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Magickal Goody for May 14th – Make Your Own Witch’s Ladder

Magickal Goody of the Day

How To Make a Witch’s Ladder

A witch’s ladder is one of those nifty things we sometimes hear about but rarely see. Its purpose is similar to that of a rosary – it’s basically a tool for meditation and ritual, in which different colors are used as symbols for one’s intent. It’s also used as a counting tool, because in some spell workings there is a need to repeat the working a particular number of times. You can use the ladder to keep track of your count, running the feathers or beads along as you do so.
Traditionally, the witch’s ladder is made with red, white and black yarn, and then nine different colored feathers woven in.

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: Varied

Here’s How:

  • Realistically speaking, it makes more sense to use yarn colors that have a significance to you and your working. Also, finding nine differently colored feathers can be tricky if you’re looking for them out in the wild — you can’t just go plucking feathers from local endangered species — and that means a trip to the craft store and some oddly tinted feathers. I’d recommend using either found feathers of any color, or something else entirely — beads, magical uses of buttons, bits of wood, shells, or other items you have around your home.
  • To make your basic witch’s ladder, you’ll need:
    • Yarn or cord in three different colors
    • Nine items that are similar in property but in different colors (nine beads, nine shells, nine buttons, etc)

    Cut the yarn so that you have three different pieces in a workable length – usually a yard or so is good. Although you can use the traditional red, white and black, there’s no hard and fast rule that says you must. Tie the ends of the three pieces of yarn together in a knot.

  1. Begin braiding the yarn together, tying the feathers or beads into the yarn, and securing each in place with a sturdy knot. Some people like to chant or count as they braid and add the feathers. If you wish, you can say something like this variation on the traditional chant:

    By knot of one, the spell’s begun.
    By knot of two, the magic comes true.
    By knot of three, so it shall be.
    By knot of four, this power is stored.
    By knot of five, my will shall drive.
    By knot of six, the spell I fix.
    By knot of seven, the future I leaven.
    By knot of eight, my will be fate.
    By knot of nine, what is done is mine.

  2. As the feathers are tied into knots, focus your intent and goal. As you tie the final and ninth knot, all your energy should be directed into the cords, the knots and the feathers. The energy is literally stored within the knots of the witch’s ladder. When you’ve completed the string and added all nine feathers or beads, you can either knot the end and hang the ladder up, or you can tie the two ends together forming a circle.

    If you’d like your ladder to be more like a rosary string, I’d highly recommend picking up a copy of Pagan Prayer Beads by John Michael Greer and Clare Vaughn.

What You Need:

  • Yarn or cord in three different colors
  • 9 Feathers or other items to braid into your ladder



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Flower Petal Spell Paper

Its time to break out the fun stuff guys! Magick User’s University is all about interesting crafts that can be useful during your travel through the world of Magick. Today, we’re going to focus on a project of making Flower Petal Spell Paper today in Spellcraft 101.
+ So what is Flower Petal Spell Paper?
Well, its a fancy name for paper with flower petals in it. There are a lot of great things you can use it for besides spellcraft, such as scrapbooking, making bookmarks, and other crafts. It all depends on how many flower petals you put in it, and exactly what purpose this paper is for.
+ Flower Petal Spell Paper +
The Flower Petal Spell Paper is great for spellcraft and writing, as well as looking generally beautiful for any papercraft you have in mind.
+ Materials +
Flower Petals (in any color!)
Any kind of paper (construction, newspaper, etc)
Duct tape
Window screen (or anything like that)
The Flower Petal Spell Paper will be used for a particular endeavor in particular: making earth spells. For these particular spells, you write out an endeavor, wish, or project that you would like to see come true or flourish, and then you bury the small spell paper in the ground in efforts to promote your desires! Its a great gift for someone, or just to keep for yourself. Below I’ll have a few suggestions written out in case you would like to present them as gifts.
+ One: Time for the hunt! Even as witches, most people are more likely to spend their time indoors (I know I do). So, time to go out and take a walk! Collect as many flower petals as you can! In efforts to help with my enthusiasm, I took a few plastic cups with me (along with my darling Lore), and we set out on the journey of collecting flowers.
 Beautiful red flowers! I fell in love with the the moment I saw them!
The mighty Lore Sagemaker, forced to pick cute yellow flowers. ♥
+ Two: After collecting your bounty, head back. Cut out a square of screen, and fold the duct tape around the edges to form a stable frame. If you want, you can use something like popsicle sticks to make a frame and tape around that.
+ Three: Once you’ve made your screen, tear up some paper and stick it in the blender. Cover it with enough water to saturate the paper. And then! Whirl away, until its a nice, thin porridge/oatmeal like substance.
As for me, I actually don’t own a blender, so I got to watch Lore use one of her top-notch cooking utensils and beat away. She did a good job.
You’ll actually want it a bit more thin than the end result here… but this was as good as we were getting without a blender. Anyway, it will work just fine, but the paper won’t be as fine and thin (though I was surprised at how nice it turned out regardless). At this point, mix in the flower petals with the soupy substance and get it nice and mixed in there. If you have anything else, like seeds, this is the time to do it as well! You can also add a hint of cinnamon in order to make it smell nice!
+ Four: Using a spoon, spoon some of the mixture onto the frame. Smooth it out, using the back of the spoon to press out some of the water through the screen. Make sure to push any of the mixture off the frame and onto the screen.
+ Five: After getting the mix onto the screen, very, very carefully tip the screen over onto a towel (mixture down). Put another towel over and and press down on it to get rid of the excess water. Hold it for at least thirty seconds, continually dabbing. Once you’ve cone that, very slowly peel the screen away, until on the towel you have this!
Pretty neat, huh? Continue this process until you’ve finished with all of the paper.
+ Six: Once you’ve finished, transfer them carefully to a cookie sheet and leave them to dry outside. And you’re done! Now you have it! Gorgeous flower petal spell paper!
So what do you do with it afterwards?
If you’re planning on giving it as a small little gift to a friend, something general and heartfelt is always a great way to go. You can even write them instructions on a separate sheet of paper, telling them what to do with the spell paper. Tear the sheets into thin strips. On the paper itself, in ink, you can write either a notion, or a spell! Listed below are a few ideas. Think about what the person you are giving it to might need and attempt to cater it to them!
Good Luck
Sweet Dreams
Good Health
Make a Wish
“Bring _____ (their name) fortune and prosperity, By this spell so mote it be.”
“Buried deep into the earth, Grow the seeds of wishes true.”
You can present it to them anyway you’d like afterwards. The project is a bit of work, but when you see the end results and how beautiful it looks, it will be worth it! ♥

