Candle Mediation

Candles are an intricate part of any witches tools as we use them for many things. They come in many shapes and sizes. What type you use is an individual decision.

They can be useful when you are just learning how to meditate.

How to do a candle meditation:

Light a candle, do not stare directly into the flame but kind of over the top of it. Put on some quiet instrumental music or chanting. Empty everything from your mind except the sight of the candle. Take a deep a deep cleansing breath. Then three deep breaths letting them out slowly. After that breath slowly and rhythmically. To begin try to do a 15-minute mediation working up to however long you want it.

After you have been meditating on a regular basis, at least twice a week, it is a good time to get answers from your guides. Ask a question and “listen” for the answer. This might come as a stray thought right away or it may take days. Answers to do come when a ready for them and our guides want to give them to us and it is not always as fast as we would like.

Have a glass of water sitting near you. After you have blown out the candle take three deep breaths letting them out slowly and allow yourself to slowly come back to the room around you. When you feel you have reconnected with your world drink the water and relax for a minute or two before getting up and carrying on with life.

Do not be surprised if the first few times you try to meditate that you fall asleep just make sure you have the candle in a holder that cannot be knocked over and protects the surface it is on from hot wax melting on to it. I suggest using jar candle until you know you won’t fall asleep during meditation. Meditation is not the same as relaxation therapy. The goal is to stay awake when meditating.

Copyright 2015 Lady Beltane

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Let’s Talk Witch – MEDITATION

Native American Comments & Graphics



Meditation is an excellent method of refining your awareness and your ability to sense and control energy. It’s a method of managing stress, which can interfere with your ability to channel energy. It smoothes the rough energy flowing through our lives into calmer, positive energy.

Most people think of meditation as sitting cross-legged with their eyes closed, trying to think of nothing. While this is certainly a valid interpretation, there are actually many different kinds of meditation. Most practices may be classified as one of two kinds of meditation:

Active Meditation: This is when you allow an object to evoke associations in your mind as you focus on it. Associations can include such things as sounds, dialogue, memories, and even interaction with images.

Passive Meditation: This is when you don’t allow your mind to wander, focusing your visualization upon only the object of your meditation.

There are several reasons to meditate. The opportunity to quiet our minds allows self-discovery, healing, insight, the re-establishment of emotional balance, and it encourages positive change. Meditation provides the opportunity to listen to our souls and bodies without the distraction of mental chatter, or stream of consciousness. It can be a very spiritual practice. Edgar Cayce once said, “Prayer is talking to God. Meditation is listening to God.”

The benefits of meditation are legion. It creates increased awareness of the self and the environment; it provides a time of inner silence, which is important for physical, mental, and emotional health; it creates a better energy flow for easier and more efficient living; it enhances personal energy for use in spiritual practice; and it conditions the mind through mental exercise.

Why exercise your mind through meditation? Everything begins with mind power. Even physical action originates with a thought. You’ve already discovered the importance of visualization and a clearly defined goal in spellcasting. Meditation helps hone these skills.

There are four basic requirements for meditation: a quiet environment to eliminate distractions; a comfortable position allowing complete relaxation of the physical body; a few moments spent relaxing to start; and a “mental device” to help block stream of consciousness generated by the waking mind, often called a mantra. That mental chatter, known as the stream of consciousness, is always present; you just notice it more when you try to meditate.

When is the best time for you to meditate? Take a moment to think about what the quietest time of your day is, or when you’re least likely to be disturbed. That’s an ideal time. Make sure the phone is off the hook, and that the TV and radio are turned off. Make sure you leave yourself enough time for preparation, for meditating, and for slowly coming out of the relaxed state. Create your ideal relaxed environment by selecting gentle music, soft lighting, and scents that calm you.

How often should you meditate? Remember that meditation is exercise, just like going to a gym, except this is a mental workout. Don’t overdo it. And have patience: we frequently become frustrated with a practice such as meditation, because we expect instant change in the twenty-first century. Meditation is a slow process by which the mind is trained. It’s better to meditate for ten minutes per day than for one hour per week. Like physical exercise, regular workouts are more effective than longer, fewer sessions.

