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To Call your Companion Dragon

To Call your Companion Dragon

by J’Karrah, 2003

I would first like to point out that a specific, formal Call is not necessary to invite you Dragon friend to join you in a worship rite,  to ask their for aid with a spell, or just to visit and share time with them.  All you really need to do is mentally call to them in genuine love and friendship and they will hear you and they will come.

But sometimes it is nice to have a formal Call that can be used for special occasions and ceremonies.  And if you are having trouble hearing them the more you work magically with them the stronger your connections will be and the easier it will be to communicate with them.  So here is a special call you can use.  Meditate for a moment on contacting your Dragon and then say:

I send my Call, I send my voice

To the Dragon, who by choice,

Shares with me his/her friendship true

I send respect back out to you!

Come my friend upon swift wing

So together we may sing!

Come and share some time with me

In trust and love, so mote it be!

Clan of the Dragon

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To Contact A Companion Dragon

by J’Karrah, 2003

     This meditation ritual should be started on the first night of the waxing moon, when the first crescent is visible. It should be repeated every night until the full moon (two weeks total), by which time you should feel the presence of your new friend. If you do not, don’t be alarmed. Wait until the next waxing period and begin again

     But please don’t email me saying “I’ve done the ritual, but can’t feel the presence of my dragon!  HELP!”  It is entirely possible that you

a) have contacted a dragon, but are having trouble sensing it’s presence, in which case you should try the suggested meditation exercises until such time as you become certain there is nothing there to contact; or

b) for some reason the spell simply didn’t work.  There are all sorts of reasons why a given ritual or spell doesn’t work and it is the responsibility of the mage to understand why.  It’s not something I can answer for you.

     If you still have no success after two full moon cycles, it is possible that you are simply not attuned to dragons, but may instead be attuned to another, equally wonderful and magical species (i.e. unicorns, gargoyles, gryphons, wyverns, etc.) This is NOT a reflection of your worthiness or magical ability (you’d know otherwise). It simply means your personal energies and those of Dragonkind may not run along the same lines.  If that is the case, simply change the word “dragon” to that of the species you wish to contact instead.

     Also remember that though this ritual is loosely designed from a Pagan perspective, it can (and should) be easily modified to accommodate any belief structure.  Also, feel free to modify this ritual in whatever way seems best for you.  Not all of the items mentioned *have* to be used… or even used at all.  As with many things in magic, all that is required is the Will to succeed.  Finally, remember that you are inviting a dragon to come into your life to be your friend, you are NOT summoning them to be your magical lackey.  Dragons should be respected in all ways for their power and their wisdom.

Needed Items:

1) One red candle
2) Cinnamon Incense
3) Friendship potion or vanilla oil/extract
4) One dragon (or appropriate species) figurine or statue
Perform normal circle casting ritual

Step 1. Inscribe the candle with the following runes, while concentrating on your desire to contact a Dragon companion:

Uruz: to draw new situations into your life

Eolh: to promote friendships

Gifu: to promote positive partnerships

Fehu: to send energy out into the formative spheres

Step 2. Anoint the candle with the potion and chant 3 times:

Dragons of power, Dragons of Light,
Dragons of wisdom, Dragons of Might,
Lend me your magic; lend me your aid,
Lend me your guidance as this spell is made!

Step 3. Replace the candle in its holder and light. Then light the incense and say:
                I give this fire and this incense in offering to all of Dragonkind, may you consider me worthy of your companionship.

Step 4. Pick up the dragon figurine and pass it carefully through the candle flame and the incense smoke and say:

This sacred fire and this holy incense drive out all
Unwanted influences, both positive and negative, in
This figure leaving it clean and pure.

Anoint the figure with a few drops of the friendship potion and say:

I draw the blessings of Dragonkind upon this
Figure, that it may be a worthy dwelling for
The Dragon who chooses to honor me with its Friendship.

Step 5. Place the figure on the altar and say:

In the name of all that is good and just, I ask a boon of Dragonkind. If there is one among you who finds me worthy and of Promise, accept this token of my friendship. And I offer my bond that should you choose to share your knowledge with me, I will Treasure it as a precious gift, of greater value than gold. Your companionship I will cherish second to none. For the rest of my life I will work to bring an understanding of Dragons  back to the world. Of your magic, this I will use for the betterment of my family, friends, and world, and to protect and defend those who cannot do so themselves when it is right and proper to do so. This I pledge on my life and honor.

