Simple Toothpaste

Simple Toothpaste


Baking Soda

Salt Water


Peppermint oil (if possible, if not, try dried parsley just make sure it doesn’t get stuck between your teeth!)

Mix 1/3 cup of baking soda, ½ teaspoon salt, water and glycerin until you have a past you are happy with. Use more or less water for the type of paste you wish–thinner or thicker.

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How To Draw Down the Moon

How To Draw Down the Moon

By , Guide


In this beautiful and powerful rite, the practitioner invokes the Goddess directly into herself (or himself, as the case may be). In some variations, a High Priestess (HPs) may go into a trancelike state and speak the words of the Goddess, or it may be a formal monologue calling upon the Goddess in her many forms. Regardless of how you practice it, Drawing Down the Moon is best performed on the night of the full moon1, or on one of the nights immediately before. While it’s more suitable to be performed outside, if the weather is inclement or your neighbors are easily startled, you can hold the ritual indoors. 

Difficulty: Average
Time Required: 30 – 60 minutes

Here’s How:

  1. Stand at your altar with your arms crossed over your chest, and feet together. Face towards the full moon. Say:

    Goddess of the Moon, You have been known by many names in many lands in many times. You are universal and constant. In the dark of night, You shine down upon us and bathe us in Your light and love. I ask You, O Divine One, to honor me by joining with me, and allowing me to feel Your presence within my heart.

  2. Move your feet apart to about shoulder width, and raise your arms up and out to welcome the Goddess into you. The next part is one that you can memorize and learn, or you can speak spontaneously from the heart. You will begin to feel a surge of energy, a palpable tingle – don’t worry, that’s the Goddess making Herself known to you. Feel free to change these words as you like. You are speaking for Her, in Her voice, so let Her say what She wishes. Say:

    “I am the Mother of all life, the One who watches over all. I am the wind in the sky, the spark in the fire, the seedling in the earth, the water in the river.

  3. Continue:

    “I am the vessel from which All Things spring forth.

    Honor Me from within your heart! Remember that acts of love and pleasure are My rituals, and that there is beauty in all things.

    Honor Me on this night of the full moon! I have been with you since the moment you were created, and shall remain with you always.

    Let there be beauty and strength, wisdom and honor, humility and courage within you. If you need Me, call upon Me and I shall come to you, for I am everywhere, always.

    Honor Me as you seek knowledge! I am the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone, and I live within you.

  4. Feel the power of the Goddess within you. When you are ready, conclude with:

    I look down upon the sands of the desert, I crash the tides upon the shore, I shine on the mighty trees of the forests, and watch with joy as Life continues every cycle.

    Be true to Me, honoring that which I have created, and I shall be true to you in return.

    With harm to none, so it shall be.”

  5. Take a few moments to stand and bask in Her glow, and to meditate upon that which you have just experienced. Once the energy surge has subsided, lower your arms, and proceed with your ceremony as you normally would at the conclusion of a ritual.


  1. Drawing Down the Moon is an altered state of consciousness, a ritual possession by the Divine. It is not uncommon to feel the energy of the Goddess for quite some time following Drawing Down the Moon, so don’t be alarmed if you feel a heightened sense of clarity over the next few days. You may also feel extremely emotional — it’s not uncommon to cry or laugh spontaneously during this rite.
  2. The above ritual is one that I created myself, but for more variations on Drawing Down the Moon, there are excellent versions in Wicca For One by Raymond Buckland2 (pp. 87 – 89 and The Grimoire of Lady Sheba (pp. 167- 168).


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Make a Moon Candle

Make a Moon Candle

By , Guide


You can use a Moon Candle for your Esbat celebrations. As part of your rituals, you may wish to wrap it in a black cloth during the dark phase of the moon, and then gradually uncover it as the moon waxes. When the moon begins to wane again, move the black cloth back over it, to symbolize the ever-changing face of the moon.

