Time Window Meditation

Time Window Meditation

Tonight turn on a DVD or video of a movie with clips of places where you would love to visit. Move forward in the video until you reach a place that you love the scenery. Pause the film, and say three times:

I step into the picture to relax and unwind.

Look at the paused film. Take a deep breath in and out and imagine actually stepping into the picture as if you are looking through a window for a few minutes and taking a mini-vacation there. See and sense yourself there, relaxing and enjoying your adventure. Do this for about five minutes, then take another deep breath in and out, and come back to the present time and place. You can repeat this meditation as often as you like, with different films, and for shorter or longer durations.


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Let’s Talk Witch – Creative Visualization

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Let’s Talk Witch – Creative Visualization


Creative visualization is the art of allowing the mind sufficient freedom to produce a symbol or picture which is meaningful to nobody else but you. It does not have to be ornate – indeed you will find the simpler the better. Sometimes the image will come to you in meditation, sometimes in dreams and sometimes will arise spontaneously apparently of its own volition.

As a general rule there are seven stages of creative visualization. These are as follows:

1. Setting the scene in as much detail as you can.

2. Visualizing objectively yourself and others taking part in your scenario.

3. Refining the detail, rejecting things that are obviously not feasible or are over the top, and accepting and adding additional detail where possible.

4. Seeing, feeling and sensing yourself participating in your visualization.

5. Testing your doubts and fears. These may range from ‘Have I the right to expect this?’ to ‘Someone will stop me….’ and taking in a huge range of similar such statements in between – even down to ‘Do I really want this?’

6. Accepting that whatever you are visualizing can happen for you in the here and now. You are giving yourself an acceptable present.

7. Taking responsibility for allowing your visualization to happen. You have, and can have, a sustainable future.

You can often gain tremendous insight into your own and other people’s motivation through this process and it is, of course, an invaluable tool in making things happen in a positive way. Here we use it to remove problems, but it could equally be used to create good things for yourself and others.


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Star Guide Meditation

Star Guide Meditation

Reconnect with your own stellar heritage with this meditation. Your stellar self acts as a source of energy, love, creativity and enlightenment.

After dark, recline outdoors on the grass or a lounge chair, somewhere safe, where you will not be disturbed and where you can clearly see the stars. If it’s not possible to go outdoors, do this next to a window or door indoors where you can see the stars.

Draw a circle and call in the elements. Ask a favorite deity to enter your circle for guidance and protection. Think of one question

that is pressing upon you right now, a question you really want to know the answer to. Take three deep breaths by breathing in to the count of three, holding your breath for three counts, and then exhaling completely. In your mind’s eye, imagine ascending a beautiful ladder of white light to the stars. With each step you take, you fell more and more comfortably relaxed and in tune with your surroundings. Select a star to focus on. Flow ever upward, higher and higher to the star you have selected. Imagine walking toward the star, closer and closer. Before you is what looks to be a holographic gate made entirely of energy. You find yourself walking through the gate, and as you do so, you sense a subtle popping feeling.

Once you move through the stargate, there is a being of light waiting for you. This being is your star guide and will answer your question. Ask your questions, then listen for the thought-form reply. As you listen to your star guide, you can see the stars all around you. They are alive with energy, living being who are on their own path of evolution. Once you have received your answer, thank your star guide and descend the ladder of white light.

When you are finished, pull up the circle, bid farewell to the elements, and clap your hands three times soundly. Go back inside and lie down in bed. As you drift to sleep, imagine yourself drifting up toward the stars. In the morning write down your dreams in your journal.

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Meditation for Daily Living: Releasing Despair

Meditation for Daily Living: Releasing Despair

At times it is important to do a daily meditation by focusing on things we don’t necessarily like to dwell on. Despair in metaphysics has a much less  forgiving definition than in most other contexts. Despair is the assumption that life has nothing good to offer. In metaphysics, this is a crime. Since the  basic principle is that we attract circumstances in life based upon the tendency of our thoughts, despair will attract extremely negative outcomes. Despair  is considered a sin in some belief systems and from this perspective, it’s easy to understand why.