Posture is important in any exercise, and being aware of your body is part of the work of meditation. Your physical state reflects your emotional state, so logically, your emotional state is also capable of influencing your physical state. While you may be tempted to lie down to meditate, be aware that your mind associates this position with sleep.

When sitting, keep your spine erect by imagining a string running all the way up your spine and out of the crown of your head, pulling you taut. This allows your energy to flow unimpeded throughout your body.
Relax your jaw; allow your head to float over your neck. Don’t strain your head forward or force it backwards.

Allow your arms to rest gently at your side or on your lap. Do not cross your arms or fold your hands.

Let your feet contact the ground, preferably flat.

If something happens during your meditation, accept it; look at your response objectively, and don’t leap to judge yourself. You have the ability to choose how to respond to things like annoying little itches, thoughts of inadequacy, and physical discomfort.


Power Spellcraft For Life: The Art Of Crafting And Casting For Positive Change
Arin Murphy-Hiscock


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Waxing Moon Meditation

A Dragon in the Sun (PDB)

Waxing Moon Meditation


Make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and focus on your breathing….deep breaths in and out….Visualize the real world disappearing.

As your world dissipates you find yourself at the foot of a hill, the grass is green beneath your feet and you can feel a gentle breeze on your face.

The lush grass is scattered with white daisies and you can smell their fresh scent in the air.

A small narrow track leads up the side of the hill in front of you, twisting and turning, spiralling its way up to the top, so you decide to follow it.

As you walk, following the path round and up with each step, release any stresses and worries that you are carrying with you….

Look out across the scenery, what do you see? What sounds can you hear?

Look out for any wildlife along the way.

Take deep breaths of cleansing, refreshing air as you walk. Walk on, continuing to ascend the path, heading always upward.

When you reach the top of the hill you lay down on the grass, lying on your back and looking up at the sky. Watch the white, wispy clouds as they float pass in the bright blue sky. What shapes do you see?

In the distance you see a darker cloud and realize that in the opposite valley there is a light rain shower, but the sun is still shining on your hilltop. After a short while a beautiful rainbow appears.

As you lie on the hilltops, allow yourself to draw renewing, invigorating energy from the rainbow, it is a gift from Mother Nature and she is happy to share it. Take as much as you need.

When you are ready, stand up and take a long look around at the landscape.

Then start to make your way back down the hillside, slowly following the pathway as it spirals down until you reach the foot of the hill.

Give thanks to Mother Nature and come back to this reality. Stamp your feet and wriggle your fingers.



Moon Magic – Pagan Portals

Rachel Patterson


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Guided Meditation for Beltane

Beltane Comments & Graphics
Guided Meditation for Beltane


Beltane, sometimes called May Day, occurs on April 30th or May 1st in the Northern Hemisphere and October 31st or November 1st in the Southern. Traditions vary, but it is often associated with spring, flowers, and fertility. In this meditation you will explore the areas in your life where you are creating, and focus on a specific act of creation in your life.

In a safe place begin by shaking out tension and stress from your body, then find a comfortable position and close your eyes.

Take a deep breath.

Breathe in, two, three, four and out,

two, three, four and in, two, three, four

and out, two, three, four.

Go ahead and feel your body, are there places you are holding tension? Even if you are indoors, let yourself feel the warmth of the Sun. Begin at your feet; as you see and feel the Sun’s light touch your toes, let them soften and relax.

As the light moves up your body, to your feet and then your legs, feel them soften, releasing any tension they were holding. The light touches your knees, then your thighs. Feel the Sun release your light reaching your chest, and your shoulders, traveling down your arms and in to your hands. Feel as your neck and jaws soften, and finally your face and you whole head. As you rest, bathed in the Sun’s light let its warmth fill you and give you energy. Just breathe. Each breath in absorbing the light and storing it.

Breathe in, two, three, four

and out, two, three, four

and in, two, three, four

and out, two, three, four.

When you are ready bring your awareness to the center of your chest. With each breath in allow your awareness to shift, bringing you into the shade of a apple tree’s branches. You can hear the sound of honey bees and feel grass between your toes.

