Importance of a Smile

Carla 2001


A personal smile from me to you. Blessed be.

A smile is a thing of beauty and can mean so much to someone.

A simple statement for a simple action.

Ever think about what kind of positive energy a smile can bring to you or someone else? This morning I was feeling very flighty and un-grounded and it occurred to me that I had received and maybe even given more smiles in the last two days then I had in the last month. Watching my 22 month old grandson brings me lots of them and I give a lot in return to him and his older sister. It came to me the reason I felt flighty is I hadn’t grounded to give some of this
magnificent positive energy to anyone else, Mother Earth or even the Universe at large.

A smile can bring you a much needed lift in positive energy. It can help you feel better just by seeing one or giving one to a person that is looking glum or out of sorts. The great thing about smiles is they are free for us to give each other and can do so much good for everyone the gets or gives one. I do not drive so I walk to the train station and other local places in town often, I try to give anyone I pass along my way a smile. For all I know it could change their day from yuck into yeah!

Once the idea dawned that I needed to do something with this extra energy to feel like I am walking on the floor not a couple of inches above it; I did my morning “prayers” and then a very short meditation.

The meditation is an easy one that can be done any where at any time. The time it takes to do it is an individual thing. For me it can be anywhere from a couple of minutes, if I catch the off feeling right away, or even up to a half hour, when I try to ignore what is happening and attempt to just go on with my day.

You can sit or stand to do this meditation.

Imagine roots coming out of the bottom of your feet growing into Mother Earth.

At the same time bring your power hand (the hand you use the most for everyday things) down on your head where the Crown Chakra is and hold it there. This will help the Chakra close because if it is open to far you will be connecting with to much energy in the Universe at large and possibly feel disconnected or light headed or even slightly dizzy. I also picture my Crown Chakra closing like a Morning Glory kind of folding in on itself this helps me to control how much I close it. Sit or stand like this until you feel yourself connecting with Mother Earth.

I then picture a flow of grounding energy coming up from Mother Earth through my feet, up my legs and so on until it reaches my hand at the Crown Chakra. Once the grounding energy has reached there I open my hand palm up to reconnect to the Universe at large and complete the circuit of being fully connected to all things around me, those I can see and those I can’t.

Remember a smile is a gift we can freely give and receive everyday. If you are not out among people you can still get a smile and give one to a very important person-YOURSELF- by looking in a mirror.

Copyright 2015 Carla Schultz-Ruehl

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Importance of Balance in Our Life

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About a year ago on a Tuesday morning about 7:00 AM, after no sleep since Monday
morning, I was walking to my part time job at a friend’s puppy store feeling pretty grumpy
and out of sorts. I looked up to my right and saw a half Moon “Now that’s cool!” I
exclaimed out load because looking to my left the Sun was rising. I took the time to
welcome Ra (Egyptian Sun God) and the lovely Lady suddenly feeling energized and more
myself. The couple of minutes I took to do this reset the tone for my entire day. From one
of UGH I have to go listen to and clean up after all these animals to SMILE I get to spend
time with these beautiful animals.

My typical day when I would go in to open the store my job was very physical; cleaning
puppy and older rescue dog kennels, bathe and primping the puppies and rescue dogs to
be shown that day as well as cleaning their playpens in the front of the store, mopping,
feeding, watering, etc…well you get the idea I’m sure. After working three and a half
hours, with no sleep, I dragged my weary body home to do laundry then eat, take a hot
shower and go to sleep finally at about three in the afternoon. My familiar, Cleopatra a
beautiful Min Pin, was co-operative that day and only waking me once about 4:30 or 5 for
her dinner and a short walk my husband took her out later and let me sleep for about
thirteen hours straight with the one necessary interruption so I could go into work
refreshed the next day.

I woke up Wednesday feeling totally out of balance again. I am very tied to Mother Earth
and her changing seasons. Where I live we had an extremely mild winter for us, which
many saw as a blessing. In many ways I did to but still Mother needs her rest and
hibernation time so when she awakens she is rested ready to help nourish us and all other
living things on her. Well the weather here for this time of year should be in the mid to
upper fifties (all temperatures are in F. or American temperature degrees) to maybe low
sixties and going down into the low thirties at night. Instead for the last two weeks it has
been in the mid to high sixties even going to eighty one degrees yesterday and the low
fifties to high forties at night. Needless to say Mother is waking up extremely fast after a
fitful winters rest.