Step 6. Meditate on you desire for companionship. Concentrating on the honor and reverence you have for Dragonkind (or appropriate species) for several minutes. Let the candle burn its self out. If this is not possible, let it burn for at least an hour before extinguishing. Replace the candle with another when it is used up.

After you have made contact, don’t be concerned if you have trouble communicating in words with your friend. For many people this ability takes time to develop. Generally, communication from your friend to you begins empathetically: “feeling” their presence; getting an impression of their emotional responses to your questions, comments, or actions (i.e. agreement, disagreement, approval/yes or disapproval/no…), or you may “see” image translations of actions and such. Don’t get discouraged, but continue to talk to them as you would any other friend. Like learning a new language, you will begin to develop the ability to “hear” and understand them in your mind as you would learn to understand another language.

**Note: this ability is easier to develop if you believe that telepathy with another species is possible. Otherwise you will never learn how. And even if you don’t ever get to the point of verbal communication with your new friend, don’t worry. You will develop an efficient satisfying means of communication.

Clan of the Dragon

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Dealing with Dragons

Dealing with Dragons

Dragons can be very temperamental  It can become frustrating, but we must keep in mind that they are going to have moods and mood-swings much like we will. We are working with another entity; they are not going to do exactly what we want all of the time.They have personalities like we do and emotions like we.

Much of their attitude will depend on how you approach a Dragon as to how they will react to you.

Another vital point is what type of relationship you have built with them, how long you have been working with them, and if you are respectful or not. Since they have come to be very cautious of humans, earning their trust and respect are the first things you need to do. By doing so, you will end up with a very close relationship with them as well as an improved understanding of their moods.

Important points

Don’t ever call a Dragon into your sacred space and start ordering them around. Treat them like you like to be treated. Give them the respect as equals and not servants, and they will work with you.

Don’t show them that you fear them. They have very heightened sense and can actually smell fear. If they detect any fear whatsoever they won’t respect you as an equal and consider anything you do a waist of time and energy on their part.

Don’t ever attack a Dragon you have called. You called them; they didn’t call you.

Dragons are very intelligent. Don’t try and pull a fast one over on them.

Dragons tend to speak in riddles and symbolism. At least until you have worked with them for a while.

The only tool a Dragon respects (not fears) is the Athame/Sword, but only when wielded by a confident practitioner who is prepared to stand his ground.

If you feel uncomfortable with a certain Dragons presence, carefully and politely explain your wishes and desires concerning them. They will understand you and either work along with you or leave you be.

Before rejecting a Dragons help or presence, firstly find out what they have to show or teach you. They won’t hang around where they are not wanted.

Always give them an offering. They won’t do something for nothing.

Most Dragons tend to be subtle in their first few contacts with you. Be sensitive and extra aware of what is occurring around you for if there is anything that would endanger them they won’t make their presence known.

Watch what you ask for, they take things literally and without mercy. Don’t leave any loopholes in any petition you present to them.

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Types of Dragons – Dragons of Chaos and destruction

 Types of Dragons – Dragons of Chaos and destruction

These dragons represent the negative power needed to destroy, dissolve problems and sweep away trouble makers, those who aim to do you harm.
They are very dark colors black, grey,iron, dark purple, reds, and greens that are almost black in color. They are heavy and huge in appearance. They are Conway believes to be the largest of dragons.
When these dragons appear….. even in rituals know and understand they do everything in a big and drastic way. They go to the heart of the matter non stop full force they do not play. These dragons are connected to death and rebirth  so not surprising  they are connected to the dark Goddess. These dragons Conway strongly advises to only call on in a cast circle.with all movements counter clockwise. Burn patchouli basil, and dragons blood or a binding incense. Use black or dark purple candles and greet them with the sword.
These dragons work in our lives —–
recreating, relationships, careers, breaking of barriers, changing luck, vast changes, past lives, divination, and the confining of enemies or any that hinder your growth.The breaking down of stagnation in our lives.
I want to emphasize these dragons are not evil despite the upheaval they cause,  and transformations. They do require thoughtfulness and  caution when considering working with them.
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Types of Dragons – Elemental Dragons

Types of Dragons – Elemental Dragons

Earth Air Fire Water
North East South West
For each element and direction there also a dragon assigned or in service there. They over see that element and all that goes with it. The four directions correspond to the witches circle, the four corners of the universe/ and directions.
Each element has traditional rules and boundaries.They do have form and power. They have the ability to influence our personality and our magick ( this is not saying you may blame them when your in a mood pms etc ok )
Each element and its dragon has certain characteristics, moods, and magickal purposes
Conway is careful to also say each has positive and negative traits.
Just like the Goddesses, or most Goddesses.
The element of Air governs the eastern quarter of the circle
The dragon ruler is  Sairys
The element of Fire govenrs the southern quarter of the circle
The dragon ruler is Fafnir
The element of water governs the western quarter
The dragon ruler is Naelyan
The element of earth governs the northern quarter
The dragon ruler is Grael
The white light and black or dark dragons rule the center of the circle and balance all the elements.
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Types of Dragons – Guardian Dragons

