5 Easy Tips To Meditate (Even If You’re Busy!)

5 Easy Tips To Meditate (Even If You’re Busy!)

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Perform an Earth Meditation Ritual

Perform an Earth Meditation Ritual

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Try this simple meditation to help you attune to the element of Earth. To do this meditation, find a place where you can sit quietly, undisturbed, on a day when the sun is shining. Ideally, it should be in a place where you can really connect with everything that Earth represents. Perhaps it’s a hillside outside of town, or a shady grove in your local park. Maybe it’s somewhere deep in the woods, under a tree, or even your own back yard. Find your spot, and make yourself comfortable.

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: About an hour

Here’s How:

  1. Sit or lie on the ground, so that as much of your body as possible is in direct contact with the ground. Use all of your senses to attune to Earth. Relax your body and breathe slowly, through your nose, and taking in the scents around you. You may smell freshly cut grass, or damp earth, or flowers and leaves. Close your eyes, and become aware of the earth beneath your body. Feel the cool breeze blowing by, and allow yourself to become in tune to the rhythms of nature.
  2. Once you are completely relaxed, focus on the warmth of the sun on your face. Imagine that warm golden light being absorbed into your body, through your third eye. Feel the light of the sun warming your head and face, a little at a time, just as the earth is being warmed back up. Imagine this light working its way along your body, traveling through your neck, down into your chest, where your heart chakra is located. Allow it to warm your heart, then traveling slowly down through your abdomen and down to your root chakra.
  3. As this light warms your body, feel it connecting you to the ground beneath your body as well. Imagine this warmth spreading, a golden glow journeying along your legs, your knees, and finally to your feet. By the time the sensation reaches your feet, you should feel as though your entire body has been infused with the warmth and light of the returning sun.
  4. Feel your connection to the earth. Imagine that warmth growing and spreading from your body into the ground. Visualize the awakening roots, seeds, and other life that is just below the surface. Share your warmth and light with them, and feel your own roots growing into the soil. Feel the stability and security of the earth beneath you. Keep your breathing even and regular, and enjoy the sensation of being one with the soil, the grass, and even the rocks below.

What You Need

  • A quiet place
  • A sunny day
  • An hour of uninterrupted time
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WOTC Extra, Extra – Meditation to Find a Magickal Name

Celtic & British Isles Graphics

Meditation to Find a Magickal Name


If you have access to a tape recorder, you should record the following meditation as it is very easy to allow your mind to travel with this method.

If you are one that has a good, clear memory, then you may choose to do it entirely from memory.

For this exercise to begin, you need to do whatever it takes to relax, clear and protect your mind.

You are standing at the edge of a forest. You are on a path that has come through a meadow of tall grass. Upon the path, you are aware of birds and other animals’ presence. You can hear and see the animals scurrying in the grass around you. You can smell the various scents of flowers and weeds as you walk barefoot through the soft loose dirt of the path. There are areas where the grass covers the path, but it is very soft and pleasant to your feet. There is a taste of freshness in the air as if it has just rained, yet the path is dry.

As you enter the forest, you notice that the trails of animals are leading off in different directions. You stop to consider the animals that made these trails through the woods. There are larger paths and smaller ones.

Look down these pathways and determine if you can see one of these animals. Choose a path and follow it. The path leads a winding trail deeper and deeper into the forest. There is no human life this deep within the woods.

Up ahead is a clearing and you head towards it. In the clearing, you see what looks like steps. As you near the object, you see that it is the steps of a very ancient building. Look around you and see that all paths end here.

Climbing the steps, you come to a great door with a polished knocker, which you use to rap on the door. The door opens to you. Before you are more steps. Look around, what do you see? Now climbing the inner stairway, you reach the upper room without a door. As you enter the room, you notice that it is a library in which there are thousands of books. Look around and if you feel drawn to a particular section, maybe you’ll be drawn to a particular book. Take this book and examine its cover. What do you see?

Mark this well within your mind.

Replacing the book, descend the inner stairwell and exit the building. The door closes behind you as you descent the outer steps. Remember and find the SAME PATH that brought you here. Follow the path back through the forest the same way you came. You find yourself back at the edge of the forest, again at the meadow. Turn around and thank the animal that made this path. Go back through the meadow, noticing the birds and animals, sights, sounds and smalls of the journey as before. Return to your body.