“So what does all of this have to do with balance in your life?” you may be asking yourself
about me around now. The answer is my body is having a hard time adjusting to Mother’s
so rapid a wake up. Yesterday (Wednesday) I felt more like I had a tie to Air being blown in
all directions at once. I felt as if I had no grounding. I felt totally and completely out of
balance not only within myself but with the entire Universe. As if someone or something
had taken away every part of me that was tied to our Mother and provider, Gaia-Mother
Earth-Isis- or whatever name you give to our creation Deity that you honor. At first I was
very sluggish then I got called into the store to do the paperwork to send an adorable
puppy home; well somewhere during that transaction my mind and body went into hyper
drive-meaning I felt shaky, light headed and disconnected.

Finally realizing what was going on with myself I knew I had to bring myself back to center,
balance my Energy and get grounded as quickly as possible. Side note I had talked to my
Sister in Germany before I left for the store and again after I came back but before getting
me back to being me and even being thousands of miles apart she could tell by not only
the tone of my voice but also be the speed of which I was talking that something was up
with me. Even snuggling with Cleopatra, who almost always help calm me wasn’t working,
so I knew I was way, way off center and having a hard time getting back to it.

As I said in the beginning I am very tied to Mother Earth to help ground myself quickly I
have a piece of petrified wood, that I found as a child and tumbled in my own rock
polisher, that I hold on to, to help give me a focal point and a piece of Mother right in front
of me in contact with my body. This helps to calm me enough to be able to cleanse my
Chakras, start to center enough to be able to meditate. I also close my Crown Chakra by
placing my power hand (the one you write with) over the crown Chrkra area and imagine a
Morning Glory closing.

The meditation I use for this is a guide one of my own making: I do deep breathing first
imagining every muscle, tendon, bone, etc. to be melting into Mother after I feel pretty
much completely relaxed; I picture myself bring a tree starting as a seed progressing into a
beautiful full grown tree (the type of tree seems to change each time I do this) with roots
running deeply into Mother. This may take me anywhere from fifteen minutes up to an
hour to do, but every minute spent in this meditation is well worth it for me as I will come
out of it centered, balance, feeling a part of the Universe and mostly importantly to me part
of our wonderful Mother again as well as being me.

About two hours after doing my meditation I was able to take Cleopatra on a nice long walk
through a field that as a decent size (I live two blocks from our town’s downtown area)
stand of trees with a wonderful creek that runs through the middle of them. It was she
who decided it was time to go home, I want to stay and bask in the wonders of Mother. I
want to watch the Sun set and the lovely Lady Moon come out just I had the privilege of
watching the reverse the day before.

Today I awake after a peaceful night’s sleep feeling refreshed, centered, in balance and a
small part of the whole. In others words I am me again with all my blessings as well as my
faults. I am again connected not only to myself but to all things.

My wish for you is that you may feel the same.

Copyright 2014 Carla Schultz-Ruehl

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Meditation Basics

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Everyone has something special they can do to some degree or another. I challenge you to look into yourself to find out what yours is. It maybe the stories you write that bring joy and happiness to others. You may be able to look at another and know how they are feeling or see something from the past or future of your life or someone else’s’ or knowing when the phone rings who is calling. Just by smiling at someone you don’t know you can brighten their day because of it. Cook or bake that special something that everyone loves and no one can really duplicate. You may see an animal in need and help them out. I think you get what I am trying to say we all have a unique something in our self that no one quite has, but many of us do not know what it is or chose to ignore what’s right in front of us.

An easy way to start on your path of self-discovery is through daily meditation. Following is a simple guideline for basic meditation:

Get in a comfortable position, somewhere quite and where you will not be disturbed. Find that position that you can be comfortable in for up to an hour. Start off slow about fifteen minutes a day and work up slowly to an hour or whatever you discover is your top amount of time for a good mediation session.

Put on some soft instrument music.

Take three deep breaths completely filling your lungs on the inhale and emptying them on the exhale. Pick a word to allow to escape slowly through your lips on the exhale. This helps to ease the mind and body away from everyday life into your meditation zone.

While you are doing the deep breathing clear your mind of mundane everyday cares and worries.

After the cleansing breaths, go back to your normal breathing pattern and for a few breaths imagine your feet are connecting to Mother Earth and putting roots down. To do this imagine little roots coming out of the bottom of your feet growing down through whatever is in the way between you and Mother Earth. After you picture your roots getting to Mother Earth allowing them to grow into her about six inches deep. Once you have grounded yourself then open yourself to connecting with the Universal whole. To complete the circle with the Universe lay your palms up either on your legs or extended over your head. imagine the Universal energy coming down through your hands flowing through you into your grounded feet then escape out of the bottom of your feet and going upward to meet with the Universe again.

After you are grounded and connected ask for help from your Spirit Guides to find your true life path.

