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New Moon Oil

New Moon Oil

15ml (1/2oz) Base Oil
3 drops Lavender
3 drops Jasmine
1 drop White Camphor

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Full Moon Oil

Full Moon Oil

3 drops Frankincense
1 drop Sandalwood
1 drop Bergamot
10ml/2 dram Base Oil

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Making An Ointment

Making An Ointment

This method involves mixing the herb(s) with a fixative such as petroleum jelly or vegetable fat. This is done by heating the fixative until it is quite warm and adding the ground herbs to it. Once mixed up the mixture can be heated more than once and allowed to cool, Once you are satisfied that all the goody has been removed from the herb the whole mixture should be strained and put into a storage container then allowed to cool. This is the same procedure used to make salves.

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The Witches Magick for March 14th – Healing Herbal Balm

The Witches Magick for March 14th -  Healing Herbal Balm

Herbs You Will Need:

Calendula (Calendula officinalis)

Plantain (Plantago major)

This sweet-smelling balm soothes and protects cuts and scrapes. And it’s so gentle you can even use it on diaper rash. Calendula and plantain are known for their ability to speed skin healing. Both soften skin, relieve pain, and are antibacterial.

How to make it: This is a two-step process.

First, you’ll make an herb-infused oil:

In a large glass jar, combine 2 tablespoon each of crushed Calendula flowers and dried plantain leaves with 1/3 c of extra-virgin olive oil. Leave uncovered, and place in a pan filled with enough water to cover the lower half of the jar. Set the burner on very low heat and simmer gently for about 4 hours. Check the oil periodically to be sure it’s not scorching; don’t let it boil.
(You can also make the infused oil in a Crock-Pot set on very low without a lid.)

After the allotted time, remove the oil from the heat and allow it to cool completely. Strain away the herbs through several layers of cheesecloth and discard.

To make the balm, combine the infused oil with 1 or 2 tablespoon of grated beeswax and put it into a small stainless steel bowl; set the bowl into a pot of water and heat just until the beeswax melts, stirring gently to help the melting

To test the consistency, insert a cool metal spoon into the balm and check the balm that sticks to the spoon; it should be spreadable but firm. If it’s too oily, add another few shavings of beeswax.

At this point, you can add a natural preservative to your balm to prevent spoilage. Vitamin E, squeezed from capsules, works very well. Rosemary extracts or oil might improve the aroma and antiseptic properties as well.

You’ll need about 1/4 tsp. (two capsules) to preserve this much balm. After you’ve blended in the vitamin E, transfer your final product to a sterile glass jar. Use a clean spoon or small spatula to transfer the balm to avoid introducing bacteria to the jar.

How to use it: Apply the balm to rashes, scrapes, and other small or superficial abrasions

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Witch’s Ointment, Nontoxic

Witch’s Ointment, Nontoxic

3 parts Vervain
3 parts Sandalwood
2 parts Cinnamon
1 part Carnation petals
Make in the usual way with shortening. Store in a container marked with a pentagram (five-pointed star,  one point facing up). Anoint the body prior to Wiccan rituals to become one with the Goddess and God and that which lies beyond them.
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Healing Ointment

Healing Ointment

4 drops Cedarwood
2 drops Sandalwood
1 drop Eucalyptus
1 drop Cinnamon
Add to the melted beeswax/oil base, cool, and anoint the body to speed healing as needed. Do not apply to  wounds, burns or broken skin!
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Astral Ointment

Astral Ointment

Want some help flying when you astral travel? Let this astral ointment help!

1 oz. Mugwort oil
2 tsp. Poplar
2 oz. Hard Paraffin
2 oz. Soft Paraffin
Melt together and stir as it cools. Store in an airtight container. Apply to your body prior to astral travel.

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The Sniffles Ointment

The Sniffles Ointment

If the sniffles and chest congestion have you down, rub some of this ointment on your chest and under your nose.

1/2 oz. Eucalyptus Oil

1/2 oz. Rosemary Oil

1/2 oz. Peppermint Oil

2 oz Hard Paraffin Wax

2 oz Soft Paraffin Wax

Melt together and stir while it’s cooling. Store in an airtight container away from heat.

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