Despair is an emotional condition in which we choose to believe that there is something within us that is less than worthy of a desirable life. This is a false assumption, and is frequently a “comfort zone” of belief in which nothing else may be expected of us. I know that this may sound harsh, but close examination will prove this out. It is easier to give up than it is to persevere. This is what the emotion of despair is designed to do, to give us an “out” from difficult circumstances.

But how comfortable is despair really? When we are in the throes of it, we need expect nothing of ourselves, yet we continue to attract negativity. That is work. The cascade effect of a continued negative perspective on life, batters us and creates increasing tension. This isn’t comfortable. It becomes necessary at some point to pick ourselves up and carry on. What can be difficult is overcoming the inertia we have built up from allowing the motionlessness of despair to overcome our personal energy.

By meditating you will find yourself spotting the core belief involved which can make this process much easier. Despair comes from the belief that we are unworthy of our good in some way and that good must be withheld from us. Simply denying this belief can make a massive difference. When we see or feel this concept arising, that we cannot receive our good, just say, “That isn’t true. It’s a lie”. These simple statements to oneself and the refusal to be argued out of them by habitual mental patterns gives the process of overcoming inertia a jump-start. The reason is that despair is a created condition, not a natural one. It is a way of explaining the challenges that we experience in life, and is simply not accurate. It makes as much sense as the parent who answers a child with “Because”. As an answer, it doesn’t have much merit. Refuse to accept such simplistic answers and let these negative explanations fall away.

Take the time for a daily meditation to help release any conscious or unconscious dispair. You daily life might get a whole lot lighter!

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Self Meditation for Daily Life: I am Letting Go

Self Meditation for Daily Life: I am Letting Go

  Here’s a powerful daily meditation for increasing the level of peace in our lives which is very useful:  

Allow your body to relax in your chair. Let your arms, your shoulders, and your back release their tension and just drop.

As you’re sitting there watching the screen, make a conscious decision that there is nothing else that you must do for the next couple of minutes.

Take a look at an area in your life which has been causing you stress. Make a conscious decision that there is nothing you must do about it for the next  couple of minutes. Let it go entirely, knowing that you can pick it up again shortly if you choose to.

Repeat Step #3 with another area of life which has been causing you stress.

Repeat Step #3 until you feel convinced that in this moment, there is nothing you must experience stress about or concern for.

Allow yourself to experience the freedom for these few minutes of not having to worry or feel stress about anything in your life. Notice that nothing is  getting worse for lack of your concern about it.

Offer yourself the opportunity to release your worries and concerns regularly by using different self meditations in your daily life.

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Self Meditation for Daily Life: Perfection

Self Meditation for Daily Life: Perfection

 As a spiritual being, you are inherently perfect, whole and complete. So why not incorporate this wisdom into a self meditation for daily living. We often  think something is wrong with us. Truth is, nothing is wrong with you. In the Divine Plan everything you are and do is exactly right. Does this seem rather  far-fetched? It isn’t, really. If we were to assume the viewpoint that there is a Divine Plan for your life, and that all you needed to do was to be  yourself in order to fulfill it, then who and what you are is Divinely Right.

Regardless of the condition of your body, you as a soul or spirit are perfect. Spirit is unchanging. If Spirit was right once, then It is always right.  You are made in the image and likeness of that always right Spirit, this is what you as a spiritual being are.

This doesn’t leave much room for shame, guilt or regret. You may have been ignorant or uninformed at the time that these conditions arose, but it  doesn’t negate the fact that you are still perfect. In my opinion, our unknowingness of the Divine Plan and our part in it brings up these negative  emotions. There is something that can be done about it however, and this can bring a great deal of relief to the soul.

Acceptance that we are included in the Divine Plan whether we are consciously aware of it or not can alleviate much of the emotional pain that we carry  around. Staying clear with ourselves that we are part of this, encourages us to stay in alignment with the purity of our inner selves. It is this inner  purity or authenticity which can ensure that we stay on track with the Plan for our lives. Not to emulate some saint somewhere, but to be as realistically  ourselves as we can manage.