As you discover more about your path and yourself your gift or gifts will slowly become known to you.

Now if you already know what your gifts/powers are this meditation will help you to get in touch with them better as well as help guide you in the best way to use them to help not only you but others as well.

Copyright 2014 Carla Schultz-Ruehl

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Mediation to Rid Yourself of Negativity

This is a semi-guided meditation to help you clear the negativity from your mind and Spirit. You should not do this at a time that you will get relaxed and fall asleep before the end of the mediation. This is to relax your mind and body as it helps you to get rid of negativity you may be holding inside. There will be times your subconscious will bring up things you were not even aware of bothering you.

Do not light a candle for this meditation because you eyes will be closed and it could be unsafe.

To do this meditation, pick a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed by anyone or anything for 30 to 45 minutes.

Put on some soft music preferably without words to distract you. I like Celtic Bagpipe and drums or Native American Flutes or Whale songs mixed with classical music or plain classical music depending on the mood I am in.

Light one of these incense sticks of Jasmine or Sandalwood (which can be used as a substitution for any other incenses or essential oil) Any of these will help with mediation and cleaning of negative energy while bring in purification.

After you turn on your music and get in a very comfortable position; find one you so won’t have to readjust yourself to get comfortable once you start. I usually wait for a minute or to two to start after I think I am comfortable just in case my body has other ideas. Once you have that accomplished, take three long, slow, deep breaths it should take a slow count of six or seven as you inhale and a minimum of ten as you exhale. About half way through exhaling each time pick a word to use to help you clear your mind of everyday thoughts which will help you relax. I use the word relax, it is simple, but it tells myself what I am trying to accomplish. Let every part of your body relax completely. I feel myself kind of melting into whatever I am meditating on my bed or Lazyboy with the footrest up of course.  Many people think all meditation should be done sitting up as straight as possible within “Indian” style position (leg folded at the knee in front of you) with hands resting palm up on legs. Again pick a position most comfortable for you to meditate in but not fall asleep during it.

After you feel yourself relax, picture yourself approaching a bridge over a river running rather swiftly with a handful of stones and something to write on them with. Walk to the middle of the bridge then one by one throw the stones into the river. Each stone have something that is bothering is you written on it. As you throw the stones into the river one by one think of the thing that is written on it that you are throwing away. Watch as the river takes the stone and your problem along with it as it rushes away from you under the bridge. After throwing the stone into the river try to not think about what you are trying to let go of anymore. Know that it is now in the hands of the Universe and it will take care of it for you.

After you have thrown the last stone in for this mediation again take three slow, deep breaths allowing yourself to come back to the “real” world slowly. Do not attempt to immediately get up from where you chose to meditate, give yourself a couple of minutes to enjoy the light feeling of riding yourself of negativity. This can be done as often as you feel a need to do it. Also have a glass of water by you and drink it before standing up.

You now need to fill the voids from where the negativity resided in you. To do this ask the Universe or a God and/or Goddess to fill the space with positive, loving energy.

Do not be discouraged or think it won’t work if you have trouble keeping yourself focused on the imagery the first few times you try it as it takes a little practice and patience to do this. Once you can get yourself to the point of not letting the things you have let go back into your mind you will begin to feel more grounded and better in general.

Copyright 2013 by Carla Schultz-Ruehl No part of this may be reproduced in any form without permission of the writer.


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Monday’s Meditation

Dragon Comments & Graphics

Monday’s Meditation

Find a quiet, comfortable space in your house, or outside, to sit in a relaxed position. Warm up your vocal chords with any number of practice sounds. When you are ready, say this chant six times, in a low tone, allowing your body to feel the vibrations coming from your words:

“Me, me, me….
I’m taking time for me….
Today is Monday….
I feel a breeze….
I hear the sounds….
A bee buzzed by….
A leaf hit the ground….
Me, me, me….
It’s only me….
All alone….
My spirit is free….
Just happy to be….
Me, me, me….”

After saying this chant, you should feel refreshed and relaxed.

A Witch’s Week of Spells and Activities
Helga C. Loueen
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WOTC Extra – How to Meditate

Unicorn Comments & Graphics

How to Meditate


So exactly where should you begin? Do you have to sit in a lotus position, like a human pretzel? Should you press your thumbs and index fingers together and chant OM? Well, first of all, just relax. If you can do that much, you’re well on your way. The following directions offer suggestions and guidelines to help you get the most out of meditation. You don’t have to follow them exactly. Trust your instincts; if something feels awkward, don’t do it. And remember, give yourself a chance—meditation isn’t something you’ll master overnight.