If you’re going to decorate a pre-made candle (which is the easiest way to do this project), it’s best to use an unscented candle for this project, just because various scents can be distracting. A pillar is ideal, but you can certainly use a votive or taper. Use the same candle all year long, or for one 28-day lunar cycle, whichever you prefer.

You’ll need:

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • One white pillar candle
  • Acrylic paints in your choice of colors
  • Candle painting medium
  • Paintbrush
  • Ribbons in colors you associate with the moon (silver, black, white, or blue)

Use the rubbing alcohol to clean any excess oil or grime from the candle before you being. You can just pour a little bit on a soft cloth and wipe it down. Blend your acrylic paint in equal parts with candle painting medium — this is basically a product that helps your paint adhere to the candle. You can find it at any craft store.

Paint lunar or celestial patterns on your candle, and allow the paint to dry. Add ribbons in silver, black and white — be sure to move them out of the way before you burn the candle in ritual! The one in the photo was made with a blue ribbon that had celestial designs on it, as well as blue and silver glitter paint.

Helpful hint – if you don’t like the idea of painting a candle, buy a plain glass hurricane, and paint the glass instead. That way, you can use any candle you like inside it, and you don’t have to continuously repaint new candles.

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Full Moon Ritual – Letting Go


Full Moon Ritual

Letting Go

By , Guide


The monthly lunar cycle gives you many chances to do rituals to mark a personal turning point or let go.  At the New Moon, you can go into the dark and be symbolically reborn.  New Moon rituals1 help you summon your whole Self, and in that magic moment, commit to intentions.

At the full Moon2, the energy builds and builds….there’s an explosive outgoing aspect to it.  All of nature grows and is more vital at the full Moon.  This surge allows you to take action on behalf of those new Moon intentions you set two week prior.  A full Moon ritual might involve taking one solid step, with a symbolic action.  And it can be a powerful time to release, cast out, unburden yourself, purge, etc.  You celebrate your emergence by stepping out of an old skin, identity, behavior, attitude, relationship.  The ritual helps you by marking this inner transformation in a formal way.

A full Moon ritual might involve purification by one of the elements.  Most often, it’s fire, and done by casting something you don’t want into the flames.  One idea:  1)  Write what you’re releasing down on a stick.  2)  resolve to let go as you throw it into the fire.  3)  Throw the stick into the fire.  This can be done as a group, with everyone sitting ’round the fire…or in your own private ceremony.  Each person can seal their action of letting go by speaking it aloud, if there’s trust in the circle.

Water can be used to cleanse in rituals.  I remember a very meaningful full Moon ceremony I had at my house with three other women.  We had filled a blue bowl with water and some rose petals.  Each of us wrote down what we wanted to draw into our lives on a piece of paper.  After we read them aloud, we put our hands in the bowl to signify the cleansing of the old, to open to the new.  It’s still one of my favorite memories.  Mainly it worked because we all trusted each other to be open hearted and share our dreams.  When that’s there, you can evoke the magic of shifting consciousness at will because the support is palpable.

Full Moon Release Ritual Items you’ll need:  Floating candles, a large bowl, water, matches, a pen.

  • 1.  Create sacred space with candles, sage smudging, and setting up altars with powerful totems.  For some rituals, I’ll use an owl’s wing that a friend gave me, to represent wisdom.
  • 2.  If possible, stand or sit under the Moon.  Allow yourself to feel a direct relationship to it, as a mover of the living waters of the Earth and within our own bodies. 
  • 3.  Do a grounding exercise, to bring you out of the chatter of small talk and into ritual space.  Feel the earth under your feet and shake out the tension in the body.
  • 4.  Place the large water-filled bowl in front of you, or in the middle of your gathering on a table.
  • 5.  Each person writes what they’re releasing on the floating candle.  It’s not important that it shows up, just that the intention is there.
  • 6.  As you place the candle into the bowl, declare what you’re releasing.
  • 7.  Light the candle.
  • 8.  Allow yourself to feel the transfer of what you’re releasing to the candle.  As a group focus on letting go into the water, holding hands if that feels right.
  • 9.  Celebrate this release by sharing a feast under the full Moon!