Open your eyes slowly and breathe normally. Move your limbs, fingers and toes. You have returned. Write down this experience in your mirror book. Remember what you saw in the library. The information that you received will lead you to a magickal name. Follow up on this information, and pay close attention to detail.

Source: Light Wicca Forum

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Power Meditation



You should begin by considering your own body, particularly your breathing. This is not difficult, merely finding yourself a comfortable chair in which you can sit without falling asleep. You should try to find a place where you will not be disturbed. Not because disturbances are dangerous, but because you may find yourself enjoying the relaxed state so much that being brought suddenly out of it by an offending family member may cause you to lose your temper.


Once you have found your spot, sit quietly for about 10 minutes at a time. That is how you start. Just by sitting and doing nothing, and while sitting try to notice how your body reacts. Notice that twitch you have? Feel your lungs filling with air, rising and falling, pushing out our rib cage and letting it fall back in.


As you sit, notice all of these things. Your body has certain places that are naturally tense. You will hear things you normally ignore. That is not really so strange. Everyone experiences it when they are falling asleep at night (i.e… the creaking of the house). Pay very close attention to all of these things and you will discover something interesting. The more you listen to your own body, the less you are bothered by the thoughts of the day. This is because your conscious mind can only handle one piece of data at a time.


If you are studying intently, you are unaware of what is going on around you. The more you practice, the more effective your mind becomes at blocking out unwelcome stimuli.

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Meditation To Meet Your Spirit Guide

Meditation To Meet Your Spirit Guide

Again, get yourself completely comfortable somewhere. Your favorite easy-chair, a pile of pillows in a corner of your room, maybe a spot under your favorite tree, wherever that is. Have a cup of tea, read a good book, cuddle with a pet; maybe even cast a simple circle and light a candle and some incense. Whatever will put you most at ease is what you should do. Once you are completely relaxed, ground and center yourself, and close your eyes.
You are standing in the middle of a lush, healthy forest. You can feel moist earth, bits of branch and bark, and small stones underneath your bare feet, and your hands rest on the rough mossy surface of a tall oak tree. You can smell the water after the morning rain all around you, leaving the forest misty and cool, glistening on the leaves and in tiny pools on the ground. The forest smells of pine and oak, birch and cedar, wet bark and damp earth, and fresh wind and rain. Look above you to the canopy of the trees; the sky is brilliant blue through the gaps in the leaves, wispy white clouds draping the heights. The Sun shines full and bright upon the forest, turning the leaves above into dappled stained-glass of different shades of green. You reach down into a small pool and touch your lips with clear, fresh rainwater, tasting its cool pureness. The wind comes through the leaves, whispering off of branch and bush, singing its own song. The birds are singing that song as well, cheerfully filling the forest with their calls, accented by the occasional frog’s note. Look at the forest around you. Touch it, smell it, taste it, and hear it. Now feel the forest, inside and out. Feel all the elements, the wind and water, the earth and the sun, and the love of the Gods all around you. Become part of that forest.

See yourself walking down a path – the path will look as you see it, and feel it. The path is your walk with your spirituality, your learning….it is the path that we all walk in different ways. Follow the path until it leads you to a grove of birch trees, tall and slender and glowing white in the sunshine. The outside of the circle is lined with beautiful wildflowers; a pool of deep, clear water stands in the middle and nine stones enclose the circle round. The sun shines bright and full overhead, and the sky moves quickly as the wind brushes its ever-moving veil of clouds along. Stand at the entrance for a moment, using all of your senses to feel the grove. When it feels right, move to wherever is calling you – the rocks, the water, the flowers….. whatever one you feel is the best for you, and is where you belong.

Close your eyes in the meditation and feel the warm sun on your face, the cool breeze through your hair, the dew on your feet and the rock beneath you. Sit and listen to all the sounds the forest makes, especially the animals. Think about how much you would like for your animal guide to come and speak to you in such a beautiful and meaningful place. Don’t speak, but just listen to the forest and its creatures; hear the trees speaking, and the wind, and the animals. If you wait long enough, you may hear footsteps through the brush into the grove. Your guide will stand before you from whichever direction it emerged. Thank it for coming, and then talk to it for as long as it is willing to stay.