Let go of any preconceptions about how fast you should be “getting it,” or what kind of magickal experiences might result. If you set a lot of expectations for yourself, you’re likely to be disappointed and make learning more difficult. Meditation isn’t something you strive or push yourself to excel at. You ease into it.

Find a convenient place and a comfortable position that you can sit in for a while. The more comfortable your body is, the easier it becomes for your mind to direct its attention toward the purpose you’ve intended. At first, your mind is going to jump about from thought to thought, like a butterfly flitting from flower to flower. Everything from a little twitch in your leg to a dog barking down the road can potentially break your concentration. That’s why meditation is considered a discipline.

Close your eyes and give yourself permission to put the world around you “on hold” for a bit. Breathe slowly and deeply; pay attention to your breath. It may help to shake out your arms and legs or stretch a bit before you sit down to meditate. Some people like to do some light exercise, such as yoga or walking, to release tension prior to meditation.

Begin by committing yourself to just five minutes of meditation a day, then increase the amount of time over a period of weeks. Just sit quietly, with your eyes closed. At first five minutes may seem like an eternity, but soon you’ll stop glancing at your watch and simply enjoy taking a brief time out to relax.

Excerpts from:
The Everything Wicca and Witchcraft Book: Rituals, spells, and sacred objects for everyday magick (Everything®)
Skye Alexander
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Let’s Talk Witch – What Is Meditation?

Unicorn Comments & Graphics

What Is Meditation?

For many people, the word meditation conjures up images of Buddhist monks sitting cross-legged, intoning “ooooommmm.” However, meditation in one form or another has been a part of every major religion throughout the world. In the past few decades, conventional Western medicine, professional sports, correctional facilities, and the business world have also discovered the benefits of meditation. Meditation is sometimes described as listening to God, whereas prayer is talking to the Divine.

When you meditate, you empty your mind of all thoughts and become receptive, allowing impressions and inspiration—from your subconscious or from a higher source—to flow into your awareness. The body’s processes slow down. You feel calm, relaxed, and centered.

According to Jeremy Taylor, a seventeenth-century English prelate and author, “Meditation is the tongue of the soul and the language of our spirit.” Perhaps that sounds somewhat lofty, but meditation isn’t a high-and-mighty process, and you don’t need to be a monk to do it. In time, with a little practice, virtually anyone who wants to can learn to meditate.

Meditation enables you to contemplate ideas at a deeper level and better comprehend them. In meditation, you can explore the great mysteries that have engaged human hearts and minds for eons. Some people choose to ponder a single concept, word, or image, such as the Zen saying “one hand clapping,” during meditation. This technique strengthens your mental muscles and expands your perception.

Witches find meditation useful because it helps them gain mental and emotional clarity. Daily meditation clears the clutter from your mind, balances the relationship between the inner and outer worlds, disperses tension, centers the spirit, and creates a positive atmosphere for working magick. From this hushed state of the body and soul, you can channel energy more easily. Stress and anxiety dam up flow of creative energy. As practitioners you know, a clear, still, focused mind and a quiet heart are necessary to perform effective spells.

Excerpts from:
The Everything Wicca and Witchcraft Book: Rituals, spells, and sacred objects for everyday magick (Everything®)
Skye Alexander
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Meditation for Samhain – Descend to the Realm of Hecate



In this trance journey through the deep earth , you will discover the realm of Hecate, the Crone Goddess of Wisdom. She is the dark face of the goddess, and many fear her. It is Hecate who attends women in childbirth, and it is she whom we will face at the end of our life’s journey. Take this opportunity to name and face your fear. Is it advanced age? Death? To create positive change, you must honor her with respect to receive her blessing and aid.


• You are standing in a vast and empty field. The last of the harvest has been cut and gathered and stands drying in the barn . In the distance, an orchard of apple trees stands fruitless, save for the last few fallen apples of the season that rest on the ground as if the very wind has made an offering to the earth mother.

• You face the setting sun, which sinks lower in the sky, illuminating the painted leaves that rush by. A strong wind from samhain the east is at your back, and the tumultuous journey of the swirling leaves echoes a feeling from deep within your soul.

• You feel the earth start to tremble. It is as if you are standing on a fault line and the tectonic plates have begun to shift . You experience a sense of exhilaration, as if a mighty change is about to occur. Your intuition proves to be absolutely correct.

• You watch in amazement as the earth opens before you. What began as a rumble , then a crack emanating from the very place where you stand, turns into a deep chasm. You peer inside, noticing the vast network of roots still clinging to the earth from stalks long since cut.