Allow the candle to keep burning in the bowl as a symbol of the letting go process.  The flame is a purifier, and symbolizes the sparks of inspiration as well.  If you blow out your floating candle, and your bowl is in your home, relighting it will remind you of your commitment.  Place inspiring pictures and totems around it that remind you of who you’re becoming.  Above all, give yourself kudos for honoring your own growth.

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The Full Moons of the Witches


November:  The Wheel of the Year begins anew once more.
December  The Holly-King dies, and the Oak-King is born.
January:  Bid the past farewell, and receive the year that Web of Days has just been born.
February:  Welcome Spring!  Now is the time for banishing Winter.
March:  Feel the shift of balance from darkness to light growing stronger.
April:  The time of fertitily and growth is upon us.
May:  The time of the Sacred Marriage of the God and Goddess.
June:  Here comes the Sun!  The  Holly-King replaces the Oak-King.
July:  The first harvests begin ; time to give thanks and celebrate.
August:  John Barleycorn must die.  The harvest begins in earnest.
September:  The cycle of growth draws nears its end.
October: The Horned One steps forward bringing darkness, and the end of the year.

November:  Snow Moon; the snowy brightness and coolness of Her light is upon us.
December:  Cold Moon ; the Sun is at its lowest point, and Lunar Nights the Moon is a little colder.
January:    Wolf Moon ; gather close to the hearth, for wolves draw closer now.
February:    Ice Moon ; beneath a blanket of snow and ice, Nature rests.
March:  Storm Moon ; the boisterous storms of the light half  of the year begin.
April:  Growing Moon ; seeds are ready to be planted, and growth begins.
May:  Hare Moon ; rabbits leap and play in their mating  games, and fertility abounds.
June:  Mead Moon ; as in days of old, honey is gathered for fermentation into mead.
July:  Hay Moon ; a potent moon, as tides of psychic energy flow freely.
August: Corn Moon ; a time to contemplate the eternalness of  life.
September: Harvest Moon ; time to collect the harvest and seed for new
October:  Blood Moon ;  spirits of the departed join fhe sacred dance.

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To the Moon


          To the Moon

Greeting to you, gem of the night!
Beauty of the skies, gem of the night!
Mother of the stars, gem of the night!
Foster-child of the sun, gem of the night!
Majesty of the stars, gem of the night!

Scottish Gaelic, traditional folk prayer

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Invocation To The Moon

Moon & Witch Comments & Graphics

Invocation to the Moon

I come into your garden fair,
To Waltz upon the dew.
To look upon your handiwork,

While morning still is new.

I come into your meadow fair,
To laugh upon the lawn, To stare upon a red-blue sky,

Working magic come the dawn.

I come into your forest fair,
To sing among the trees,
To sway carefree amidst the leaves

Come full the noon-day breeze.

I come into your greenwood fair,
To watch the sunlight play,
As it dances towards the dusk,

And sparkles like the fey.

I come into your grove so fair,
The cloak of night comes round,
To gather stars within its sweep

And shine upon the ground.

I come upon your world so fair,
And think on what I’ve seen
Then fall to sleep with Gods of old,

And dream on moon-beam wings.

- Patricia Telesco

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Full moon chant

Moon & Witch Comments & Graphics

Full moon chant

By the one power

Acting for me and through me (us)

I hereby Draw Down The Moon

Into myself  (into us all)

According to free will and for the good of all.

Diane, Selene, Hecate, enter me now!

I hereby Draw Down the Moon for

(here you list specific work or desire, it’s equivalent or better)

Thank you, Diana,

Thank you Selene,

Thank you Hecate.

The power that moves the moon moves through me always- (us)

Through all time and all space

So mote it be

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