Magickal Goody for May 4th – Five Finger Protection Bath

Magickal Goody for the Day

witch potion 001
Five Finger Protection Bath

The following ingredients will be required.
* Five dried or fresh bay laurel leaves
*One cup (or more) of sea salt
*Five limes, sliced in half
* A splash of vinegar, preferably lemon vinegar
* A glass of spring water
*A glass of rose water or rose hydrosol, or one of the charged waters

1. Draw a warm bath

2. First add the salt and bay leaves.

3. Squeeze the limes into the water, tossing the fruit as well.

4. Add the other ingredients.

5. Enter the water submerge yourself completely five times if possible. Stay in as long as you like. Rub your body with the limes.

6. Drain the water while still in the tube. Allow yourself to air-dry amidst remnants of the limes and leftover leaves.


Jane’s Pocketbook of Spell: Cleansing, Banishing, Protection and other various Remedies
Alicia (juju j.a.n.e.), Hill

Magickal Goody of the Day for April 27th – Image Love Charm

Magickal Goody of the Day

Image Love Charm


Carve, sew, or otherwise construct an image of yourself as your finest, physically speaking. Pour into it all of your good points, as well as your bad. Embody the image with your spirit, your life force, your total being. When you look at its face, however crude and unfinished it may seem to be, see your own face.


When finished put it in a safe place. Next, of the same material fashion an image of your ideal love. This shouldn’t be a specific person, of course, but a composite of everything you are looking for in a mate. Though you are only fashioning its outline or rough features implant in it physical, spiritual, emotional and other intellectual qualities, habits, and goals in life and any particulars that appeal or are important to you.


When both images are finished, take a pink or red thread or cord and tie them loosely together, place them in a spot where they will not be disturbed for several weeks, but not in a box or other constricting place. Someone will come to you and after that it will be up to the two of you.


Spells of this nature draw many people to you, and one or two of these may become good friends. A more personal relationship might develop out of one of these, which may eventually lead to love. If it does, but the relationship ends, unbind the images, carefully dismantle the one of the perfect love and begin anew.


The same is true if you fine no lover. But wait at least three months. A spell of this type doesn’t force the person to fall in love with you; it simply expands your circle of friends. Any person you meet will be under no magical pressure or force to love you; that you will have to do on your own.



The Green Mother’s Book of Shadows  

Gwenyfur Draigtanllwyth

Magickal Goody of the Day – Peppermint Refreshers Gel

Magickal Goody of the Day

Peppermint Refreshers Gel

This lotion is good for oily skin and will give a tingly feeling after it
is applied.

1/2 cup aloe gel (100%)
1 Tablespoon witch hazel
1-1/2 teaspoons cornstarch
3-4 drop peppermint essential oil

Mix the aloe, witch hazel, and cornstarch in microwave safe bowl (I used a
1 cup glass measuring cup). Microwave on High, stirring every 20 seconds.
When the mixture returns to a clear like gel instead of opaque, you are
done. The cornstarch will turn a clear aloe gel to an almost white cream
color. Stir until the gel has cooled a bit. Let mixture rest until quite
cool. Add peppermint drops and stir well. Store in a glass jar with a well
fitting lid.