• You take a step into the gap in the earth. You notice small tunnels made by burrowing insects and small animals. A family of chipmunks huddles together, bracing for the coming cold. You feel no fear, only curiosity as to the secrets of the dark earth.

• You are compelled to go further. You step carefully, loosened rocks tumbling on ahead to unseen realms. You notice the colorful striations in the rocks as you descend. Pockets in the matrix reveal glittering crystals, so perfectly formed they look as though they had been deliberately placed along your path.

• Light begins to fade as the surface of the Earth retreats into the distance, but you forge ahead, led by the sensation that a great mystery is being revealed to you. You feel the pulsating rhythms of the Earth itself and a great truth is affirmed for you. The earth is alive and teeming with life. As it is above, so it is below.

• You are enveloped in the darkness, when, strangely, you begin to perceive a light . This seems as strange and fantastic as the journey you are presently undertaking. The faint light of a gently glowing ember guides you along your path until you find yourself unexpectedly facing a woman. Her hair is long and white, and her face is etched with the songs and stories of a thousand lifetimes. You recognize her instantly. She is the grandmother of all, the ancient crone of your imaginings.

• You stop and stand before her in awe. At her feet is a large black cauldron. Beneath the cauldron is the fire that led you to her. Without speaking, her voice appears in your mind and she asks you why you have come to her. You reply, “I seek to learn the mysteries of the earth and to honor you with respect.”

• She nods and stirs the cauldron and asks, “Who are you?” You pause because you know her question is more profound than it seems. She is not asking your name. She is asking you to name the desire of your soul, to make a connection between yourself and the divine, to acknowledge yourself as an integral part of the earth you have chosen to penetrate and explore.

• You answer wordlessly, “I do not know.” She stops stirring the cauldron and bids you to gaze into its depths. You do not know the liquid that it contains, but it swirls around as though she was still stirring it.

• You see your own face reflected on the surface, and as the surface churns, your appearance begins to change. You see yourself as a very young person, full of energy and vitality. Then the image begins to change again before your eyes. You see yourself as a mature person, fulfilled and happy.

• Another spiral sweeps this vision from your eyes and you are revealed this time as an old person with the light of a lifetime dancing in your eyes. You look up into the eyes of the crone and you hear a voice inside your head. You are not certain if it is your own voice or that of the manifestation of the goddess before you, but you cannot argue with its message: “I am the Maiden, seeker of Wisdom. I am the Mother, giver of Wisdom. I am the Crone, keeper of Wisdom.”

• You understand that this truth has been revealed to you through the woman standing before you. She is the woman you will one day become, just as surely as the reflections in her dark cauldron are aspects of yourself as well. By approaching her with honor and respect instead of fear, you have enabled yourself to embody this truth and you know it is now time for you to leave the underground realm of darkness and mystery.

• You now realize that in the span of your own lifetime, however long or short, you have already learned many things, taught many things, and have much still to learn. As the maiden, you learned how to navigate through all of life. You began life as a helpless infant and learned independence. At the same time, you taught your parents how to nurture and ultimately how to let go. As the mother, you nurtured dreams of your own and shared your wisdom with others . As the crone, most of your lifetime lies behind you. You own all of your achievements, triumphs, and trials. And there is still more that you desire from life. You have already died and been reborn many times within this one lifetime.

• With this realization, you face her one last time. Her visage vanishes before your eyes, as does her cauldron and its reassuring glow. You are alone and standing in near-total darkness, yet you feel a comforting warmth about your shoulders. You turn around and see that the glowing embers that lit the cauldron have been replaced by the waning rays of the setting sun, seemingly miles away, dancing on the surface of the Earth as you remain far beneath.

• You begin the slow ascent back up to the surface of the world. You pass by the glittering gems hidden deep within the matrix, a tangible testament to the power of change. Years of pressure and temperature changes have yielded something unique and beautiful in a purely natural state, a treasure meant for your eyes alone.

• You climb higher and notice again the colorful striations in the compacted soil and marvel at the intricate network of deep roots that penetrate the dark earth, as complex and thick and sturdy as any oak branch that weaves its way through the sky. The earth is living all around you, home to insects and small animals and all kinds of plants, forming delicate connections never seen by light of day or by the light of the moon.

• You emerge just as the sun makes its final descent below the horizon, bathing the field in the magical purples of twilight. The brightest stars are becoming visible now. You notice that the wind has shifted and now blows from the west.

• You smile as you stand among the swirling leaves that come rushing towards you. Your change has come.


Provenance Press’s Guide To The Wiccan Year: A Year Round Guide to Spells, Rituals, and Holiday Celebrations
Judy Ann Nock
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