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Magickal Goody of the Day for August 25th – Pentacle Dream catcher

Magickal Goody of the Day

Pentacle Dream catcher


A pentacle dream catcher is not difficult to make. It requires a circular ring; even a large curtain ring will do. You will also need some thread, string, or heavy crocheting thread to weave the design upon this ring. If you really want to be decorative, you can string tiny beads on the thread and attach little feathers where the string is wound around the ring.

To begin, tie one end of the thread to the ring. Wind the thread around the opposite side of the ring three times at a slight angle from the original attachment, pulling it tight. This will be part of the left leg of the pentacle. Each time you attach the thread to the ring, wind it three times.

Now wind the thread about the ring a short distance from the 1st tying. Your design should look like an inverted V-shape. Pulling the string to the let side of the ring, wind it about the ring a little more than half-way up the side. Adjust it until it looks like the lower angle of the cross-arm of teh pentacle. Now stretch the thread across to the opposite side and wind it about the ring. For the finishing angle, pull the thread back to the point of the beginning.

If you carefully check the angle of the thread each time you prepare to wind it at another point on the ring, you can adjust the design. Make a small loop for hanging at the top of the pentacle.

If you want to string beads on the thread, do it on each section before you wind the thread around the ring. I’ve seen one pentacle dream catcher decorated with a Samhain artificial cobweb and a tiny spider in the center.

Dream catchers do work. They are symbols of personal control over dreams. And the subconscious mind which creates dreams only understands symbols.

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Faery Herbal Pouch

Faery Herbal Pouch

Function: to establish or maintain an energy connection with the Other People, create the pillow and hang from a tree in the yard, a fence post, or place somewhere indoors:

a. to attract Faeries to dwell in yard and/or home

b. to seek Faerie aid in magick and/or divination

c. to gain Faerie companionship

d. to receive aid in travels to Faerie Realms

e. for dreams of Faeries

f. for Faerie protection of yard/home

Perform during: a Friday, Midsummer Eve, or November 11, Waxing to Full Moon
Materials: select desired herbs, material color, crystals/stones, decorative objects, ribbon color, etc. from Lists of Correspondences that you have in your magick Journal.

Create the Item:

a. select the color of cloth, herbs and stones suitable to purpose

b. sew up the cloth in thread of the chosen color, leaving an opening for the contents

c. stuff the pillow with the herb, stones, et., then sew the rest shut’

Consecrate the Item:

Have pentacle, blessed water, sea salt or burdock root, floral incense, heather sprig [optional], and wand.

a. light a lavender or light gray candle

b. pass the pillow through the Elementals

I call upon the Powers of the Elementals to enliven the magick and stir the energies into this charm that it may call Fair Ones to me! By Earth [sprinkle with salt/root], Air [pass through incense smoke], Fire [pass through candle flame}, and Water [sprinkle with blessed water using heather sprig], I consecrate this pillow [or pouch] to my use. So Mote It Be!

c. set the pillow on the pentacle, wave the wand [or power hand] overhead in a circle:

I gather thy energies to work this spell and do my will. So Mote It Be!

d. touch the pillow with the wand/power hand:

Be thou charged, pouch[or pillow] of Faery[name purpose of pillow or pouch]! It is done! So Mote It Be!

Activate the Item:

a. store in a dark place until Full Moon.

b. place the pillow in the light of the Full Moon:

Come to me Fair Ones,

By the light of thy Faerie Moon!

Bless this charm and grant my booon,

Wish this pillow, [state purpose/intent] comes,

May ye ever abide in friendship with me,

That As I Will, So Mote It Be!

c. let the pillow stay in the moonlight one hour, then place where desired.

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Magickal Goody of the Day for August 2nd is Lammas Charm for Gathering in Abundance

Magickal Goody of the Day


Lammas Charm for Gathering in Abundance


You will need:

A broom or beson

Ribbon (traditional Lammas colors, green(for abundance) or gold(for prosperity and gathering)

A Sprig of Mint

As far as the broom or beson goes, any broom/besom will do as it is always the intent of your actions that are important. If you don’t have a broom then collect a bundle of twigs and tie time at the top with your ribbon to make a hand shaped broom. The broom/besom is a potent symbo of hearth and home, found in some form in almost every home. It is a traditional magickal tool useful for everyday charms as it has the imprint of its owner firmly on it.

Next take your sprig of mint (ideally from your own garden, or dried mind – put in a pouch. The mint represents abundance and plenty and is easily accessible to obtain.

Take your broom and tie your ribbon around the top. Tie in your sprig of mint or securely fasten your pouch. Take your broom outside, place both hands on the stave and focus on your intention – gathering in the harvest for winter. Turn slowly three times in a clockwise direction then start to sweep towards your door saying:

“By one, two, three and four, sweep Lammas gifts to my door. May abundance be a constant friend by my hearth till Winter’s end.”

If you don’t have an outside space, you can sweep from your front door inwards to either you kitchen or hearth.

Repeat this three times, take your besom back into your house and put it in its usual place. You can leave the ribbon on for as long as you want to. If you have made your own broom you can place it where you consider the heart of your home to be. You can return the mint to the earth and be sure to say thank you for the use and gift of it.


