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WOTC Extra – Releasing the Space You Have Created

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Releasing the Space You Have Created


The more you work magick in an area, the more saturated with energy it becomes. Similarly, the more you invoke the quarters in that space, the more protective energy lingers therein. At the end of your workings, release the sphere you’ve created, thank the powers, ask them to keep guiding the energy you’ve raised, bid them farewell until the next time, then break the Circle. Breaking the Circle is a symbolic act that signals the completion of your magick. When you break the Circle, the Circle is “opened” and you step back into the ordinary world.


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Let’s Talk Witch – Is There A Proper Way to Prepare for Doing A Spell or Ritual

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How to Prepare for Doing A Spell of Ritual


There are several ways you can prepare yourself for casting a Circle and all the magick to follow:

Make sure you’re well rested and mentally and physically healthy. Negative feelings undermine the success of any magickal effort.

Take a ritual bath or shower before entering the Circle. This symbolizes washing away unwanted thoughts, tension, and energies. If this isn’t possible, rinsing your hands in rose water (for perfect love) is a good alternative. Leave a bowl and towel near the entryway to your magickal area for this purpose. Dab your pulse points and third eye (located in the middle of your forehead) or the candles you plan to use with an oil that represents the purpose of your ritual or spell. For example, if you’re raising energy to improve a divinatory effort, choose jasmine or marigold— both enhance psychic abilities. This anointing acts as a magickal aromatherapy.

Breathe deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth at least three times, evenly and slowly. Relax and release, making sure your mind and spirit are focused and centered, and your motivations are sound. This way, you won’t behandling magickal tools and symbols with any lingering “bad” vibrations in your aura. Say a prayer. If you’re working with a group, ask everyone to breathe together and join hands to unite wills and spirits before praying. The prayer doesn’t need to be fancy, just sincere, to welcome Spirit as a helpmate to the magick you’re about to create.

The Only Book of Wiccan Spells You’ll Ever Need (The Only Book You’ll Ever Need)
Singer, Marian; MacGregor, Trish (2012-08-18).


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Witches Magick for July 23rd – Dedicate a Ritual Space (Group Ceremony)

Dedicate a Ritual Space (Group Ceremony)

If you have an area of your home or property designated for ritual work, it’s not a bad idea to ceremonially dedicate it as ritual space. A formal dedication ceremony turns that space into more than just a room or a patch of grass – it gives it the feeling of being sacred and magical. Dedicating a ritual space is a good idea if you’ve recently moved into your home, or if you have a new group of people coming over on a regular basis to celebrate. In particular, if you’ve recently formed a group and you’d like to dedicate a site as a covenstead, this ritual marks the space as someplace special.

Difficulty: Average

Time Required: Varied

Here’s How:

  1. Adapt this rite as needed, depending on whether you’re holding the ritual inside or outdoors, and how many people you have participating. There is no need to cast a circle before performing this rite; the ceremony itself delineates sacred space. Designate one member to represent each of the four elements/directions.

    You’ll need the following items:

    • An altar or work table

    • A large white candle

    • A bowl of earth/sand (north)

    • A feather or fan (east)

    • A small tealight candle (south)

    • A bowl of water (west)

  2. All members of the group should surround the table and join hands. Take a moment to meditate on the purpose of the space you are dedicating. Will it be a place only for ritual? Or will you also use it for study, work, and fellowship? Ask each participant to focus for a few moments on how they envision the space being utilized.

    Have the participants representing the elements stand at the appropriate spots. Whoever is leading the ritual should stand by the altar. The person holding the sand will stand to the north, the feather stands to the east, and so forth.

  3. North (holding bowl of earth out for all to see): Guardians of the North, elements of earth! I call upon you and ask that you mark this circle as a sacred place. Tonight we designate this circle as the spiritual home of [your group's name]. We ask that you protect us and guide us, and watch over us as we worship. Let the energies of earth keep this circle safe and secure. Let this be a home to love and laughter, joy and happiness, and a place where we may honor the gods of our tradition! Guardians of the North, elements of earth, we honor you as well, and keep you in our hearts.
  4. East (holding feather or fan up for all to see): Guardians of the East, elements of air! I call upon you and ask that you mark this circle as a sacred place. Tonight we designate this circle as the spiritual home of [your group's name]. We ask that you protect us and guide us, and watch over us as we worship. Let the energies of air bring inspiration and wisdom to this place. Let this be a home to love and laughter, joy and happiness, and a place where we may honor the gods of our tradition! Guardians of the East, elements of air, we honor you as well, and keep you in our hearts.
  5. South (holding lit candle up): Guardians of the South, elements of fire! I call upon you and ask that you mark this circle as a sacred place. Tonight we designate this circle as the spiritual home of [your group's name]. We ask that you protect us and guide us, and watch over us as we worship. May the energies of fire bring passion and strength to all who enter this place! Let this be a home to love and laughter, joy and happiness, and a place where we may honor the gods of our tradition! Guardians of the South, elements of fire, we honor you as well, and keep you in our hearts.
  6. West (holding out bowl of water): Guardians of the West, elements of water! I call upon you and ask that you mark this circle as a sacred place. Tonight we designate this circle as the spiritual home of [your group's name]. We ask that you protect us and guide us, and watch over us as we worship. Let the energies of water sweep away the negative, and keep this place pure and holy. Let this be a home to love and laughter, joy and happiness, and a place where we may honor the gods of our tradition! Guardians of the West, elements of water, we honor you as well, and keep you in our hearts.
  7. Once this is done, the Leader says, All of the elements are welcome here, and we ask their blessing in this sacred space. Now, we bring them together as one, to symbolize the unity of this group.

