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Magickal Goody for Oct. 22nd – Make Your Own Kitchen Witch for Samhain

Magickal Goody for Today

How to Make a Kitchen Witch Craft Project


There’s a growing movement within modern Paganism known as kitchen witchery. The kitchen is, after all, the heart and hearth of many modern households. When you have a gathering in your home, where do most of your guests hang out? Why, the kitchen, of course! Also, thanks to a declining economy, many more people are making meals from scratch and the kitchen has once again become a place where people spend hours, rather than just a few minutes. So it’s no surprise that kitchen witchery has seen a rise in popularity.

Do you have leftover fall produce hanging around that you aren’t sure what to do with? Take advantage of the opportunity, and put together a cute kitchen witch to watch over your home and hearth in the fall. This kitchen guardian is easy to make, and she’ll keep you company while you’re mixing up kitchen magic – the one in the photo above is a basic design I make every year. My kids have named her Betty Butternut.

You’ll need:

  • A small fall vegetable, like a baby butternut squash or pumpkin
  • Black acrylic paint
  • 1 thick black chenille stem
  • Witch accessories, like a hat and broom

Use the black paint to make a face on your vegetable. Cut the chenille stem in half to make arms, and poke them into the skin of the vegetable to form arms. Add a hat, broom, or other accessories, and let your kitchen witch serve as the guardian of your hearth!



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Magickal Goody for Oct. 16th – Making Your Own Essential Oils

Magickal Goody of the Day

Simple Way to Make Your Own Essential Oils


Mineral Oil
Fresh or dried herbs/flowers
Jar (any size you want) with a tight fitting lid

Place mineral oil and herbs in jar, place lid on tightly.
Store it in a dark cool area.
Once a week for 2 weeks, shake the jar.
On the third week, strain the herbs out using cheesecloth or a coffee filter.
At this time add more herbs and oil (if needed)and follow the same procedure for another two weeks.
Smell the oil as you go along to determine the strength of the scent you want.
When you have achieved the scent, strain the herbs out again, and store the oil in a dark cool area.

This process may take awhile, but if you can’t afford your own oils, it is definitely worth the wait. Oils are very expensive!


The Wiccan Garden

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A Little Extra – The Healing Arts , Three Simple Exercises to Enjoy Just Yourself

Autumn Comments & Graphics

Health and Healing Arts

Three Simple Exercises to Enjoy Just Yourself

15 Minutes to Loosen Up and Calm Down

What are you doing tonight? Take 15 minutes selfishly just to
yourself! Play soothing music and plunge into an aromatic bath.
Embrace the moment that will revive your true self.

Prepare your aromatic blend by adding the following essential
oils to a 10 ml bottle, and then adding an organic vegetable oil
to fill:

·  7 drops Lavender
·  5 drops Marjoram
·  5 drops Orange

Appreciate the Present

Why not play “stop the clock” tonight? When you get home, hide
or stop the most visible clock in your home. Learn to be in the
moment with no time constraints. You may be surprised at how
every moment gains more importance.

P.S. Kids love this game too, but don’t forget to reset your
alarm for tomorrow morning!

DE stress Rapidly and Effectively

We all have our favorite escape — whether a garden, the beach,
or the mountains — but we also have a place within our heart
and mind that is so peaceful. This week, quiet your mind with
the short meditation below and get back in touch with this
serene place you hold within. Access and regain inner peace
of mind!

Be in total silence.
Sit quietly and comfortably.
Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
Visualize your favorite peaceful place.
Notice all the details: the colors, the smell, how you feel.
Hold this mental picture for 5 to 10 minutes.
Then slowly open your eyes and stretch.

Copyright Françoise Rapp, 2002.

From: GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast Archives

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Magickal Goody for September 22nd – Make Your Own Apple Garland

Magickal Goody of the Day


Make an Apple Garland


An apple garland is really easy to make. You can make it any length you wish, and it makes your house smell good in the process – and magical apples are everywhere by the time Samhain rolls around!

You will need: several large apples of any color, lemon juice, dried bay leaves, scraps of fabric, cinnamon sticks, raffia and florist’s wire.

Start by peeling and coring the apples, and then slicing them horizontally into circles about 3/8” thick. Fill a bowl with the lemon juice, and place your apple slices in it. Allow them to soak for about ten minutes – this prevents them from turning brown and discolored. Remove the apple slices from the bowl and pat them dry with a paper towel. Bake your apples for about six hours at 200 degrees. If you like, before baking you can dust them with a mixture of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Once your apples are completely dried out, the fun really begins. Using the florist’s wire, begin stringing the apples. The wire should go straight through the apples, but if you have trouble, make a hole with a toothpick. Between every few apple slices, string some bay. You can also alternate the apples and bay leaves with bows made from your fabric scraps.

Make your garland as long or as short as you like – or until your kids get bored – and then knot each end around a cinnamon stick. Tie a piece of raffia around the ends as well, and then drape your garland on your wall, across your mantel, or over your front door.

Another variation on the apple garland is to make a smaller length and then bend it into a circle, forming an apple wreath (see photo). Tie a piece of fabric – or bend a leftover bit of florist’s wire – to the top so you can hang it on a nail or hook.



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Magickal Goody for Sept. 21 – Making Your Own God’s Eye

Magickal Goody for Today

Make a God’s Eye at Mabon

God’s eyes are one of the easiest crafts you can make, and they’re versatile because you can create them in any color. For a harvest celebration like Mabon, make them in fall colors — yellows and browns and reds and oranges. At Yule, the winter solstice, you can make them in reds and greens. You can also try doing one in black and silver to celebrate moon magic. If you’d like to make one for your household altar, you can make it in colors that correspond to your family’s deities and traditions. You’ll need two sticks of equal length — I like to use long cinnamon sticks, but you can use a dowel rod, popsicle stick, or just branches you’ve found on the ground. You’ll also need yarn or ribbon in different colors. If you like, you can include decorative items like shells, feathers, beads, crystals, etc.

