Let Peace Reign Supreme

Witchy Comments=

Banish mow with spells and wills

Banish now with Spirit’s grace

Banish now with magick’s power

All that’s wrong on our Earthly Plane.

Banish now with water’s rushing

Banish now with Earth’s strong might

Banish now for once and all

Those who seek no justice but to just

cause harm.

Banish now with fire’s heat

Banish now with blowing air

Banish now with root and stone

Pain and illness and despair

for all people and countries everywhere.

Banish all that is not working

Banish all that holds me back

Banish all that seeks to harm us as

one peace.

Banish now with your great Might, all those

who wish to enslave us, imprison us, control us,

spread negativity and evil throughout our land.

Now let peace reign supreme for all its people.

So Mote It Be.

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Prayer for World Peace

Prayer for World Peace

By Sasha Lovejoy

O gracious Mother and merciful Father,

I pray that you help the leaders of this

world to have compassion in their hearts.

I pray that you give them the wisdom to

end the suffering caused by wars and

understanding that only through peace will

we truly be happy.


So Mote It Be

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The Great Rite Invocation

Witchy Comments

The Great Rite Invocation

Assist me to erect the ancient altar,
At which in days past all worshipped;
The great altar of all things.
For in times of old, woman was the altar.
Thus was the altar made and placed,
and the sacred place was the point
within the center of the circle.
As we have of old been taught that the point within the
center is the origin of all things.
Therefore should we adore it;
Therefore whom we adore we also invoke.
O Circle of Stars,
Whereof our Father is but the younger brother,
Marvel beyond imagination, soul of infinite space,
Before whom time is ashamed,
The mind bewildered, and the understanding dark,
Not unto thee may we attain unless thine image be love.
Therefore, by seed and root, and stem and bud,
And leaf and flower and fruit do we invoke thee.
O Queen of Space, O Jewel of Light,
Continuous One of the heavens;
Let it be ever thus
That men speak not of thee as One, but as None;
And let them not speak of thee at all,
Since thou art continuous.
For thou art the point within the Circle, which we adore;
The point of life, without which we would not be.
And in this way truly are erected the holy twin pillars,
In beauty and in strength were they erected
To the wonder and glory of all men.

*Altar of mysteries manifold,
the sacred circle’s secret point
thus do I sign thee as of old
with kisses of my lips anoint.

Open for me the secret way,
the pathway of intelligence,
beyond the gates of night and day,
beyond the bounds of time and sense.
behold the mystery aright,
the five true points of fellowship,
here where the Lance and Grail unite
and feet, and knees, and breast, and lip.

-Stewart and Janet Farrar

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God and Goddess Grant Us Strength

Fairy Comments & Graphics

God and Goddess

Grant us strength of will

And firmness of intent

Help us to set reasonable goals

And stick to them despite all temptations

Let our self-discipline be a tree

Rooted and mighty

Growing stronger every day

So we might enjoy our passions

But not be controlled by them

God and Goddess

Help us to be unyielding in our resolve

So we might attain our goals.

So Mote It Be

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Prayers for a Deceased Pet Dog

1. Faithful friend, loyal companion,
we say farewell to you now.
You have kept us warm at night,
protected our home
and offered us unconditional love.
For this we are thankful,
and we will remember you forever.

2. In days gone by, the dog ran wild, untamed and free.
Although man may have tamed your bodies,
we have never tamed your spirit.
You are free now.
Go and run with your pack,
with your wild ancestors, racing by the midnight moon.
Go and hunt for your prey,
taking what is your birthright.
Join the wolf, the jackal, the wild dogs,
and run with your kin on the wild hunt.
Run, and guide your spirit home.



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Prayers for a Pet Cat

Prayers for a Pet Cat

1. You have crossed over now,
into the spirit realm.
May you walk with Bast,
and I will see you again some day.

2. Mother Earth, we return to you
the body of one of your children.
Her spirit will return to her ancestors,
and she will continue to live in our memories.
We are thankful that we were able
to share our lives with her,
and give her to your loving arms.

3. Bast, Sekhmet, we give you back your child.
Noble, regal, honorable cat.
Watch over her, and guide her on her way
to the spirit world.
May she be blessed in your names,
and hunt ever after beside you.


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Reflecting The Dark

Witchy Cat Graphics & Comments
Spirits of light

Protect me from the dark

Let all words and thoughts

Directed at me with malicious intent

Be reflected back

On the one who sends them

Keep me safe

From those who would harm me

Intentionally or unintentionally

Let the energy of light

Repel the energy of darkness

And send it back

From whence it came


So mote it be

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WOTC Extra – Invoking the Seven Powers

Witchy Cat Graphics & Comments

Invoking the Seven Powers



I hail to the East. Powers of the four winds. Bringers of Knowledge and

I invoke thee.


I hail to the South. Powers of Fire and Flame. Bringers of passion and courage.

I invoke thee.


I hail to the West. Powers of Water and the Sea. Bringers of vision and purity.

I invoke thee.


I hail to the North. Powers of Earth and Sand. Bringers of balance and strength.

I invoke thee.


I hail to above. Powers of the God. Guardian of the Forest and granter of

rebirth. I invoke thee.


I hail to below. Powers of the Goddess. Lady of the Moon and granter of

wisdom. I invoke thee.


I hail to within. Powers of Spirit. Strong and true, the forces live within me.

Chant this until you feel balanced with the forces:

The Air, The Fire,

The Water, The Earth,

Above and Below,

I summon within…

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