If you are doing this meditation to relax, fine, go on to sleep if you like, but if not, then try and stay awake if you can. If not, don’t worry. You will next time. lol! Believe me. I know all about this one. I fell asleep dozens of times.

Okay, the idea is to allow your physical body to relax so that your mind can be free to travel; being uncomfortable will only inhibit this exercise. Actually this exercise is used for many things and is an excellent technique, one of my favorites, in fact. When I do meditations, relaxations, or self-hynosis, this is the ritual I always use. Comfortable? Let’s begin now.

First, a few suggestions towards success: Try not to let your mind wander. Don’t think about anything but what you are doing right this moment. Forget everything else for awhile, and make sure you are where you won’t be disturbed. Now I can tell you a trick that was told to me tohelp me learn better concentration techniques, but it is not a “Must”. It is entirely your choice. Because of our society and the way that nudity is perceived, doing this ritual nude and uncovered will cause you to keep your focus on your body. It’s an automatic response, although some find their thoughts, uh, wandering in a different direction while trying this, so if you are having problems of a sexual nature, I would save them for tantric magick. lol! Did I try it? Heh…I’m not telling. Ready now? Let’s begin then.


Inhale deeply and then exhale. Let a natural rhythm take over. Continue this for a minute or so, concentrating on your breathing and preparing yourself to focus. Now we are going to tense up our bodies. Tense it all up, every muscle, every nerve. Hold this for a moment and then release it.

Now we begin the real work. ( lol! That oughta scare ya’. Oh, and for those of you reading in that don’t know it, I am from Texas & I just normally talk that way.)

Okay, beginning at your toes, I want you to tense up your toes and hold this for a few seconds, then release them. Keep your focus. Don’t let your mind wander. Don’t think about anything but what you are doing right this moment.

Now move up a bit and do the same thing with your entire foot. You may do both feet together, if you wish. Tense them up and hold briefly, then release them. Keep focusing.

Calf muscles (both) now. And go on down the list. Do not skip a thing. Thighs, hips and groin, abdomen, chest, arms, neck, face, scalp.

As you release each body part and finally come to the scalp, feel the tension melt away and a lightness set in. Release your worries. Now here’s where the exercise differs.

  • If you are doing a healing this is where you begin your visualization. You should now be in a somewhat languid state. Use this to your advantage and continue on with your other work. When I do this myself, I combine exercises. I will use the Chakras healing meditations of light and as I am visualizing, I re-tense and un-tense each body part, if I have to just to stay in focus. And as I do it, I visualize that it is the patient being relaxed in my place. It is his/her body I am tensing and releasing, not mine, and as I do each body part, I draw in white (or the proper color) light upon tensing up, and throw out negative effects upon the release. This can be a very effective healing especially with the bodies reactions added into the exercise, but I wouldn’t try it at the very beginning of your studies. Get in a little practice first.
  • Now if you are doing this merely for relaxation, you can also do the self-hypnosis method. This is how you hypnotize yourself. First as I have said, you do the top part of this ritual, tensing and untensing. Then once you are finished, you will be going down an escalator into a deep, dark pit, but it is not scarey at all. In fact, you are looking forward to the ride down. You will focus and begin to count like this: (Very slowly)One,…. two, ….three,…. down,…. down, ……four,…. five, …down, ….down, ….deeper, ….deeper and deeper….. You will now begin to tell yourself that you will be going into a trance-like state and that when you awaken after a cleansing, healing sleep that you will feel refeshed and happy. Count some more and as you do, envision yourself going down that escalator bit by precious bit, very slowly. Just a note here: I tend to be one to rush things and so I always got too close to the bottom before I was supposed to. lol! If you are like this as well, just go back to the top and take up counting where you left off. Don’t let it bother you. And although it surprised me, having to go back up, never seemed to interfere with my work. If you are using this for relaxation, just continue counting until you fall asleep here, seeing yourself in a nice, cozy bed at the bottom of that escalator. (Relaxation stops here!) Now, if you are working towards a goal for yourself, let’s continue.
  • Now it is time to state your goal. Begin talking to yourself and stating what it is you want from yourself. Say it in detail. Be explicit. Keep reaffirming this for a bit. Describe it. See it. Visualize yourself either doing it, having it, etc Give yourself a royal talking to and then once you are finished, you will finally begin to count again, going back up. Begin, if you recall on the number you left off at but if not just pick a number, say 50, and begin to slowly count up, envisioning yourself riding that escalator back up to the top.
  • Fifty, fourty-nine, fourty-eight- up, up, up I come…fourty-seven and so on. If you wish, you may sleep now while you are still relaxed. Just reaffirm that you will feel refreshed and happy upon awakening and count yourself to sleep in either direction you wish to go. As long as you just keep counting those moving steps, you will eventually sleep, I promise. lol!


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