Fantasy Images

Types of Dragons – Guardian Dragons
Most Dragons tend to be low key in their first contact with people. They may choose to appear in dreams, meditations, or as flashes of mov ement, just like faeries are known to do as well. At times they may shoot past this and touch your psychic feelings.
There are many many type of dragons…..here I will cover a few of them.
1) Guardian Dragons
These dragons are known to be most accessible the easiest to contact.
The Guardian dragons are known to appear often as little faces or forms in the mind.
They may show up without warning to. I also must mention during meditation, and esp rituals they may show up one or several. They love ritual.
Personal Guardian dragons vary in their shapes, and sizes, and usually bot not always are quit small compared to most dragons. Guardian dragons also vary in their colors.
According to McCoy she uses the examples of pastels and hues lighter colors
Their colors and sizes seem to indicate they are younger and in the dragon realm are serving what Dj Conway calls an apprenticeship. It is a type of education about working with people. As liken to a school they have other dragons which supervise them, watch over them. The supervisory dragons serve to protect them and you. These younger ones can be quit mischievous at times, and overly zealous.. Dragons age very slowly too.
These smaller younger guardian dragons may not have the power like the older dragons yet but they are very helpful and still powerful.
The Guardians help with protection, friendship.love, divination,general rituals, dancing singing, and eventual development of psychic abilities. DJ Conway calls them astral watchdogs for your property and person-hood.
I also must add they do come with some noises, uncomfortable vibrations, and sometimes will appear to those who would cause you harm or endanger you in some way.
Conway goes on to explain to they are playful like to tease pets if you have any, but seem to be good with children. Conway share a story and it it shows or advises what you can do if your having troubleseeing your dragon- basically it was to put a rock crystal to your forehead.
It is a magnifier for your third eye.
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What are dragons?

Fantasy Images
What are dragons?

There are stories / legends/ myths of dragons in many cultures around the world. In some they are depicted as huge wingless serpents others more traditional picture we of the west see or picture of dragons with wings fire scales etc. Dragons are shown with four legs, two legs or no legs at all. Some have arrow pointed tails, some twisted horns,. In whatever form the dragon is there in many folk stories in many cultures.

In the West our word dragon comes from the Greek dragon and the Latin Draco Dragon comes from a verb meaning to see, to look at,or possibly tio flash. In most legends dragons spend most of their time watching, looking weather be treasure, territory,etc

In astronomy the ancient constellation draco is in the northern heavens, and curves in a winding pattern between the big and little dippers. It ends in the dragons head a trapezium of four stars.

The star Draconis is a brilliant double star.The constellation has probably shifted and may have once been the polestar to which the pyramid of Cleops was aligned.

Everywhere the dragon is associated with creation , life giving, and even death and destruction.
Throughout the world the great Goddess is connected to serpents, dragons, and spirals.

In some cultures a full initiate was called a dragon or snake. Priests of Egypt and Babylon called themselves Sons of the serpent God or Dragon.
Druids of the Celts spoke of themselves as snakes.
Also Jesus told his disciples to be wise as serpents…

In Mexico the priests of Quetzalcoatl ref to themselves as of the race of the dragons.
The Welsh word draig or dragon was used to denote a leader, hero, war leader or prince. King author is belived to use a dragon as his emblem.

The dragon became evil symbol and the devil, only after the Christian church gained power. In an attempt to crush the ancient beliefs of pagans the Christians spread their propaganda of the devil calling him the dragon. By instilling deep fears particularly of eternal punishment the priests and church leaders managed to0 grasp control of rulers and governments. Becoming the influencing force behind government the church then could control others( still they try- ok gonna behave not go there )

Some refused to conform and be controlled and many Pagans went underground, living with the fear of persecution and death.

Even through times of persecution the dragon did not fade from site In China in particular- the draconian image remained alive in stories. European families used the dragon image in coat of arms.

The Prince of Whales has a red and gold dragon in his coat of arms and on his flag.
In heraldry a dragon with two legs is called a wyvern; a dragon wihtout wings is a worm , a serpentine dragon with wings but no legs is an amphitptere. a dragon with wings and legs is termed a guivre.