    North brings the bowl of earth to the altar, and sprinkles earth on the table, saying, May the blessing of earth be upon this space.

    East brings the feather to the altar, and says, May the blessing of air be upon this space.

    South brings the tealight candle to the altar, saying, May the blessing of fire be upon this space.

    West brings the water and places it on the altar, and says, May the blessing of water be upon this space.

  8. The ritual leader places the large white candle in the center and lights it, saying, Tonight, we consecrate this space. It is holy, it is sacred, it is protected. In the name of the gods and goddesses of this tradition, we make it so.

    Join hands once again, and focus energy on the white candle in the center of the table. If your group typically chants or sings, this is a great time to raise energy by doing so. Meditate for a few more minutes on the purpose of the group and the space itself, and then end the ritual in the customs of your tradition. If possible, leave the candle burning until it goes out on its own.

What You Need

  • An altar or work table

  • A large white candle

  • A bowl of earth/sand

  • A feather or fan

  • A small tealight candle

  • A bowl of water

By Patti Wigington, About.com

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Establishing Sacred Space

Establishing Sacred Space

by Skye Alexander

The distinction between ordinary space and sacred space is an important one when it comes to magickal workings. Just as Christians go to a church to commune with God, Wiccans and witches practice magick in special areas designated for that purpose. The hallowed space may be a natural place, such as the oak groves where the early Druids performed rituals. Or it can be a structure built by human hands. Witches often erect altars in their homes; the place where the altar stands is considered sacred.

Many ancient ceremonial sites, such as Stonehenge, embody sacred space. Often Europe’s cathedrals were constructed at places the early pagans considered sacred. In part, this was done to ease the transition as Christianity supplanted the Old Religion. But sacred sites, as anyone who’s been to the Chalice Well in Glastonbury or Machu Piccu can attest, resonate with extraordinary energies that inspire reverence.

“Sacred space is a place where we honor the divine …. The purpose of sacred space is to awaken an awareness of our intimate connection to the spiritual world and to the universe as a whole.”

— Carolyn E. Cobelo, The Power of Sacred Space

Within a sacred space, it’s easy to sense the presence of a higher power and to connect with it. You step outside your ordinary world and move into a realm where wondrous possibilities exist. Many people experience physical and psychological changes, such as those that occur during meditation. At some sacred sites, such as Lourdes, miraculous healings are believed to occur.

Some sacred places are permanent — indeed, many have existed for millennia. Others are designed to be temporary, perhaps lasting only for the duration of a ritual or spell.

A Place for Magick

You’ll probably want to designate a special place for working magick. Depending on your locale and personal preference, you can choose a spot outdoors or indoors — or both. It may be a private spot for your use only, or a public area that you feel drawn to.

Perhaps you’ve already chosen a place. If not, you might decide to dowse certain prospective sites to determine which is best for your purposes. You can dowse with special rods or with a pendulum. Many sensitive individuals simply tune in to the energies of places, without using a dowsing device. If a place feels right to you and the input you receive from your own guides, deities, or angels supports your choice, you can proceed to sanctify it for magick rituals.

Labyrinth-wright Marty Cain always dowses an area to locate the best spot for a labyrinth. She also asks for divine guidance and requests permission from the earth and earth spirits before she builds a labyrinth in a site she has chosen for this sacred circle.

Feng shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement, can also help you find the ideal place. Although there are many different schools of feng shui, each with somewhat different principles and perspectives, the most popular version in the United States utilizes a tool called a bagua. This simple device allows you to assess your home, a single room, your yard, or any other space. The bagua contains nine sectors that correspond to the various parts of your life. One sector relates to wisdom and spirituality. Aligning a bagua to your home or yard lets you instantly see which portion will best support your spiritual and magickal pursuits.

