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Fast Luck Oil

Fast Luck Oil


This oil contains herbal essences, all of which have the effect of quickening up a spell. However, there is need for a word of warning, since many people nowadays have sensitivities to so many substances. Wintergreen if ingested internally is highly toxic so you should be careful when dealing with it and cinnamon oil can irritate the skin. When used to dress a candle however the combined oils are a speedy way of making things happen.


You will need







If you wish you can suspend a small piece of alkanet root (Bloodroot) in the bottle for a deep red color and extra power You can also, for money spells, add gold or silver glitter Method Carefully combine the essential and carrier oils in the bottle. Shake well and repeat as you do so at least three times.

Fast Luck, Fast Luck Bring to me my desire.

Now add the other ingredients if you are using them and leave the bottle in a cool dark place for at least twenty four hours for the oils to blend. After this time you can use the oil to dress your candles. Remember that, as you are drawing luck towards you, you should dress the candle from the top down.
If you are using Fast Luck Oil for a money spell concentrate on money coming towards you, use a green candle and repeat the words above. Use a brown candle if you have a business deal you need to accelerate, but this time it is wise to add a few flakes of silver or gold glitter. To bring love into your life use a pink candle, visualize your ideal person coming into your life and repeat the words above, adding:
If it be right for all concerned.

Let the candles burn out safely.

You should have some indication that this routine is working within about thirty six hours. If there is none, then you must consider what obstacles there are to progress. These may have come to light since you began the spell and you can attempt to remove them before carrying out the procedure again.

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A Little Extra Magick Just for You – Magick Money Oil

Love Potion


This versatile magick potion has many possible applications. Rub it on candles to increase their power. Dab it on talismans. Anoint gemstones, crystals, or magick tools with it. Rub a little on your body. However you use it, this money oil helps you attract all forms of abundance.


A green glass bottle with a lid or stopper

A small piece of tiger’s eye or aventurine

4 ounces of olive, almond, or grape seed oil

A few drops of peppermint essential oil

Gold or silver glitter


During the waxing moon, preferably on Thursday

Wash the bottle and gemstone with mild soap and water, then dry them. Gather all the listed ingredients. Begin by casting a circle around the area where you will do your spell. Pour the olive, almond, or grape seed oil into the bottle.

Add the peppermint essential oil and glitter. Drop the tiger’s eye or aventurine in the mixture, then put the lid or stopper on the bottle and shake three times to charge the potion.

Open the circle and apply your Magick Money Oil in whatever manner you choose. This magick oil can be incorporated into many of the spells.


-Skye Alexander, The Modern Guide to Witchcraft: Your Complete Guide to Witches, Covens, and Spells


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Your Essential Oils

Your Essential Oils


Oils are an easy way of using plants and herbs in magical workings, particularly when space is at a premium. Below are some oils that we think should be part of every magical practitioner’s way of working. All of them are simple to acquire and, if stored according to directions, will last for some time even though the initial expense may seem to be prohibitive.

With its warm vibration, it brings love from higher realms, transforming sadness into happiness.

Lifts the spirit and links with eternal wisdom. teaching us to be content with what we have, and that most problems arise in our imagination.

Holds some of the wisdom of the universe. Able to cleanse the most negative of influences, it works far beyond the auric field, affecting the very subtle realms of energy and adapting the spiritual state. Frankincense is sometimes called olibanum.

Resonates with Mother Earth and all that is feminine. It comforts, opens our hearts and heals pain.. It typifies the archetypal energy of Goddess culture. Its energy is transformational and as such it must always be used with respect.

Provides us with access to a greater understanding of the spirit. It is said that jasmine brings the angelic kingdom within our reach. It gives understanding and acceptance of the true meaning of spirituality.

Is caring and nurturing. It will not allow negative emotion to remain present, bringing about healing by allowing the heavenly energies close to the physical.

Brings realization that we no longer need to carry our burdens, releasing them from deep within, allowing us to let go when the time is right. When combined with other oils, it enhances – and is enhanced by – them.

Is one of the most precious essential oils, its vibration being one of the highest. It brings self-recognition because it allows development of a new perspective, allowing us to develop unconditional love.



When the spirit is affected by disappointment, spiritual pain and displacement, nutmeg works to bring hopes, dreams and prayers back into focus.