Your body is still full of the energy from the Sun, and when you look around you can see there is a narrow path leading away from the apple tree and towards a looming mountain.

Let yourself move down the path, leaping and cart wheeling. Release the energy that has been pent up all winter and feel the wind on your skin as you run.

What does the Earth feel like under your feet as you move? Can you hear sounds? What do the plants smell like as you brush up against them?

As you run you feel the wind picking up, growing stronger and stronger at your back.

Soon it is lifting you up, and carrying you towards the mountain. Let yourself feel free and light.

As the wind carries you, you pass over various fruit trees, each bearing colorful flowers and teeming with pollinators, bees and birds of every variety.

As you travel along the air current, take a moment to reflect on the areas in your life where you are a creator, the areas where you are creative or build things.

Breathe in, two, three, four

and out, two, three, four

and in, two, three, four

and out, two, three, four.

When you are ready, let the wind set you down. Look around at your surroundings. Where have you landed? Are their plants or animals? Is it new or somewhere you have been? What does the air taste like?

Look around until you find a hidden nest.

There is an egg in the nest. What color is it? What size is it?

Take a moment to reflect on what you would like to cultivate in your life. What you would like to bring into the world. When you are ready send that intention into the egg, warm it with the light from your inner fire and the light from the Sun. Lay your hands on the egg, and with each out-breath send your intentions into it.

Breathe in, two, three, four

and out, two, three, four

and in, two, three, four

and out, two, three, four.

There is a movement beneath your hands, the egg is shaking, and cracks are forming along its surface.

You have created this egg, and brought it into being! As it hatches, what do you see emerge? Spend however much time you need with your creation.

Breathe in, two, three, four

and out, two, three, four

and in, two, three, four

and out, two, three, four.

When you are ready, let it fully emerge, and full with the energy you have given it, enter the world. A new creation.

When it is time to return to your body, turn and look at the mountain. You are much closer now, and there is a path leading towards it. Follow this path. And with each step you take along it, let your awareness shift back to your body. With each breath come back at little more.

Open your eyes. Say your name out loud, shake, pat yourself. Do whatever it is you need to help yourself return to normal awareness.

You may wish to sit quietly, with your eyes open for a few minutes and reflect on the experience you had.



Pagan Guided Meditations

Yucca Oldoitter

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QUICK SPELL Find a quiet, comfortable place where you will not be disturbed. You will need the following items: one red candle, one green candle, almond oil and jasmine incense, a pen and your Book of Shadows. Use the oil to anoint the candles and your forehead. Sit silently for a few moments and then ask the Goddess to guide your meditation. Light the red candle and say: May the goddess Flora bring me everlasting love and companionship. So mote it

Perform the following meditation: It is May. Picture yourself sitting on a hilltop and surveying the land around you. Flowers are in full bloom, birds are singing and a soft breeze wafts across the meadow bringing with it the scent of lilacs, roses and lily of the valley. The fragrance is so intoxicating that you feel your senses heightened to the point of superhuman ability. The happenings in the extreme distance seem like only a few yards away and you are part of them.

What do you see – you and your loving partner or, if you are single, the partner of your dreams? Breathe deeply and bring this colourful picture closer and brighter. Enjoy. Then move to the next scene – you partaking in a creative endeavour you have been aching to try. Breathe deeply and bring the colourful vision closer and brighter. Concentrate. Now look again and see the final scene. What do you see – love, success, happy pastimes? Breathe deeply and bring the picture closer and into colourful focus. Release it, give thanks and return to the present. Write the details of your visualization in your Book of Shadows and read it daily for inspiration.

Zurich, Holly (2011-02-21). Simple Wiccan Magick Spells and Ritual Ceremony (Kindle Locations 919-924). Kindle Edition.

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A Prayer/Meditation I Do Daily

LIns web site

Good morning Universe thank you for all my family and I have been given.

Good morning Ra, I thank you for your warmth and energy,

Good morning Mother Earth thank you for your grounding and energy.

Good morning Air, Water, Fire, Earth, the four Winds and Direction, (meaning the Cardinal Points/Watchtowers),

All our fellow living things on, above and below the waters;

On, above, and below the earth;

and in the air.