Some people like to site their sacred spaces along compass lines. This helps to ground you and align your own energies with those of the earth. It also makes it easy to call the four directions, which is part of many rituals (see “Calling the Four Quarters/Directions” later in this chapter).

Clearing Unwanted Vibrations

Whether you choose to establish a sacred space inside or out, you’ll want to clear it of unwanted energies before you begin doing magick there. According to feng shui, all objects contain energy and affect the overall environment. If possible, remove items — furniture, artwork, equipment, etc. — that you find distracting or that aren’t harmonious with your intentions. Everything that remains in your sacred space should pertain to your spiritual and magickal path.

Don’t use chemical insecticides or other poisons in your sacred space. Whatever you put into sacred space — physical, emotional, and mental — is amplified. Outside, use natural insect repellants, and salt or mulch to inhibit weed growth. Inside, use only “green” cleaning materials.

Perform a cleansing ritual to get rid of ambient vibrations. The most popular way to do this is called “smudging.” Light some dried sage and allow the aromatic smoke to waft through the area, purifying it. (You can purchase sage wands for this purpose at stores that sell New Age or Native American products.) Burning incense will work, too.

If you prefer, you can play a bell, gong, or drum to break up old energy patterns and chase away unwanted influences. Some people sprinkle salt in the corners of a room or mist the area with saltwater. Witches often use brooms to sweep sacred space clean. In conjunction with any of these clearing rituals, consider chanting an affirmation such as “This space is now cleansed of all harmful, disruptive, and unbalanced energies.”

It’s a good idea to clear your sacred space regularly, especially after other people have entered it.

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Loss of A Loved Pet

Loss of A Loved Pet


A ritual for comfort from the loss of a loved pet

*NOTE* This ritual will cause strong emotions, that may seem at first to be overwhelming. However, you can get through it, with just a little persistence.

Cast a circle in the usual way, the way that you are most familiar.

Light a candle of your favorite color to represent you. Next to it, place a candle of a color that reminds you of your  pet, but, do not light it.

Place a circle of candles around these two, on your altar, consisting of a red candle, saying as you do, “I light this candle to represent the circle of life and death.”

The next candle should be pink. Say, “This candle represents love. I ask with candle for the gift of love.”

The next candle should be blue. Light it, saying, “This candle represents peace. May I have peace in my heart.”

The next candle should be white. Light it as you say, “This candle represents protection, so that I may get through these hard times.”

Light a purple candle and place it in the last spot, “This candle represents the power of the spirit.”

Outside the inner circle of candles, place memorabilia of the lost pet. This can be pictures, or any item that reminds you of him/her. Hold the unlit candle representing the loved one and spend some quiet time re-living the memories, and cherishing the fond memories you have of the loved one. When finished, light the candle and put it
back in the holder.

Visualize your loved one standing next to you. Watch him as he leaves your side and travels off to a another place. If the loved one has christian values, visualize him in heaven, if they believe in reincarnation, visualize them being born as a baby again. Etc… If unsure of the other’s beliefs and you can’t ask them, just visualize them leaving. As they leave your side, they should pass through a big white door.

After the visualization has faded, hold a black candle. Pour all your negative emotions into this candle. You are allowed to cry. Breathe all you have into the candle and when finished, light it and place it somewhere outside the colorful circle of candles.

Address the lord and lady. Ask them for guidance. Ask the lady to hold you as a mother. Rock back and forth with her once she is holding you in her embrace. Feel the mother’s warmth.

Once you have reached a feeling of release, extinguish all candles, unless you are only planning on doing this ritual once, then let the candles burn out completely. Take the black candle outside immediately and either bury it beside
a tree, or throw it into a large body of water. Ask the spirit of (earth/water) to purify it, and to give you strength to deal with your situation.

Close the circle and perform any other ritualistic habits that may a part of your tradition, or that may help you feel better.

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Exercise to Find Your Power Spot Wherever It Might Be

Exercise to Find Your Power Spot Wherever It Might Be


  1. Practice finding power spots wherever you go.
  2. Find your special power spot. We all have places on this earth that are sacred to us. Take time to find your sacred place. Once you find it, spend some time there. Let that place heal you and fill you with its love. Let your heart guide you to that place. It will call to you if you are willing to listen.
  3. Buy a packet of seeds and divide it in half. Do some power moves and then sit quietly with half of the seeds. Allow yourself to feel their life energy and then slowly begin channeling energy to them. Mentally see them growing big and strong. Plant each group of seeds in separate pots and give them equal care.


Notice how much healthier the energized group is.