Said to be the perfume of the guardians or messengers who guide us in times of need, it is a fragrance which allows us to access the Divine mysteries. It is associated with the true needs of the human heart.

Reminds us of our purpose and of our own spiritual journey and encourages confidence and clarity of purpose. It cleanses the aura.

Allows us to make contact with divine beings and brings us into balance with the cosmos. It clarifies our strength of conviction.

It balances the spirit so that we can be open to pleasures of the physical realm while still appreciating spiritual passions. Used magically, it achieves a balanced manifestation.

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WOTC Extra (b) – Oil Storage

I can be tough, I can be strongOil Storage


It is very important to understand how to store magical oils properly.  Basic essential oils tend to be expensive. Once you have created a magical oil blend suited to your specific purpose, it is in your best interest to store it properly, saving you time and money in the long run.

When you are ready to create your magical oil blend, assemble your tools.  All tools, and especially the bottles that will be used for storage, should be boiled for at least ten minutes before use.  This will ensure that there isn’t dirt or bacteria on anything that could contaminate your supply.

You will need to store your oil in glass bottles.  Never store oil in a plastic bottle, even though plastic is much cheaper.  Using a glass bottle will ensure you are able to utilize your magical oil blend as long as possible, while using plastic will simply hasten its going bad.  Your glass bottle should also be made of colored glass, as this will help block out light.  Green or brown are good colors for storing magical oil.  Some people will prefer to store each magical oil blend in a glass bottle with a color that corresponds to its purpose.  This is a good idea if you can manage to locate small glass bottles in a variety of colors.  Once your blend is complete, it should be marked by its name and date, and then stored in a cool, dark place.  Oils will generally last for six months.



Gianne’s Grimoire of Personal Power

Lady Gianne


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WOTC Extra (b) – Carrier Oils


Carrier Oils


Carrier oil is the base oil which you start with.  Carrier oils are as follows: almond, olive, safflower, and sunflower.  You can use any carrier oil you prefer.  Olive oil is perhaps the cheapest one on the list, depending on the type and brand.  It is also probably the least attractive smelling to many people.

When selecting carrier oil, keep in mind the purpose to which you will use your magical oil blend.  If you are creating a blend to anoint candles or other objects, olive oil is probable fine and is cost efficient.  If you are creating an oil rub for your body, you might want to select almond oil, something many people like on their skin.



Gianne’s Grimoire of Personal Power

Lady Gianne




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WOTC Extra (a) – Combining Your Own Oil

\Combining Your Own Oil


Many witches prefer to create their own magical oils.  By creating the oil blend personally, their own power and intent will be transferred to the blend, which cannot happen when buying premade blends.  It can also be more cost efficient to create your own blends.

Recipes are based on essential oil, not synthetic.  While synthetic oil is generally much cheaper than essential oil and might smell similar, synthetic does not hold any magical properties as it is missing the root and essence of the plant.

Please beware some essential oils can be toxic, harmful to skin, harmful to ingest, or cause allergic reactions in some people.  Always use caution and good judgment.  If you are creating a blend that will be worn on the skin or added to a bath, it needs to be tested before you get it all over yourself or someone else.  An easy way to test is to dab a small amount of the oil on your arm or elbow, and wait a few hours.  If nothing happens, you probably aren’t allergic.  Always, if you are unsure whether or not an essential oil can be ingested, don’t ingest it or else do good research beforehand.  With a good bit of common sense everyone can practice magic safely.



Gianne’s Grimoire of Personal Power

Lady Gianne


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Let’s Talk Witch – Uses of Magical Oils  


Uses of Magical Oils


Magical oil is very useful to practitioners of all types of magic.  It can be used:

To anoint candles for candle burning rituals

To anoint, consecrate, or bless ritual objects

To wear to increase certain powers or talents you would like to enhance, with an added bonus of having a pleasing scent.

As a substitute for burning incense to experience a particular scent if you are in a place where incense is frowned upon.



Gianne’s Grimoire of Personal Power

Lady Gianne


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Fall Sabbat Oils

Haunting Wishes Pictures

Fall Sabbat Oils

Fall Sabbat Oil #1

3 parts Patchouli

2 parts Musk

1 part Carnation

Wear to the Samhain to promote communion with the deities.


Fall Sabbat Oil #2

2 parts Frankincense

part Myrrh

1 part Allspice

1 drop Clove

Use as the above formula.

—Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner

Scott Cunningham


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