Thank you for being part of us and allowing us to be part of you.

I then go on to thank my Guardian Angels and those of my family and friends.

I thank my Spirit Guides and Ancestors for helping to guide me daily and keep me on my true life path.

There is more but it is on a more personal note so I will not share it here. I feel it is very important to thank those deities and other entities that helps us daily in our lives.  The reason I thank the God, Ra, and the Goddess, Mother Earth, but not all Gods and Goddesses I work with is to me they are my patrons for all I do. Without the help of Ra lighting the world we would always be in darkness. If not for all Mother Earth endures with us as well as other beings living on her, lets face it we would not even be here. So the next time you do you morning prayers or meditation or whatever you may call it try to remember to thank the Gods, Goddesses, Elements and other entities you work with in your magick or keep you safe from harm and/or danger. Doesn’t everybody like to here a thank you for the job they do or the help they give?

Thank you all for reading my work.

Blessed be.

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Importance of a Smile

Carla 2001


A personal smile from me to you. Blessed be.

A smile is a thing of beauty and can mean so much to someone.

A simple statement for a simple action.

Ever think about what kind of positive energy a smile can bring to you or someone else? This morning I was feeling very flighty and un-grounded and it occurred to me that I had received and maybe even given more smiles in the last two days then I had in the last month. Watching my 22 month old grandson brings me lots of them and I give a lot in return to him and his older sister. It came to me the reason I felt flighty is I hadn’t grounded to give some of this
magnificent positive energy to anyone else, Mother Earth or even the Universe at large.

A smile can bring you a much needed lift in positive energy. It can help you feel better just by seeing one or giving one to a person that is looking glum or out of sorts. The great thing about smiles is they are free for us to give each other and can do so much good for everyone the gets or gives one. I do not drive so I walk to the train station and other local places in town often, I try to give anyone I pass along my way a smile. For all I know it could change their day from yuck into yeah!

Once the idea dawned that I needed to do something with this extra energy to feel like I am walking on the floor not a couple of inches above it; I did my morning “prayers” and then a very short meditation.

The meditation is an easy one that can be done any where at any time. The time it takes to do it is an individual thing. For me it can be anywhere from a couple of minutes, if I catch the off feeling right away, or even up to a half hour, when I try to ignore what is happening and attempt to just go on with my day.

You can sit or stand to do this meditation.

Imagine roots coming out of the bottom of your feet growing into Mother Earth.

At the same time bring your power hand (the hand you use the most for everyday things) down on your head where the Crown Chakra is and hold it there. This will help the Chakra close because if it is open to far you will be connecting with to much energy in the Universe at large and possibly feel disconnected or light headed or even slightly dizzy. I also picture my Crown Chakra closing like a Morning Glory kind of folding in on itself this helps me to control how much I close it. Sit or stand like this until you feel yourself connecting with Mother Earth.

I then picture a flow of grounding energy coming up from Mother Earth through my feet, up my legs and so on until it reaches my hand at the Crown Chakra. Once the grounding energy has reached there I open my hand palm up to reconnect to the Universe at large and complete the circuit of being fully connected to all things around me, those I can see and those I can’t.

Remember a smile is a gift we can freely give and receive everyday. If you are not out among people you can still get a smile and give one to a very important person-YOURSELF- by looking in a mirror.

Copyright 2015 Carla Schultz-Ruehl

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Importance of Balance in Our Life

images (11)
About a year ago on a Tuesday morning about 7:00 AM, after no sleep since Monday
morning, I was walking to my part time job at a friend’s puppy store feeling pretty grumpy
and out of sorts. I looked up to my right and saw a half Moon “Now that’s cool!” I
exclaimed out load because looking to my left the Sun was rising. I took the time to
welcome Ra (Egyptian Sun God) and the lovely Lady suddenly feeling energized and more
myself. The couple of minutes I took to do this reset the tone for my entire day. From one
of UGH I have to go listen to and clean up after all these animals to SMILE I get to spend
time with these beautiful animals.