By using alternating colors of thread or yarn, the finished result looks like an eye. In some traditions, you might associate the four points of the cross with the four classical elements, or the directions on the compass. You could even see them as representative of the four major Sabbats — the solstices and the equinoxes. One great thing to do while making god’s eyes is use them as a spell working in themselves — visualize your intent while wrapping the yarn, whether it’s protection for your home and family, to bring love your way, or even a prosperity talisman.

To begin, hold your two sticks together in a cross. If you’d doing this with children, it’s a good idea to put a small dab of glue on here to prevent slipping.

Wrap a length of yarn one or two times around the top arm of the cross, right where the two sticks meet, going counterclockwise (be sure to hold the loose tail in place and wrap the yarn over it to keep it from unraveling later). As you come around on the left side of the upper arm, cross down and over to the bottom side of the right arm. Bring the yarn out behind the top of the right arm, and cross over to the left side of the bottom arm. Finally, bring the yarn from the right side of the bottom arm across to the top side of the left arm.

This is actually easier than it sounds — follow the excellent diagram on Aunt Annie’s Page to see how it works. Continue wrapping the sticks in the same order until you have a good amount of the color you’re working in. Then switch to a new color, and continue the process until you want to change again. Finish it off with a length of yarn tied in a loop, so you can hang your god’s eye.

Finally, you can decorate the ends of the sticks with feathers, ribbons, beads, or crystals, whatever you prefer. Hang your god’s eye on a wall, or use it on your altar for Sabbat celebrations.


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Magickal Goody for September 4th is

Magickal Goody of the Day


Magic mirror of Neptune


This is a magic mirror that can be used for any spell, but is especially good for water based spells or visualization spells.

You Will Need:

1 mirror with quite a wide wooden frame

Different types of seashell (preferably collected yourself )

Strong glue

Salt or sea water

A magic circle Before making the mirror cleanse the mirror and the shells (if you did not collect them yourself with some of the water and leave it in the moons rays to charge. Then cast your magic circle on a beach or near running water (it all goes back to the ocean.). Stick the shells onto the mirror, all the time repeating a small prayer to both the Goddess and Neptune asking them to bless your mirror. While the glue dries meditate on the successful spells and the good you will do with this mirror. Finally sprinkle a little water onto the mirror and thank Neptune and the Goddess.

Finally have nice visions!!!!!



I Put A Spell On You (Wicked or not so Wicked Spells)
Mary Moeller
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Several Hoodoo Wash Recipes

Witchy Comments & Graphics

Several Hoodoo Wash Recipes


Florida Water Recipe

16oz distilled water

2oz alcohol (vodka works well, but it needs to be a high percentage proof)

6 drops bergamot essential oil

6 drops lavender essential oil

2 drops clove essential oil



Florida Water Recipe 2

4 cups alcohol (such as vodka)

½ cup lime juice (and the fruit itself)

½ cup lemon juice (and the fruit itself)

4 cloves

1 tablespoon dried lavender flowers



Chinese Wash Recipe






A few straws from a besom

Liquid soap (castile)

A simplified version can be made by adding Van Van Oil to a liquid soap base.


Had to throw this one in for good measure, lol!


Soul Heal Bath Salts Recipe

2 cups (16oz) salt crystals

1 cup (8oz) Epsom salt

1/ 8 teaspoon peppermint essential oil

1/8 teaspoon lavender esssential oil




If you are interested in Hoodoo, please check out my friend’s book

Pagan Portals – Hoodoo: Folk Magic

Patterson, Rachel (2013-08-30).

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Magickal Goody of the Day – Make Your Own Gel Candles

Magickal Goody of the Day

 How to Make Gel Candles

They smell sweet, look great, and have a lot of variety to them, no it’s not your significant other, and it’s the ever popular gel candle. Gel candles are made with 95% mineral oil and 5% polymer resin. Gel candles typically work under a simple rule of thumb, the more thick they are the more scent will come from them, and the longer they will last. These candles are used for aroma therapy as well as for home décor.

Making gel candles is as easy as baking a cake and these will last much longer then your typical sponge cake. Making gel candles is not only for those with a passion for crafts, it also can be enjoyable for those looking to mix, and match new scents. For the serious gel candle makers a potential business opportunity awaits you. Whatever the reason may be, it will be worth your time to learn about how to make gel candles.

The first step in making your gel candle is to pick the scent you would like to put in it. The typical scent for your candles will come from essential oil, or candle scent concentrate. The types of scents are limitless, and are available at any crafts store, online candle making website, or a local specialty store. Once you have chosen the scent you can move on to getting the mold.

Choose the mold that best fits your gel candle making needs. As generic as that statement sounds, it is true, you must pick what will work for you in terms of a mold. A gel candle mold is similar to a cookie cutter, or muffin tray, they are indented, engraved, sheets of metal that can be baked at high temperatures. For advance candle making one can make their own mold. For beginners it’s recommended to choose a simple mold, like that of a jar.

Once the mold has been selected, the scent has been purchased, and you’re ready to get started head on over to the kitchen and preheat the oven to 200 degrees. Add some glue to the bottom of the mold, insert the candle scent concentrate, and pour the gel. Now in order to get the gel to a liquid form, one must first heat the gel in the oven at 200 degrees until the gel turns into a liquid format. Once the gel is liquefied add the wick to the mold, pour the gel, and pull the wick up to the top. Let the candle cool for 4 hours, and enjoy!



Author: Clark Covington
Website: The Cauldron
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