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Power Moves



Power moves are movements that we make with our bodies that assist us in concentrating and directing the energy. Most martial art use power moves to one degree or another. When people dance from their hearts, they are doing power moves, allowing the power to speak through their bodies. Power moves are a dance of power. Tai Chi is an ancient example of power moves.


Whenever you handle energy, you receive it with your left hand and send it with your right hand. Your left hand acts as an antenna and your right hand broadcasts the energy you have received. If you are open to its direction, power will instruct you-it will “tell” you what to do. Flowing with that energy can be a powerful and centering experience. It can also be distressing when you fight it or cannot control it.


This dance of power begins as you relax and become mentally centered. Stand quietly with your legs shoulder-width apart. Mentally give the power permission to flow through you and ask it to guide you. Raise your hands and hold them in front of you. Let your hands and body move as you feel guided. Your movements will be smooth and rhythmic, almost like a ballet.


Power moves are a form of moving meditation. They are relaxing and energizing. As you do them, you collect a great deal of power in your body. They are healing to both mind and body. If it feel appropriate, you can play gentle music or light a candle. Relax and let the energy move your body. Notice how it feels as it flows through you.


After you have relaxed into the energy, allow it to move you for about fifteen minutes and then stop. Gently sit down and close your eyes. Ask the universe how to use the energy you have collected. If you don’t get a specific answer, send the energy to Mother Earth so it can heal the planet, yourself, and the people you love. Allow yourself to bathe in the joy of that energy. If you are having a difficult time feeling the guidance of the energy, start with your hands. Hold them in front of your face and move your right hand clockwise and your left hand counter- clockwise. Move them slowly and rhythmically in and out.


Gently notice how it feels. Then while you are sitting in a chair, begin moving your legs in a circular motion, noticing how it feels. After you are comfortable with those movements, stand up and again begin with your hands. First move one hand out and away from you and then step rhythmically out with one of your legs. Next do the same with the other hand and leg. Slowly begin moving around the room. Notice your body and let yourself enjoy its movements. Allow the process to be sensual and rhythmic. Be gentle with yourself as you practice allowing your awareness to expand. Enjoy the process.

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Power Points



Scattered over the surface of an individual’s aura are various power points. These points are areas where a person’s energy varies in density or form, appearing either thicker or thinner than the rest of his or her energy field. Energy can be channeled into these points so the person can experience healing or have his/her consciousness pushed into another reality.


The human aura is actually a complex web of energy fibers. Power points are areas where these fibers intersect or join. By manipulating these points you can rearrange the fibers to adjust the person’s energy field. Moving these fibers can change the person on an emotional, spiritual, or physical level. This in turn can heal a person of physical diseases or emotional turmoil. It can also bring him/her closer to the sacred self.


As with any technique, learning how to sense power spots will take patience and diligence. It is something we learn to do intuitively, not intellectually. You will have to work with a partner. One person should sit comfortably in a chair while the other person practices locating that person’s power points.


To locate your partner’s power points, stand behind the person and relax. Allow yourself to go into a light meditative state. As much as possible release your mind. In order to feel another person’s power points, you must see with your spiritual eyes, you don’t see as much as feel; you sense at a deep level of you being. After you are relaxed, slowly begin to move your hands over the other person’s body, being sure not to touch the body.


Place your hands about six inches from the body and notice how it feels. Place all you attention to the area between your hands and the person’s body. Close your eyes and breathe deeply; let your mind relax. What do you see? What can you sense? Allow your hands to become sensitive to the temperature and texture of the person’s body.


Move your hands in and out as well as over the surface of the body’s energy field. Stay relaxed and breathe deeply. Don’t try too hard. Simply allow yourself to really feel from deep within your being. Instead of thinking with your head, feel with your heart.


Ask the universe for help in sensing this person’s power points, and let your sacred self-guide you. At first, as you move your hands over a certain spot you may feel a strange pulling or tugging at your hands. This is a power point. It may feel like a slight shift in temperature. A particular spot may feel warmer or cooler. Certain areas may feel sluggish or sticky or you may feel static electricity. Allow yourself to be sensitive to any change in sensations. Trust your inner knowing. Don’t debate it with your mind. If you think it is a power point, it is a power point.


Once you find a power point, ask the person how it feels as you move your hand over it. Without touching the individual, ask him/her where you are working. Both of you then can build the sensitivity. Take turns practicing until you can easily locate at least several points on each other. The locations of the power points varies from person to person, and from one day to another.


Be patient with yourself. Learning how to feel and sense on these levels is a new experience for your mind. You have been trained most of your life to filter out any information you receive from these levels. When you learned to walk as a child, you fell down often. If you had given up, you would still be in your crib or crawling around on your hands and knees. Be patient with yourself. Let yourself learn how to walk through these new levels. Have fun and enjoy the process.

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