Magickal Goody for April 17th is Making Your Own Money Sachet

Magickal Goody of the Day

Making Your Own Money Sachet


This simple sachet is meant to be made in circle as part of a money ritual. It is carried in the wallet to attract wealth. This will not aid you in getting rich, but is merely used to aid you in getting enough money for a particular need, such as paying next months rent. If you don’t actually need it, you are not likely to get it.
What you’ll need:
A piece of cloth approximately 3″ across
A piece of green yarn or string.. 9″ long approx.
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
1 teaspoon of cedar leaves/needles
1 teaspoon of mint leaves

This spell is simple, and i didn’t complicate it with words, as I felt they would simply feel too clumsy.
Simply cast the circle and begin as you would for any other ritual or spell.. as per your tradition.
Meditate on your need for money. Visualize having enough money for your needs. Ask the Goddes and God to grant you the the funds you need. You do not have to do this aloud, simply concentrate and focus your desire. When you feel the energies have gathered, visualize them flowing into the gathered herbs and infusing them with positive energy. Pour the herbs into the center of the cloth.
Then bring up the corners to form a small bag. Take the green yarn or thread and loop this three times around the satchet to close it, then knot the string three times to seal the sachet, visualizing this sachet attracting money. After this is done have the small feast and close the circle as you normally would.

Magickal Goody for April 16th – Witches Protection Ball

Magickal Goody of the Day

Witches Protection Ball

Witch balls have been around for centuries, but is is nearly impossible (and very costly) to buy one. These silvery balls were once common fixtures in windows, particularly in England, where they were said to repel evil thoughts and curses. Most Pagans don’t feel they can spend several hundred dollars to purchase such a ball, even if they could find one, but there is no reason you can’t make one.

You will need a clear glass ball or Yule ornament with an opening in one end. If the glass ball has some kind of design, choose one you like or one you can change with further decoration. You will also need a bottle of silver paint found in hobby stores, a few drops of frankincense or patchouli oil, a spool of red thread, and a pair of scissors.

Cover you working space with newspaper to protect against spills. Take the metal cap off the ornament. Carefully pour a little of the silver paint inside the ball and swish it around until the inside is completely covered with the silver. Set it aside to dry.

When the paint is totally dry, cut the red thread into three inch-lengths. Carefully poke this thread into the open end of the ball. Continue cutting and putting the thread into the ball untill the ball is nearly full. Put in a few drops of oil. Then put the end back on the ornament. If it has no end, seal it with candle wax.

When you hang the protection ball, chant:

Symbol of the Moon, symbol of the Lady divine,
Reject all negativity, defend this home (car), me and mine.

This protection ball can be hung in the window of your home or in your car. Any negative thoughts or ill-wishes directed against you are reflected back to the sender.
You can also decorate the outside with appropriate designs. You can put them onto wreaths or make them part of a dried flower arrangement. Programmed for protection, these little Witch balls do a very good job.

Magickal Goody of the Day for April 14th – Beaded Psychic Mandala

Magickal Goody of the Day

Beaded Psychic Mandala

Items Needed:
16 inch embroidery hoop
Purple felt
#0 beading needle Purple or blue thread
Blue #10 gauge glass seed beads
Purple #10 gauge glass seed beads
Scissors Household glue A large, flat rock A blue candle and
candle holder

1. Assemble all items. Put felt onto embroidery hoop and secure.
Thread needle, knot one end of thread, and push needle through
center of felt from reverse side. Pull thread taut.

2. Place one blue bead onto thread of needle; sew tightly onto
center of felt. This is the center bead–the middle of the project.

3. Sew a purple bead beside the center blue bead. Position it as
close to the center bead as possible. Sew purple beads in a
circle around the center bead, once again closely positioning
them. Make the beads touch each other.

4. Sew a circle of blue beads around the purple circle.

5. Sew a circle of purple beads, then a circle of blue, a circle of
purple, a circle of blue, a circle of purple.

6. Sew a circle of blue beads. When you’ve sew the last bead in
this circle, tie off the thread and firmly knot on the reverse side of
the felt. (by this time you should have eight concentric circles of
alternating colors of beads around the center blue bead.)

7. Remove beaded felt from the hoop. With a pair of sharp
scissors, carefully cut off the access felt as close to the last circle
of beads as you can. Ensure that you don’t cut any of the threads
that secure the last ring of beads.

8. Glue Psychic Mandala onto the rock with household glue. Be
sure of your placement. (If you can’t find a suitable rock, glue the
Mandala to a flat piece of driftwood or some other natural
object.) It is now ready for use.

9. Hold the completed Psychic Mandala between your palms.
Breathe deeply and close your eyes. Send it peaceful, soothing
psychic energy.

When you wish to use the Psychic Mandala, light a blue candle.
Place it behind and to one side of you so that its light shines onto
the Psychic Mandala. Turn off all the other lights in the room.
Gaze at the concentric circles. Say in a hushed voice:

Sacred Circle of Second Sight,
With Magick Rings of Nine;
Bring me Psychic Visions tonight

While gazing at this Sign.

Sit comfortably and contemplate the Psychic Mandala. Don’t stare; gaze. Blink naturally if you wish. Soon your Higher Consciousness will be awakened. Be still and listen.

Night is the best time to promote Psychic Visions. Be sure that
you are alone when you make the attempt.