As We Greet This New Day….

Witchy Comments & Graphics
Great Goddess, Great God
We greet you at the start of a new day
And thank you for the potential that this day holds.
Please send us the best day possible
Help us to feel our best
So we might do our best for ourselves and for others.
Smile upon us all as we walk our different paths
And guide us so we might walk with wisdom and grace
And shine your light upon the world.
As the Sun rises
Fill us with energy and joy
Bless us with Your Divine presence
And watch over us and those that we love.

So Mote It Be.

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Pagan Commemoration Ritual for September 11th

Commemorating September 11

A ritual and prayer, based on Irish tradition, for commemorating those who died on September 11, 2001.

Pagan Commemoration Ritual

In Ireland, until recently, houses had a west-facing room, often with awindow facing the sunset, that was reserved for the commemoration offamily members who had passed over. In pagan times, the souls of thedead were supposed to gather in the House of Donn – an island off thesouthwest coast – and make the journey `beyond nine waves’ to theblessed Summerlands where they would once more become young andbeautiful, and live joyful lives. Here is a ritual you can do tocommemorate the ones who made their passing on September 11th, 2001:

1. Choose part of a western wall for the shrine. This could be analcove, shelf, window-sill, or small table. Cover it with a black orpurple cloth.

2. Now arrange upon it mementos of relatives and friends who havepassed over to the Summerlands this year, or in the recent past -photographs, small personal possessions or pieces of jewelry, andperhaps some branches, leaves or flowers.

3. You may also feel moved to remember individuals or groups ofpeople throughout the world whose deaths this year have touched youdeeply. Photos from newspapers, symbolic objects, poems, and so on, canalso be added to the shrine.

4. Stand a candle by each one, and place a large candle in thecenter, symbolic of the One Light that unites us all.

5. At dusk, light the candles beginning with the central one, andsit or stand facing the shrine, contemplating each one in turn. Allowany emotions that may arise simply to be present, and express themnaturally, as the Celts freely gave vent to their feelings at death.

6. If you are doing this in a group, you may wish to share stories,songs, poems, or words of inspiration, plus have each member of thecircle give a short tribute to one or more of those remembered here.

7. Say the following prayer:
You are going home to your home of winter,
To your home of autumn, of spring, and of summer;
You are going home to the Land of the Living.
To the restful haven of the waveless sea.
Peace of the Seven Lights be upon you, beloved,
Peace of the Seven Joys be upon you, beloved,
Peace of the Seven Loves be upon you, beloved,”
On the breast of the Mother of Blessings,

In the arms of the Father of Life.

–Composed by Mara Freeman, author, lecturer, storyteller, and ArchDruidess in the Druid Clan of Dana. More on her website.

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May The Goddess Bless You & Yours On This Beautiful Tuesday!


I call to the spirits of love and light
To help me make my outlook bright
Take away the gloom and doom
With the sweeping of my broom
Cleanse my soul of feelings dark
Where misery has left its mark
Shift my thoughts to patterns new
Within the cauldron’s witchy brew
Ease my heart and mend all hurt
To childlike innocence I revert
Greeting each new day with glee
Amid my magick’s mystery
Negative out and positive in
With this new attitude I begin
To live my life with love and light
And see the world with clearer sight

So mote it be

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Grant Me Courage

Blessed Be Comments

Gods, grant me courage
To face what lies ahead
And deal with the challenges
In the best way possible.


Earth, lend me strength
And make me strong and grounded
Air, blow fear away And keep my head clear.


Fire, burn away doubt
That would sap my will
And water, calm and soothe me
So I might go with the flow


Spirit, burn strong within me
That I might be brave
In the face of difficulty
God, grant me courage
Goddess grant me courage

So mote it be

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Goddess, We Ask For Your Help & Guidance

Goddess Comments & Graphics

Goddess wise and strong

Help us to achieve our goals

Let us choose wisely

To improve ourselves

And make our future shine

With happiness and fulfillment

In all those areas

That matter most to us

Let us be focused

In the pursuit of our goals

But not driven

Let us be healthy

In the pursuit of our goals

And seek balance

Let us succeed in our goals

With your help and guidance

So mote it be

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Young At Heart, Young I Shall Stay

Flower Graphics
Young in spirit

Young at heart

Young in practice

From the start

Keep me fresh

And keep me bright

I go not gentle

Into the night

Young at work

Young at play

Young I feel

And young I’ll stay.

So Mote It Be

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Plea for Wisdom

Dragon Comments & Graphics 

Plea for Wisdom

I invoke the power of the Elements
And ask that they bring each of us wisdom.
I ask the earth to give us wisdom
Solid like the ground beneath us all
As old as the planet
Bringing forth new knowledge like the seeds from the soil.
I ask the water to give us wisdom
Changing with our needs like the tide
Wandering here and there like the rivers
Sustaining new thoughts as the rain sustains new growth.

I ask the fire to give each of us wisdom
Burning away old patterns when they no longer serve us
Lighting up creativity like sparks from a bonfire
Lingering long like the smoldering coals.
I ask the air to give us wisdom
Brilliant ideas like a hurricane whirling
Clarity from a freshening breeze
And the constancy of the air we breathe.
I thank the powers of the Elements
And thank them for their gifts now
bestowed upon us all.

So Mote It Be.

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May The Goddess Bless Each & Everyone On This Glorious Tuesday Morn’!’

Gothic Comments

Great Hecate, Queen of Witches
Look down upon, your children
As we walk the path of the Ancient Ones
Bless these tools, that we might use them well
Bless these spells, that they may work as we desire
Bless our hearts and minds
That we might practice in perfect love and perfect trust
Shine your light on all our magickal workings
For the good of all
And according to the free will of all

So mote it be

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