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Let’s Talk Witch – The Power of Meditation and Prayer

The Power of Meditation and Prayer

The power of meditation and prayer Meditation takes many forms. It can loosely be described as a method of stilling the mind in order to experience inner peace or to connect with inner or higher guidance. Meditation frequently involves inner reflection but it can also be used to focus healing energies for self and others. It can be used to alter consciousness and access other realities. There are many schools of meditation or yoga and it is not difficult to find and learn a technique that suits your personality or to develop your own personal method of meditating. Any activity that stills the constant chatter of the busy mind can be described as meditation. Dance, cycling, knitting, and gardening may all be used as meditation to still the mind.

When people meditate for a specific purpose it is often in a still, quiet place and it usually involves standing, sitting or lying, with spine straight, in a comfortable position and following a set routine which will close down the conscious mind. Many people grossly underestimate the power of individual and particularly group meditations to affect the world around us. When a group of people sit together with a clear group focus and shift their consciousness as one, then it is possible to work miracles.

Prayer is a powerful way of clarifying and expressing your concerns directly to your own Higher Self, the Creator or the Oneness you are. It is best done with a little preparation in a special place that is still, beautiful and free of distractions. This can be a room or part of a room, or if you can access it, a private place in nature. You do not need to go to church to pray, nor do you need an intermediary. It is your birthright to talk to the Divine or the Oneness, however you perceive Her/Him, in the way that you feel most comfortable.

Affirmations spoken out loud, alone or in groups are one of the most powerful tools for personal transformation available to humans. Affirmations work by clearly and positively stating your intentions to both the superconscious and your own subconscious. The spoken word has the power to create its intention and when made repeatedly and with clear intent, affirmations will directly affect the reality of the person making them.

Both your own subconscious and the Universe will respond to repeated affirmations whether they be positive or negative. Consider the person who repeatedly tells themselves and others, “I am useless, I will never amount to anything, nothing ever goes right for me.” These statements often repeated become a self fulfilling prophecy. How can anyone else believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself?

As the Universe exists to serve us, it will respond automatically to our stated beliefs. Consider the person who states out loud, “What a magnificent day! I feel great! Everything is going splendidly!” How much easier it is for us to support and encourage someone in this frame of mind, how much easier it is for them to believe in themselves. Of course the Universe and their own subconscious respond accordingly.

If we hold images of perfection, health, abundance, peace and harmony in our minds and express them through our words, then they are registered in the superconscious mind as already existing and will come into our lives on this plane. This is the key to creating your own reality – a harmonious life full of abundance, joy and love.

Never underestimate the power of the spoken word! Affirmation combined with meditation and prayer create a mighty trinity. If practised in the ways outlined in this book they will create positive change in your life and the lives of your loved ones, that will assist your own evolution and planetary healing.


Spirit Guide
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The Emerald Rose Meditation

The Emerald Rose Meditation

Before you go to sleep, turn on meditative music and recline. Take a few deep and complete breaths to center your awareness. Quiet your thoughts and let go of any tension you may be feeling. In your mind’s eye, imagine a beautiful emerald colored rosebud. It is a dream rose, a flower bud more incredible and exquisite than you have ever imagined before. Instantly, a magickal doorway appears as the emerald rosebud opens slowly. You step through the door with your imagination and find yourself in a world of plenty. In this magickal world, you live like a God or Goddess with a carefree heart and immortal spirit. You are free from fear and pain. There is no trouble, problems, heartache, or old age. Your energy is always vital, and you feel wonderful, inspire, and uplifted. You are strong, vital and sensual, and you play with the delight of a young child. So many good things are yours. Your life is prosperous and your ideas are fertile and productive. Everything is abundant and unforced, willing and effortless. As you experience this world, a renewed sense of abundance and prosperity fills you. The loving spirit of the divine embraces, guides and illuminates your path to plenty.

Now take another deep, complete breath, and imagine stepping out of the emerald rose in your mind’s eye. Continue relaxing and drift to sleep. As you do, imagine being in the magickal world of plenty.

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Time Window Meditation

Time Window Meditation

Tonight turn on a DVD or video of a movie with clips of places where you would love to visit. Move forward in the video until you reach a place that you love the scenery. Pause the film, and say three times:

I step into the picture to relax and unwind.

Look at the paused film. Take a deep breath in and out and imagine actually stepping into the picture as if you are looking through a window for a few minutes and taking a mini-vacation there. See and sense yourself there, relaxing and enjoying your adventure. Do this for about five minutes, then take another deep breath in and out, and come back to the present time and place. You can repeat this meditation as often as you like, with different films, and for shorter or longer durations.


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