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Magickal Goody Of The Day – Long, Hard Day, Try This Soothing Foot Soak


~Foot Soak~


Here is a simple and relaxing foot soak recipe. I make this often as gifts and have yet to hear a complaint!


20 small or 10 medium sized SMOOTH rocks, those iridescent glass rocks like they sell in various stores–try dollar stores, many times they have them inexpensively–to put in vases to hold plants and if all else fails, use marbles!

Heavy Duty, Sturdy Plastic Tub

1-2 of your favorite tea bags

2-4 cups (depending on size and depth of your tub) very warm water

Put rocks in tub, and add warm water and tea bags. Allow tea bags to steep and water to cool, until you are comfortable with the fragrance and water temperature. Immerse feet in the fragrant and relaxing soak. Rub feet gently on rocks, massaging the bottoms of them. This soak is great for tired feet.   After soak: Remove tea bags and allow to dry. Open bags up and remove herbs. Use the herbs either in potpourri or as compost for your garden. Put rocks on a towel and allow to dry, for use the next time you need a relaxing escape!




Van Scoyoc, Andrea Dean


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And Last But Not Least, A Few Goodies To Pamper Yourself With….


Even the busiest of witches deserves a little pampering now and again. Take a moment out of your busy schedule to try a few of these goodies out. Enjoy!


~Harmonious Milk Bath~

2 cups dry milk powder

1/8 teaspoon fragrance oil of your choice

Mix together all ingredients…well.

Add ½ cup of mixture to hot bath water.


~Make Your Skin Soft Bath~  

Add ¼ cup of Apple Cider Vinegar to a bath. Use this in place of store bought bubble bath, harsh oils and other chemicals that can cause urinary tract problems and yeast infections.


~Honey Bath~  

*Author’s Note: I am not fond of honey in the bath and have never used this recipe, but would be remiss if I didn’t add it, for those who do like honey and wish to try their hand at using it

Add ¼ cup or so of honey to your bath. Remember that honey is sticky! If you feel the need to wash off afterward, don’t feel badly. Simply use your bag of soap scraps for bathing!


~A Relaxing Bath~  

½ cup fresh or ¼ cup dried herbs of your choice

½ cup fresh or ¼ cup dried chamomile tea (simply add the tea bag to the bigger bag!)

Add the fresh or dried herbs to the bag and close snugly. Add to bathwater and allow it to steep for at least 15 minutes. Take this time to relax and enjoy the scents that will surround you. If you’d like, use the bag of herbs as a scented washcloth!


Flower Bath/Herb Bath  

No need for a muslin bag or other bag, just make sure that you are prepared to clean up if you use these oh-so relaxing ways, to refresh your body and spirit. Throw a hand full of your favorite flowers or herbs, in your bathtub and soak until your heart is content.

Remember to make certain they are pure, and not chemically treated! The following are always good: chamomile, lavender, rose, daisy, and dandelion, just to name a few. Don’t want to waste the flowers or herbs, after you have used them? Easy! Just strain the bath water with a piece of fabric as it drains and then dry them and use the herbs/flowers in potpourri!




Van Scoyoc, Andrea Dean






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Psychic Power Necklace

Psychic Power Necklace

Pierce cloves, star anise, and nutmeg. (Nutmeg may require a drill.) String them onto a necklace. Concentrate on your goals while piercing and stringing. Murmur your desires and intentions over the spice beads. Wear as a necklace or hang over your head when you desire optimal psychic power.
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Money Pentacles

Money Pentacles

4 tbsp. ground Cloves
4 tbsp. ground Cinnamon
4 tbsp. ground Nutmeg
4 tbsp. ground Ginger
a few drops Cinnamon oil
a few drops Clove oil
a few drops Nutmeg oil
2 tbsp. ground Gum Tragacanth (or Gum Arabic)
4 tbsp. Water
Combine the spices. Add the oils to them and mix well. Empower. Add the gum tragacanth to the water and mix thoroughly. Let it sit until it has absorbed the water. Add the ground, empowered spices to the gum/water mixture and blend well with your fingers. This should produce a stiff, dough-like mixture. If the mixture is too mushy, add a bit more of the ground spices. With your hands, form into flat, one-inch circular shapes. Using a sharp knife, trace a pentagram (five-pointed star ) onto each flat circle. Let sit in a warm place out of the Sun to dry. When dried to a rock-hard consistency, carry in the pocket or purse to attract money. Or, place on the altar between two green, flaming candles that have anointed with patchouly or cinnamon oil. If you wish make a large pentacle of the spices and ring with green candles to speed money your way. After four weeks bury the pentacle in the Earth with thanks and use a new one.
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Frankincense Protective Necklet

Frankincense Protective Necklet

Several ounces of Frankincense “tears”
(small, rounded lumps)
Empower the frankincense tears with protective energies. Thread a short, thin needle with yellow cotton thread. Heat the needle in a gas flame, in hot water or in a candle flame. (If using a candle flame, quickly wipe off the lampblack – if any – that forms on the needle.) Push the hot needle through the center of a frankincense tear and move it down onto the thread. Repeat the heating and threading process until you’ve created a necklet of frankincense “beads” that you can slip over your head. Knot the ends well and wear for protection or during magickal rituals.
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