It is sad today the art of true practicle dragon magick and power are almost a forgotten art in the world of magick specifically in the US , unless many are just hush on the topic. I do belive Dragon magick will make a comeback They are just waiting for us to show we are serious and we will respect them.

Dragon trust must be earned.

According to DJ Conway Dragons have form and existence they live on the astral plane Dragons can be everywhere at once and in a matter of speaking in all things. Every elemental action and reaction has the possibility of being an extengion of of a dragon and its power. However dragons do not go about controlling people .

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Introduction to Dragons

Fantasy Images

Introduction to Dragons

According to the teachings of the Ancients, anything unexplainable in everyday terms, or so fantastic that it invokes feelings of curiosity, suspicion, or fear while still seeming plausible, was said to come from a place of Great Mystery, a place where the Spirit itself lived, and where dreams and visions originated. This place is said to be where Grandmothers and Grandfathers of the children of Earth watch over the people from, and where the creatures of the Shadow Lands and the realms of fantasy are said to reside. This place relies on our unconditional faith and trust in order to exist, and is know by the Wise Ones as “The Void”. It is part of the Astral Realm, where we cannot travel on our own unless we are invited in and shown the way.

It is believed that when we sleep, our dreams are sent to us from The Void. When we consult our guides, they answer us from The Void, and when we receive visions and foresight, it is relayed to our Higher Selves from The Void. This shadowy world of untold mystery is where much of our inner knowledge comes from, but it is also a place where many things have gone. The Void, being where the Spirit lives, is like a giant safe haven for those things we are incapable of seeing in today’s “civilized” world. Creatures such as Unicorns, Faeries, Centaurs, Fauns, Dryads, and Dragons find refuge in this other world, and are felt in the presence by some and “seen” by even fewer as they continue to go about their invisible physical lives here on Earth.

Throughout history, from cultures as distant as the Aborigines and their Dreamtime, the Vikings and the people of China, Japan, and England, Dragons have been mentioned in one form or another. Why is this? Did these people actually see these beasts, or did they simply mistake a giant lizard, or some other reptilian creature that had folds of skin under its forearms and could fly, such as giant bats, or the flying dinosaurs, Archaeopteryx or the Pterosaurs? Were there dinosaurs still roaming the Earth only a few thousand years ago? Loch Ness Monster, it is believed, is one such creature. There is even a constellation of stares in the night sky named “Draco”, as its general shape is that of a Dragon.

Wyverns, traditionally depicted on shields and banners in heraldry for hundreds of years, are considered a sign of strength to those who bear the symbol. European Dragons are anatomically different to most dragons, having the usual two wings, but only having two legs; sometimes shown as having hand-like claws on the tips of its wings and a razor sharp stinger filled with poison on the end of its tail. Today the Welsh flag still has a red dragon on a green and white background, and the red dragon is their national symbol.

In the Chinese and Japanese culture the Dragon symbolizes life and growth and is said to bring the five blessings: harmony, virtue, riches, fulfillment and longevity. Chinese Dragons are still shown in parades around the world celebrating the Chinese New Year with the Dragon Dance. In China there are four main kinds of dragons: the Celestial Dragons who protect the places of the Gods, the Spiritual Dragons who control the wind and the rain, the Earth Dragons which control the rivers and water on the Earth, and the Underworld Dragons which guards precious metals and gems. Separate dragons also control the rivers of the North, South, East, and West. The commander of all the River Dragons is blood red in color, has a fiery mane, and is 900 feet long from the tip of its nose to the end of its tail.

The Dragon became a symbol of evil and the devil only after Christianity gained power. In an attempt to crush the ancient beliefs of Pagans, the Christians spread their propaganda of their devil, calling him the Dragon. By instilling this fear of eternal damnation the church gained control of many royal houses. With this they changed or passed laws that prohibited the Pagan beliefs, and with this caused humankind to fear Dragons instead of respecting them, as they should. Also from this came Knights, later called “Dragon Slayers”, that were eager to prove their faith to their God and country by hunting the Dragons down. Not completely an unselfish act because of the payments of gold they received for their “bravery”. Whether the ‘dragons’ they hunted were strange beasts or simply those who followed another religious path is unknown.

Dragons do travel constantly between our world and the Void to determine if humankind has matured, meaning that we have outgrown our need to dominate anything different from ourselves. There are some who believe that they are connected with the mysterious lights in the night sky which are reported as UFO’s. Others believe that miracles and other unusual happenstance should be attributed to dragon interference.

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