My typical day when I would go in to open the store my job was very physical; cleaning
puppy and older rescue dog kennels, bathe and primping the puppies and rescue dogs to
be shown that day as well as cleaning their playpens in the front of the store, mopping,
feeding, watering, etc…well you get the idea I’m sure. After working three and a half
hours, with no sleep, I dragged my weary body home to do laundry then eat, take a hot
shower and go to sleep finally at about three in the afternoon. My familiar, Cleopatra a
beautiful Min Pin, was co-operative that day and only waking me once about 4:30 or 5 for
her dinner and a short walk my husband took her out later and let me sleep for about
thirteen hours straight with the one necessary interruption so I could go into work
refreshed the next day.

I woke up Wednesday feeling totally out of balance again. I am very tied to Mother Earth
and her changing seasons. Where I live we had an extremely mild winter for us, which
many saw as a blessing. In many ways I did to but still Mother needs her rest and
hibernation time so when she awakens she is rested ready to help nourish us and all other
living things on her. Well the weather here for this time of year should be in the mid to
upper fifties (all temperatures are in F. or American temperature degrees) to maybe low
sixties and going down into the low thirties at night. Instead for the last two weeks it has
been in the mid to high sixties even going to eighty one degrees yesterday and the low
fifties to high forties at night. Needless to say Mother is waking up extremely fast after a
fitful winters rest.

“So what does all of this have to do with balance in your life?” you may be asking yourself
about me around now. The answer is my body is having a hard time adjusting to Mother’s
so rapid a wake up. Yesterday (Wednesday) I felt more like I had a tie to Air being blown in
all directions at once. I felt as if I had no grounding. I felt totally and completely out of
balance not only within myself but with the entire Universe. As if someone or something
had taken away every part of me that was tied to our Mother and provider, Gaia-Mother
Earth-Isis- or whatever name you give to our creation Deity that you honor. At first I was
very sluggish then I got called into the store to do the paperwork to send an adorable
puppy home; well somewhere during that transaction my mind and body went into hyper
drive-meaning I felt shaky, light headed and disconnected.

Finally realizing what was going on with myself I knew I had to bring myself back to center,
balance my Energy and get grounded as quickly as possible. Side note I had talked to my
Sister in Germany before I left for the store and again after I came back but before getting
me back to being me and even being thousands of miles apart she could tell by not only
the tone of my voice but also be the speed of which I was talking that something was up
with me. Even snuggling with Cleopatra, who almost always help calm me wasn’t working,
so I knew I was way, way off center and having a hard time getting back to it.

As I said in the beginning I am very tied to Mother Earth to help ground myself quickly I
have a piece of petrified wood, that I found as a child and tumbled in my own rock
polisher, that I hold on to, to help give me a focal point and a piece of Mother right in front
of me in contact with my body. This helps to calm me enough to be able to cleanse my
Chakras, start to center enough to be able to meditate. I also close my Crown Chakra by
placing my power hand (the one you write with) over the crown Chrkra area and imagine a
Morning Glory closing.

The meditation I use for this is a guide one of my own making: I do deep breathing first
imagining every muscle, tendon, bone, etc. to be melting into Mother after I feel pretty
much completely relaxed; I picture myself bring a tree starting as a seed progressing into a
beautiful full grown tree (the type of tree seems to change each time I do this) with roots
running deeply into Mother. This may take me anywhere from fifteen minutes up to an
hour to do, but every minute spent in this meditation is well worth it for me as I will come
out of it centered, balance, feeling a part of the Universe and mostly importantly to me part
of our wonderful Mother again as well as being me.

About two hours after doing my meditation I was able to take Cleopatra on a nice long walk
through a field that as a decent size (I live two blocks from our town’s downtown area)
stand of trees with a wonderful creek that runs through the middle of them. It was she
who decided it was time to go home, I want to stay and bask in the wonders of Mother. I
want to watch the Sun set and the lovely Lady Moon come out just I had the privilege of
watching the reverse the day before.

Today I awake after a peaceful night’s sleep feeling refreshed, centered, in balance and a
small part of the whole. In others words I am me again with all my blessings as well as my
faults. I am again connected not only to myself but to all things.

My wish for you is that you may feel the same.

Copyright 2014 Carla Schultz-Ruehl

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