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Magick Oil Recipies


Pain Reliever Salve


Mix together 1 oz of chickweed (reduces inflammation and aids in healing), 1 oz of wormwood (a great pain reliever), and 1 ounce of yarrow (an antibacterial agent that also helps relieve pain).

The yarrow plant contains achillein and achilleic acid.These substances reduce the clotting time of blood, so they help stop any bleeding.

Yarrow also has pain-killing and anti-inflammatory properties that are similar to aspirin.

Add the mixture of herbs to 2 pints of olive oil and simmer 3 hours.

Strain and add 3 ounces of beeswax and 1 teaspoon of tincture of benzoin.
Test for consistency before pouring into wide mouth containers.


Moon & Witch Comments & Graphics


13 drops of sandalwood essential oil
9 drops of vanilla essential oil or extract
3 drops of jasmine essential oil
1 drop of rose essential oil

Mix prior to a full moon. Charge in a clear container or vial in the light
of the full moon. Use to anoint candles or yourself for full moon rituals
or just when you feel like you need the moons energy.


WOTC Extra (b) – Oil Correspondences

Oil Correspondences


Acacia: holy, meditation, psychic power, purification
Almond: base oil
Allspice: strengthening, vitality
Bay: attraction, money, purification
Benzoin: cleansing, purification, strengthening
Bergamot: financial gain, protection
Black Pepper: courage, strength, protection, general power increase
Chamomile: peace, mediation, rest
Camphor: purification, basic power
Cardamom: love, sexuality, romance
Carnation: love, power, healing
Cedar: spirituality, protection, peace
Cinnamon: psychic ability increase, wealth attraction, good luck
Clove: courage, protection
Coriander: healing
Cypress: calmness, consecration, protection
Eucalyptus: healing, purification
Frankincense: meditation, blessings
Geranium: promotes calm, stimulant, healing
Ginger: sexuality, financial gain
Grapefruit: purification, popularity
Jasmine: love, sexuality, romance, marriage
Juniper: luck, protection
Lavender: peace, love, emotional healing
Lilac: harmony, psychic ability, improve memory, longevity
Lemon: healing, purification, protection
Lemongrass: soothing, calming
Lime: protection, faith
Magnolia: love, mediation
Musk: courage, fertility, sexuality
Myrrh: protection, strength, peace of mind
Orange: relaxation, relationships
Patchouli: aphrodisiac, communication
Peppermint: excitement, stimulant, mental powers, headache relief
Pine: mental clarity, cleanse negativity
Rose: love, passion, romance, fertility
Rosemary: emotional healing, calming
Sandalwood: promotes dreaming, release of emotions, mental power
Sweet Pea: loyalty, affection
Tangerine: calming, relieves stress
Vanilla:  happiness, good fortune
Vetivert:  protection
Violet: love, marriage
Wisteria:  good fortune, prosperity
Ylang ylang:  peace, sex, love



—Gianne’s Grimoire of Personal Power
Lady Gianne

WOTC Extra (a) – Storing Magical Oils

Storing Magical Oils

Oil Storage

It is very important to understand how to store magical oils properly.  Basic essential oils tend to be expensive. Once you have created a magical oil blend suited to your specific purpose, it is in your best interest to store it properly, saving you time and money in the long run.

When you are ready to create your magical oil blend, assemble your tools.  All tools, and especially the bottles that will be used for storage, should be boiled for at least ten minutes before use.  This will ensure that there isn’t dirt or bacteria on anything that could contaminate your supply.

You will need to store your oil in glass bottles.  Never store oil in a plastic bottle, even though plastic is much cheaper.  Using a glass bottle will ensure you are able to utilize your magical oil blend as long as possible, while using plastic will simply hasten its going bad.  Your glass bottle should also be made of colored glass, as this will help block out light.  Green or brown are good colors for storing magical oil.  Some people will prefer to store each magical oil blend in a glass bottle with a color that corresponds to its purpose.  This is a good idea if you can manage to locate small glass bottles in a variety of colors.  Once your blend is complete, it should be marked by its name and date, and then stored in a cool, dark place.  Oils will generally last for six months.



—Gianne’s Grimoire of Personal Power
Lady Gianne

Let’s Talk Witch – Use of & Combining of Magical Oils

Use of & Combining of Magical Oils

Magical oil is very useful to practitioners of all types of magic.  It can be used:

To anoint candles for candle burning rituals

To anoint, consecrate, or bless ritual objects

To wear to increase certain powers or talents you would like to enhance, with an added bonus of having a pleasing scent.

As a substitute for burning incense to experience a particular scent if you are in a place where incense is frowned upon.


Combining Your Own

Oil Many witches prefer to create their own magical oils.  By creating the oil blend personally, their own power and intent will be transferred to the blend, which cannot happen when buying premade blends.  It can also be more cost efficient to create your own blends.

Recipes are based on essential oil, not synthetic.  While synthetic oil is generally much cheaper than essential oil and might smell similar, synthetic does not hold any magical properties as it is missing the root and essence of the plant. Please beware some essential oils can be toxic, harmful to skin, harmful to ingest, or cause allergic reactions in some people.  Always use caution and good judgment.  If you are creating a blend that will be worn on the skin or added to a bath, it needs to be tested before you get it all over yourself or someone else.  An easy way to test is to dab a small amount of the oil on your arm or elbow, and wait a few hours.  If nothing happens, you probably aren’t allergic.  Always, if you are unsure whether or not an essential oil can be ingested, don’t ingest it or else do good research beforehand.  With a good bit of common sense everyone can practice magic safely.



—Gianne’s Grimoire of Personal Power
Lady Gianne

Magickal Goody of the Day for Jan. 23 – Make Your Own Protection Oil

Magickal Goody  of the Day


Make Your Own Protection Oil


To make Protection Oil, use 1/8 Cup base oil of your choice. Add the following:

  • 4 drops Patchouli
  • 3 drops Lavender
  • 1 drop Mugwort
  • 1 drop Hyssop

As you blend the oils, visualize your intent, and take in the aroma. Know that this oil is sacred and magical. Label, date, and store in a cool, dark place.

Use Protection Oil to anoint yourself and those in your home. It will help keep you safe from psychic or magical attacks.


Oils For Binding Spells


Oils For Binding Spells

Dragons blood for protection

Frankincense for protection

Lilac for protection/wards off evil

Myrrh breaks hexes and provides protection