From a high level perspective, one may argue that it doesn’t matter what we do, that the Divine Plan unfolds no matter what. This may be true, but can  you live with yourself in the meantime? To bring about peace of mind, I’ve found that it is much easier to promote a sense of being the reality of Self  consciously. This helps us to “tune in” to right action for us, that is, what encourages us to live our lives more fully.

Allow yourself to accept that you really are part of the Plan, always have been and always will be. You are perfect, just the way you are. As you meditate  daily on the concept of perfection in all things, you may find your daily life meditation opens up new levels of acceptance.

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Goddess Meditation


At the world’s beginning
there was a Mother.
All beginnings partake
of that Mother’s energy.

To know this world,
first know the Mother.
Then, go forth and learn
to know the world.

Then go back to Her.
Go back and hold fast to Her.
Hold fast to the Mother, and
you will never be in danger.

Source Unknown to me

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Let’s Talk Witch – Even Witches Need To Know How to Meditate

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Let’s Talk Witch – How To Meditate

To begin, sit in a darkened room (not pitch dark, but dim lights). Sit still, sit quiet, for 10 minutes. No music, no talking, no tapping your fingers, no jiggling your foot, no moving your head or cracking your neck or looking around. It’s harder than you think. If you don’t make it through the first time, try again the next day (don’t rush it or you’ll just get really mad at yourself – this isn’t a speed competition!) and keep trying until you can sit still and quiet for 10 minutes. You can think about anything you want, the point is to be physically still, and not have any external stimuli (no TV, no music, no whatever). This teaches you to have a quiet body. This also teaches you about time, because it’s hard to know how long 10 minutes is. Your eyes can be opened or closed, it doesn’t matter (and blinking isn’t counted as moving, so you can blink all you want).

Once you are able to sit still for 10 minutes, then try sitting for 10 minutes and think only about white things. If you start to think about something that isn’t white, stop yourself, and start thinking about white things again. Here’s a list of words to help you get started:

Snow, polar bears, cotton, vanilla pudding, paper, light bulbs, chicken, arctic hare, white wolf, beluga whale, dove, cream, soap, flower, milk, flour, rice, refrigerator, tooth, swan, snowy owl, sand, stones, clouds

Once you have done it, do it twice more, on different days. Ten minutes thinking about things that are white. It will teach you how to concentrate and how to have a quiet mind. If you think about white things and you start to move, try again. If you are still, but you think about what that jerk on the bus said to you today, try again. Each time you try, take at least a one day break in between your tries. You will learn concentration and discipline, both very important for meditation. Don’t rush it, this isn’t a contest!

When you are comfortable with spending 10 quiet, still, minutes thinking about things that are white, try 10 minutes thinking about things that are natural, like animals, grass, trees, sky, and so on. Anything in the natural world, made naturally and not altered by human hands. Remember to keep still, and keep quiet. Don’t say the things out loud, just think them in your head.

If your mind wanders, just pull it back. So if you are thinking about animals, and you think about your cat, and your cat’s fur, and your cat’s meow, and the neighbourhood dog that chases your cat, that is fine. If you then think about the neighbourhood dog that barks, and your stupid neighbour who lets the dog bark at night and it wakes you up and then you get a bad sleep and you have an important meeting tomorrow and… now you have let your mind wander. Immediately think of another natural thing, and refocus yourself.

Then, practice and practice and practice until thinking about natural things is really really easy, and being still is really really easy. Think about different things each time – maybe think about animals one time, and then flowers the next time.

I recommend thinking about natural things because it is a great way to connect to the Goddess. So that when you want to meditate on the goddess Diana, for example, you can concentrate on things that are important to Her: trees, a cool stream, a deer, a dog and so on, without getting off track.

Give it a try, it will take some time to get good, but it will be worth every minute you spend trying. It will let you connect better with the Goddess, and that will increase the power of your spells and magick.

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